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Rekindling Hatred

I feel you Brian

The only thing that annoys me more than Boston is Boston fans in Philly... every time they play at WFC it looks like 30% of the arena is packed with Celtics fans, how come ??

As for the heck-a-Rondo theory I'd agree with you, but I recall in the last games vs us he hit like 3-4 shots from 16-17 feet, that was pretty shocking...

I say we have to control the defensive board as much as we can and try to run a lot, they can't keep our pace

It might have to do with the all white starting lineup they had in the 80's

Rob_STC on Apr 5 at 15:04

Wow, I would love to see this prediction come true. Can you imagine a win over the Hated Celtics and then beat the arch rival NYK ? Can't get any better in my book for Sixers basketball.

That green to me is like the green Kryptonite to Superman. I hate it. Never stopped hating it, but finally the rivalry is gaining importance again in the post-season. 76ers have always seemed the underdogs, even in the Dr J years to the dreaded Celtics, but I never stopped hating on Boston. I'd love to see the 76ers upset them in the first round (if they meet up) and crush them, even if we go out in the 2nd round. I know the likelihood of it happening isn't great but a man can hope.

Ray Allen is the only player I like from the Celtics. I can't stand their over-celebrations, the way they try to make each moment into a disney movie, and the way they exaggerate their injuries.

Charlie H on Apr 5 at 17:18

Just looking at that picture pisses me off.

I went to a Sixers game in Boston in '02 and the place was full of Iverson jerseys, with very few Pierce jerseys. It depends on how much a team is winning. The home fans stay home when their team is bad, and the "foreign" fans take the seats. I used to see a lot of Sixers fans in LA for the Lakers, even though they were good.

I like Brian's game plan. I just get the feeling we're not going to see any of that. Do you think Turner will play more than 6 minutes? Will Hawes and Brand make shots? I'm really pessimistic when it comes to this match-up. Too many bad memories. (But a lot of good ones, too, such as Game 7 in '82.)

I always thought the green was ugly and yes i've never liked Boston. Two hours to tip-off, can't wait. Let's get the W on this one.

Tom Moore on Apr 5 at 17:46

Thorn confirms that Brand is playing with fractured hand:


God it didn't take me long to be reminded of how much I hate Paul Pierce. He's the face of the Celtics so yea that fits.

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