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Game 73 Thread: PHI vs. SAC

Column: Catching Hawks won't be easy:


That chance unofficially ended with the Milwaukee and Utah losses.

While making up the conference record to win a tiebraker seems impossible - making up the 4 games to win the 5th outright seems more plausible.

deepsixersuede on Mar 27 at 9:35

What would you guys do if you ran the Sacramento organization? Getting a coach the players respect would be the main move for me. Than get the right veteran role players. Resign Sam and put Thornton in a Lou like role off the bench. Cousins and Evans probably, because of their talent level, will be given a chance to succeed.

John, what's the buzz on the west coast about a possible move? Would love your take?

The kings are moving, it's a fait accompli. Even the mayor said so this week. It's also something they should have done a couple years ago.

The mistake is that the Clippers didn't move to Anahiem when they had the chance, they should have.

I'm pro this move because it gives me one more sixers option every year

Qs: if Iguodala doesn't play (and I think it would be a wise decision):
1) what would be your solution for the SF starting spot?
2) who do you think Collins will start?
My As:
1) I'd go with Turner, with Nocioni as his back up
2) I think Nocioni will start
I will watch live today, it doesn't happen ofetn so I am pumped...

if iggy plays, do you think he guards thornton like last time?

Tom Moore on Mar 27 at 11:17

Video: Dalembert on playing against Sixers for first time, dealing with the Kings' losing and his impending free agency:


Id play Iggy today and sit him tomorrow. Tomorrow is on a 2nd day of a back to back against the #1 team in the conference and the #1 home team in the league. You don't like to lay down or give up....but tomorrow is going to be a loss no matter what. And it's not a statement game like a game vs the Heat or Celts would be in gaining confidence for the playoffs.

How will Sammy be received ? Will it be sort of a we don't know what we had until it's gone type of reaction or this guy was a career underachiever booo type of reaction?

WE better cheer him so we have shot to re-sign him this summer.

Hoping the early start for the Kings (9AM PST) negates any early letdown from the Sixers. Beating a team 9 days ago by 20 on the road = letdown at home, at least initially. Having Evans for this one makes it interesting also (prob why the Sixers are only -9).

Good lord this is early. This game should be a win whether Iguodala plays or not. Sacramento stinks and is near the end of a 5 game road trip (is this the fifth game?)

The 76 employees were "showing their luv" when Sammy was walking through the tunnel. lol

Iguodala is starting. Usual starters.

Sammy vs. Hawes for the tip, and Hawes wins it! We're off.

That was back court on Udrih, Jrue never touched it.

EB to the line.

Wow, 2 fouls in 1:09 for Cousins.

2 quick ones on cousins

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 12:13

Well damn Andre, go get you one will ya?!

Cousins completely smoked off the dribble by Hawes.

Cousins has 2 fouls in 69 seconds of action. At least he hasn't turned the ball over.

at him hawes, not away ffs.

Cousins building a house. Love it.

Of course Beno is having a career game.

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 12:18

At least our guys don't look sluggish early with the morning start.

Hawes and Cousins getting pretty physical with each other....won't be shocked to see a T soon if Cousins doesn't come out.

Iggy has had 3 jump passes today.

What the hell? Terrible call.

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 12:23

What the heck was that call? Dre got bullied by our own guy EB.

I'm working on back-to-back fantasy championships in my keeper league and Jodie has just been money filling in at SG and UT to make up games the last month or so.

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 12:24

Doesn't Jrue seem to have morphed into this score first pg over pass first?

I like it, this isn't an offense designed for a pass first pg lul.

eddies' heady's reply to Jason on Mar 27 at 12:28

Yeah, wasn't saying I dislike it, was just wondering if it was more by design. It just appears he's always looking for his shot first lately.

Eh, not really. Seems like there are stretches where he's a scorer, stretches where he's running the show. Usually first Q he's shooting, third Q he's distributing.

It'd be nice if he could buy a foul call when he's in the paint.

Turner first off bench.

Lou/Turner/Nocioni on the perimeter.

Wow, Nocioni w/ a brick from 14.

Turner got lucky there. Lost Thornton for a corner three.

Tom Moore on Mar 27 at 12:33

Dalembert a little lost in first road game against Sixers:


Not sure Noc covering Tyreke is wise.

PHI 27, SAC 18 after one.

Decent first quarter. Reserves got a little sloppy on the defensive end, fouled too much. I'll take it, though. Team seems focused for the early start, which is a good sign. I actually wouldn't be surprised if they wound up w/ an early start or two in the playoffs.

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 12:35

Good quarter, bench has to keep the lead around double digits to get our main guys plenty of rest in this game, esp Iguodala. No reason they shouldn't, they have no one that can stay in front of Lou or handle Thad on drives from the free throw line area.

Decent first quarter. Jeep it up and get some rest for the key guys.

poor hip hop, such a dead birthday for thee coolest mascot in the NBA, hopefully if evan turner starts tearing it up next season are crowds will be bigger & more hype

Man, they're getting to the line every time they go to the hoop.

Hip Hop might be the creepiest mascot in the NBA. He's like the rabbit from Donnie Darko

We haven't scored for awhile now. We should have 40 already.

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 12:40

Good pass Lou, Thad for and-1

Nice work, Thad. Hit the freebie.

We're settling for way too many jumpers.

Ugh, he missed it.

Nice shot, Cousins.

Nice catch, Cousins. I love this guy.

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 12:42

Lou mixing it up with the big boys and getting the board.

Another nice pass on break, ugh Thad blows it.

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 12:43

Would have liked to seen some of these hard fouls by Battie vs MIA other night.

Look at Hawes!

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 12:44

Spencaaaaaa!!! Lol #showyaluv lol

Nice offensive foul, Cousins. Sickness.

TS reply to Brian on Mar 27 at 12:45

I would love a youtube vid of all of Cousins' awful plays this year accompanied by circus music. I feel this would be super entertaining.

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 12:44

Hawes posterizing Cousins. heh Pure comedy

Man, Cousins is clueless out there. He looks like he has zero knowledge of what he needs to do... He goes by on talent and athleticism alone, but that won't be enough.

Did Cousins get the tech?

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 12:46

Cousins w/ the tech! ha

Theresssss that Cousins T I was waiting for.

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 12:48

Hawes! abusing Sammy D....


Beno turned it over, but that should've been a layup. Jrue sent him right to help, but Hawes just never moved an inch.

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 12:50

Garcia just giving Andre the baseline there, Dre reluctant to take it. ugh damn knee....

Maybe it's bothering him mentally, but he doesn't have that hitch in his stride he did in the first game back. Looks to me like he's not favoring it as much.

AI9 w/ the dunk follow.

He looks better on that knee to me today.

Hawes abusing Dalambert who would've guessed. He's got 7 and 9 with 6min to go in the second quarter...

Terrible possession out of the TO. Jodie was supposed to get the ball off that baseline screen, but he fell down.

looked like elton's screen knocked him down

spencer with the assist!!!

Hawes draws the charge!

He's POTG if the game ends right now.

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 12:58

Hawes with the beat him to the spot charge taken!

I guess big Spencer like the early starts :). He's all over the place in the first half.

Tray reply to Xsago on Mar 27 at 13:09

It's revenge for them trading him out of that California weather.

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 13:02

Agree Andre looks better today, but he still is shooting jumpers off one leg as it looked on that last 19 footer.

Man, this game should not be this close.

Ugh. Terrible pass by Lou leads to a layup on the other end.

Bench has been terrible.

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 13:06

Terrible pass Lou.

They've cut it to five. This game has this eerie feel that we're letting them hang around and they may eventually take the lead type of game.

Lou Williams playing for Sacto?

This is pathetic. I hope Doug really lays into them at half.

So far we've got Bad Lou.

I think we will take it to them in the 3rd quarter.

...so who told Mirakovitz to wear the Kings' colors today??

PHI 49, SAC 44 at the half.

Pretty bad second quarter. The bench has done absolutely nothing to this point. At this rate, it's going to take 40 minutes from AI9, Brand and probably Spence just to get the win. Not exactly what I was hoping for w/ Chicago looming tomorrow night. But get the win, that's the important thing.

Alvin reply to Brian on Mar 27 at 13:23

Yea I'll take any win to be honest. Not expecting a W tomorrow anyway. Gotta step it up, it is just too close right now, gotta build the lead back up before the inevitable run.

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 13:25

Jrue was lazy as hell going after that ball.

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 13:26

aannnd Doug pulls Jrue and Jodie for ET and Lou.

Meeks is back along with Jrue now.

Musical chairs to start the third quarter.

Lazy play, Collins pulls Jrue and Jodie. 30 seconds later, puts both of them back in.

One-point game. Please get a hoop here and settle down. Don't let them get over the hump.

Was Jrue trying to dunk that Sac miss?

Iguodala and Hawes are the only guys who are even awake out there.

Jodie three.

Cousins turnover.

Jure had Jodie wide open that entire possession. Ugly shit.

TS reply to TS on Mar 27 at 13:31

But he made up for it with that one.

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 13:31

Spencer w/ a great screen hiding Jodie in the corner for a 3!

I guess a single guy CAN screw up a whole team. Yes i am talking about Lou Williams.

can iggy make a free throw?

Man oh man, Spencah is the guy keeping this team ahead...kind of a scary thought, isn't it?

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 13:46

Spencer to the line. 4 on DeMarcus

The 4 on Cousins isn't good news for the Sixers.

Turnover Cousins, Iguodala gives it right back.

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 13:48

Terrible pass by Jrue, just forced it.

Dre block!

Come on, get it together.

Fuck, just terrible offense and Thornton has been on fire since they moved Iguodala off him.

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 13:49

ugh Turner going under screen for Thornton. he has 19 this quarter.

Dre stems the tide w/ a J!

PHI 71, SAC 74 after three.

We're 12 minutes away from a disaster if they don't wake up.

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 13:51

Lackadaisical quarter. Just piss-poor, shoddy defense. Turner's getting too many minutes, just play big w/ Thad at the three if he's going to keep SH and EB out there.

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 13:54

Fuck, turvover. and runout and we foul

This game has to end up like the ATL game last Wed. right? I mean, we played like shit the whole game and then turned it on in the fourth.

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 13:56

Dammit ET, get his ass out of there.....

Terrible turnover, ET. This is slipping away.

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 13:57

Come on, show some emotion! D up!

EB charge.

Good job, EB.

Who is Collins pissed at? Guess he was saying he wanted a foul called on Thad's blocked shot.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Mar 27 at 13:58

was wondering the same thing, looked like a clean block to me

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 13:58

Meeks w/ the runner and foul! Let's go

Good job, Jodie. Hit the freebie.


eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 13:59

How is that a shooting foul? he never made the motion....

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 14:00

Dammit, ET w/ a not so good pass. Too low.

Eh, thad should've caught that. He let another one from Jrue go right off his hands too.

29-9 advantage for the Kings' bench. Don't see numbers like that very often.

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 14:02

If this is Doug's tryout for Turner to see how he will do in the playoffs, it equals fail. He's just giving the kid minutes in this one, cause his play hasn't earned 'em.

It's more out of necessity than charity. Lou and Nocioni have both been terrible. Iguodala is hurt.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Mar 27 at 14:05

eh, don't see how you can say Noc was terrible, he was only on the court for a whole 2 minutes.

Two fouls and a brick in 2 minutes is pretty terrible.

Yet when turner plays two minutes you say he's terrible .

eddies' heady's reply to Steve v on Mar 27 at 15:29

ha, well he played 19 today and still was terrible. So, 2 or 19 the guy is consistently terrible. He makes no impact on the floor against other teams' backups. Just pitiful.

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 14:03

Within 2, D the eff up!

Jrue and-one. Hit it, please.

blown bunny by Thad, Dalembert drops a dunk on the other end. Caught a break.

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 14:06

Damn Thad blows the bunny.

Sammy with his butter finger hands. turnover.

And another blown bunny. Come on.

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 14:07

Thad blows another one. Jrue didn't run that break well.

Turnover! Let's go. Jrue w' the lefty! Up one, don't look back now.

Good job, Jrue.

thad is really off

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 14:09

Evans hits a damn three and Sammy gets a roll. Down 4 just like that. ugh ugh ugh

Lou + Thad = 2/18 today.

Sorry, 2/19.

Thad is the king of blown bunnies. So frustrating.

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 14:11

Lou's settled too much today for jumpers. He should have been told to attack relentlessly today.

My god,

Lou 0-8
Thad 2-11
Brand 2 boards

Horrible horrible play for all 3 in the same game.

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 14:12

Jrue J! Get. a. stop.

Good D. Get a hoop now.

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 14:13

Jrue gets to the line. Make em kid.

Alright. Another stop here.

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 14:15

Jrue gets fouled on a jumper. make these and we're up two and never looking back this time?

Jrue is a better lou than lou.

well put

Court_visioN on Mar 27 at 14:17

with iguodala hurting he should not be leading the team in minutes. but the backups (Turner: 5 pts, 1 reb, 1 ast, 2 TOs, -7 in 20 minutes, Nocioni: 0 pts, -6 in 2 minutes) aren't getting the job done

Atta boy, Jrue.

Turnover Cousins, I believe. If Iguodala wins the jump.

Garcia went down like he was assaulted by a workout ball.

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 14:20

Why reset the shot clock there?

Aw, bullshit, why do you jump ball again? We got the damn ball.

Doesn't matter we got it anyway

JRUE THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

er, TWO!!!!!!!!

err, THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is ridiculous.

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 14:21

They need to look at the Jrue possible 3. One ref signaled it.

That looked like a three to me.

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 14:24

Yes, it's a 3! Good call too.

Jrue decided to show up this quarter, that's for sure. That's the Jrue we saw when Andre was out earlier w/ the injury this year.

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 14:25

WHy give it to Andre for a damn iso only up 3 w/ a min left? Jrue has been dominating.

F me! Thornton three after Dre's brick. Dammit DOug!


Please give the ball to Jrue on this possession.

yo yo , whats up with the horrible last possession , its iggy not iverson

Play to win the fucking game! This iso shit has to go.

yeah jrue needs to have the ball

Why didn't they go back to Jrue? Iguodala got to the hoop, but come the fuck on.

He has no touch on drives like that. I'll never understand the constant Iguodala iso's at end of games/quarters.

Not sure if it's optimal to run the clock down when up 3 with 70 seconds left resulting in a fall away 20 footer.....

iggy got fouled on that play

eddies' heady's reply to Marcus on Mar 27 at 14:29

huh? no one touched him

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 14:28

Dammit, Andre for a drive? He's terrible at finishing around traffic and/or contact. SHittttttttttttttt

bad time out by kings coach

was that basically a 2 for 1 to guarantee the kings don't get the last shot?

Jesus, just get this fucking stop.

C'mon man

Game over.

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 14:30

We had a foul to give. Why not give it on the perimeter? Not when he's at the rim shooting.

Well, I guess Collins will go to Iguodala for the third consecutive time here.

Jrue has scored the last 11 for them. I'll never understand why they went away from him. Never.

im depressed now..

Let jrue take it into overtime

Please hit these

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 14:32

Not Andre please. Well, he got it anyway and got fouled.

BUt he's sucked at the line today.

Back to Iguodala, this time he gets fouled.

Gotta hit both. Come on.

god not iggy, please hes been off with his ft all game, hopefully he comes clutch here

odds iggy makes both? 5:1?

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 14:33

And you didn't have to guess - Ander clanks the second free throw. sheeshhhhhhhhhhhh

Damn man

It's going to be Kings ball.


Brian have some faith lol

This is getting overturned.

Please give the foul quickly. I guess they try to get Meeks a three to tie it, but probably wind up settling for either a Lou or Iguodala contested three.

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 14:36

Why the hell do you go away from your hot hand, Doug? Really.....the kid brought you all the way back AND got you a little lead, but Andre's the preferred choice on 1 1/2 legs?

at least he didn't go to lou

eddies' heady's reply to Jason on Mar 27 at 14:39

Actually I'd rather it have been Lou.

Speaking of the devil - LOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! Yes

No timeouts for the Sixers, did I just hear that? Keep that in mind, Doug.

This sucks.

How the fuck is Lou 20 yards away from the slowest guy on the court. Fuck em.

FUCK YES LOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Alright Lou. All hate gone for at least a week.

MARC ZUMOFFFFF: lou williams, can he get the tie?? YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Sweet Lou!!!!!!!!

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 14:40

IMMA BOSS BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL



lmao, u hate it, but u cant help but love em, lou willz baby, i know aint these two players were in 2 complete dif categories , but Jordan had the shrug, LOU Willz has the mean mug! did u see his facial expression after the clutch shot??? BOSSS!

DAMN was that a good time for Lou to shut up the haters for a while!!

Great replay shot of the look on his face after knocking that down too...

...and aside from that last out of bounds call on AI9, is this the one game this season where calls have actually kinda gone our way?

Wow. Biggest part of that play was Hawes passing on giving it back to Iguodala on the other side of the floor and giving it to Lou instead. Wow.

PHI 100, SAC 100 end of regulation.

Come on. Just put this shit away.

If we win Lou Williams our player of the game

Did Hawes look off Iggy? Lou bailed Iggy out big time?

Hawes loses the tip. Cousins w/ the and-one on the first play of OT.


we need Lou in the game

Awesome. We always give up three on the first OT play.

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 14:43

Jrue picking up where he left off after getting shut out

Damn 3 from Donte Greene.

...sure would be nice if they'd play defense in the OT though

Can they call the kick off the replay?

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 14:46

Stop settling for jumpers. Attack Jrue. That was too early in the clock.

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 14:47

And again Jrue, settling for a contested J. Shit

Dre runout from Jrue! Get a stop please.

Fucking jumpers.

Alright, get another stop.

JODIE THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1



eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 14:47

EB block!


Win this MF'er!!!!!!!!!!

lmfao WHOOT, JODIE hit that 3 i just jumped up both arms in the air yelling, in a room by myself on the computer watching a live stream lol


Play some D and end this thing already.

Fuck me. Had the turnover, turns into a three.

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 14:50

F me! Near steal and good bounce for them for a Udrih 3!

Hawes 3? WTF!!

Hawes three? Are you fucking serious?

kay now i give up,

hawes 3 attempt in OT is inexcusable


WOW Spence Hawes for three we can do better than that

well just because it is awesome, check out the LouWill face after hitting the big three, wouldn't mind seeing this again soon: http://twitpic.com/4e0ie9

tk76 reply to das411 on Mar 27 at 15:15


Get a good look here, please.

We deserve to lose this. This is ridiculous.

This is quite possibly the worst game we could have going into a back to back against the Bulls.

Gonna have to foul now. Just get the hoop.

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 14:54

Meeks = clutch

Took 'em long enough to give the foul. Have to do it again now.

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 14:56

Good ass defense, 5 sec call. Please no DRE PLEASE

5 SECONDS!!!!!!!!!

Come on, get this fucking hoop.

TK76 is screaming "TAKE A THREE!" Somewhere near Chicago.

Bad teams just try to give away games and that is what's happening here we have to take advantage.

Please go to Meeks or Jrue here.

kay now i give up for real

Well that was a waste. 1/11 for Lou.

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 14:58

Use the glass Lou. come on

They forgot that Lou has sucked all game besides the improbable 3 at the buzzer.

Delay of game?

Iced by Sammy D. Perfect ending.

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 15:01

In an attempt not to get ticked off at this game, it may end up having little to no meaning as long as we stay in the 6th spot with the way the Knicks are playing. Just a big picture thought.

5th seed was lost before, 6th seed would be tough to blow. Probably right. It has more to do with my blood pressure than our seeding.

eddies' heady's reply to Derek Bodner on Mar 27 at 15:04

yeah, your blood pressure isn't the only one. But if we can lock up 6th then this game will be moot just like the CHI and MIL games earlier this year.

Jesus Christ. Can't believe they wasted that five-second call. Go for the quick three here. Make it, keep fouling, miss it, fuck it.

1/12 for Lou. Never going to get a better look than that. Fuck me.

Jrue's your player of the game, and if Collins hadn't frozen him out in the last two minutes, he would've won this game for us. God damnit.

Collins has cost them a whole lot of games this year. Friday, we probably would have won if Turner had played 25 minutes instead of 8. Nocioni gave LeBron a free 6 points, and then worse, Collins put Meeks on Wade for the 17-2 run and didn't change it. Today, we probably would have won if Holiday going 7 for 7 didn't somehow still end up with Iggy taking 3 straight shots at the end. And maybe we would've won in OT if Meeks, on fire in OT, hadn't been shut out for the LouWill show.

Collins is a great motivator, great teacher, but from what I can tell, a rather poor in-game coach.

Rob_STC reply to Brian on Mar 27 at 15:46

I am so tired of the PREVENT OFFENSE when the Sixers have the lead. Jrue was torching them and they get up by 5 and he goes to the same Bullshit offense. Makes no sense to me.

Poor rebounding, poor free throw shooting, loss to a team you shouldn't lose to.

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 15:03

And Andre would have to make a near meaningless three, wouldn't you know it....

Fuck. Looks like we'll be plummeting back down to .500.

johnrosz on Mar 27 at 15:06

Lou Will is a boss.

Iguodala surprisingly still unclutch with 1 leg as opposed to 2.

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 15:10

Hope someone asks Doug in the presser why he froze Jrue out after he had scored 11 straight, for a Dre iso only up 3 with around 1:10 left. And also why he went to him like three straight possessions after that? Jrue was in rhythm, though he heat-checked himself a couple of times in that overtime with ill-advised perimeter jumpers.

johnrosz reply to eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 15:15

media likes Doug too much to ask him an actual question. you know this...

Don't look at me, I'm not at this game.

I've gotten Doug irritated in a post game presser before, though.

Jodie and Jrue needed to be the ones taking the shots in the OT.

Not Iguodala and Hawes.

The OT Sixers remind me of the 3-13 Sixers.

johnrosz reply to tk76 on Mar 27 at 15:20

that corner 3 was something special. In my opinion, Dre's decision making in OT isn't top notch. So bizarre to see his game just totally shrink on that end of the floor as soon as they get inside 2 minutes

tk76 reply to johnrosz on Mar 27 at 15:26

It might be harsh, but the only time I like to see Iguodala try and score and isolate is on the break. And since "clutch time" usually is mostly half court, I don't like Iguodala controlling the ball. To many bad outcomes like missed jumper, missed drive, missed FT's (and Hawes 3 pt jumper :)

Iguodala does not have good touch with the ball compare to his teammates, so in tight situations he rarely gets the roll on drives, FT's and jumpers.

But again, maybe I'm being unfair.

sixers havent had a 3 game losing streak since the 3-13 start, looks like that might come to an end, at the bulls tmrw

Turner invisible again. Certainly did not cost them the game (but was by far the team worst -11.) Just wondering does anyone think he will step up and be an impact player at ant point in these last few weeks and playoffs? Not that Collins will even give him the chance, but tonight another invisible 20 minutes.

So basically this season has been a waste as far as ET is concerned? Because a a few months ago I really thought he would be starting to put it all together and be strong down the stretch... I guess we won't see any kind of positive impact from him until next year at earliest.

eddies' heady's reply to tk76 on Mar 27 at 15:34

Trade him already. He's dead weight and that's putting it mildly. Dude can't even show up vs the friggin' Kings, that says enough right there.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Mar 27 at 15:42

ET per 36 min:

11/6/3 on bad percentages
42% FG%
42% eFG%
47.5% TS%

Of all 255 NBA player who play 15+min/g and 40 games player:

Turner ranks #247 of 255 in eFG%... right their with Cousins, Wall and Arenas

Turner ranks #243 of 255 for TS%, along with Ariza, Brewer and Ariza.

Basically there are only a handful of regulars who put up those lousy percentages: Tunrer, Arenas, Brewer, Outlaw and Ariza.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Mar 27 at 15:44

Sorry, typo. His eFG% is 43%. But the stats/rankings (bottom 15 in the NBA) are correct.

Don't worry, the Sixers at some point next year will put him in deal for Bargnani.

MichaelT reply to tk76 on Mar 27 at 15:49

Do me a favor if you can - look up games in which Turner gets at least 10 shots off. Then tell me what his collective stats are in those 15 or 20 games.

18 games. 13.3 points on 45.3% from the field, 31 mpg. 6 rebounds, 2.7 assists, 1.4 turnovers. The team's 7-11 in those games.

That's not really representative of much, though. That data has a lot of noise. Turner will typically get those amount of shots:
1) When he's playing well. Turner playing well = Turner getting more minutes = Turner getting more shots. So what you're saying is, when Turner plays well, he plays well. That's great. That's not proving that if he played more, he'd play well with more frequently, though.
2) When a game's out of reach, and he's playing against backups. Which doesn't prove his productivity if he put up that amount of shots against regulars in close games.


MichaelT reply to Derek Bodner on Mar 27 at 16:09

What I'm saying is, his shooting percentages are slightly better when he gets more shots up. That's really all I was implying. He averaged 14 or 15 shots a game in college, and now people are expecting him to come in and shoot 4 for 6 every game.

I know what you were saying. What I was saying is that it's not all that relevant.

MichaelT reply to Derek Bodner on Mar 27 at 16:25

Well we'll have to disagree on that. I'm not saying that small sample size of games proves anything, but I really couldn't give a shit what his EFG% is on the season when he doesn't shoot very often. In my opinion, he's going to shoot a higher percentage when he starts getting aggressive and taking more shots.

tk76 reply to MichaelT on Mar 27 at 16:19

That probably is true. His comfort level is obviously tons higher when he gets to dominate the ball. And confident players generally shoot better.

But is he talented enough to warrant dominating the ball. And if he eventually will be, how willing are we and Collins to deal with growing pains?

MichaelT reply to tk76 on Mar 27 at 16:27

Right now he's not good enough to warrant that kind of playing time or role on offense. I think he will be down the road though.

eddies' heady's reply to MichaelT on Mar 27 at 16:29

Actually, I don't expect him to shoot anything, I do expect him to impact the game in just the most minimal of ways, which he just doesn't do, and it's versus backups.

The numbers aren't relevant but look at the teams we played when he got those few games you asked for and the game situations of each.

This guy is 22 now, he isn't getting any taller, probably not faster, surely not quicker, definitely not any younger and there's talk of a re-worked shot. We're either gonna spend a hell of a whole lot of time grooming him to be something he probably shouldn't be, or we're gonna cut bait and pick up your losses and just move on. This is a time when you can invoke the old saying, 'the sooner, the better'.

eddies' heady's reply to tk76 on Mar 27 at 16:34

This post screams - "I'm worse than Willie Green?!"

MichaelT reply to tk76 on Mar 27 at 15:47

Lou had a better +/- so that just shows you how meaningless that stat was tonight (on an individual basis). I'm pretty sure Lou and Thad played worse than Turner did tonight.

Turner has no role on this team. Despite what Sir Eddie of Douche says about him, he can play. However he's not good enough to just be thrown into any situation and succeed. He needs to be in with the right rotation and he needs to be put into a position where he can be effective. Their approach with him all season has been square peg, round hole.

eddies' heady's reply to MichaelT on Mar 27 at 15:58

I tried to tell you guys that he was a backup point guard. Round peg meet round hole?.

..and now you're agreeing? Does that make you a Sir Douche follower?

MichaelT reply to eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 16:03

I'm not agreeing with anything you said, jerk off. I'm saying he isn't suited for this team the way it is constructed, or the way he is utilized.

eddies' heady's reply to MichaelT on Mar 27 at 16:14

Well, duh...welcome to the party...

MichaelT reply to eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 16:28

Thanks, glad to be here

No. I don't expect any meaningful contributions for the rest of the season.

eddies' heady's reply to Derek Bodner on Mar 27 at 16:18

You're a tough cookie at times, but level-headed very much too. And that is said with sincerity.

Of course Thad and Lou combined to shoot 3-23. Hit some shots and its all moot at least this game.

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