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Three Trumps Seven

Brian: I think you are over-estimating the Heat's play. No way they win a championship. Zero interior defense or offense. You forgot that we play with a constant handicap; no shot-blocker.

Wade was pretty unbelievable tonight.

Yeah, I mean they aren't both going to be as effective as they were tonight, but it's not really even the results I'm talking about, it's the mindset. I've seen them play so many games where they go for long stretches where Wade and LeBron take turns just dribbling into bad jumpers on the perimeter. They barely did that at all tonight. They were running quick sets, getting the matchup they wanted and attacking it. That's going to be hard for anyone to stop, especially because when you breath on either one of them, they get the call and go to the line.

"It's also going to make me a bit sad if Miami is able to pull out a championship this season, because what does it really say about the league and the sport if a team made up of three players can do that? It kind of kills the idea of teamwork being paramount."

It's not as if the rest of the team doesn't play some defense or help in other ways. Then again, aside from their kind of underrated center rotation, it really is the case that the rest of the team doesn't help in other ways. That said, non-Rose/Deng/Boozer Bulls only score 38 a game, just 6 greater than what non-Big-3 Heat players score, and a whole lot less than what most teams 4th-12th scorers score. To put how low 38 is in perspective, Milwaukee's 4-12 scores 50 a game. So does Cleveland's. And, Miami's 5-12 scores just as much as Chicago's 5-12 - a mere 26 points a game for each. But no one would ever say that a Chicago championship would repudiate the idea of teamwork; on the contrary, if they won everyone would say that it showed a team could triumph over superstars. Why, I don't know; it can't really be because Korver is so much better than James Jones, and C.J. Watson is so much better than Eddie House, and Ronnie Brewer is so much better than Mike Miller, that they're a great team and Miami's just three stars and garbage.

The Bulls get legit contributions from 11 guys, 12 if you count Keith Bogans, which you probably shouldn't. The Heat are literally three guys and then a bunch of complete scrubs who pick up table scraps once in a while.

Plenty of teams lean on their three best players, but that's an entirely different animal from what they're doing in Miami right now. The rest of that roster is shamefully bad.

Rob_STC reply to Brian on Mar 26 at 11:35

I would agree with you the problems of the NBA. It has become so predictable as to who winds up in the finals or winning first round series. Aside from a few upsets over the years like Denver with Dikembe over Seattle when the 1st round was 5 games and GS over Dallas a couple years ago. Unlike the other sports where truly anything can happen this is what frustrates me about the NBA. Can an 8th seed ever go to the finals like the Flyers in hockey ? How many Wild Cards have one the superbowl and in Baseball Marlins in 2003, etc. I am not sure how David Stern is going to fix this problem to have more parity in the league.

tk76 reply to Rob_STC on Mar 26 at 11:56

IMO its a combo of 3 things.

1. Basketball has only 5 starters who play 75% of the game. So having 2 or 3 elite players has a greater impact than in other sports (with the possible exception of a goalie.) This won't change unless they change the game (like making it 60 minutes.)

2. Expansion diluted the talent base, making having 2-3 great players even more key. for a while the infusion of international talent offset this- but that can only help so much.

3. Inherent imbalances caused by players/agents being able to force there way to a few prime locations. Also injuries and stupid GM's can bury a team for 4-5 years with one ill fated move.

Rob_STC reply to tk76 on Mar 26 at 12:03

All grest points. I love Phil Jackson's idea of a league of 24 teams to get the in divisions playing each other 6 times. You are right year after year teams like Minnesota make trades and get worse. This is why I like seeing Denver do better then NYK.

tk76 reply to Rob_STC on Mar 26 at 12:19

Is baseball or hockey really that much better in terms of dominant franchises or balance of power?

I agree that a Cinderella story happens more often in those leagues- but overall they still seem to be a few teams that win every year. And you can argue that the NFL has gone almost too far in the opposite direction with voidable contracts and worst to first stories almost every year.

Those worst to first stories in the NFL are nice cindarella stories, however they have their 'dominant' franchises as well, that year in and year out are at the top, but in a one and done situation, luck plays a bigger factor.

People keep tossing out contraction like it's the solution. It ain't the solution. Again, bad GM's, bad owners, they lead to bad decisions. This weekend will lead to many bad drafting decisions (and next weekend) in the NBA because bad teams and bad GMs are overly impressed by a few games compared to an entire college career.

All this whining and complaining about the heat and their 3 stars and yet no one was whining and complaining when the celtics did it.

Only difference is that the heat did it through player choice and the celtics did it through trade.

So maybe people should just realize players do have rights to play where they want?

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Mar 26 at 12:37

Yes players have rights in FA. But there also are issues of collusion.

In Boston's case it was McHale being willing to make a sweetheart deal for Boston that he would not have made with another team. Teams always take less tp send a start out of their conference- but that deal was excessive IMO.

With Miami it was 3 players deciding at the Olympics in 2008 to join up in Miami. Then Wade tells his owner to clear the deck of all contracts. Then Wade and Lebron put up a show to make it seem like there actually was a possibility the players might choose other destinations.

In Boston's case it was McHale being willing to make a sweetheart deal for Boston that he would not have made with another team.

I heard no fan outrage compared to what went on with miami. Hell when Jerry West gave Pau Gasol to the Lakers, the outrage died down pretty quickly.

It's the double standard I find fascinating. Much less outrage for trading to create a super team.

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Mar 26 at 16:26

I was frustrated in each case. Not sure how "public outrage" is a measure of much. Burt certainly the Gasol trade was another example of a sweetheart deal. And Lebron and Bosh signing for less was another- especially when you consider they were going to an income tax free state.

emtmess reply to tk76 on Mar 27 at 0:18

What about a tier type thing. You have 15 teams in 2 tiers. 1st tier being the top teams 2nd being the lower teams. top 5 teams from the the second tier play the bottom 5 teams from the top tier for spots in the top tier. 2nd tier teams get less money from collective money deals. 1st tier teams only get 2nd round pics, 2nd tier teams get the first 30 picks ( no more than 3 per team if a team trades a pick). 1st tier teams can not recieve any first 30 picks. This would have to be more in depth but I think this might make teams might have no choice but to be run better.

Take a look at the facebook app right below the end of the post above (you have to be logged in to facebook to see it).

Let me know if you think that would work better for live blogs than the current comment system. I'm skeptical.

I wouldn't use it... but what do I know I'm just a dishwasher

tk76 reply to T McL on Mar 26 at 10:21

Neither would I, but because I don't use facebook.

Many will see this as a good thing, but I would stop commenting if you used facebook as the commenting module.

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Mar 26 at 11:34

We should probably change this place to curmugeonfan.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Mar 26 at 11:36

Or maybe Luddite is the more correct term for all of us old, crotchety facebook haters.

Except that I don't qualify as a Luddite. I have a facebook page (which I really only signed up for one reason and barely use). Just despise facebook and the merging of sites like that.

Facebook commenting requires everyone have a facebook account. What if they don't want to have a facebook account but want to comment here?

Facebook also has a questionable history with security and sharing information...

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Mar 26 at 12:02

Yeah, I just have zero comfort with facebook. Obviously I don't have problems commenting on things online. But I do think putting personal information including pictures of yourself, family and friends onto the internet is unwise- regardless of the "appropriateness" of the content.. Their so called privacy is a joke.

I would not want conversations I have with friends and family put into some sort of permanent archive. But that is exactly what facebook is. And already it is common practice for job seekers to have to log onto facebook accounts during interviews.

I'm sure this puts me out of step with 95% of people under 35 (thus the term Luddite), but I'm fine with that...

I would not want conversations I have with friends and family put into some sort of permanent archive. But that is exactly what facebook is.

What type of conversations are you having that you are worried about them being put into an archive?

And already it is common practice for job seekers to have to log onto facebook accounts during interviews.

What type of a lifestyle are you living that you are afraid of showing your facebook page to your future employers?

What type of a lifestyle are you living that you are afraid of showing your facebook page to your future employers?

That's the wrong question to be asking. People have a right to their personal lives and why should it influence whether you are hired.

I was mostly joking. But tbh, i'd much rather work with the person that has a facebook account than no facebook account.

tk76 reply to Jason on Mar 26 at 14:46

Really, I don't care whether someone I work with has a facebook account or not.

You care whether a co-worker has a facebook account?

tk76 reply to Jason on Mar 26 at 14:35

I don't welcome employers into my home to look at family photos or read notes between myself and friends and family.

But that is exactly what most people use Facebook for, and what employers are looking at. But if you chose to make your personal life part of a website then I guess you are fine with that. I just feel bad for people who think what they put online is ever really private.

+1. I'm with you 100%.

Not that I comment all that much, and not that my comments will be missed that much (HAWES!!!), but I would never comment if facebook were the medium. I comment because of the fun anonymity, and using facebook would eliminate that.

Facebook comments would just add to the google trail attached to our names for eternity, and does anyone here really want a prospective employer googling them and seeing all their crazy comment on a sixers blog?

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Mar 26 at 16:04

Please no! I'm with tk on this one...

jkay reply to Brian on Mar 26 at 17:46

Brian: IMO - squash it.
I am an avid facebook user. I communicate with all my friends that way; pics et al. I don't want to use facebook or twitter to comment or put any sort of input on a blog. Blogs are blogs, facebook is facebook. Keep 'em separate.

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 26 at 17:50

I go through periods when I don't go on facebook for months, so I couldn't do that.

Tom Moore on Mar 26 at 10:11

Blog: Collins doesn't like to talk about Sixers possible playoff seed or potential opponent:


Quick survey:

Do you think the Sixers will have an overall winning record from now until the end of the season- which includes playoff games?

Intersting question. My guess is yes. I expect them to go 7-3 for the rest of the regular season (although 6-4 is possible) and lose 2-4 in the playoffs. That's a total of 9-7 (8-8 if they go 6-4 in the rest of the regular season).

But a lot will depend on who they face in the first round as well as when they will clinch their seeding (due to possible starters benching in the last game or two).

Well, I know you want to make it seem like 'the sixers gave their all and got beaten by the better team', and yes they got beat by the better team, but when the defensive rebounding is 61.5%, I'm not going to say, they did all they could, cause they rebounded for garbage. It was atrocious and the sixers are a weak interior team and they won't beat many teams rebounding like they did last night. The playoffs will be short if they rebound like that.

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Mar 26 at 12:33

When you give up penetration on every play your DReb% will suffer. Wade drives, draws a big to help and it leaves the lane empty for O Boards.

does putting Speights and/or Battie out there and saying "stay under the basket, none of this Hawes-ian trying to shoot 3s, just get in the way of LeBron" help solve that problem?

tk76 reply to das411 on Mar 26 at 13:17

The Sixers do not have a big that can bother the likes of Wade or Lebron if you give them a running start. But few teams do. I'm not sure even having Sam would have helped.

but how many contracts can we clear by the time Dwight Howard makes his Decision? :D

Tray reply to GoSixers on Mar 26 at 15:55

I found that a little confusing, particularly the last chart where the candidates were somehow ranked by three factors at once.

eddies' heady's on Mar 26 at 18:19

Last night's game still lingering...thought Meeks did a nice job on Wade in the 1st quarter, I mean, the guy didn't score his first bucket til the 2nd quarter, right? So many were screaming for Doug to take Jodie off of Wade and put Jrue or Turner on him, well, the results ended up the same which was expected. My issue was not with Jodie, or Jrue, or Evan being placed on him to slow him down, it was the lack of rotation of our backline defense whenever Wade broke contain (which was pretty much every time) which exposed our lack of a shot blocker. But shot blocker aside, we just needed someone/anyone to come over and give up a hard foul or at least slow his clear path to the rim for all those layups and dunks. Team defensive principles have to take effect when you're not going to double and try to play one-on-one on the perimeter with two of the best penetrators in the game.

On that note - would have loved to seen Battie get some spot minutes last night to set some fundamental screens and more importantly give some toughness on Wade once he entered the paint. Put him on his back a couple of times and send him to the line.

Thought we seemed to play better when we went big and had Hawes on the court. Although his rebounding left a lot to be desired (it's tough to defensive rebound when you're allowing the defense to be broken down from the perimeter and help has to make an *attempt* at coming over which gets you out of position for the possible board) we seemed to keep a lead when he was on the floor. He had so many open looks, and good ones at that, but he just didn't knock them down.

As good as Wade and James were, still think we gave them that game more than they took it. We turned the ball over and gave them too many runouts in one of the quarters (think it was the second?, which was when we lost the game, to me, in those last 6 minutes when we coughed up the big lead). Looking at the box, every thing from the game was pretty even sans two things - their trips to the line and makes of them, and the huge disparity in boards (but to be expected with their frequent forays to the rim getting our guys out of position).

Just wish we had that third guy off the bench to give us consistent production ala Lou and Thad. It could be so huge. Turner, Noc, or Battie (guess it's def not going to be Speights)? My guess would be Noc could give it mainly because of his spot-up ability from deep; if only his slowness on the other end doesn't give it back.

btw, just go ahead and announce the sitting of Andre tomorrow. We can win that game without him and he could surely use the rest. The playoffs are too important as good as we are looking for a potential first round upset.

to me, Meeks pretty much locked down wade for the 1st quarter and some. Wade's size usually presents a problem for Jrue, less so for the stronger Meeks who handled him well. The Spolestra started running ISOs for Wade at the top of the key, further and further away from the rim which meant Wade could use his quickness to overwhelm the slow Meeks.

I honestly hope DC finds some excuse (inflammation) to sit Iguodala. The Kings??? cmon...

Tray reply to jkay on Mar 26 at 19:49

Does he need an excuse? His knee is a problem and we don't need Iguodala to win.

Brian, guys, two things that worry me a bit:
1) Iguodala playing injured. I don't see any reason or need for this, curious to know your opinions. Sit him out already.
2) Brand's recent struggles, check his #s in March. Given that Hawes is and will remain...Hawes, if Brand starts to fade we will get systematically killed in the paint.
Last night's display of inefficiency under the boards wasn't pretty...

Agree, it's time to sit Iggy all the way the rest of the regular season.

Got my tickets for home playoff game #1 this afternoon.

I got my ticket, did you also have to pay a ridiculous amount in fees?

Yeah, I'm not sure why you have to pay $2.50 to print your tickets at home. Shouldn't that be the free option?

Comcasttix.com or something? I'd like to reserve now also.

Thanks - bought game 3 tickets, thinking of getting game 6 also. How does that work if the Sixers clinch in 5 ;) Refunds I guess?

Good question. Not sure if they roll them over to round two (the third home game of the postseason) or give refunds.

Thanks for the presale link - can't argue with regular season prices for a potential Game 6 in the first round.

Didn't realize that was a 24 hour window for the presale - beers on me before game 3 (playoff game 1 or whatever). Appreciate the assist as i'm not a season ticket holder.

Spencer Flaws on Mar 26 at 20:07

if i was doug, i would go ahead and sit iggy until the playoffs. I would start turner in place of him. This would be an indicator if turner is going to step up and maybe produce come playoff time.

I guess I would just do whatever's necessary to avoid Miami. They probably finish second, so as long as we don't get passed by NYK, we're in good shape.

The Knicks are down 11 in the third, while Atlanta's blowing the Nets out. We seem pretty locked into the sixth seed.

Knicks lose again.

Mike reply to CB on Mar 26 at 21:27

That's a sad sack team right there, the Knicks. Can't even beat the Gerald Wallace-less Bobcats despite a mountain of fourth-quarter help from the refs.

From the box score, it looks like D'Antoni's brilliant solution was to bench Landry Fields. Worked pretty well for them. Gave up 114 points to the friggin' Bobcats.

In their second match-up, Ed Davis again outplays Blake Griffin. Davis had 21 and 11 (had 18 and 11 last night), Griffin had 22 and 16, but Davis took 12 fewer shots, and hassled Griffin into a 9-23 night. Against Dallas, Favors played 19 minutes, made two of his seven shots, and took four fouls. It was his 16th game of the season where he had more fouls than rebounds.

Wait a second, no MVP update tonight?

Rose scored 30 points on 9/17 from the floor and 12/12 from the line. He also had 3 boards and 17 assists to only 2 turnovers.

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 27 at 3:56

One game in which he definitely played like an MVP. But I mean, Rose has a game with a crazy line like that once every month or more; LeBron has them all the time. Howard has them all the time.

Spencer Flaws on Mar 27 at 1:58

well... It looks like we got boston in the first round. The heat have a much easier schedule and are only a 1/2 game back s of now.

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