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How About a Game Of Chess?

"The beauty of this Sixers season as opposed to the last is that even though I know they should lose, you just never know."


take care of the ball, force the heat into half court offense, attack bibby on offense.

yea this ones gonna be tough with iggy not @ 100% , n plus the fact the game is away @ heats homecourt... not too sure if under these circumstances they can pull it out... although if they give a full 48 mins of effor and playing the good basketball we've seen from them most of the season they can win it, sixers are just a way deeper team COMPARED to the heat

I like everything in this post, except I feel Bosh vs Brand/Young is definitely an advantage on our end. It definitely depends on a few main things, as mentioned above:

1. taking care of the ball
2. how many (bogus) whistles the heat are gonna get and how many of their free throws they can make
3. effort and intensity
4. keeping with the 3-point shooters

If the Sixers can somehow end up causing more turnovers than the Heat and scoring more off turnovers, they can actually win this.

I think it can be close. Not sure if the Sixers can pull off the W though.

Tough, tough game with Iguodala not at 100%. I'm not as interested about the outcome of this game as i am about the way they will play. The Heat play a very similar style to the Sixers in a way: defend and run. Just like the Sixers they prefer to play small if the opponent allows them. The big difference is the Sixers actually run an offense, while the Heat go isolation after isolation. When you think of the way they play, think Sixers when Lou goes into full-blown iso mode (Of course the Heat have Lebron and Wade so they can afford to play that way).

Anyway the key to the game to me is stopping Wade. Iguodala even injured can keep Lebron in check and limit him as much as possible. Wade is different situation though. Jrue has shown in the first two games that he can't defend him. Meeks certainly can't. I'd actually like to see Turner on Wade. I think he has a much better chance. Another key to the game is defending the three. The Heat are basically the big three stars and a bunch of three point shooters. If anyone of them gets hot, the Sixers won't have a chance to win the game.

I disagree that we have a clear advantage in the coaching department, i actually think that Spoelstra is a pretty good coach, but is very limited to what he can do, due to the type of personnel and more importantly personalities.

Hoping for a win, expecting a loss... Hopefully it'll be fun.

deepsixersuede reply to Xsago on Mar 25 at 8:10

I think tonight's game can go a long way in getting Turner back in our coaches good graces, simply by giving great defensive effort on Wade and Lebron; scoring also would be icing on the cake but games like this are when Evan could earn playoff minutes.

I think Coach Collins won't pull out his full game plan if he sees the guys are struggling in the first. H emight just let them play because we might just see Miami in the playoffs...But Coach Collins and this Sixers team has a lot pride so I would not be surprised to see him go their hardest and push the Big Two (and RuPaul).

Story: Meeks making a difference for the Sixers:


Sixers game with Heat could be a playoff preview:


turnovers, transition defense and defensive rebounding. if we can take care of those departments, I like our chances.

Pretty in-depth article (brief nevertheless) detailing Sixers tendencies. Very well put. (I guess I give ESPN too much grief.)


Alvin reply to jkay on Mar 25 at 15:36

thanks for the link.

Reading that totally psyched me up for the game. this guy seems to have watched the Sixers quite a bit.

Playoff tickets go on sale tomorrow at noon.

Here's an interesting angle for tonight's game, would a Sixers win sell more tickets this weekend? I think it's possible. Pretty good chance they play Miami in the first round, if they can take a game in Miami right now, people may be inclined to believe a little bit more.

Where do they go on sale?

It's a presale. You have to sign up on the web site.

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