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Sixers Around the Web: March 28, 2011

These chats are getting less and less informative.If you can't excerpt the articles, maybe you could provide a little blurb on each so I know which I should read? Solid content aggregation is all the rage these days.

really? I can tell by the one line he has for each article what the article is about.

Tray reply to Jason on Mar 28 at 9:08

You can tell what they're about, but you can't tell what they say. For example, see this aggregation of NBA items:



I ignored your suggestions last week, I will ignore them next week, the more you complain, the worse it gets for everyone (notice the change to how the chats are categorized this week, that's cause tray told me that i should just dump a group last week).

If you want to do this yourself Tray, you're more than welcome to, but if not, then stop whining.

And yes, I know it's petty, but don't really care :)

Game story: Sixers allow one to slip away:


eddies' heady's reply to Jason on Mar 28 at 9:33

Now that is a definite sign of a young team and really effed up at that. With a nooner the next day? :(

jkay reply to Jason on Mar 28 at 12:10

"If nothing else, this loss reaffirmed the certitude that under no circumstances should any individual choose to willingly listen to the music of Lil Wayne." - LOL.

Lil Wayne has some good stuff, but he has a lot of bad stuff too, comes from putting too much out there, he's doing collaborations with everyone

Tray reply to GoSixers on Mar 28 at 13:40

My view of Lil Wayne is that he was doing really great stuff up until 3-4 years ago but went decisively downhill thereafter. Though his current single isn't bad. But, even though he isn't currently recording interesting stuff, he's still a very engaging performer. I saw him a year or two ago and really enjoyed it.

That is unacceptable. But the silver lining is at least there was a reason for the bad game. Losing to Sacto hurts in my stomach still....

They may have been road games, but the lakers lost to the cavs, the celtics lost to the nets.

Good teams lose to bad teams.

The sixers are still an average team.

The fortunate thing is that the Knicks slide continued and lost a game they needed to have if they wanted to catch the sixers.

My opinion is simple. They are somewhere between 10th and 15th in the league. They have not been higher than 18 (or something like that) since Larry Brown left though, so i've got to be happy with the improvement. More is needed though and hopefully Thorn will make the right moves in the offseason, so that the team can crack the top 10. They are still 2-3 quality, impact "moves" away from title contention. Hopefully the first "move" will come in the offseason.

Tray reply to Xsago on Mar 28 at 16:43

Pythag has us at 14, which seems right. The Western playoff teams, and Houston, are all a little (or a lot) better than us; Pythag says we're better than Atlanta. We're clearly better than New York, Indiana, and any Eastern lottery team. I guess you could argue that if you take the first fifth of the season out, we'd be way better than the Hornets and some other teams. Actually, though, the difference is only four wins - 34-23 vs. 30-28. And I don't really believe in randomly throwing out parts of the season.

Ah, so this explains why Spencer Hawes had such a good game. :stereotype:

Doug might be forced into playing Speights today as Batties has a serious flu

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