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SixersBeat Episode Tonight - 03/31/2011

in the meantime, this got lost a couple of threads ago,
they look kind of odd...but also kind of cool, Sixers jerseys for the Phils starting rotation:


and re: Brian's quote that "Some guys can do the things they normally do, like it's any other game, and that's a valuable skill. Some guys can't do the things they normally do, and that blows. And rarely, there are guys who can do things they can't normally do, they're the ones you really want. The guys who can jump higher, sprint faster, play longer without getting tired." - isn't Kobe one of the guys who gets better, game 7 of last year nonwithstanding?

jkay reply to das411 on Apr 1 at 0:10

nah Kobe's all hype and media. He can and does all those things he does in the playoffs. He is immensely competitive and that shows more in the playoffs when the attention is narrowed down to a bunch of teams and players.
Plus he's not 'clutch' - he misses as many as he makes, especially when he goes into his me-against-the-world mode.
I think Brian might mean guys like Robert Horry or Derek Fisher who are resident bums in the 87 games and come up huge later on.

Yeah, those guys are good examples.

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