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This Nocioni Stuff Scares Me

One of the few disappointing things about this year is that after Turner or Speights has the rare good game it is not followed up by an increase in minutes or performance.

The last good game by Turner (against GSH) went downhill as soon as Turner made that quip about his minutes in the post-game interview. While Speights rarely seems to get minutes whether he plays well or not. You hate to lump these guys- but I don't think either has Collin's trust.

HendrikDB on Mar 23 at 7:46

Most games I saw by Turner are just solid games. He's obviously trying to find his role in the team, but I think he just doesn't get enough touches or minutes.

It's either AI9 or Jrue with the ball, trying to make something happen, dish it to wide open Meeks or just go to Brand in the final seconds of the offence and let him go to work. When Turner finally comes off the bench, it's mostly with Thad and Lou. Lou freezes Turner out (even more), and Thad is mostly a huge and explosive spark expecially when running the break so they obviously try to look for him instead of Turner.

Collins is doing a great job for the sixers, no doubt, but not for Turner. Turner is a victim of his allround qualities. I guess Collins just doesn't know how to make Turner effective or he does but doesn't want to try it out (since it would probably mean more Turner and less AI9). Give him the ball and let him play!

tk76 reply to HendrikDB on Mar 23 at 10:53

I don't think "Turner is a victim" other than being a victim of his good traits not being as good as his teammates (Jrue and Iguodala.) Or a "victim" of him expecting he can play the style he did at OSU and the team would adapt to it.

There is no victim or villain. Just a guy who is making a somewhat surprisingly slow adjustment to the pro game who hopefully will make a big step up next season. I agree he has not been terrible on the floor. But he also has not displayed much in his minutes to in itself warrant a bigger role.

deepsixersuede on Mar 23 at 8:08

Brian, I agree that Collins has decided to challenge Turner and stop babying him and maybe this pushes him to be more assertive. One thing Nocioni does better than Evan can't be discounted though, his deep shooting.

With ramped up defenses in the playoffs it isn't a bad idea to take a little pressure off Meeks by putting another shooter out there for 5 to 10 minutes a game, as long as it is against another teams bench players.

mgfields on Mar 23 at 8:34

I'm half expecting Turner to go DNP again now that the "cagey vets" are back in the rotation.

Collins is trying to win games, and Turner has played like crap lately. What is he supposed to do?

Ryan F reply to Mike on Mar 23 at 9:48

Not much worse than Nocioni, and throughout the year, they've been pretty comparable offensively. Noc spaces the floor a little better and shoots a higher %, but Turner impacts the rest of the game more, even playing so poorly.


This would be a lateral move at best on court, but would keep Turner hidden during an important stretch of this season and his career. I don't like it.

Shawn reply to Ryan F on Mar 23 at 10:07

What's Doug's track record with rookies? I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's not very good. On one hand you've got his unbelievable development of Thad, and on the other hand you see little improvement overall by Jrue and Turner - only flashes. Now I understand that its a mutual process of both players putting it together and the coach putting them in a position to succeed. Sometimes I don't see that as the #1 priority in their goal to maximize wins.


Lou Williams

Jrue has improved pretty dramatically over his rookie season.

tk76 reply to Ryan F on Mar 23 at 10:58

Nocioni pretty much stinks IMO. It's hard to find a good reason he should get minutes over Turner. If there was a better vet SF competeing with Turner I could understand it. For example Battie has earned minutes over Speights and Hawes. But Nocioni has not exactly stood out.

Story: Collins, Sixers turning to veterans for stretch run:


i have a college buddy who's a huge heat fan. already getting into stupid email arguments about a possible sixers/heat matchup.

guy was trying to tell me that both bron and wade are better man-to-man defenders than iguodala. someone just got introduced to the iguodala victim list. thanks, Brian.

as much as i want to get the 5th seed and play the magic, i also would really love to surprise the heat. ive got tons of celtics hate, but i would definitely much rather beat the heat than anyone else.

Why would you want to replace a guy who can play defense in the rotation with a guy who can't? I understand Nocioni can hit a three occasionally, but whenever he's been in the game I've never been wowed by his toughness or anything. All that stuff is just words and doesn't show up on the court. Turner has been bad lately but has at times been a solid contributer when he gets a decent amount of minutes. Turner does deserve blame for not stepping it up more, but I blame Collins as well for taking him out when he makes one or two mistakes. That kills a players confidence.

Now this point is extremely silly. When does being the point forward the whole game not count as exerting yourself on offense? Give me a break, Iguodala doesn't take possessions off offensively. Plus, LeBron and Wade play together, that cuts their supposed "burden" down a ton.

Also, Iguodala's points per possession as a wing defender is less than both of those guys when his front line is Elton Brand, Thaddeus Young, and Spencer Hawes. Iguodala is the best wing defender in the league.

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