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Game 75 Thread: PHI vs. HOU

Sixers can clinch the playoffs with a win and a Cleveland win in Charlotte

extra motavation for lowry tonight, he went to nova and will have family at the game. So he might get a little ball hoggy early to show off

I wonder how Houston could get better. I think I'd stick with Lowry/Martin and swap Scola for a more defensive-minded 4.

Would you trade Thad Young for Kevin Martin?

tk76 reply to Stev on Mar 30 at 13:52

Would you trade Evan Turner for Martin?

I'd say yes for both. Martin is a great fit between Jrue and Iguodala. Althou that would be a lot to pay your SG and SF.

Tray reply to tk76 on Mar 30 at 14:17

The thing is, Kevin Martin's a really, really good player, much more so than, say, Carmelo, and Morey's intelligent enough to realize that. So he never does that deal. I mean, Kevin Martin is good enough to be the best offensive player on a championship team.

jkay reply to Tray on Mar 30 at 14:32

er No. and No.
Martin and Melo are comparable in the sense that they are high volume scorers. And while they are good at what they do, Melo is much better at it, a mismatch for his defender and cannot be shut down by Iguodala in his sleep.
If Martin could be the best offensive player on a championship team, why did he not do wonders for Houston when he arrived? I think they are still where they have been for 1.5 seasons since; a young scrappy team that can do no more than make the playoffs.

Tray reply to jkay on Mar 30 at 15:23

Well how come they have the third best offense in basketball? Isn't their non-playoffs status solely a function of their defense? You realize, right, that Martin leads the league in making foul shots. More free-throws made than any player in basketball. So basically he's the best player in basketball at scoring points in the most efficient way in which a player can score points. He's also an accurate volume three-point shooter, which is huge for an offense. And he's really not too bad at the rest. I mean, in a playground, is Carmelo a more dynamic offensive weapon, does he have more skill? Obviously, but Martin's game is more suited to the rules under which the game of basketball is actually played.

jkay reply to Tray on Mar 30 at 16:16

Honestly I don't follow Kevin Martin much but I doubt if that efficiency displayed this year is replicated over any of his previous seasons. Even the year before he signed that huge contract with SAC.
Perhaps it's a product of being in a better system? But I do think he would be an ideal fit here, that he'd be less worked and hence healthier.

Tray reply to jkay on Mar 30 at 17:51

He's had a number of years where he's been top ten in true shooting percentage.

I think how healthy Young is with his groin strain may have a large impact on this game. If I remember correctly, the Rockets tried to match up small with us for long stretches of the last game, which is usually a strategy very much in the Sixers favor. A healthy and effective Young playing the four in our small lineup will help replicate the previous W vs. Houston.

Ok i got to thoughts on this Martin/Houston debate.

1. Martin is a very good scorer. There is no doubt about it. He is also very injury prone, so even though i would definitely trade Young or Turner for Martin, i am definitely worried about the contract vs. injury proneness ratio. And yeah he is bad at defense, but would fit perfectly between Jrue and Iguodala.
2. Houston is in a very difficult situation. Their envisioned lineup of Lowry(Brooks)/Martin/Battier/Scola/Yao is now gone (although when healthy that lineup is as good as any in the league) with Yao's health gone for good and the Battier trade. I'd probably keep Lowry/Martin/Scola but would use the trade assets that they do have to acquire a big defensive minded center. After that they will seek for a glue guy at SF.

jkay reply to Xsago on Mar 30 at 15:13

the Yao era has been long gone. Way before the McGrady era ended. After the 14th foot injury, I think the Houston GM didn't hinge his hopes on any Yao lineup.

Tray reply to Xsago on Mar 30 at 15:33

Who are these trade assets they do have that aren't Lowry/Martin/Scola? Can they get much for Budinger, Patterson, and Hill? I feel like Hill is perceived as a disappointment, Budinger as a role player who refuses to maximize his considerable natural abilities, and Patterson as a low-upside role player guy (though he may well be the best player of the three).

Well Budinger/Hill/Paterson/Lee/Dragic are all nice young players (some more than others) and they also have a ton of draft picks if i am not mistaken (NY,MEM,PHO...).

Tray reply to Xsago on Mar 30 at 15:55

True, the draft picks are big.

I like our chances in this game. Annd it's not because Houston is bad, actually they are on a roll, while the Sixers have been up and down for the last few weeks. I like our chances because the Sixers are usually at their best against weak defensive teams that tend to play small and the Rockets are just that. They are small even when they try to play big with Hayes and Scola. Thad and Jrue are the key to the game and hopefully they will have a good game.

For what ever reason Martin failed to get the calls from the refs last game against the Sixers.

The guy flops like Iverson, and the refs chose to swallow their whistles.

Hopefully that happens again this game. I guess it helps having Iguodala on him, since the refs give him more leeway. Although IIRC Turner guarded Martin a bunch last game.

We ran the numbers on the Sixers and division-rival Knicks. Check out the results:


Very very weak article. The logic behind it is deeply flawed. This is basically trying desperately to find a way how to make the Knicks look good compared to the Sixers.

jkay reply to Xsago on Mar 30 at 17:45

well it did not mis-state any facts. And for a Knicks fan, I found him remarkably objective. Of course there are other reasons that the Sixers are better like say defense and effort and more well rounded players but what do you expect him to say; the Knicks suck, they have no future if D'Antoni remains the head coach and/or if they don't land CP3 or Williams?

mopey reply to Leffty on Mar 30 at 17:09

"where mindless opinion takes a backseat to numbers"

Looks like they have the blog's tagline backwards.

Don't hate because you want the Sixers to be better. It's not an easy article to write just a few weeks after the trade, so the numbers aren't going to be perfect. I'm not a mindless New York fan, and I edited the article...he's got some valid points (and some that might be a little out there), but I'm going to let him write his opinion if he can try to back it up. If you don't agree with his methods, then comment on the blog and get a conversation going!

tk76 reply to Leffty on Mar 30 at 17:43

Interested post.

If you are going to use a somewhat flawed metric like PER, you should look at PER for position (see 82game.com for the data) or look at PER for the top 8 players on each team and weight by minutes played.

If teams only played 5 guys a game then your numbers would hold more weight. But give 2 of the Sixers best 5 players (an leading minutes players) come off the bench in Thad Young and Lou Williams, your analysis sort of misses the boat.

It would be like ignoring Ginobili or Terry in favor of a token starter because for many seasons those were only "bench guys.)

Mozgov has a PER of 11. Douglas 14

Lou Williams has a PER of 19, Young 19.7

Given Young and Williams are 4th and 5th in team minutes, shouldn't they go into your measurements? Once they do the teams are equal by your PER metric.

tk76 reply to Leffty on Mar 30 at 17:48

As for the coaches, you think 0.008 difference ion career winning percentage defines them. Collin's steams average 15+ more wins his 1st year in his 4 stops. Has D'Antoni gotten similar improvement in NY?

And then yor last measure is room for growth...

The Sixer give regular minutes to 8 guys under the age of 24... and yet the Knicks with their established superstars and aging PG have more room for growth?

I'm not sure which team is better. But your logic seems to be full of holes.

The Sixer give regular minutes to 8 guys under the age of 24

You keep saying that.


I would not include Speights (let alone Brackins) on that list of regular minutes so I come up with 6. Are the agest on the Yahoo page wrong or are you including Speights and Brackins in your 8.

My reading of the article is an article that had a hypothesis and only selected numbers to fit the hypothesis. A common failing/mistake. If a common sense look at the numbers disproves your hypothesis - your hypothesis is wrong (had a bunch of ideas in both pitchfx and nba data fall through i never could write about ;) )

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Mar 30 at 18:23

Yeah, I sort of caught myself after I posted it, but neglected to correct it. In fact my posts were rushed and full of typos, but who's counting.

Also, Speights and Brackins could be a part of the teams future if they improve over the next few years. Regardless, the Sixers are a "young team" and the Knicks are not.

No problem (the 8 thing has been mentioned a few times and it's always been something that confused me)

Yes, 8 guys under 25 is great.

Here's a question.

Aside from Jrue - which of the other 7 do you think would get serious minutes on any of the top 5 teams? (Chicago, Boston, Miami, Los Angeles, Spurs)

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Mar 30 at 18:36

The accurate question is of those 8 guys, when they are in their prime (25-30) who would be worthy of serous minutes on a top team.

Top teams are full of veteran role players. Teams that overly rely on young players tend to suffer more losses due to their inconsistency. But when guys like ET, Yooung, Meeks and probably even Hawes are 26 they should be nice solid pieces for a good team. Although Holiday would be the only sure fire starter.

How many do you think COULD evolve to playing regular minutes on a title contender actually?

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Mar 30 at 19:10

Jrue, Turner, Meeks and Young are all likely. Lou is good enough right now to be a bench scorer on a contender. he scorers enough to give the stars some extra minutes rest without worrying about getting zero scoring.

Hawes and Speights are possible, but they are limited by their work ethic.

Brackins is a complete unknown.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Mar 30 at 19:11

So the problem isn't the role players its the front line superstars that the Sixers lack. And I don't see where they will come from.

jkay reply to GoSixers on Mar 30 at 18:43

Thad, Meeks if he ever develops any kind of handles.

Thad wouldn't make my list. He's got one skill and no out side range. Meeks has 3 point range - he has a harder to find skill than a fast guy who can score around the basket (and do little else). Thad needs massive refinement in his game - he has one move to beat a guy - teams start focusin on that he's screwed.

jkay reply to GoSixers on Mar 30 at 18:51

Thad has one skill, one move, fair enough, but it's pretty hard to stop. Even though they know he's a lefty, that he's gonna go left but they still fall for it. It's in the head, we are programmed to guard righties. His quickness makes that one move a lot more dependable. Plus no contender has time to game plan or focus on a bench player. He'll get his on this Sixer team and on a contender.

tk76 reply to jkay on Mar 30 at 18:55

Yeah, if you have a physical advantage against your opponent its hard to stop. Its like saying a pitcher only has a 100 MPH fastball with tons of movement. He won't beat everyone, and he's not going to give you 7 innings... but it might be enough to be quite a closer.

It's not hard to stop - you just force him right - that's not a difficult thing to do for good defenders - for back ups maybe they can't stop him - but smart good teams will learn to defend that pretty easily.

or you know he's going to go left, let him by, have someone else slide over and draw the charge - he's a 'bull charging' when he goes - he's not looking up - he's headed towards the basket

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Mar 30 at 18:52

I think he will round out his game. I wrote on LB how I see him having sort of the reverse progression of Odom.

Odom at 23 was a "selfish" player who over dribbled and staryed outside too much for a guy his size. But over time he improved on his shot selection, rebounding and defense.

I think Thad will similarly improve on his defense and rebounding (although will never be a 10 reb/g guy like Odom was) but he will go from a hyper-efficient inside scorer to a more rounded player who is maybe a little less efficient but can hurt you in more ways.

At least that's my hope... but if you asked people bout Odom at 22-23 they would not have thought he would develop into a "winning type" player.

Tom Moore on Mar 30 at 18:28

Video: Collins pregame on Young, facing the Rockets, the playoff race and Hawes:


Nice. Someone posted video from the Chicago game on our facebook page. Check it out: http://www.facebook.com/DepressedFan

something i found interesting, D lynam was talking on the pre-game and she mentioned that doug might try to play thad, brand and hawes at the same time


as long as Meeks and Lou are not in the backcourt...

Wow. Haven't seen that big lineup in a long time.

I wonder why Collins has decided to throw that out there this late in the season.

My guess is:

1. He wants to find more minutes for Thad. He's too dominant on many nights to only play 26 min/game.

2. Hawes has played himself to where he also warrants regular minutes (say it ain't so.) But that puts even more of a crunch on Thad's minutes, unless they are willing to take minutes from Brand.

You're taking a more positive look at this. I think it's Collins trying to figure out a better way to eat up the minutes at the three Iguodala can't play.

vs 3s that can't take advantage of Thad's awful perimeter D its probably a good idea.

In playoffs vs Heat or celtics dear god no.

Alrighty, back home in brooklyn. got the sixers feed on league pass. about to tip it off.

Hawes wins the tip over Scola.

hey brian is there anywhere to watch a live streaming on the internet cause the two sites i use to watch are gone

I don't know of any, but someone will probably post one.

jkay reply to r on Mar 30 at 19:17

Great start, Hawes J, Jodie three, Jrue drive.

Make it 9-0, sissy hook connects.

Man, Houston's middle is SOOOO soft.

Jesus, Scola just smoked Hawes down the floor. That was sad.

Hawes is hot

Hawes, still hot. 15-6. Great start.

Hawes' offense is outpacing his D. I'll take it if he can keep shooting the rock well.

Jrue off to a great start at the controls.

EB with the 10-footer. nice.

Hmmn. Doubling Scola off a shooter. Don't like that.

Jrue 3!

its pathetic that we have to help on Scola!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stoned81 needs to get here for the early going when Hawes is playing like this.

Haha just saw this. Yeah Hawes had some ridic shots early on! I really hate watching this team with Nocioni out there. Painfully boring plus the depressing defensive inability.

Ugh, different teams after the HOU timeout.

Kevin Martin = smallest legs in the NBA?

Fuck me, three triples for them, lead is down to 3.

Two turnovers for Jrue, and not pretty ones.

Gotta stay with Lowry, who has improved greatly with his shot. I remember him at Dougherty and Nova, where he couldn't really shoot.

I think it's about time to switch EB on Scola.

jkay reply to Rich on Mar 30 at 19:27


Phew. Jrue ends the run in transition.

4/4 from three for HOU? F me. 3 turns for Jrue.

I think Noc is coming in.

Did they switch Iguodala off Martin, or were the last two possessions just a case of the cross match biting them?

Lou just walked away from Lowry, literally, walked away from him and gave him a corner three.

Did Lou get benched for such a thing?

Shortly thereafter, actually.

"Doug Collins putting a good defensive player, Andres Nocioni, on Kevin Martin." Zumoff clearly confused.

zumoff just called noc a good defensive player :|

PHI 31, HOU 33

Going to need to find a way to get a couple stops on the defensive end. Scoring shouldn't be a problem.

Strange lineup there to end the first, I had it as:

Iguodala (PG), Lou (SG), Noc (SF), Thad (PF), Hawes (C).

johnrosz on Mar 30 at 19:34

how much purple drank did Lou have during this fucking concert?

Interesting matchup between Hayes and Thad. Hayes is overpowering him on one end, but he's really limited offensively. Thad goes by him like he's wearing cement shoes on the other end and has the skills to finish.

My audio feed is way off. Like, a full second or two. It's disconcerting.

So I guess it's Nocioni's job to lose?

Well, it was Turner's to lose in Chicago, and he lost it. Guess it's Nocioni's until he loses it now.

He lost it in 6 minutes?

When can Lou lose his job please?

Well, he was really terrible in those six minutes. Not saying it's right, but I think that's what happened.

Yeah I agree. If only that treatment were applied LouWill, it would be more tolerable.

Rich reply to stoned81 on Mar 30 at 20:04

I've heard of somebody who can give you a detailed statistical breakdown that Lou Williams is a way better player than Jrue Holiday and he'll put up 25 Gs on it.

I think I was getting some kind of odds, and there was an escrow account involved as well. get your facts straight :)

Noc 22 footer.

horse with lou will ftw.

*make a game tying 3, then make the im a boss face*

Don't like the energy or the looks they're getting here in the second.

Noce - BURNED by bugginger. Embarassing to say that

Jrue gets caught in the air far too much.

4 turns on Jrue. Bailed out with another on the other end by Hou that time.

Jrue trying to make up for it with his scoring.

And Noc fouls a three-point shooter two steps behind the line. fuck me.

guess we're going to see thad at the 3 soon.

Did Jrue just foul another three-point shooter? Come the fuck on.


Budinger has been to the line 7 times. That's just ridiculous.

More of that, less off-balance jumpers, Lou.

Jrue seems to have lost ballhandling privileges

Yep, it's Lou's show now.

jkay reply to T McL on Mar 30 at 19:58

I can understand why.

Don't settle, Thad.

Fight breaks out in Heat game. Wall, Juwan, Big Z all ejected

did Hawes just catch his own pass there?

PHI 52, HOU 55 at the half.

Much better defense that quarter, still look a little out of sorts to me. Need more in the second half.

No mention of Lowry jumping over his bench and landing in the 2nd row?

I hate Lowry in that I'd like to have him in on my team.

Rich reply to Brian on Mar 30 at 20:08

His salary is very similar to Lou's. The way he's played lately makes him a bargain.

Hate to be snarky, but he had no chance at that ball and it seemed really contrived to me. We get it, you're from North Philly.

I've watched him play his whole career. He plays pretty damn hard.

you snarky bastard. nova hater.

boy these guys really force you to play defense.

Anyone listening to this George Karl interview on the LP halftime show?

They just asked him about how to win without a superstar closer, he said, "Those guys shoot about 40% in those situations. If we can play as a team and get a 40% shot, we're doing just as well." Makes sense.

Aside from the fact that they don't shoot '40% in those situations'

They as in Denver, or they as in the Sixers?

The Sixers problem is that they don't play as a team.

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 30 at 20:37

I don't think the point of superstars is their ability to hit last-second shots. Like obviously that isn't the big asset Kobe brings to the Lakers, because as we've all heard ad nauseam he's not very good at it.

Come on, Hawes.

Ugh, I have a feeling the positive stretch for Hawes may be coming to an abrupt end.

Blown 3 on 1. Got the two on the in-bound play, though. 5 dimes for Jrue.

Jodie 3!

One-point game, how about putting the pedal to the metal here for a nice 6 minute run.

Good D by Jrue on Lowry there, ran him off the three and made him take a tough long two late in the shot clock. Then he cans the J on the other end.

AI9 limps into a three to take the lead. Alright.

Come on, Meeks. Just hammer him, that weak bitch can't finish through contact.

Time to get Spence out of there.

stop it hawes

Sit him down, please.

The Nets are up a dozen on the Knicks, in NY. I'll be shocked if that score holds.

jkay reply to Brian on Mar 30 at 20:34

with Williams in, I think they win this one.

meen Lowry can't miss

Iggy+Holiday have 18 assists.

Atta boy, Jrue.

awesome Jrue.

get Hawes out pronto

Man, Jrue can do that all night long. He should score 30 in this game.

good D on Lowry, Jrue

Ughhhhh shot clock violation we had a fastbreak


20/9 for Jrue.

20/10 for Jrue on the Thad slam.

Argh. Make it 20/10/5 for Jrue with his fifth turn on a baseline drive.

Wow, new variation on the seesaw. Just as quickly the seesaw swings Houston's way. Inventive.

Tray reply to Tray on Mar 30 at 20:43

Some Alanis Morrisettesque confusion about the meaning of 'ironic' from Zumoff.

I think part of Jrue's TO issues is communication.
On that play, he was trapped, I was certain he'd give it up but then Thad made a nice cut and bam.

Heh, and like clockwork, Lou takes over as the point after Jrue's turnover. He delivers 5 straight points, though.

The #showyaluv commercial gives me chills every time.

I love when Lou quiets down the Lou haters like that.

pathetic trip dub for Iggy again?

idk if he scores 10

If he gets the boards, he'll make sure he gets the points.

PHI 84, HOU 82 after three.

Better quarter marred by just terrible play from Hawes on both ends. I'll be surprised if he comes back in. Turner is tracking a DNPCD, Jrue could easily score 30 if given the minutes (and the ball) in the fourth, but I'm not expecting it w/ the high turnover numbers. Probably going to be Lou and Iguodala handling it mostly from here on out.

no turner all game.....and nocioni misses to start. great.

Ugh, Noce to start the third. Hopefully Lou can just carry them for a couple of minutes.

What's happening to the Rockets right now is what I thought would happen to the Sixers in the fourth against the Bulls. Just nothing left in the tank on the second night of a back-to-back.

Did Zumoff miss that Thad blocked that dunk or did I see that wrong?

He was holding his forearm after, so I'm pretty sure he got a lot of ball.

And the offensive foul on Noc. He's been stellar tonight.

we're lucky that they keep missing open shots.

Nice follow, Thad. Keep going to the hoop, please. They have nothing in the middle.

If we lose this game in a close one I won't hesitate to blame Noce's minutes

jkay reply to MHW on Mar 30 at 20:50


I believe Noc got booed after he bricked that wide-open three.

eddies' heady's on Mar 30 at 20:50

Thad has finally found his mid-range jumper again. Don't expect it to stay around long though.

Yeah, let's keep playing Nocioni!!

Fuck you, Doug...

eddies' heady's on Mar 30 at 20:51

Good shuffling of his feet there by Meeks. Good D.

Jrue up off the bench, hopefully coming in for Noce.

Lou blows a 3-2 break.

cry me a river Adelman

How is that not a foul on Thad's drive?

Don't stop until you hear that whistle. That's the way that guy play. Noce! - Eric Snow.

eddies' heady's on Mar 30 at 20:55

The crowd turnout is really noticably better these last few games. Good to see.

They're all there for the matisyahu concert imo.

Heh, Meeks stole that board from Iguodala, then dribbled it off his leg.

20/11/5 for Jrue on the Hawes 20-footer. 10-point game.

phew, Scola was killing us earlier on. Hawes with the jumpers.

I'm surprised Scola is only at 15/5/3. He was 6/4/3 five minutes into the game.

Jrue's been getting to the line a lot more recently. That's huge if he can keep it up.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Mar 30 at 20:59

Playoff x-factor.

Jrue's To's are forgivable with this type of aggression.

eddies' heady's on Mar 30 at 20:59

Tech? Why would Lowry get it? Budinger got the foul on Jrue.

Could Jason Smith do about what Hawes is doing for us? Or is he even worse in some ways?

He's worse than Hawes.

whoa, Rick Adelman is older than Collins.


Rough scoring game for Iguodala tonight.

Jrue's been really assertive today. Hope he keeps that up, specially at the end in close games.

22/12/5 for Jrue. Thad hook in the lane.

9/8/10 for AI9. Not going to get the boards.

eddies' heady's on Mar 30 at 21:05

Andre looks much more bouncy on that knee. He even displays some occasional explosion to the hoop.

I would go with Thad for POTG honors and not Jrue.


eddies' heady's reply to jkay on Mar 30 at 21:07


eddies' heady's reply to jkay on Mar 30 at 21:12

Jrue's trips to the line are really strong to me, not to mention all the dimes, but those turnovers have got to be cut down, some of them are just of the careless and lazy variety. Thinking back on the game it'd be hard not to go with him if you can look past that. He was dynamite tonight, just wish he could bring it like this every night.

Eric Snow divulging that he could, quote, "really break down the defense."

Look at Jrue skying for the board to seal it. POTG for JH.

PHI 108, HOU 97 Final.

Solid win.

12 assists makes up for the 5 TOs...he was the best player out there

heh, rockets have 2 players with dreads and a headband on the court.

Weird how Marc is so confident that Charlotte will lose at home, down a point with 3 minutes to go.

heh, when meredith asked Jrue about the prospect of clinching Jrue let out a "woo"

jkay reply to Tray on Mar 30 at 21:11

Cleveland just beat Lebron James the other night.
Their confidence is at an all-time high now. I say they win it just on that.

Tray reply to jkay on Mar 30 at 21:12

Gee, you'd think that their confidence would have had some effect on the first 47 minutes of the game, but no, they're tied in a game against the Jackson-less Bobcats.

wow cleveland, wow.

I'd rather clinch with a win anyway. Beat the Nets, you're in.

Williams is crushing the Knicks.

Tray reply to Jason on Mar 30 at 21:21

Haha, Dominic McGuire blocks the Anthony Parker game-winner. A real clash of titans. Did you see Silas hugging McGuire afterwards? Their fourth straight win in six days, but they're only 32-42.

MAGIC TIME...if Magic can pull out a miracle here, we can't give up on the 5 seed.

Did Doug take a shower in his suit? He literally sweated that 4th quarter out.

Williams with a look that says; "This is my team?"

Tray reply to jkay on Mar 30 at 21:37

Yeah, in years to come we may question the genius of the Williams deal. That is, if Favors actually amounts to anything. I guess even if he doesn't, they still could have traded him for a player who might have been willing to stay.

LeBron with 35, 8 and 8, on 12-16 shooting, a day after his triple-double. Looks like they'll come 4 Chris Bosh points short of their second 30/30/30 game in a week.

Watching the Knicks now, it's hilarious how much Clyde hates Melo. He's not even subtle about it.

its on espn, loving hubie brown

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 30 at 21:59

That's right, every two seconds he says something like, we need more moving and grooving. More passing and prancing.

Yup, and even when he compliments Melo, he always sticks in a jab. Like, "what a difficult shot by Melo while Shelden Williams stands wide open under the hoop."

I wouldn't mind seeing the sixers offer Humphries MLE

Tom Moore on Mar 30 at 22:39

Video: Meeks after the Sixers beat the Rockets:


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