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Game 70 Thread: PHI @ POR

Going into this 5 game road trip I had the sixers 3-2 in the road trip - but not exactly the way it has played out, but without Iguodala, I find it unlikely they'll win.

Agree, this is a big game for Turner.

Earlier this year when Iguodala was out Turner was still getting his feet under him as an NBA player. But he's played 1500+ minutes. he's 22 with lots of collegiate experience. he needs to be able to step up and show us something.

IMO this is a no excuse night. I'm hoping he comes through with good play. I'm looking more than just a nice box score, I want to see a guy who makes an impact and wins his position battle on the floor.

eddies' heady's reply to tk76 on Mar 19 at 14:47

Couldn't agree more on the box score thing. It seems that's what most of his ardent supporters hold tight to. I want to see that impact player too.

Also, Jrue needs to stay out of foul trouble.

Yep. Don't bite on the Miller pump fakes. You don't really even need to jump to challenge his shot.

The Blazers expect Andre Miller (personal) to play on Saturday, though his flight arrives in Portland at 5pm and he might miss the beginning of the game.
Rudy Fernandez would start if Miller isn't around by tipoff, though the Rose Garden isn't very far from the airport so ideally it won't come to that.

Portlanders drive extremely slow. Like, make you pull your hair out slow, I think it's because they're all unemployed and have nowhere to be. Hopefully he gets stuck in a traffic jam and misses the first half.

Oregon is a big ass hippy state

I hate hippies

how Hawes-ian of you!

Wes is their only threat from deep? I havent been keepin up with box scores recently. Is Rudy Fernandez still struggling from three?


Batum is a little above 33%. Roy is league-average. Everyone else is below. As a team, they only shoot 34.7%.

speeke reply to Brian on Mar 19 at 15:46

whats league average? 35%?

Used to be 36, I think it might be down a little this year.

As of Sunday March 13th it was 35.92%

Year/League Average/Sixers Average
06/07 - 35.82% - 34.51%
07/08 - 36.20% - 31.72%
08/09 - 36.68% - 31.81%
09/10 - 35.46% - 34.3%
10/11 - 35.92% - 35.22% (through March 13th)

It was a very difficult game to begin with and Iguodalas' absence just made it far worse. I would be absolutely shocked if they get back home with a victory out of this game. Hopefully Iguodalas' absence lights a fire and they pull off a miracle.

Dei Lynam with an interesting quote from Dalembert:

“There is no bridge broken,” Dalembert said of his relationship with the Sixers. “A part of me is always in Philly. I still have a place there, my brother is still there and family. But sometimes you don’t really know what the future holds, like time goes by and you get traded. But it is not something where I would say it’s a bad decision. I mean A.I (Allen Iverson) did it.

“I try to not think about it right now. I think we have to try to win as many games as possible and finish off this season. I leave my agent with that headache.”


Sacto is definitely one of the few places a player can go after Philly and think Philly was a better run organization.

tk76 reply to das411 on Mar 19 at 16:52

Woo-Hoo! Now we can start debating the merits of a triumphant return of Sammy.

1. he arguably the best available sub MLE center available this summer.

2. Sam always wished for a coach who would love, understand and text him... enter Coach Collins.

3. If Collins made Brand look this good...

4. Imagine this team with with a defensive center- one who can also dunk the ball when give an easy look by J/T/I.

5. What other serious options are there?

6. Goaltends do have some comedic value.

Rich reply to tk76 on Mar 19 at 18:02

I'd be down, but I don't think Sammy can be that guy who dunks an easy look? He has terrible hands, but he does dunk pretty much anything above the rim. I think he drops a lot of the passes Jrue gives Hawes, where Hawes catches them and has them blocked or misses due to lack of explosiveness.

I think it is pretty funny that a guy as tall as Hawes LOVES the reverse layup. Not saying it's a terrible thing for his skill set, but usually you see like an undersized 6'7 forward fall in love with using the rim as protection. Keep canning them, Spence.

He rebounds and blocks shots - any offense he adds as long as he's not dribbling or taking 19 footers is bonus.

No team is afraid to drive on the sixers, not even a little.

Rich reply to GoSixers on Mar 19 at 20:49

I'm aware of the scouting report on the guy, he did play here for a long time. Calling him the guy who can finish easy hoops from the guards is a little strong though. He used to drop spoon-fed looks from Jrue and Iguodala way too much.

He was really bad at catching anything below his chest. Get it high, though, and he was fine. He was especially good at catching and finishing lobs, which is something they don't have at all right now.

Rich reply to Brian on Mar 19 at 22:03

Yeah I agree with that, I mentioned it above. That's once, maybe twice a game though. Better than Hawes as far as finishing goes still. As far as being an offensive player, their production is similar. The thing that holds Hawes back is his abysmal FT shooting.

Even though Sammy is the much better player, playing in Sacramento with no playmakers and here with guys who want to give you the ball makes a big difference in your stats.

And let's not forget that Hawses defensively sucks more than a tree

Rich reply to GoSixers on Mar 19 at 22:07

That was what I was going for in the "Sammy is a much better player" line after calling them even players offensively.

SOrry - missed that - but forgive me - i just sat through Cop Out on HBO

Lets go Marcel!


Iguodala ailing. Call in the EMT (Evan Marcel Turner.)

Have you been drinking?

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Mar 19 at 18:28

Closer to sleep deprived.


These weekend west coast games make it really hard for me to watch... I'm terrible at watching games when I'm out because after the first few beers my attention span dwindles to about 5 seconds.

This is my personal blog right? You guys want me to start tweeting on here?

Get older - you want be out drinking beers as much ;)

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Mar 19 at 19:44

"You want be out drinking"?

You don't say...

St. Patty's day lasting a bit long for us all.

working on getting older, the wisdom does not seem to be coming around though

I just turned 39 - I seem wise to you?

tk - quit drinking over a decade ago - saw my future

Happy birthday. I'll be 35 way too soon.

Thanks, it was actually the 7th (Shaqs is the sixth, I know that).

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Mar 19 at 22:10

I hardly drink. Maybe a beer a month?

No caffeine, Splenda instead of sugar, rarely drink, don't smoke, no drugs... I'm boring. I'd say healthy- but that implies exercise and a proper diet...

I love my caffeine (which makes work I work ioronic I guess) folk with ADHD tend to have addiction issues (you may or may not) and I have some familial issues with addiction (and I've had some rather non traditional addictions for a period of time) so I just decided to quit a few years ago.

I believe you can eat healthy and still eat good food (like sugar)

PS - go find the research about how artificial sweeteners just make your body want more sugar :)

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Mar 20 at 1:35

Yeah, artificial sweeteners don't help you lose weight. That's not my motivation in trying to minimize sugar.

Won't be watching tonight (will be out) but hopefully Sixers make me regret missing the game.


DVR has been saving me so I can watch games like tonights. Only missed one game so far this season (of course it had to be the win over the Spurs). Only question is whether I watch it late night when I'm wasted or tomorrow morning when I'm hungover.

Portland feed in HD on league pass for me. Still can't believe the ending to that Butler game.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Mar 19 at 22:06

Don't know what that Pitt guy was thinking coming down on Howard's arm like that. So ill-advised. That rebound had no meaning considering the time left and tie score.

12-18 from the FT line ain't so good (even though the TNT guy just said 'not that bad')

I expect my badgers to choke in the second half

Something struck me a few minutes ago. This season, for Turner, has really been about him. Coming along at his pace, if he contributes, great, but the team has never really counted on it. They've never really needed to depend on his contributions in terms of winning and losing. Tonight, that's different. The team needs him tonight. This game matters, when he was filling in for Iguodala the last time he was hurt, they weren't even a playoff team.

And to be honest, this isn't exactly a favorable situation for Turner. He's going to have a long, athletic defender on him most of the night, and he's really struggled with that type of defender ever since he stepped on the floor in Orlando for Summer League. It's a tall order, but we need him to step up in a big way tonight.

Here's my question.

Will turner be the point forward, will jrue be initiating, or will we see just a lot more Lou?

Has to be Jrue's show tonight. Has to be.

From a development point of view - honestly - I'd like to see what Turner can do.

You sure they'll go Batum on Turner?

Andre Miller made it back on time.

Alright, here we go.

Yeah, all about ET tonight.

Hawes loses the tip, and we're off.

Hawes on Aldridge.

Hawes - Sam would have grabbed that


Good hustle by EB, he's going to have to really hustle to keep up w/ Wallace in transition.

Easy, EB. Easy.

Meeks caught on a screen.

This is a different portland team, they used to play at a really slow pace.

Brandon Roy is slow

Portland's a big chinese market?

Hey big guys - GET IN THE WAY AT LEAST

Jodie with all 6. Good defensive play by Jrue and dime.

Shit, they have Batum on Jrue, Matthews on Turner and Miller on Meeks. Push the ball and guys are going to be open w/ all those cross matches.

ugh, dick bravetta is officiating

Turner w/ the J.

I think what Portland just did was smart. Put Miller on Meeks, then put Batum on Jrue. Jodie might have to attack Miller.

JODIE! Off Jrue penetration.

eddies' heady's on Mar 19 at 22:18

Really good find by Jrue after getting in the lane for a Meeks 3.

Hawes gives up 2 gettable offensive boards, leads to 5 points so far.

Evan Turner never drives to the basket

ET looks lost on defense

eddies' heady's on Mar 19 at 22:19

Come on ET....


Fuck Turner, that's just stupid.

Two fouls on turner


Oh boy

Four-point play, ugh. And Turner picks up his second. Here comes Nocioni. Fuck me.

Jrue w/ sick D. and Noc knocks down a three.

eddies' heady's on Mar 19 at 22:21

Noc 3! He looks lost otherwise though.

That nice air ball on the drive to the basket was enticing wasn't it?

Goddammit Evan

Are we going to see Thad at the 3 or Kapono?

7 million a game

That would be a record wouldn't it?

560 million a year mbn.

Jrue is really distributing well.

Jrue doing his part. ET pinebound for the rest of the half...

He'll get back in w/ about 8 to go in the second, maybe. Depends on what Noc/Thad do between now and then.

I lay even money - right now - regardless of how he plays - that Noce starts the second half.


eddies' heady's on Mar 19 at 22:24

Stop leaving Wes Matthews please.

What is Meeks thinking leaving Matthews so open? You think he would understand what that feels like.

Junk PUnch Hawes -= JUNK PUNCH

Lou in for Jodie. For defense?

Another fucking Matthews three.

Rich reply to Brian on Mar 19 at 22:27

Jodie's defense was just as bad as his offense was good.

Wes Matthews on pace for a billion points. Somebody please cover him.

eddies' heady's on Mar 19 at 22:26

Dammit, get up on Matthews and run him off the line. Jrue didn't get through that pick for some reason, looked sluggish trying to get around it.

Noc with 7 quick ones.

Tas Melas must be having a heart attack right now. His boy has 5 threes.

eddies' heady's on Mar 19 at 22:27

Come on Jrue, there was still 5 on the clock, just pass it to someone instead of forcing that ugly crap

This is bad. Can't buy a stop.

Terrible D w/o Iggy.

You know, no offense to Iguodala or Collins, but fuck five days' rest. I would've sent him out there tonight on one leg and been happy w/ 4 days. They need this game.

No - they don't 'need' the game. If they lose tonight, they're still in the playoffs right?

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Mar 19 at 22:31

Yep, said the same thing earlier on here today. But what really made my jaw drop was the quote that he "offered" EB a chance to sit too. That was really puzzling as if someone is resigned to end up in 6th or 7th so if they do win the first round, they miss the 1st seed in the 2nd round.

Way to read way too much into it you armchair psychologist.

It's a marathon not a sprint.

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Mar 19 at 22:45

Does it help with the symptoms of adhd to call others names or something? Does it really make you feel better or more mature being 39?


You're a complete an utter fucktard with a desperate need for approval

Are we done yet, you feckless douche?

And even with a gimpy Iguodala - you probably still lose but risk a further aggravation of his injury.

Nothing to be gained but a lot to be lost

eddies' heady's on Mar 19 at 22:29

Not good when Noc gets on the court for you and gives more than you do. smh

Nocioni giving nothing defensively - and Turner was giving offense (and passing it)

Though wouldn't expect you to acknowledge the shortcomings of the non Turner player

Aaaaannnnd Rudy scores on Nocioni. Good timing.

And Turner's two buckets don't count, because, well, they never count.

Nocionis terrible defense doesn't count

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Mar 19 at 22:37

ET's help with creating a 4 pt play for the opponent doesn't count either.

How do you see anything with such terrible myopia?

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Mar 19 at 22:43

The same way I saw Meeks was a more than average player, but you said I only see things by myself the way I want to see them, and you see things as most other do....Then the guy's jock you like to ride busted out a post backing up my discerning eye and you deflected the legitimacy of it by bringing up silly comparisons to Kyle Korver.

Meeks isn't more than an average player - but small sample size is beyond your comprehension

eddies' heady's reply to Rich on Mar 19 at 22:34

So tell me Rich, the eternal Turner apologist, since when is 7 pts not greater than 4 pts?

Well, if we are going by that, Nocioni has been the 2nd best player on the team tonight. So why isn't it sad when Nocioni has outproduced Brand, Jrue, Hawes, and Lou? Why is it just Turner?

Good logic.

eddies' heady's reply to Rich on Mar 19 at 22:39

Um, he came in the game for Turner. Um, he came in for Turner at the same position. Are you having comprehension problems with my original comment above? Read it again, ah nevermind.. you're going to get uptight whenever I say anything about your boy....

Fuck me. This is going to be a joke if they keep shooting like this from deep.

eddies' heady's on Mar 19 at 22:32

Come on, with this fouling jumpshooters, Battie. ugh

Battie, let him take the 22-footer for fuck's sake. That's just stupid.

PHI 27, POR 36 after one.

I hope I never see the lineup that finished the half for the Sixers again. Hawes, Battie, Nocioni, Meeks, Williams.

Kind of a miracle that they are only down 9. Dare I say that's a positive? Nah, probably not.

"Held" them to 36 pts.

All of the defensive cross matches really killed their ability to get out on the right shooters.

eddies' heady's on Mar 19 at 22:35

Defense was just unacceptable that quarter. We seemed to be collapsing down in the paint for some reason. Didn't think with them having Aldridge at the 5 that they were such a threat from the post?

Unless Thad/Lou go nutys this game will quickly become a blow-out loss.

Collins will make defensive adjustments, I'm just not sure they'll be able to execute them w/out Iguodala. Anyone think Matthews has 17 points right now if AI9 was playing?

Almost working on a home team sweep tonight if not for New Orleans

Tony Battie sucks

Speights might help a little

please chase them off the 3 point line
lou needs to keep driving the ball

Yes - Lou needs to shoot more

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Mar 19 at 22:41

With this line-up- absolutely.

Speights would help

I didn't see a walk there.

Ugly line-up

This team just can't handle a sscreen can they?

Wallace however - did travel

Yup, blatantly.

Come on, cut into it or keep it right at 9 until Jrue and EB get back in.

Turner back w/ 9:05 left.

Yes Mr Wallace - I'm your bitch

Sincerely Thaddeus

Thad 2/2, hasn't touched the net.

Hasn't put up much of a fight against Wallace defensively either

Can't get back into the game with the 'defense' the sixers are playing

Just can't defend them at all right now. It's not even about stringing stops together to score. It's just about stringing stops together so they can score.

Lamarcus Aldridge just TRIPPED Meeks as he tried to come around the screen - matthews air ball - and the refs called NOTHING - that won't help

eddies' heady's on Mar 19 at 22:46

ET w/ the long two.

This is perilously close to a blow out given the defense...

That shot doesn't count.

Come on, turner. Need you in the worst way.

eddies' heady's on Mar 19 at 22:46

Jodie w/ active hands creating the steal.

Bavetta w/ a bullshit whistle.

Jrue for Lou. Lou did a nice job there. Good work.

Rich reply to Brian on Mar 19 at 22:49

Thought he was gonna blow the layup. Wasn't even Good Lou, who needs to shoot well, he was just solid. Weird.

How tall is ET officially?

depressing wingspan. I'm not sure if it's because he gets low on defense but he looks 2 inches shorter than roy.

There we fucking go. 8-0 run. 3-point game. Come on.

Kudos to Lou. he kept them in the game during a key stretch.

eddies' heady's on Mar 19 at 22:51

Shoot the damn ball Turner.

3 on turner, and another fucking bullshit whistle by Bavetta.

Mike reply to Brian on Mar 19 at 22:54

I think Bavetta hates Turner almost as much as Eddie does

Bavetta should have been put out to pasture years ago

3/3 for Thad.

I fucking hate Dick Bavetta.

I think ET can do a better job on Wallace than Thad.

He can't with 3 fouls - and Wallace was out muscling Thad - Is ET stronger than Thad?

Thad's stronger, but since he has terrible footwork it doesn't matter.

I think Thad smacked Wallace


eddies' heady's on Mar 19 at 22:52

Meeks w/ the assist/lob on the break! heh

Meeks to Noc OOP. Hell just froze over.

Lots of whistles against the sixers

When did Gerald Wallace become a super star?

Jesus Christ, that's three touch fouls in post defense Bavetta has called in about 3 minutes.

Boy, nobody's allowed to touch Wallace tonight in Bavetta's book.

Nice move, Jrue. Do more of that, less settling.

I missed Nocioni's perimeter defense. Oh wait, no I didn't.

He brings more than Evan Turner in all aspects of the game

Miller walked before he threw that long pass. Just like Wallace did earlier.

Good timeout. Settle, get a hoop here and don't let this lead balloon back up to double digits.

That would be nice - the refs won't let it happen though

It bothers me that they made a commercial out of what was maybe the worst dunk in the dunk contest this year.

What bothers me is that I think they made the commercial before the dunk contest ;)

Jrue out. Why?

Thad again.

Great to see Thad make a few mid-range jumpers.

Yes Thad - please leave gerald wallace wide open

eddies' heady's on Mar 19 at 22:59

Dammit, we did it again, cheating off of shooters to help in the post when it's really not needed. Ending up in a Wallace 3. EB really doesn't need help on Aldridge 10 feet from the hoop does he?

It was Evan Turners fault

Blazers are shooting 58 percent, 7-11 from three. Anything under five at the half would be great.

SHIT. Phew. Meeks needed to be more aggressive going after that o-board, bailed out on the other end by a turnover.

Come on, get a fucking stop here.

are the iguodala defenders adopting ET?

Are the idiots jumping to conclusions about Evan Turner before one season is over (and ignoring the entire trajectory of his career at every level?

Iguodala defenders were necessary because the self same idiots whined cause he didn't score 20 points per game

So after the season is over it will be ok for me to express frustrations with ET?

"(and ignoring the entire trajectory of his career at every level?"

Yeah, i don't buy this lol. ET was never ever as good as he was at the end of his college year. He didn't go from being a top HS recruit to struggling in college. He struggled in college because he wasn't that good initially hence why he wasn't a top HS recruit.

The thing that pisses me off the most about ET is that he's got the talent currently to make an impact.

Tray reply to Jason on Mar 19 at 23:10

Yeah, the harping on the trajectory of his career at every level gets old. I would think someone who pays as much credence to Malcolm Gladwell's crappy books as GoSixers does would be aware of the whole dominating younger, smaller players phenomenon. I believe there's a chapter on it in his latest book, the one where Gladwell discovered that success isn't purely a function of innate talent.

And you think someone like you who claims to be in law school wouldn't have his head so far up his ass - but day after day you show a complete lack of a functioning brain pan.

Rich reply to Tray on Mar 19 at 23:18

The players have gotten smaller in college?

The fact that yo uonly focus on his first year of college means that you (like tray) haven't bothered to do any deeper research to look beyond that.

Even after last nights game I'm pretty sure Tray thinks Cousins was the better pick - but Trays a putz

I am aware that he didn't dominate at first in high school.

I've noticed that people think it's ridiculous to express any frustration with ET on this blog (you).

Realistically what do you think will be different about next year for ET? What will he be able to do next year that he can't do now? I don't think he will have the opportunity to create offense like he did in college. What do you think ET's ceiling is as an off the ball player? I don't think it's any more than a 12/6(rb) role player. W/ ball i think he has a higher ceiling, but where will he get the opportunity here?

Rich reply to Jason on Mar 19 at 23:13

Didn't expect a comment like that from you. That's too bad.

If you are labeling me in that group, I do like Turner, and I think he'll be a good player. I don't shy away from that.

It's alright to say that he's been underwhelming this season, but perspective is needed. If that makes me a defender, then so be it.

Year after year this god damn team gives up too many wide open 3 attempts


eddies' heady's on Mar 19 at 23:03

Dammit, defense was scrambling again on that Matthews 3. Why are they doing so much helping on guys like Dre Miller and Aldridge?

Probably because the great coach told them to

That Matthews three was on Noc. Unfuckingbelievable. At least we get the Lou iso here, so maybe a 10% chance of not being down 10 at the half.

Rich reply to Brian on Mar 19 at 23:05

I think Noc's defense stinks, but Miller has a layup if he doesn't help.

Alvin reply to Brian on Mar 19 at 23:05

I'll give him credit, Lou made the shot. Not that I like the play.

That one was on Lou. He fell asleep and Miller got to the baseline.

Kapono in.

Lou iso for the 17-footer. Good. OK, 5 seconds of defense, then get in the locker room and make adjustments.

Lou will try to go one on one and look for Kapono......I mean no one.

LOL yeah I heard that and laughed reallllllllly hard

PHI 54, POR 62 at the half.

OK, they can hang with these guys. Collins needs to make defensive adjustments at the half, the guys need to execute them. Better second quarter that could've been really good if not for a couple of lapses that turned into threes late.

eddies' heady's on Mar 19 at 23:07

Not surprising we gave up that many points w/o our best defender. Still, didn't expect so much doubling and helping when they get entry passes into the post. Didn't know Aldridge was such a threat down there.

60 percent shooting for them, 8-12 from deep... and only down 8. I'll take it. This game is winnable if they regroup in the locker room.

Tray reply to Rich on Mar 19 at 23:12

Because we're shooting 55% ourselves, fueled by a combined 16-23 (70%) from Battie, Nocioni, Meeks, Thad and Turner. (6-17 from everyone else.)

It would be really nice to have the best wing defender in the world to put on the guy who scored 20 in the first half.

Rich reply to Brian on Mar 19 at 23:16

Yeah, that's to be expected though. I just hope they tell whoever is on Matthews to just stay put.

Lou and Thad were the only ones to keep them in that game.

Batum blanketing Jrue.

BTW, no Iguodala:

Wes Mathews goes 3pt crazy
Dorell Wright goes 3pt crazy

Good sign re. batum on Jrue: 5 assists, 0 turns. Bad news, 1/6 from the floor. Going to need more out of him.

Sorry, 1/5.

He was taking bad shots earlier as well. I'm hoping someone pointed that out to him at the half.

The refs whistles have got to balance out you'd think?

10 fouls on the sixers and only 6 on the blazers?

tk76 reply to Brian on Mar 19 at 23:16

And Thad and Lou usually don't have 2 good halves- so someone else will need to step up.

Turner, please?

eddies' heady's reply to tk76 on Mar 19 at 23:17

If it isn't going to be him, Hawes needs to get on the board.

TS reply to Brian on Mar 19 at 23:18

At one point Batum had him in some sort of chicken wing hold while he was trying to dribble right in front of Bavetta. No call. It was ridiculous.

Elton Brand is filling up the stat sheet, with 6 rebounds, 3 assists, and 2 steals. He's also 1-for-5 with two points and a -19 +/-. Weird half from him.

How about we can the whole, "Turner's a bust/Give him time" argument for the rest of the game. My blood pressure is high enough just following what's happening on the floor.

Rich reply to Brian on Mar 19 at 23:21

Alright, let's change it up.

What's with this Show Ya Luv thing?

it's a twitter thing among Turner, Hawes, and Speights from what I can see. I think it's also that weird hand-signal the bench does on a good play.

those kfc boxes look like a bad deal.

sigh. Wrong place

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Mar 19 at 23:21


So speaks the primary instigator.


eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Mar 19 at 23:26

That's a damn lie. I make comments relevant to what's going on in the game pertaining to Turner and lo and behold when I do, all the excuse makers, defenders, and apologists come out of the woodwork.

Wow - I didn't realize your desperate need for attention led to such ridiculous and ludicrous delusions.

You did say you were retired - I'd call a neurologist - you're probably just senile

LOL i laughed at that too

tk76 reply to Brian on Mar 19 at 23:21

It won't be decided tonight. Just hoping to see reasons for optimism.

There's always the 2nd half (and many future nights.)

Wow, 35 points from the bench in the first half, only 19 from the starters.

Well you got 3 bench players starting tonight instead of the normal 2

eddies' heady's on Mar 19 at 23:22

Dammit ET! turnover

Running plays for Hawes to start the second half.

That's how you win

eddies' heady's on Mar 19 at 23:23

Hawes w/ the J. he's got to score if ET isn't going to get more.

Fuck me. These god damned threes.

eddies' heady's on Mar 19 at 23:24

See, why was ET cheating all the way in the lane there on that Batum 3? He couldn't get to Wallace driving.

Not saying he's right, but that's a dunk for Wallace if he isn't helping.

Rich reply to Rich on Mar 19 at 23:28


Sixers have been over helping and allowing open 3's all night, not sure why singling out one player is necessary

eddies' heady's reply to Rich on Mar 19 at 23:29

Rich, you sure? He (ET) was standing at the foul line and Wallace was almost at the rim, right? Then he tried to run out at Batum after Wallace whip-passed it.

WIde open 3's
Refs swallowing whistles when the sixers are fouled - that's good

Come on, Jrue. Put them on your back.

Collins won't allow that

Bavetta w/ another, didn't see if it was a bad call, though.

It's the lack of calls on the sixers offensive end that are worse...jrue was fouled on his drive, turner initiates contact - and i guarantee that's called if the blazers do it

Everytime they score a basket, it's some silly hand gesture towards the bench. The goggles or whatever else they do. How old r they, 10??????

Sixers have goofy gestures too...

I hate teams with old white color commentators. Unless the commentator is Lawler. This guy isn't quite as awful as Sacramento's, but still, of all the sports in America I think the NBA is the least conducive to being announced by men who sound like aging civics teachers.

Alvin reply to Tray on Mar 19 at 23:29

I didn't mind Doug that much when he was doing commentary. The rest, though, ugh.

Tray reply to Alvin on Mar 19 at 23:31

Because Doug doesn't sound that old. Most are like these grumpy grandpas.

Ageist and racist at the same time - awesome

lol popcorn talk ftw

eddies' heady's on Mar 19 at 23:27

Yeah Jrue, way to push it and get early offense

I feel like Collins needs to get thrown out of this game. These calls and non calls are terrible.

Lou and Thad in for Turner and Spence.

Hawes gone... for the night probably.

Damn it jrue - drive that damn thing to the basket - don't pass it to lou


Meeks "hops" into a 3.

How was that not a foul on Wallace?

I've never seen this many off the ball fouls called. Fuck you, Bavetta.

Bavetta is the friggin' worst.

Bavetta's call on Meeks when Matthews grabbed his jersey is maybe the worst of the night.


Lou three!


eddies' heady's on Mar 19 at 23:31

Yeah, Meeks, keep em in it.


Come on, get over the hump. 2-point game.

Great run. Thad and Lou gave them a boost.

Thad has been great hustling recently.

ESPN has Brand at -21. That can't be right?

Tray reply to Rich on Mar 19 at 23:36

-13 according to yahoo.

The Blazers basically got wallace for nothing right?

Gave up two 1sts. the 2013 could be a good pick.

Hawes is back in.

a 12-2 run - why are yo umaking subs?

Amazing that Porter was a head coach.

Good god - just play your man for gods sake - all these open looks - ridiculous

Fuck. Had the Thad jumper to tie it.

Come on, don't backslide.

Thad Fadeway - not likely

But thank god collins made those substitutions - had to get Hawes back in

And back to 7. Fuck me.

eddies' heady's on Mar 19 at 23:36

Dammit Thad, stop cheating off when Miller has picked up his dribble and head faked. Just stick to the shooters please.,

Het Hawes back on the bench. They are a slow team wuith him on the floor. He does not protect the rim. Dead weight.

Not really sure why you make subs in the midst of a 12-2 run anyway

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Mar 19 at 23:40

That leads to ab 8-0 run by the opponent.

3 for batum

Come on Thad. That's... I'm out of words.

This is exactly like Golden State Part 1. Both without Iguodala.

Overhelper by Thad for that Batum three.

Man, the Sixers have some fucked up defensive matchups. Jrue was guarding Wallace on that last play. I guess Meeks is the three right now.

I'm really fucking sick of the Sixers playing well-rested teams on the second night of back-to-backs.

Why would Doug Go small when the Blazers are, um, not small...at all...there's like defensive mismatches at every position.

No one on this team playing tonight can defend Gerald Wallace.

Fucking touch foul again.

Thad and Hawes are beyond lost right now. That wasn't Jodie's fault at all.

Back to 10. This is that typical game. Fight back, don't quite get over the top, slide back. Eventually, you just don't have anything left in the tank. The game only really turns if you get over the hump.

Why is Hawes out there. The team slowed down the second he entered the game. He can't rotate to protect the rim. Dead legs, microfracture knee, terrible player.

Batties old and Speights is dead to Doug except when games are in blowout. It's just stupid coaching

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Mar 19 at 23:46

Battie was the correct answer. Can actually move, rebound and block an occasional shot.

eddies' heady's on Mar 19 at 23:39

This is excruciating, we get right there and BOOM it's back to double digits.

This announcer's so senile he thinks we lose nothing offensively when Meeks is subbed for Nocioni. Yeah, maybe 6 years ago when Meeks was a teenager and Nocioni was having his one good season that was the case.

OK, two minutes, cut this lead under 5.

What the fuck was that pass, Thad?

does wallace get a rebound for that?

eddies' heady's on Mar 19 at 23:43

Come on, we don't need that shot Lou. We can get that anytime in the clock.

Nocioni dribble drive. F Brian.

Bavetta tried to call that a charge from the weak side.

I love how they're bitching about fouls when we've been getting raped all night and they've been gifted about 7 touch fouls.

Remember the Flight Bros.

That was the Flop Brothers.

Jrue out for the final minute. Hope he comes right back in to start the fourth.

eddies' heady's on Mar 19 at 23:45

Wow, I thought I saw Bavetta give the charge signal on the Noc drive. But he's shooting freebies...missing em dammit

BIG THREE, LOU. Two for one, come on get a stop.

What's Lou's percentages on 2 for 1 shots recently? 85 percent? Maybe Collins should tell him the end of the quarter is a 2 for 1.

eddies' heady's on Mar 19 at 23:46

Lol Hawes can't even stuff it back in the rim being 7 ft.

Just get this thing tied here to start. Keep it close til he brings Jrue back in.

Yeah I don't know how that happened. He was on top of the basket! Sad. He's rebounding well at least.

Fucking Hawes.

PHI 83, POR 87 after three.

Good quarter. Need to get over the hump early in the quarter. Make Portland chase, it'll break their back.


Mike reply to Mike on Mar 19 at 23:47

Alright, my feed is like, a year behind

Couldn't we have called up some 7-foot D-Leaguer? Portland has one.

No Jrue to start the quarter, EB back in.

Again, how is EB a -23?

Tray reply to Rich on Mar 19 at 23:52

-13 according to Yahoo.

Please survive the first 4 min.

EB turnaround, let's go.

eddies' heady's on Mar 19 at 23:51

ugh, we don't need them shooting any kind of techs please

Brand cleansed right before they blew that whistle for three seconds.

I rewatched that, EB had one foot out of the lane.

Rich reply to Rich on Mar 19 at 23:53

Do you need both? I thought one was enough.

Both need to be out, completely.

eddies' heady's on Mar 19 at 23:52

Come on Lou, stop jacking the threes early in the clock

Strong board by Battie. Come on, couple stops, couple hoops.

Jrue in for Meeks.

EB again. Come on.

No one was in the lane?

Rich reply to tk76 on Mar 19 at 23:57

Battie was, but he was guarding someone. I guess that doesn't matter either?

Either way, it was pretty quick.

All incidental loose ball contact on sixers - foul

All incidental loose ball contact on blazers - keep playing

Man, Bavetta is really hammering home these defensive three second calls.

I wonder how much Bavetta has on this game.

eddies' heady's on Mar 19 at 23:55

EB heating up! Let's go STOPS

EB. Ride him. He was fouled, btw.

Aldridge FOULED Brand you old fart

Nocioni should be benched for that idiocy

Nice touch, Noc.

Cmon, Noce iso?

gotta give him credit for dribbling into the double team though.

I wonder if Lou saw that and realized how stupid it was

Tray reply to GoSixers on Mar 19 at 23:58

Lou was calling for the ball the entire possession, but I doubt he learned anything from it.

eddies' heady's on Mar 19 at 23:56

Why is Miller THAT open?

Damn Noc, that was a bad force.

And Noc kills the game.

Get Nocioni out of there

Please put Turner in for Noc.

Please put in ET for Noce. At least give ET the opportunjty to step it up in the 4th...

Noc still in after the TO.

Parade to the foul line for POR the rest of the way, that's my guess.

Then Turner comes in after the foul - makes no sense

Nocioni still in the game

Grit and veteranability make you immune from being benched for total suckage

Jrue's gotta grab the bull by the horns. Turner doesn't have it tonight.

eddies' heady's on Mar 20 at 0:00

Dammit, Evan put EB in a bad position with that pass. 2 the other way

MichaelT reply to eddies' heady's on Mar 20 at 0:04

Yeah, it wasn't the 11 year veteran's fault for not catching a simple pass.

eddies' heady's reply to MichaelT on Mar 20 at 0:20

Yeah, just pass it a whole 2 FEET to your POWER FORWARD at the THREE POINT LINE. That's a swell pass to make.

Apologist maker......heh

Turner for Noc. And a turnover, probably brand's, fuck me.

Lou with the bad shot while jrue stands wide open at the 3

damn it doug - get a fucking cluer

Gerald Wallace doesn't get called for fouls.

eddies' heady's on Mar 20 at 0:01

Evan looks lost. shit

Son of a bitch.

Come on, gotta hit that, Turner. Fuck.

Loose Ball Foul tony battie after forcing a bad shot

Meh - didn't expect them to win if Iguodala played so I guess I can't be too disappointed - but the defense tonight has been horrid

Turner looks very unconfident on the offensive end. That was a pretty weak move going into that fadeaway. Two weeks ago he's attacking to get to that spot and going straight up.

He had an open look at the 3 - he should have taken it - that's the 'unconfidence'

Tray reply to GoSixers on Mar 20 at 0:05

He can't make them.

TS reply to Rich on Mar 20 at 0:04

He probably thought they would call an offensive touch foul on him.

You guys see Lou literally not moving on that defensive play while Turner had to cover both Wallace and Matthews? Lou was standing in the middle doing NOTHING! Lucky Matthews missed the 3.

Nah, Turner messed that up - must have

was Iguodala's fault. TRADE IGGY

eddies' heady's on Mar 20 at 0:04

It seriously doesn't matter if you put Noc in for Turner or Turner in for Noc. They're both nominal.

8-point game. This isn't over. Has to start with defense.

Thad has only played 20 minutes in this game. Why?

Force the match-up. Dom't let Portland keep him on the bench.

Cause he sucks on defense (i mean so does everyone)

Thsat fucking ball was tipped you idjits