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The Final Dozen

I have the same feeling about the Celtics game but don't want to jinx them either. Sorry bout the Bulls game I call that an L because of the Bulls wanting to get payback. They're still duking it out with Boston for the top seed. Still 8-4 wouldn't be so bad. I hope you're right though. Here's my breakdown -

Hawks - W Dre is rested, team gets some needed rest. They should be focused and ready.
Heat - L - Even though Dre can hold LBJ below his average there is just too much firepower with the Heat.
Kings - W - Pathetic team. Worried about a letdown game though considering how lopsided the last one was.
Bulls - L - Sorry but I think Bulls get payback for their loss to 76ers. I know 76ers can win, but will they?
Rockets - W - Should be automatic. Rockets aren't nearly what they used to be.
Nets - W - It's the Nets. Even with Williams.
Bucks - W - 76ers get revenge.
Celtics - L - This is just a pick to not jinx them. I think they can win this but will they? I think this is a must-win for Boston too because they are neck and neck with Chicago.
Knicks - W - Hopefully Dre continues to shut down Melo. Knicks lost a lot of depth in trade so it should be to our advantage.
Raptors - W - If they lose this I will be pi$$ed!
Magic - L - Even if Howard and others sit I expect 76ers might do the same with Brand/Dre depending on how banged up they still are and if we are still playing for 6th seed.
Pistons - W - I can't chalk this up as an L even though I don't see any of our starters playing this one. Pistons just are not a team anymore.

8-4 sounds reasonable though I hope you're right.

There are a lot of different ways these last 12 games can play out. Will Iguodala and Brand be healthy? Will they have another bad few games? But somehow i think whatever they do, nothing will change seeding wise. They are 6th now and i think they will stay there. I'm gonna go with 8-4 with losses at Heat, Bulls, Bucks and Celtics. I think they will sweep all of their remaining home games but will lose all of their road games. All in all a 44 win season, not too shabby considering the 3-13 start.

deepsixersuede on Mar 21 at 7:45

I voted on a 7-5 finish and 43 wins because I have a feeling our coach may be thinking of rest over seeding from here on out. Minutes for Nucioni and less minutes for Elton and Iggy are a possibility. If Spieghts doesn't earn playoff minutes is he gone over the summer? Maybe he is a guy happy to score points and get minutes on a losing team somewhere.

pretty sure we extended speights in the fall, and that he is still under contract next season, so that would have to occur through a trade. can't imagine his value is very high.

They didn't extend him so much as pick up his option.

I'm sure the sixers would trade Speights if it was the right deal but I don't think they'll 'get rid of him' either. He' on a cheap deal and can still turn it around. No reason to give up on him until his rookie deal is up.

To be fair, I'd expect any young player would prefer minutes on a bad team to DNP-CD on a good one...

But coaches hate Speights- and probably for a reason. I don't think it is particular to Collins. None of his 4 NBA coaches (or his college coach) gave Speights regular minutes. I doubt that will change next year.

I voted for 43, with a 7-5 finish.

I think that will be good enough for the 6th seed, but I have no idea who they will play. Miami's schedule is absurdly easy the rest of the way. Boston & Chicago's are both a bit tougher.

42 wins. Sixth, and Heat. They don't have the size to hurt us inside (our biggest weakness), but the superstar calls for Wade and LeBroom may be too much.

I actually voted for 44. All your picks look right to me, with the exception, of course, of Chicago.

Come on, it's not like the Bulls have the MVP or anything :)

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 21 at 12:55

Or even the second best MVP candidate (LeBron), or third (Dirk). But they do have the league's best defense and a pretty good point guard, and they are at home.

Heh. I didn't realize until just now the Knicks lost to the Bucks last night. How long until Melo demands a trade?

Was a close one too, Knicks came out flatter than flat (32-9 in the first quarter) but the Bucks did their damndest to make it close. I had it on in the background while I did housework.

Did you read the Vescey column about Melo in New York - seems like he is quite the diva

Do you have a link? I recall starting the story over the weekend, but didn't finish it.

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 21 at 14:27

You know, none of it sounded diva-ish at all. It was like, Hansbrough scores 30, Carmelo implied D'Antoni should have made an adjustment. Carmelo scolded Jeffries for not passing to him at the end of the game. Vecsey says that wasn't the play and Carmelo wanted Jeffries to break the play. Of course, maybe Vecsey doesn't know what he's talking about; maybe Melo was an option on that play and the first option was denied but Jeffries forced it anyway. I think the coverage of Melo right now is pretty silly. People who are smart understood the trade wouldn't actually make them much better and that it could make them worse in the short term. Chandler's a better defender than Melo, Gallo's a way better shooter; the deal made them, maybe, a little better offensively and definitely worse defensively. But a Sheridan or a Vecsey doesn't get that; they think this deal should have made New York a contender, and since they're not playing like one, they go and blame Melo, even though he's not actually struggling, with the exception of one lousy game (after which, oh my God, he didn't talk to reporters). It's not his fault, it's ownership's fault for thinking what the team needed was a big-time, not terribly efficient scorer who can't defend.

The article I'm referring to is Vescey on Sunday

"Did you read the Vescey column about Melo in New York - seems like he is quite the diva "

*I am shocked, SHOCKED to find gambling is going on here.*

Tom Moore on Mar 21 at 14:06

Video: Lou Williams on the Sixers heading into the final 12 games:


Tom Moore on Mar 21 at 14:16

Video: Collins on the Sixers not taking anything for granted heading into the final 12 games:


Tom Moore on Mar 21 at 14:30

Vdeo: Iguodala Monday on his knee injury and the chances the Sixers can catch the Hawks:


Video: Young on the importance of the Sixers finishing the regular season strong:


Tom Moore on Mar 21 at 16:35

Iguodala: 'I've played through worse injuries'


Williams: Sixers capable of winning final eight at home


Um - Go Celtics

The700level is doing a Philly sports stars March Madness style bracket. http://www.the700level.com/2011/03/philly-march-madness-7-maurice-cheeks-vs-10-eric-desjardins.html Sixers are getting no love. Maurice Cheeks is currently TIED with Eric Desjardins??? Yes. You heard that right. Moses already lost Tug McGraw. Go on and show the Sixers some love people!

Why is this surprising?

The Flyers are more popular than the sixers
I bet John Cheney would take out most sixers

Celts look asleep in this game. Hopefully, the Knicks will run out of steam here.

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 21 at 21:18

Maybe we want the 7 seed? Boston's really been scuffling.

So somehow I ended up the four seed in my H2H rotisserie league team which has Amare AND Dwight on it. I'd really like amare to go for 30 and 20 both games and swap a few blocks and still have the knicks lose.

they woke up

I thought teams with superstars didn't fold in crunch time. Guess no one told the Knicks.

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 21 at 22:08

Did somebody here say that? I mean, even if that were true, if the other team has superstars too that goes out the window.

Stew reply to Brian on Mar 21 at 22:18

I guess the sixers has no superstars

And yet they can still fold in crunch time - even against teams not as good as them (utah)

BoulderEagle on Mar 21 at 22:12

Nice Monday night treat: watching the Knicks fold in the last six minutes. Between Amare crying about non-calls, Melo being a non-factor and D'Antoni's awful coaching, it was a wonderful thing. I hate the Knicks now more than ever...

Vintage bad Cousins tonight. 8 turnovers and counting (I think that's a career high), 5 fouls. The rest of his line - 11, 8 and 4, on 11 shots - is okay. Derrick Rose, who showed some moxie today going on record in a piece on David Stern's All-Star Game locker room comments, had his first efficient game in forever. And Ty Lawson, coming off a 16, 7 and 6, has 17 points on 6 shots at halftime.

Wow. Cousins had 13 fouls and turnovers combined in 25 minutes of action. Hasn't been done in 11+ years in the NBA.

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 21 at 22:55

I guess that means his future is Shawn Kemp. Who, in his rookie season, averaged 6 and 4 with 2.5 fouls in just 13 minutes a game. A real bust.

More likely it means he's going to be like the fat, old Shawn Kemp, only he won't have the seasons of physical dominance before he leaves the NBA.

eddies' heady's reply to Tray on Mar 21 at 22:44

Lawson seems to be thriving with consistent minutes. Not too surprising. He's so potent in pick and rolls with his quickness, breaking down the defense at will.

eddies' heady's reply to eddies' heady's on Mar 21 at 22:46

And remember when there were pre-draft concerns that he wouldn't be able to get his shot off at this level.

I think this team is going to struggle down the stretch. I have them at 41 wins.

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