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SixersBeat Episode Tonight - 03/24/11

What do you think about a Jrue/Meeks/Iguodala/Turner rotation (assuming they trade away Lou)? Could that be a long term answer at PG/SG/SF?

It assumes Turner gets groomed as a Ginobili like versatile 6th man who plays a bit of PG and a bunch of wing. Something like:


PG: Jrue(36) / ET (12)
SG: Meeks(34) / ET(14)
SF: Iguodala(38) / ET(10)

All 4 line-ups work:

J/T/I (probably the worst of the combo's)

tk76 reply to tk76 on Mar 24 at 17:28

Typo at the end. One of the combo's would be:

J/M/I- that one gets the most minutes.

Tom Moore on Mar 24 at 17:44

Blog: Sixers on how Heat game will show us where we stand:


Incredibly difficult tivia question:

name the only 2 players in NBA history to hit 180+ 3's at a 45%+ clip for a season.

Hint #1: One is a Sixer.

Hint #2: One averaged 7.5 assists.

Hint #3: One averaged 26.8 pts/game.

More hints forthcoming if no one can get the answer...

Barros and ...

tk76 reply to Brian on Mar 24 at 18:57


Next hint:

Both seasons were during the time Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was on.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Mar 24 at 19:08

And said player was in trades involving these centers:

Patrick Ewing
Zo Mourning
John Amaechie
Matt Geiger
Luc Longley
Matt Geiger
Eldon Campbell
Ho Grant
Luc Longly
Chris Dudley
Greg Foster

and also:
B.J. Armstrong
Eddie Jones
Chuck Person
Muggsy Bogues
Vernon Maxwell

Glen Rice

Yep. I would not have guessed it.

I looked up about 5 people before I got to him.

Ray Allen has a chance to do it this year.

Yeah. Ray Allen is on pace to just make the cut. But it will be close.

good show tonight, keep up the good work

Wanted to send some Imma BOSS love...

Somehow we have to get Collins to use Lou as a scorer and not a PG. Because when compared to the gold standard for "bench scoring guards" he comes out pretty good. I think the gold standard for bench scoring guards is Terry (although he is arguably a starter.) And Jamal Crawford is seen as #2. Well here are the numbers:


Lou has by far the best WS/48.
Basically tied for TS%
The best scoring per minute
The lowest TO rate
The best assist rate
the best rebounding rate
The best FT rate
In the middle in 3pt%
Makes about the same 3pts/min as the other 2

The area he struggles is 2pt jumpers which pulls down his FG% and eFG%... but getting to the line more evens it out when looking at him as a scorer.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Mar 24 at 22:49

Interestingly, Lou's TS% and eFG% are right at the NBA team average, So a Lou shot is basically an average shot for an NBA possession. Which sound not so hot when you consider what bench scoring guards are asked to do. They are asked to carry the load when the teams quality options are resting or when the team is struggling.

Sure Thad or meeks have a better eFG% and TS%. But those guys rely on the team offense to be clicking in order to get their looks. While you can basically throw Lou out there 1 on 5 (which is how he likes it) abnd you get average NBA team offensive production.

Of course the huge caveat is that he dominates the ball. So use him too much or make him your "PG" and everyone else's production suddenly goes down.

So Lou is a double edged sword. Sort of like dessert or beer/wine. Used correctly its the best part of the meal. But try and live off of it 24/7 and you end up fat, full of indigestion and eventually dead.

O.T., have you seen the last two "NBA Block of the nights" by McGee?


I saw the one he took away from Wes Matthews yesterday, hadn't seen the block on Blake though. That was amazing, first he challenged Kaman out past the foul line, then he recovered all the way back to the hoop for that block. I'm telling you, given some coaching he could be unbelievable.

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