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Looking Back - 2/4/2011

Anyone read Cooney's article? He blamed Turner for the loss. I'm dead serious.


I'm wondering if Collins actually wrote this article. Wouldn't surprise me if we see very little of Turner tonight (i.e. he'll start out 0 for 1 and get yanked).

So, Collins has a vendetta against Turner?

I just have a hunch he doesn't like the guy, and my hunch tells me Collins gave Cooney the idea for this ridiculous article.

Oh I see, now we are going on hunches with no actual evidence to prove them.

It could just be that Cooney is a godawful writer and wrote another godawful column (of which there is a preponderance of evidence supporting this much more reasonable possibility)

This is a blog, not a Dept of Defense justification for war. On a blog you can post guesses without evidence. Obviously I'm not at practices so I never have any chance to gather evidence, so all I can go by is hunches.

I could be completely wrong. Cooney is clearly an idiot. But it still seems to be highly suspect that he would voluntarily focus on this very miniscule play for his entire article. I have to imagine someone fed him this crap, and my first guess would be Collins.

So you think the DOD is honest huh? Explains a lot.

Just because it's a blog doesn't mean one should not use common sense and intelligent thought processes. There's no evidence that Doug Collins has it out for Evan Turner other than your fevered imaginings where the evidence that Cooney is a hack is mountainous. It's irrational to assert that Collins 'planted' a story when the majority of evidence indicates that Cooney just sucks (as do most of the people who cover the sixers) at understanding basketball (or life)

I'm not really sure why the internet makes it ok for people to take leave of common sense?

jkay reply to stoned81 on Apr 6 at 12:00

that article is a joke. given a choice between Hawes soft finishing and pathetic defense, Iggy's turnovers, Jrue's jumpshots, Brand's pick and roll D on KG, Thad's off game, he chose to blame it all on one play made by Rondo who was almost un-guardable last night.
much is to be said for the way you phrase things, it's the subjectivity of journalism.

Agreed. There's more to this story, somewhere.

That's a really odd possession to key in on, especially when the Sixers had two defenders in the back court on the play, one of whom (Daniels) never made a move to stop the ball, even though he wasn't guarding anyone. The other defender was in the corner, on Allen I think, Daniels was just sort of watching from the opposite wing and didn't react until Rondo was below the foul line.

Good points. Yeah I couldn't believe that article when I read it. I'm highly suspicious of Cooney's motives.

Tom Moore on Apr 6 at 9:16

Sixers host Knicks with sixth place on the line:


Did you realize the Sixers finished with the same road record this season as last year (15-26)?

If this game does come down to Iguodala and Brand then the Sixers are likely in trouble. If they were both healthy it would be a different story. But this team peaked about a month ago and have been 7-8 in their last 15 games. At this point they are inconsistent and streaky- losing to bad teams and sometimes beating good ones.

Not sure how they lost there edge. Looks to be a combination of injuries and letting up after they got into the 6th position.

I honestly think at this point the season should be about resting Brand and Iguodala for the playoffs. I know it will be depressing to possibly finish only .500 or lower after such a strong run in the winter. But as of now, we don't even know if we stand to gain anything by winning the 6 seed. Id rather be healthy for the playoffs, or at least as healthy as possible. Now, if it's true that Dre really will not benefit from 1 week rest at all - that it would really only help him to have 1-2 months of rest - then I'm fine with playing him. But I'm sure Brand's hand could benefit from some much needed off time.

I was at the game last night and was going to write something then, but I somehow left my keys at the stadium (!) and was scrambling the rest of the night. Some brief observations, from where I was sitting (17 rows up from the Sixers bench):
* The team as a whole looked excited and confident prior to the game, with one exception. The exception was Iguodala, who was walking around slowly and seemingly conserving energy with all his motions. "Phlegmatic" is the word that comes to mind. Then he came out and played like he looked (not talking about the shooting so much as the passing). I understand the part about how his injury isn't going to get better without extended rest, but he hasn't been mentally sharp the last couple games, and I wonder if a "mental break" is in order.
* Jrue looked all-world for the first quarter (offense and defense), but he never got back into the flow after he came back.
* Pierce wasn't looking for his shot at all in the first quarter, then Nocioni got him going. But that isn't what got Nocioni benched. Nocioni got upset after getting his shot blocked (he thought it was a goaltend), then Collins spent the first half of the ensuing timeout chewing out Nocioni for not getting back into the play. If this game puts Nocioni behind Turner the rest of the way, it's one of the few positives to come out of it.
* By my count, Pierce scored 11 while Iguodala was in the game, 5 on the break and two 3's (one on a mental lapse, one off a pick with no help). Pierce didn't score at all off isolation, however. If the teams play in the playoffs, I still think Iguodala's defense on Pierce will be an important factor.
* Daniels looked like an NBA player, but he's clearly unfamiliar with the rest of the team. I wish he would have shot his first open look.
* Jeff Green is underutilized by this Celtics team and is clearly there for the future.
* Thad made one spectacular move early in the 4th when Glen Davis gave him his left, but Thad couldn't do anything the next three times against Davis. The Celtics have definitely scouted Thad, and I'm less confident that Thad is going to have success in isolations against Davis. That's where it's important for others to penetrate so that Thad can finish in space.
* Apparently, the Celtics also have a book on Spencer Hawes: bump him in the post and his shot goes wildly off. Plus, the Celtics looked to be playing Iguodala to pass more than shoot, so they had that scouted well too. If the teams meet in the playoffs, it's up to Collins to come up with some counter-moves.

The silver lining for tonight, if anything, is that the Knicks aren't as good a defensive team as the Celtics, so the going will be a lot easier on offense. Defense will be a challenge, obviously ...

jkay reply to Statman on Apr 6 at 12:06

I was also shocked to see that Davis could defend Thad well, even in the post. We even started to give him the ball further out so he could use his dribble but he got stripped once or twice.

Sixers usually do well back-to-back after a loss.

I know Lou only shoots 34% from 3, but the lack of another shooter out there was glaring. Teams can pack it in even more now.

I was surprised by how much I noticed this. I mean, half the time I'd look up and see a guy wide open in the corner and think, "kick it out, that's easy money!" Then I'd realize it was Turner out there, and the odds of Turner even taking the wide-open corner three were pretty slim. It's more likely that kicking to him there is going to wind up in a pump fake and drive. That corner three he hit was big, and he absolutely, positively MUST take that shot when they kick it to him in that situation. If he doesn't, there aren't going to be any driving lanes.

Herb Magee!

That's Hall of Famer Herb Magee to us (in case you didn't know - Cheeks didn't get in this year but Herb did)

Yeah, I did see that...so I was thinking of Herb everytime ET made a jumper, and especially on that three

Elton also had a big game in the second half of that home and home, although the Sixers lost at MSG.

I expect a win tonight. I am most concerned right now with Jrue's confidence level. After he threw what should have been a clean feed to Thad for the gamewinning layup off the backboard and out of bounds at the end of regulation vs Milwaukee, I was interested to see how he would bounce back last night. When he came out hot in the first seven minutes I was thrilled. I think Doug waited too long to reinsert him...he didn't get back in the game until there were 5+ mins left in the half, and then was quickly yanked again at the 2:20 mark. Needless to say, outside of that opening run, he looked like a shell of himself, and I didn't like his body language/facial expressions either. He looked discouraged. He HAS to bounce back strong in these last five games.

I feel Jrue has all the tools to be a star point guard in this league and it would really be a shame if he took a step back down the stretch and in the playoffs after all the strides he has made this season.

Jrue and Andre should both hit or exceed their APG avgs tonight, and they should be feeding EB early and often. I would really like to see a nice shooting game from Jrue as well. He should be able to drivve past Chaunceey with relative ease. The key is finishing. He put himself in good positions to score several times last night in the second half, he just could not finish. It was very frustrating to watch. Let's hope everyone gets well vs the porous defense of the Knicks

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