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Sixers Around the Web: April 3, 2011

but in all honesty I think he's benefiting in part from something called "Not Being Eddie Jordan."

my favorite quote

+1. And I think Collins should be taking heat for the recent 7-7 puttering along. Several bad losses in that bunch.

Collins is doing with this level of talent what most real coaches would do with it I think. We're just used to incompetents like Maurice Cheeks and Eddie Jordan so Collins looks like Phil Jackson.

Not exactly an original idea - at least around here

Not original, but the last time it was mentioned, I think it was you and me getting criticized pretty hard for it.

I've been saying it for a while - and I usually get criticized pretty hard until the rest of the world comes around - trailblazers always suffer the slings and arrows ;)

Tray reply to GoSixers on Apr 3 at 20:40

But as so many have pointed out, Spencer Hawes is not Dalembert, and actually, Jrue Holiday, whatever his future may be, isn't yet the player that Andre Miller was with us. On the plus side for Collins in terms of talent he has to work with vs. what Cheeks or DiLeo had, there's Brand's health, and Meeks, I guess. Brand's health shouldn't be underestimated as a major factor in our return to respectability, but I don't know that it compensates for the Dalembert/Hawes and Miller/Jrue downgrades.

Your input, as always - is useless

Williams is sidelined with strained hamstring:


Kate Fagan with a good article on what should Iguodala do in crunch time:


Not that Holiday did much better in Milwaukee...

I don't see any real solution for this HUGE issue until we get a real closer or some of the young guys becomes one.

Until then, I would try to draw some plays to get Meeks an open look, or feed Brand/Thad in the low post: anything else (Ig/Lou isolations, etc etc), we have already tried it, and it's not working well...

Actually what needs to happen is people need to remove their heads from their rectums with the whole concept of the closer, and stop coaching basketball differently the last two minutes when you're winning a different way the first 46 minutes.

Kobe's supposedly a 'closer' and his numbers aren't good in the 'clutch' moments at the end of the game.

I purposely don't post any articles from philly writers, and I stopped reading Fagan months ago after her BS Iguodala article

I think you should just relax, have a cup of tea and choose different words to express your thoughts, unless you want to sound like a 13 y/o.

My head firmly rests on my guido shoulders and not in anybody's rectum, don't worry. I never mentioned Kobe. Feel free to substitute the word "closer" with anything u like more, the concept remains the same

Good choice by ignoring what Sixers beat writers say about our team, also... the reason is they wrote something u didn't like, so you are censoring them? LMAO

Yes, taking pride in being a guido and your constant ignorant opinions give you strength.

I have my reasons for not posting what the beat writers write, (And I've stated it before) but you obviously already know why it is so why should I bother to explain to you, yet again, why you're a feckless fool?

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Apr 3 at 22:45

Ricky lives in Italy and writes a Sixers blog. The "guido" part is self effacing and funny IMO.

I find many things funny - ricky's never been one of the things I've found funny - be he italian or a guy who keeps sneaking back on to realgm.com (but not getting banned :) )

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Apr 3 at 23:29

Not the same Ricky.

yes, thank you for telling me what I already knew and hadn't implied. Appreciate the fact.

Next time I'll go with Ricky martin - maybe it will confuse you less

Tray reply to GoSixers on Apr 3 at 23:51

No, any reasonable reader would think you were talking about the same Ricky, and possibly speculating as to whether or not he was really Italian. No one would think that you were saying you find all Rickies unamusing.

As usual, you inadvertently prove my point while reinforcing my theory

Calling names and spreading BS (I confirm I am NOT the Ricky from Real GM, something that all other posters here already understood by themselves)

I'll get back to you when you'll turn 14, in the meantime have fun

Hours later, and you haven't ready everything written or you would have known that was not my intention though it seems many people here have problems comprehending the English language enough to realize that wasn't what I was saying.

If you go back to the beginning my young guido, you'll see that this was instigated by you feeling the need to tell me how to behave on a blog that isn't yours. You inferred (incorrectly, but since you did it again this morning why should I be surprise) incorrectly from what I wrote and then felt the need to be snide and insulting and yet when I respond in kind you are somehow 'offended'.

If you can't stand the heat stay out of the kitchen

You are so off the mark is ridiculous and every post is getting weaker and weaker

"this was instigated by you feeling the need to tell me how to behave on a blog that isn't yours"

Too bad I posted a link to an article, for everybody to read (=it was not directed at you), and you replied to my comment starting with "head in rectum" and other childish expressions.

Then I (politely) replied to you and you replied again talking about "ignorant comments" and calling me a "feckless fool". You must be a really tough guy, I'm impressed, wow...

I never said how you should behave, I never insulted you (nor anyone else), I was never "snide" or insulting and by simply reading the comments above anybody could see who is trying to spread bs. Finally, I am not offended either, sorry to disappoint you, I simply don't care.

I'm not gonna waste my time responding to you again.

Steve reply to GoSixers on Apr 3 at 21:33

I like Iguodala as much as the next guy, but I don't feel comfortable with him having the ball in the final seconds. He takes too many ineffective fade away jump shots. I would honestly rather let Lou have the ball.

Where did I say give it to Iguodala, what I said was stop with the idiotic iso's.

You just suggest doing them with Lou - which is silly too - cause Lou don't pass

Yeah, go to Brand/Thad unless someone else has a really hot hand. That should be the plan for all 48 minutes really.

Teams don't run the offense at the end of games out of feat of a turnover.. if a coach loses a game because his best player missed a shot, it's no skin off his back.. if they turn the ball over or a lesser player ends up missing the shot, he's getting criticized.

fear of a turnover*

Have you read scorecasting?

have not.. just googled it, sounds like a good read- will check it out sometime

Spencer Flaws on Apr 3 at 20:51

I like meeks having the ball in the last 2 minutes. Jrue should be handling it to set up a play. Jrue should be the first option trying to create something. Second option should be meeks coming off a screen. Then i like our chances with thad having the ball.

LeBron had another ho-hum, 31/11/7 effort, making 13 of his 18 shots. Since the All-Star break, he's shot 57% from the field. It's strange that, in the past couple months, Rose went from front-runner to lock even as he played his worst ball of the season and LeBron played his best. As for my obligatory Cousins check-in, today he had 17, 9, 6 and 5 steals on 13 shots, but also 5 turnovers and 6 fouls. The game before he had 10, 8 and 5, but was 3-15 from the field. A strange, strange player.

LeBron is more deserving of Rose without question in my opinion. Chicago wins on defense and Rose is hardly their key defensive contributor. Maybe Howard is more deserving than LeBron because Howard carries a talentless team, but it's gotta be between those two in my opinion. Kobe third, maybe finally Rose 4th.

Agree that the anointing of Rose was ridiculous. Hopefully the writers show some backbone in their votes.

Dwight Howard is more deserving than either if anyone bothered to notice that the rest of the Magic couldn't play defense even with cue cards

Tray reply to GoSixers on Apr 3 at 23:59

I wonder if Howard is a little overrated defensively.

so antonio daniels hasn't played in the nba in almost 2 years? Awesome!

Tray reply to Jason on Apr 3 at 21:36

Well the other option is signing some D-Leaguer who's never been there, or been there for long anyway.

was it necessary to sign someone? couldn't we just give lou's minutes to ET?

Tray reply to Jason on Apr 3 at 21:50

Well... the politically correct answer regarding Turner is that you need Daniels for depth. What if Turner gets hurt? Teams do that sort of thing all the time; your back-up point guard gets hurt, so you sign Sundiata Gaines. Perhaps that's all this is. The reality, of course, may be that they don't trust Turner and think Daniels is a vet. One thing about Daniels, always, was that he didn't turn the ball over.

I give Collins all the credit in the world for turning this team around but he is really really close to ruining Turner. First replacing him in the lineup with Nocioni then signing a guy who plays the same position as him.

I don't think even the most ardent Turner supporter would say that Collins is responsible for this disastorous season. It's all on Turner. Now is about putting the team in the best position for the playoffs, and ET is not it.

Daniels is roster fodder. In the playoffs, coaches run shorter rotations anyway don't they?

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Apr 3 at 22:38

This is the same coach that tried to squeeze meaningful minutes out of Darius Songalia earlier this year, against the Spurs no less.

Would you really be that surprised to see Daniels get minutes?

Collins surprises me sometimes. I was surprised to see Speights get any meaningful burn last night at all (Maybe battie can't handle back to backs - old bones and all?)

I don't really think of Daniels (or Nocioni) as vital parts of the playoff roster, nor do I think Daniels (or Nocioni) would make the difference between winning and losing in the first round.

Right now - my only concern is that Lamarcus Aldridge sticks at 2 assists so I can make it to the finals :)

I can see Daniels taking Lou's minutes until he returns, meaning Turner continues his DNP run.

That's unconscionable. Daniels wasn't an NBA-level player in his prime. He's just completely terrible.

If he's taking Lou's minutes, his addition has no impact or relevance to Turner anyway does it.

I'm curios how this affects the sixers luxury cap situation actually :)

Lou's injury is worrisome - if he can't have some good playoffs - he won't have as strong a trade value this off season

10-day contract won't affect the LT, I don't believe. And if they wait until tomorrow or the next day, 10-day contract takes them through the regular season.

Tone down the name calling, btw. This goes for everyone.

Of course Daniels addition has relevance to Turner. Daniels taking Lou's minutes means Turner doesn't take Lou's minutes.

Tray reply to stoned81 on Apr 3 at 23:57

He was a disappointment, but I definitely think he was an NBA player. At times he provided some reasonably efficient scoring punch and, despite not being much of a point guard, he routinely was among the league's A/TO leaders. I thought in his Spurs years he was quite alright. Remember that back then, if you came off the bench and averaged 9 points a game, that was decent production.

eddies' heady's reply to stoned81 on Apr 4 at 0:03

"That's unconscionable. Daniels wasn't an NBA-level player in his prime. He's just completely terrible."

And with this line, you have foreshadowed what will be spoken about Turner 10 years from now. Brilliant.

Lou's injury is an opportunity for Jrue. It's a big one, at a key time. I'm hopeful he'll take advantage and show Doug (and Rod) how expendable Lou is.

Spencer Flaws on Apr 3 at 22:58

turner at backup point for a few games?

Highly Highly unlikely.

What I think this will mean is that Jrue and Andre will play unhealthy amounts of minutes or the sixers will concede sixth to the Knicks.

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Apr 4 at 0:13

I think he'll give ET a chance,but with an unbelievably short leash. As in one bad turnover, or one play that Doug isn't a fan of, and the experiment is over.

eddies' heady's on Apr 4 at 0:00

Antonio Daniels? So Turner really has taken the moniker of Garbage Time from Willie Green, huh?

From Evanordinary!


Garbage Time Turner!

Really, maybe he can get a few important minutes so fans can see how much Lou REALLY means to this team in the role he plays and plays well. I would expect Turner to come up midget-like if Doug were to try to use him like Lou, which I'm almost sure he will not. Dude can't get his own shot or shoot a three or get to the line with regularity.

Poor Evan...I really feel sorry for all the Turner-lovers out there too. Fitting ending to an uneventful season I guess...the #4 pick from a draft held 14 years ago? Signed because the #2 pick from the most recent draft isn't capable? wow

MiketheRedHead on Apr 4 at 3:04

GoSixers, you oscillate from having great comments to coming off like a real ass. You go from best the poster not named Brian to a jerk in 1 post. Go Sixers.

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