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Kick 'em While They're Down

Hard to see us losing this game.

I kind of hope Javale McGee gets out of Washington at some point and gets to play for a team that actually cares and a coach who knows what he's doing. Check out this block.

This was sick. Love the bad ass puase and stare hah.

He has some really fun moments, but i'm not very high on him. He looks like his BB IQ is lower than Sammy's.

He seems like the kind of guy where a good coach could make it very, very simple for him to a defensive weapon, "Stand here. Block shots."

That was something funny that came out of the Sloan conference. Darryl Morey basically said he doesn't mind dumb big men because it can be as simple as "See shot, block shot" and they can be productive, whereas dumb perimeter players are pretty tough to work with.

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 23 at 15:54

He's already first in the league in block %. Has been for the past two years. So a good coach telling him to stand somewhere and block shots would change what, exactly? The poor rebounding and low IQ would still persist.

The rebounding isn't bad, and it's improving. A good coach would see what he has in a center who blocks shots like that, and focus his defense on sending drivers to his help, like Pat Riley used to do with Alonzo Mourning.

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 23 at 16:04

So he could be blocking more shots.

I think the more important thing is that his shot blocking would influence the overall team defense much more. Not the pure number of how many blocks he gets, but the impact of having him protecting the hoop.

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 23 at 17:00

But I mean, he is... as much as anyone in the league. One shot-blocker can only do so much.

Hard to believe a dumb perimeter player could stay long in the league, which is why you don't see too many of them. Although, from what I've seen of the NCAA tournament, Div-I college basketball players are getting progressively dumber.

This reminds me of Walter Berry's famous quote when Larry Brown came on to coach the Spurs back in the 80's: "He's a fundamentally sound coach, and my game doesn't consist of fundamentals."

Would love to see the frustration level of Horford rise over the next two years as the Hawks flounder and demanding a trade at some point. Hopefully to the Sixers. Big fan of his.

I'd love to see what he could do as a PF.

Jrue, Turner, Iguodala, Horford, Dalembert in 2012 :)

I love Horford as well. The Gators bigs Horford and Noah are my favorite young big men in the league. Unfortunately Speigths didn't follow their footsteps.

The Sixers are favored by 7 in this game, which means that Vegas would favor them in this game even on a neutral court. Frankly, the Hawks haven't been playing up to their talent level. The key for the Sixers, if they're going to "extinguish" the hopes of the Hawks early, as Brian puts it, is to put in the work on defense and not let the Hawks get into an early offensive rhythm. I suspect the Sixers themselves might be a little rusty at first, this being the first game back after a road trip, so good defense will be especially important to start.

I don't know if it's trackable or not - but do you (or anyone) know how the line looked before the Bulls wasted the Hawks last night?

I happened to look at it, and it was 5 points, after opening at 4. Home court is worth 3 points, so Vegas would favor the Bulls by 8 over the Hawks on a neutral court. The back-to-back factor is worth 1 or 2 points, so Vegas would favor the Sixers by 2-3 over the Hawks on a neutral court.

SOrry - I meant the sixers hawks line - has it moved since before the bulls-hawks game?

Tray reply to Statman on Mar 23 at 15:46

Home court should be worth more than 3, don't you think? I think in reality it's worth more than 3.

Take a look here: http://hoopdata.com/blogengine/post/2011/03/11/A-Quick-Look-at-Home-Court-Advantage.aspx

That article calculated a median 3.1 point HCA, with some teams more and some teams less. In general, I would think younger teams that thrive on emotion would have a higher home/road differential, whereas veteran teams (e.g., Boston or LAL) would have smaller differentials. And, not surprisingly, the Hawks -- with their horrible home crowd -- have the worst HCA in the league (the only negative differential).

Note: the article calculated HCA based on point differentials, which is different than the way Vegas sets its spreads (spreads are based partly on perception and are designed to achieve equal betting on both sides).

If the sixers can catch the 5th seed and play the Magic in the first round be prepared for the biggest upset in the 2011 playoffs. This Orlando team is weak I believe we can take them in a 7 game series am I crazy for thinking that?

I wouldn't say crazy, I'd say hyperbolic, as a 5 beating a 4 seed isn't exactly a seismic occurrence

Marcus reply to GoSixers on Mar 23 at 16:55

Maybe your right but what team you think is our best chance of getting out of the first round Bulls, Celtics, Heat or Magic?

I think the sixers won't beat any of those teams in the first round, but the 'best' chance is always against the worst team. The Magic are the worst of the four teams listed which is why they are the four seed.

Court_visioN on Mar 23 at 16:58

Before everyone gets too excited:

Per Kate Fagan's twitter, Iguodala is out tonight. Maybe this knee injury is worse than the Sixers are leading us to believe.

Oh wow. So what chance do people give us now? I'll say... 45%.

As of 2:05 PM Pacific Time Kate Fagans last twitter update was Saturday


ANd yet people are retweeting a twit from fagan that isn't even listed on her account at this moment. Weirdness

Rich reply to GoSixers on Mar 23 at 17:09

Sometimes you have to be signed in on Twitter to read recent stuff. It says the tweet on mine.

AH, didn't know that made that change - ah well.

Notice upon entering Wells Fargo Center: Andre Iguodala is out tonight with right knee tendinitis

Yep...this is awful. really really awful. Same injury that Utley has.

I'm wondering who is starting tonight.

The Nocioni era returns

And a nation weeps

Well, it looks like Turner gets another chance tonight. Much easier spot than the one in Portland, you would think.

Tray reply to Rich on Mar 23 at 17:12

What, the guarding Joe Johnson spot? Then again, I guess that's Meeks's responsibility.

Rich reply to Tray on Mar 23 at 17:16

He is probably much better equipped to defend at this level right now than play offense, especially with the role he has been given. He still fouls too much on that end and is inconsistent though.

Playing Joe Johnson and the Hawks at home with rest after he played last night has to at least be equal to playing well-rested Portland on the road on the back end a back-to-back, no?

The Sixers killed the Hawks last time when they were without Horford. Even with their poor play of late I'm not expecting an easy win. Take away Iguodala and its now a toss-up.

Per Martin Frank-

Nevermind. The Sixers just said Iguodala is playing.

Aint Twitter great?

Tom Moore just said he's going to try to play. I think(hope) he plays.

Probably a case of the Sixers saying we need this game in order to have a shot at the 5 seed. Can rest Iggy at Miami, which was a probable loss anyway.

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