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Game 71 Thread: PHI vs. ATL

Let's go Magic

hopefully all goes will this game, meaning a sixers win... if my memory is correct in the past games this season horford has seemed to give the sixers front court a lot of problems..

Tom Moore on Mar 23 at 18:20

Video: Collins prior to Hawks game on facing Atlanta and the first home date after a long road trip:


I've got the Philly feed in HD on League Pass. Not exactly happy about that. I've had more than enough of one Eric Snow.

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 23 at 19:10

Whoa, you're starting to turn on our Comcastic announcers too. You know what I hate about Marc? He's so impersonal. No other announcer in the league consistently refers to his team's best player by his first AND last name.

Eh, Zumoff never bothers me, he's like background noise. Snow drives me nuts.

Does anyone with LP Broadband have loading problems when using Firefox?

Not me, but I rarely use LP Broadband, only when I'm out of town.

Alrighty, here we go. Hawes vs. Josh Smith for the tip.

and Hawes wins it, emphatically.

They go to EB right away w/ Horford on him. Short on the 10-footer.

Jrue on Hinrich to start, didn't see who Iguodala was on.

Smith hits a 22-footer, I'm fine w/ that.

Sissy hook, good.

Jrue w/ a nice drive and dish to Hawes for the easy sissy hook.

Jrue three!

Hawes is 3/4 with 4 sissy hooks in just over 3 minutes.

Why did jrue take a 38 foot three pointer?

1 sec left on shot clock

furthermore, kirk hinrich tipped the ball into the back court with 4 seconds lefto n shot clock, jrue picked it up and then chucked a 38 footer that almost went in.

Whose fault was the offensive execution that led to that?

heh, i think it was actually EB's fault, but i'm not entirely sure. I'll check next commercial break.

lol, EB didn't even touch it, was Jodie meeks fault. poor pass that went str8 to kirk

Iguodala just got fucking hammered and no whistle. Then Hawes gets whistled on the opposite end. Love the HC advantage the Sixers enjoy.

Jrue w/ a sweet pull-up J.

Jrue needs to get on the floor for that ball. Come on.

Marvin Williams seems to be hurting us the most..

Jrue needs to take over on offense. He can make a shot from anywhere on the floor

Josh Smith, this year, is shooting threes the way Iguodala's shot them his whole career. I've never heard anyone say that Iguodala should just quit three-point shooting period.

I've heard plenty of opposing announcers say that.

Jodie three off another Jrue dime. Nice.

You'd think Joe Johnson would've learned his lesson the last time these teams played, but there he is, trying to back Iguodala down again.

Jodie 3 after two o-boards on the other end. Keep this up.

sweet. if Meeks can stay hot this could be good.

That was two, they should check that.

Jrue again.

it's funny, when spencer hawes misses a shot he runs back a lot quicker than his usual walk back.

That one was a three. lazy pass by Jrue set it up.

that's twice Jrue.

Damnit, Jrue. That's two lazy passes on the perimeter. Johnson is just sitting there waiting for them.

EB & 1. Nice.

sweet found a live webstream where im not getting annoying popup ads right on the screen every 15-20 secs

Battie first off the bench.

Hinrich going off.

PHI 30, ATL 28 after one.

Pace favors the Sixers w/ ATL having played last night. Still, I'd prefer to see a little bit of defense being played.

Fast Paced doesn't favor the sixers :)

It does when the other team has tired legs.

but the sixers have the sixers bench

did iggy/jrue/meeks/eb all play the full quarter?

Yup. Only sub was Battie for Hawes.

Wonder if Turner or Noc will start the second.

Yup. Nocioni instead of Turner. Wonderful.

Wonder if this is going to be a DNPCD for Turner.

mgfields reply to Brian on Mar 23 at 19:36

That's my guess.

After that game against Portland COMBINED with the whole 'veteran' bs collins is spewing I wouldn't be surprised to se severely limited minutes for turner, and speights never playing for the sixers again

Thad's offensive game recently is eerily similar to Spencers.

No it's not

It is imo, thad's doing a lot of sissy hooks and long 2s recently.

anyone have a stream link?

Fuck me. How many threes is that for them?

Turner in for Meeks.

Nocioni has left his man wide open for a three on the last two possessions. Luckily, they missed them both.

Jrue bowls lefty.

Noc dribble drive. Lovely.

The fact that Collins is playing Nocioni makes me want to stop watching the games

Never Underestimate the importance of veteranability

I hate to keep picking on the guy, but Noc is way too fucking slow to be a perimeter defender in this league. His man is getting a wide open look just about every time the floor because he's trying to help and he has no prayer of recovering.

TOughness and experience baby

AJ reply to Brian on Mar 23 at 19:49

I can't actually believe Collins is pulling this shit. Maybe he has a secret plan or something...

thank goodness Jrue and Iggy back; offense flow sucked with Lou at point.

Tidy -6 for Nocioni. He's out, mercifully.

Nocioni is not the cure for the bench playing poorly

Pretty dish by Jrue to end the 9-0 ATL run.


eddies' heady's on Mar 23 at 19:51

It's like the 3rd or 4th game in a row where we're close to allowing 60 pts in a half. And another game where the opponent shoots a respectable percentage while we shoot about the same percentage. We've got to make the looks they're getting tougher or something.

Tom Moore on Mar 23 at 19:52

Turner on the possibility that his role could decrease:


Jesus, wake the eff up, huh? Where's the defense?

eddies' heady's on Mar 23 at 19:58

When our guards, or anybody, going to start getting to the line? Especially Jrue, he's got to incorporate that into his game badly.

They'll start getting to the line when the refs start giving them calls. Our guys are constantly getting murdered in the lane and the whistles are silent.

eddies' heady's reply to TS on Mar 23 at 20:08

In this game? You'd say they're getting murdered? Or are you talking about recent prior games?

Prior games. Sorry! Should have clarified.

like what thad's doing.

PHI 53, ATL 59 at the half.

5-2 run in the final minute cuts the lead to 6. Pretty terrible second quarter, though. Defense has been atrocious.

Don't think ATL can keep this up, though. They only used 7 guys in the first half.

jkay reply to Brian on Mar 23 at 20:07

agree but let's not bank on that.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Mar 23 at 20:11

But they rested most of their main guys last night, right?

need to amp up the defense badly.
Hawks doubling hard every time on the perimeter points. DC needs to make adjustments coming into the 2nd.

eddies' heady's on Mar 23 at 20:05

OK, while I admire the hell out of it, Andre looks too gimpy to be playing, so that days of rest they were selling doesn't appear to have helped. So if the goal is to get in the playoffs, seeding shouldn't matter if you're going into them w/ half a Andre Iguodala. Just getting in w/ a healthier and more effective Iguodala would be much better than the alternative. Getting in higher seeded w/o a semblance of what your best player can give you is running in quicksand instead of treading water or swimming a little bit.

The other guys on the squad can beat some of these opponents we have left on the schedule. Probably enough to snare the #7 seed which isn't bad at all. And may work in our favor considering who ends up at #2.

Hoping we're seeing rust more than gimp.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Mar 23 at 20:17

Not on that defensive attempt right there. ugh he looked cemented, just sort of spun to stop the guy

his dunk early on was telling imo. Also he had a jumper where he jumped off his left leg only.

eddies' heady's reply to Jason on Mar 23 at 20:23

Yep, saw that jumper, if you're talking about the one the was just outside the left side of the lane, maybe a 9 footer.

please attack more, need some free throws

eddies' heady's on Mar 23 at 20:16

Jo-3! Good set up and kick by Dre.

Think zumoff just said they'd limit Iguodala's minutes after they clinch a playoff spot.

And Iguodala hits a three.

Damnit, Hawes. Catch the fucking ball.

eddies' heady's on Mar 23 at 20:19

Come on Spencer, catch the friggin ball

damnit. need to make easy shots inside.

box out Hawes!!

This is just terrible. Not sure what's going to wake them up, if anything.

eddies' heady's on Mar 23 at 20:22

How many spots are we ahead of whoever's in 8th right now?

eddies' heady's on Mar 23 at 20:25

Andre just isn't rotating well on defense at all.


Jodie three in transition. Gotta push the ball like that.

Friggin Hinrich.

Down 11. They just aren't interested in playing defense tonight. This is shameful.

I thought we were the ones that wanted to spread the floor

eddies' heady's on Mar 23 at 20:28

We're just leaving shooters wide open. Some off of doubling/helping down, some off of who-friggin-knows....

eddies' heady's on Mar 23 at 20:29

Jrue 4 3! D the eff up!

Big three for Jrue. Threes are the only reason we aren't getting blown the fuck out.

Iguodala just seriously fucked up his knee. Did you see him after he had to change direction?

eddies' heady's on Mar 23 at 20:30

Uh-oh, Andre just reached for his knee after trying hard to rotate to the corner. He grimaced like hell and grabbed at it. ugh ugh ugh

it's like everyone is losing their man.

this is Joran era D.

mgfields on Mar 23 at 20:33

Please sit Iguodala for a few games. We will still make the playoffs. Just let him get healthy as possible.

eddies' heady's on Mar 23 at 20:33

Seriously, just shut the guy down. We played fairly well w/o him for those group of games, and I'm positive we can do the same again. Even w/ him, these games coming up would be tough anyway against the elite teams. I'd rather have him healthier for the playoffs than to trot him out there looking like a shell of himself.

1 FT for the entire game....ONE.....

thad's the only one going to the rim.

man blow the effing whistle man

Man, Thad is two steps faster than everyone else on the floor.

PHI 74, ATL 80 after three.

Took a big run to make that quarter a tie. Bench is going to need to turn on the jets early in the fourth and pull even for them to win this game. Have a feeling we won't see Iguodala again.

eddies' heady's on Mar 23 at 20:40

Savvy move by Lou to get that 3 pter up after hearing the whistle.

Collins is doing he said and playing andres in front of turner.

Sissy Hook!

Let's go, bench.

Noc backs down Hinrich!

Come on. Get over the hump!

fatigue is kicking ion for Hawks. sluggishness all around. even Noc is driving to the rim.

eddies' heady's on Mar 23 at 20:41

Noc! We've got the lead, crowd waking up too. Let's go!

10-0 run to take the lead. Let's fucking go. Keep the pressure on and the Hawks will start hanging their heads and saying, "Not again."

Thad finger roll!

Man, the Sixers kicked it into another gear on both ends. This is pretty.

Lou must love playing the Hawks.


eddies' heady's on Mar 23 at 20:46

No way, they bring Andre back when we were on that run? Let's see how this goes...

Big small lineup here. Iguodala at the two, Noc at the three.

Don't like the Hawes three that early in the shot clock. Run some fucking offense.

makes up for it there

THAD!!! With the huge defensive play to get the charge.

eddies' heady's on Mar 23 at 20:48

Thad w/ the big charge! Dre still favoring the hell out of that knee.

Thad is out of his mind right now

eddies' heady's on Mar 23 at 20:49

And Dre jumps and shoots off only his left leg again.

Noc was fouled!

Nocioni w/ the airball layup in transition.


jkay reply to Brian on Mar 23 at 20:51

yeah i had a Meeks like feeling when I saw him taking it by himself in transition

what the

Sweet Looooooouuuuuuu!!!!!!

Wow I'm not sure I've ever seen worse defense than on that drive to the basket by Lou. 3 guys literally just moved out of his way.

I think you just witnessed the Hawks quitting.

Don't start giving them o-boards.

eddies' heady's on Mar 23 at 20:54

What do you know - we've been to the line 7 times this quarter and we're up seven.

Dre abused by JJ on the blocks. ugh

EB w/ the pose after the 8-footer :)

Iggy is getting beat to spots on d. I doubt if he plays on friday

Thad w/ a HUGE block on Joe Johnson.

eddies' heady's on Mar 23 at 20:55

Thad with the huge block!

Dre doesn't look gimpy on that hard push of the ball...

Thad is scary now

Thad with the steal. Wow.

eddies' heady's on Mar 23 at 20:57

Ugh, Dre w/ another hard explosion to the rim for two.

'Dre clearly limping after that bucket. Time to sit him for the night.

Iguodala with the drive to put them up 10. Man, he's hurting out there, that should've been an and-one.

the refs have been spotty all night

1. we have to re-sign thad.
2. has turner played this half?


AJ reply to Brian on Mar 23 at 21:00

Less than 5 minutes tonight. I mean, I know he's not killing it but this is ridiculous.

bebopdeluxe on Mar 23 at 20:59

So...I turn the TV on and they are down 9 - 80 to 71...and I see THIS.

Usually it's the other way around.


Man, I just got out of a lonnnngg midterm. Weren't they down by a lot at halftime?

Lets close this thing out.


eddies' heady's on Mar 23 at 21:01

Jo-3! Dagger? lol

Hawks mailing it in.

Jodie Meeks: Great acquisition, or greatest acquisition?

Play to win and get Jodie the ball. Dude is on fire.

ridiculous block still.

eddies' heady's on Mar 23 at 21:05

Bullcrap! That looked like a good block by Thad. come on

Bullshit goaltend there. That was a clean block.

No question about your player of the game tonight, btw.

A healthy Andre slams that in Smith's face.

cmon Iggy??

Not sure why he brought Lou foor Jrue w/ a 10-point lead to protect.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Mar 23 at 21:08

free throws?

Jrue's 80%.

eddies' heady's on Mar 23 at 21:07

Iguodala w/ a man's board to close it out! Yes....


this game will cost us with Iguodala. but I'll take it.

Thanks Thad.

Lou just came up gimpy after that free throw.

bebopdeluxe on Mar 23 at 21:08


Sixers win this without Iguodala right?

jkay reply to Jason on Mar 23 at 21:11

doubtful. maybe if Jrue had been more aggressive. He shrunk after the first qtr.

WTF Lou. Missed both and got hurt, Eff. Always get the ball to Jodie.

Split em that's game.

let's end this Dre

I'd like to submit Lou as an awful clutch FT shooter.

jkay reply to Rich on Mar 23 at 21:12

bar Meeks, he's the one I'd put with the game on the line.

Rich reply to jkay on Mar 23 at 21:21

He's missed some big ones this year, I guess I remember the bad with Lou. He's 80 percent in clutch situations. Jrue, Brand, and Turner have been better.

PHI 105, ATL 100 Final.

Needed it. Got it.

eddies' heady's on Mar 23 at 21:11

I still think it's a long shot to get to number five, but good comeback win nonetheless. Just rest Andre please and go in the playoffs at worst the #7 seed.

Doug seems awfully happy doesn't he? Like we clinched or something...

"Hopefully a coach i can keep playing for" Thad

Heard that. Hometown discount?

Steve reply to Brian on Mar 23 at 21:57

yea right. I can't imagine him giving up millions of dollars just so he can be a backup. I see Billy King signing him to a decent deal

2 major scares tonight:

1. turner's minutes
2. iggy's knee. he looked extremely unhealthy.

I am very worried about this.

By the way, is there a reason Larry Drew played just seven players? Teague has been alright lately; Wilkins and Powell usually get minutes.

Collins: "Noce was great on defense tonight, he gave us good minutes"


dammit orlando, wake up

who cares if the knicks win or lose? we are better off with the 7 seed over the 6 anyway. But we got the 5 in our sights...

Great press conference by Doug, but disappointed that not 1 media member asked about Turner's minutes.

eddies' heady's reply to MHW on Mar 23 at 22:35

Why should they? Arguably, it was deserved considering his play and Doug already got out ahead of it yesterday with his comments relating to his vets.

Even a Turner-hater should be curious to hear what Doug has to say about it.

Journalists are paid to ask the controversial questions. Except in Philly I guess.

eddies' heady's reply to stoned81 on Mar 23 at 23:16

Where's the controversy? For over a month now the guy has basically been an 8th-9th man and a very insiginficant one at that. Doug laid down the law yesterday about going with his vets for experience. Why can't fans accept the coach's blunt honesty? If you can't accept that he's pretty insignificant as far as this team is concerned at this point, then tough cookie I guess. It would almost be like the media asking why didn't Speights get any burn.

Why aren't you crowing about why Speights didn't see any minutes against the Hawks less than daunting frontcourt? Is that a product of being a Turner-lover?

If you can't see from the last two games that Noc is a better option at this point then, oh well. With Noc, you know what you are going to get. With Turner, it's pretty much an unknown. And at this point in the season and the intensity getting ready to be ratcheted up in the playoffs, Turner's mistakes will only be magnified that much more, whether his careless turnovers, questionable shots, or general lost-ness on team defense.

If you can't see from the last two games that Noc is a better option at this point then, oh well. With Noc, you know what you are going to get. With Turner, it's pretty much an unknown. And at this point in the season and the intensity getting ready to be ratcheted up in the playoffs, Turner's mistakes will only be magnified that much more, whether his careless turnovers, questionable shots, or general lost-ness on team defense.

See, this is just kind of silly. Nocioni is a much worse defender than Turner. Turner may have the occasional lapse, but Nocioni just gets flat out beat on a regular basis because he's so damned slow. Nocioni turns the ball over more than Turner. And I'd say his shot selection is worse than Turner's as well.

Maybe Nocioni is less prone to going on a destructive tear than Turner, but even that's highly debatable. There was one stretch tonight where his man was wide open on about 4 consecutive possessions because Nocioni was too slow to help and recover.

If you want to make the argument that who the 8th or 9th man is doesn't really matter a whole lot when this team really only relies on 7, then fine, make that argument. But as bad as Turner has been, he's still a better player than Nocioni.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Mar 23 at 23:46

No, it's not really silly when you admit basically the same thing that Nocioni is less prone to destruct and Turner is an unknown as I stated. I don't dispute that Noc may not be better at particular facets of the game than Turner, but the paragraph highlighted was based on "at this point". You're citing Noc vs. Turner stats on the season which has no relevancy to what's occuring, again, at this point.

That really was the gist of my argument; that we rely on our top 7 guys and our 8th or 9th man, whomever it is night to night, really is insignificant or nominal as far as the team is concerned.

Hence why it's even sillier for the media to ask about a sort of non-factor rotation player when the coach proactively addressed this with all reporters just yesterday. And for that, it's unsurprising, without even mentioning his play of late.

You're intentionally obtuse sometimes, just to get a response, aren't you.

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 24 at 0:02

Of course, it's true from the narrow perspective of winning games that Turner vs. Nocioni makes extremely little difference; that being the case, though, we have every reason in the world to play Turner, as it makes a big difference developmentally without costing us on the court at all.

Rich reply to Tray on Mar 24 at 0:41

Very good point. It's common sense, but I thought you put that well.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Mar 24 at 0:07

Not sure what your agenda is but insults aren't mine. I'm here voicing opinion and observations just like everyone else, don't give a crap about responses. I'm just a Sixers fan here to enjoy fandom with other Sixers fans, whether liked or not. Form your own opinion, which you've obviously wrongly done. It would be a joy to meet you in person one day so you can see how far your judgment is off.

I laughed.

Philly media is a joke. Sycophants.

Tray reply to stoned81 on Mar 23 at 22:57

I think when a team has been irrelevant for so long, the media stops caring and/or fawns completely over a guy good enough to take the team back to mediocrity. They grill Andy Reid about stuff, although there is perhaps a little more deference given to Charlie than you'd expect.

Solid win, great thread, but...does tonight's score mean the Sixers end up with a tiebreaker advantage of some sort vs Atlanta?

I believe they tied 2-2 in the season series. Not sure what the second tiebreaker is, may be conference record.

i think the tiebreaker for seeding goes

1. h2h record
2. conference record

but im not sure

This is correct. We cannot win the tiebreaker vs. them.

Actually, that's not right. We have 9 conference games left, they have 8 left. We can catch them, they're up on us by 4, I believe.

MHW reply to Brian on Mar 23 at 22:58

Brian - the point is if we catch them in the conference record, then we've clearly passed them in overall record.

Gotcha. Pretty sure it's mathematically possible we could tie them in overall and still pass them in conference record, though.

The hawks have a tough final 10 games. It is absolutely possible that they go 3-7. We go 7-4 in this stretch, and we get the 5. However, the most likely scenario is hawks going 4-6. So we should aim for a 8-3 finish.

I've been impressed with Amare (in the few games that I have watched) this year. I think this year he is worth his contract.

Tray reply to Steve on Mar 23 at 22:40

This is a funny game to be impressed with Amare. 6-20, 13 points, 5 fouls, 7 boards. Carmelo had a solid game.

Tom Moore on Mar 23 at 22:03

Sixers rally to upend the Hawks


It's my blog and Brand postgame video

Chuck Hayes, of all people, has a triple-double: 13, 14 and 11. There's still 5 minutes left. Previously, his career high in assists, over 413 career games, was 8.

in my best KG voice,"ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE"

It's too bad they'll miss the playoffs while a Gay-less Memphis faces San Antonio in the first round and gets swept. Today they'll improve to 38-34. Kevin Martin's as able a scorer as anyone and Lowry's really coming along.

Show ya luv!!! Does anyone know where one could go about getting one of these Sixers "show ya luv" t-shirts???

Tom Moore on Mar 23 at 22:57

Williams after scoring team-high 17 points in win over Hawks:


Tom Moore on Mar 23 at 23:00

Video: Brand on victory over Hawks:



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