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An Unacceptable Loss

Poor rebounding.
Poor free throw shooting.
Poor bench play
Too Many threes

Yeah, they sure on reliant on their bench- and today Lou and Thad could not buy a basket. They won't win when those two combine for 3-23, no matter who they play. Although the Kings were bad enough that the Sixers had their chances.

As for Jrue and his recurring disappearances down the stretch- I'm hoping that is a distant memory as he matures into to this teams best player. The only thing worse than seeing Jrue marginalized, is seeing Iguodala in those same beiting thrust into a role where he is bound to fail.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Mar 27 at 16:26

Also, don't overlook:

Sac 58
Phl 36
Sam with 19

johnrosz reply to tk76 on Mar 27 at 18:52

elton with 3

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 16:39

If Andre had made just one more free throw. One.

Or if they had grabbed one more rebound on the defensive glass, or if Spencer Hawes didn't take a three and passed it to someone with a better chance to make a shot, or if Lou didn't shoot for crap or if Thad made one of those layups he inexplicably missed.

Well, one constant this season, seemingly more than ever, has been really good teams losing to teams they shouldn't. If the Heat or Lakers can occasionally drop a game to a really lousy team, I think we can do it without arousing fears that we're really just an okay squad, or that we're about to crumble in the first round.

eddies' heady's reply to Tray on Mar 27 at 17:41

If you look back at our last two craptastic losses, if today is even considered one, they both came after highly emotional, mentally and physically draining games. The Milwaukee slopfest after the triumph over the Celtics, and today after the all-out effort versus Miami. That's not such a bad sign when you consider the circumstances - games both at end of long year, potential playoff opponents, and elite-tier teams, not to mention one's a rival. That's not unlike a young team, whose youth is at crucial positions.

Tom Moore on Mar 27 at 17:22

Video: Brand after the Sixers lost in overtime to the lottery-bound Kings:


Definitely wished Lou missed that shot. All it did was re-affirm the "Lou should always keep shooting even if he's having a terrible night" mantra that kills us.

Apparently Doug C. was asked after the game why he went to Iggy at the end with Jrue so hot, and his answer was basically that Iggy will have the ball in his hands, regardless of anything else.

Can't imagine a dumber way to coach the end of the game. More and more I lean to the "Collins is OK, but he's way overrated simply because he followed Eddie Jordan" camp.

Can't imagine a dumber way to coach the end of the game.

Every team pretty much does it though.

Well most teams don't use a guy who is 3 for 50 (or whatever, but it sure seems like it) on end-of-game isolations.

"Can't imagine a dumber way": great point

I wish Statman updates his research about Iguodala's (un)clutchness, in Utah he was 0/2 in the final minute and 0/2 in OT, today 0/2 and 1/2 from the line in the final minute of reg.

People give Lou a lot of crap (most of the times deservingly) but Iguodala's constant shortcomings down the stretch are easy forgotten. Is it because we expect that he always misses? Maybe (I'm serious).

But it comes to coaching also, you are 100% right. Jrue should have taken at least one of those two shots, Meeks had the hot hand all night also, why not draw a play for him ??

I wish basketball coaches and fans would stop throwing around the word clutch without understanding who is and isn't clutch (kobe isn't for instance) and that coaches would stop this nonsense at end of games.

It's like the prevent defense in football, it's asinine but it's the 'common wisdom' and coaches are too afraid for their jobs to try anything else (scorecasting)

Prevent defense in football is a good analogy.

However, I think you let Collins off the hook a little too easily when you say, well every coach does it. It's one thing to let Carmelo Anthony or Dirk Novitzki take the last shot on an iso every game. It's another to let Iggy do it. It's not equivalent imo.

It's the same 'give it to your best player' even if he's not the best option.

I despise lou - but he's your best iso option IF THATS what you're calling.

Personally, I'd set up looks to get meeks open - or maybe go with the hot hand (which is kind of a over used myth too).

THe sixers should design a play to get open looks for people from their best spots, even if it's brand.

GoSixers, I can't fully understand your football comparison, sorry, but I think I got the point

You can change the word clutch, bottom line is

1) I think NO ONE here is confident that we will score when Iguodala has the ball in the last possessions of a game, let alone when he's shooting FTs.
2) in the same situations, seems we can't run any plays that aren't 1-vs-1 for Iguodala or 'clear out' for LW, also at the end of the quarters I mean.

Unfortunately you don't find many Pavlovics to score on in this League.

(I blame Collins just as much as the players, in case someone didn't get it yet)

Yeah I'm with you. We have a balanced offense, we always rave about how we often have 5-7 guys in double figures. That's another reason we are different than other teams, which isolate end-of-quarter cuz they generally rely most of the game on one particular guy.

We aren't that kind of team. And our two chose ones (Iggy and LouWill) have to be two of the worst iso end-of-quarter players in the league. So imo Doug C. does not get to use the "everybody does it" excuse, because from what I can tell, no teams (or very few teams) are worse at it, or less meant for it, than we are.

jkay reply to stoned81 on Mar 27 at 20:44

For all Jrue's strengths, I'm not sure he's any better than Lou or Iggy in that situation. Both are quicker than he with the dribble, Iggy has the height advantage enabling him to always get an open look, Lou has the good shooting touch which always gives us a chance. I would have no qualms with any of the 3 IF WE WOULD AT LEAST SET A DAMN SCREEN TO START THE PLAY.

I questions Lou's 41% "good shooting touch," but beyond that, I don't get for the life of me while one or two of the final three possessions can't regularly go to Brand and/or Thad, you know, the guys on our team who shoot over 50%.

While most teams do an iso play on the final possession to tie or win, I think we're one of the only teams that just completely stops going down low in the final 2 minutes.

Can't go to Young unless the plan creates and open look to the lane. I don't want him shooting from distance any more than I want Hawes taking a 3 (wtf - someone PLEASE junk punch him)

Well I was implying Thad near the basket. We should run players under 2 minutes like we run plays all game. I don't get why we can't call any plays down low, either for Brand or Thad, in the final few possessions. Our offense shouldn't completely change just because the clock number is low.

And I get that almost every team runs an iso for their final play, but I feel like we're one of the only teams that runs an iso for our final THREE plays. That's where Doug truly makes me ill.

One other thing. People may think I'm crazy, but when we were winning in February and early March, Turner and Speights were getting pretty good minutes.

They both got benched, and we've since been losing. There are other reasons (tougher schedule being a major one, though today's game certainly doesn't fit), but the drop in rebounding directly relates to those two guys not getting on the floor. And I think we miss Turner's defense and ball control a lot.

eddies' heady's reply to stoned81 on Mar 27 at 23:17

Did you mean for that to be as funny as it truly was?

Rebounding is mostly about effort and want-to. If you want to do it, you can. Brand is kind of up there in age planing off at the end of a long grueling season. Hawes is a borderline stiff with limited hops. And your third frontcourt guy is hobbled playing on almost one leg.

So if we miss Turner's defense and rebounding, what did he give us that was so meaningful on defense or on the glass today? How special was his ball control? I mean, the guy played nearly twenty minutes and you wouldn't have even known he was on the floor if you didn't look at the box. But, we miss this particular player? And that's why we're losing? Really?

just realized Jrue scored 16 in the 4th (!), and Meeks was 6/9 in reg.

But no, let's go with the one-legged, unclutch, 70% FT shooter, "regardless"...

Plus One, that dude is def. not clutch. 2 bricks and 1-2 free throws on the last 3 possesions before Lou's shot. Pathetic way to end a game, he should be called the door opener.

Tom Moore on Mar 27 at 19:26

Sixers suffer disheartening home loss to Kings:


Check this out (Iguodala currently on page two). It's kind of cool

Tray reply to GoSixers on Mar 27 at 21:15

I don't know, he makes Iguodala look like a dark, tortured guy, rather than the completely bland, uncharismatic personality he is. He also makes him look just like Rudy Gay. Most of the players on the first page look just like Juwan Howard to me.

I could guess most of them without looking at the names. IMO, that's pretty good stuff.

In Tray's Completely One-Sided MVP Watch, LeBron had 33, 10 and 7. This is meaningless, however, because he plays with other really good players, and because he has games like that so often that, paradoxically, they're way less impressive than Rose's rare 30/10 outings.

30/17 outings, you mean.

Cousins is a stud, btw.

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 27 at 23:14

Yeah, he's had one of those. He's had six games all year with 30 points and 10 assists or rebounds. I was surprised to see that LeBron's only had 10, considering that he averages 26/7/7.

Cousins was awful, although he helped them in the overtime.

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 27 at 23:25

And speaking of 30/17 games, Monta just had a 37/7/13. MVP! MVP!

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 23:41

You know what's really the kicker in all this hotly debated Turner back and forth all year? The comparisons and arguments have been reduced to whether he should get bit role player minutes over Andres Nocioni. Andres friggin' Nocioni?!!

That is what we've come to with our #2 draft pick? Seriously, Andres Nocioni...or.....Evan Turner? That speaks loud volumes right there.

Remember all the thoughts here about Nocioni before and when it was announced he was coming? The not-so-favorable opinions? Turner is now basically in the same breath.

that's just sad..........

Well, I think Turner's the clear-cut choice over Nocioni; he's a much better defender, rebounder, and a pretty reliable ball-handler. Sometimes he hustles in a positive way, and at times his passing helps the team. In transition, he can score. On the other side of the equation, Nocioni can make a three. So I don't see it as such a close call. However, there's no denying that he's way less useful than our first 8 or 9 players (I think Speights, if you actually use him, is more of a help than Turner), and that is pretty sad.

eddies' heady's reply to Tray on Mar 28 at 9:17

Yeah, I agree, but just talking about this guy even sinking to Speights or Nocioni levels brings even more sorrow.

Oh well, Derrick Favors doesn't play any real role for Utah and he was still valued enough to be the centerpiece in deals for Carmelo and Williams. I don't know how predictive rookie seasons are of future development.

Tom Moore on Mar 28 at 0:10

Sixers need more from their bench:


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