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Seven's OK, Six Is Better

I was at philly.com reading some ridiculous articles and i couldn't believe my eyes when i read multiple comments that Turner should play the point, with Jrue playing as a SG because he can't play the point. I mean seriously, have those guys even watched a game this season...

As for Turner being a PG, i fully disagree. Needing the ball in your hands doesn't make you a PG. A lot of SG/SFs in the league now and in the past needed the ball to be successful. That doesn't mean they were PGs at all. Turner is a classical multi-skill SG. Turner is more like Roy, McGrady, Wade, Lebron, Iguodala... Are they PGs? No, but in order to succeed each of them needed the ball in their hands. I think a team can work with two players that need the ball in their hands and the ability to create. The problem is, how to make it work when you have 3 or 4 which is the case with the Sixers. And more importantly will Turner rise up the "ball handler rankings" by default as he gets more experience or does he need to show something in the summer, because he has very rarely been given the chance to play his game all season long? That's the key question about Turner going into the offseason.

Personally, I think they have three. Lou doesn't need the ball in his hands, he's better off the ball IMO. He has the ball in his hands because he doesn't turn it over and he can create his own offense, but he doesn't need it to be effective.

I agree, i'd prefer him running off screens, but Lou still is primarily a guy who needs the ball in his hands even when he only uses it to create for himself and let's face it not turning the ball over is important in winning type of basketball. Fortunately, i expect both Jrue and Turner to improve significantly in that department as they grow more experienced so that shouldn't be an issue.

As for this game, i am an optimist. I don't like the Knicks as a team at all. They are quite possibly one of the worst 3 teams in the league on defense, considering some of the teams behind them statistically don't even care about the outcome of the game. Their chemistry is terrible and unless they acquire a pass first PG who can make Anthony and Stoudemire mesh better they will be in serious trouble. And no Billups is not that guy, he is a very good player even at this stage of his career, but he is not, nor he has ever been a pass-first point guard. And to top it all off, some of their key rotation players are among the most overrated in the league. And i'm not talking about Anthony who is overrated but not by that much. I'm talking about Stoudemire primarily and Fields to a degree.

The 6th seed is important for a variety of reasons (Brian mentioned some of them) and there will be no excuse for losing this game. This is basically a playoff type of game with serious playoff implications and a strong game would go a long way towards providing confidence that this team can succeed at the biggest stage, this year or in the future.

hey brian, im a huge sixers fan and live in boston and follow your thread every game while watching gamecast, i was at the game last night sitting close and noticed collins and Noc looked like they got into a fight in the second quarrter and he kicked him out of the huddle. after that Noc sat leaned back on the end of the bench and never took his warmup off or joined another huddle just wondering if you knew what happened or if it was just something i didnt notice being at the game.

I think Statman mentioned this, he was also at the game. They didn't show it or say anything on the broadcast, but he was apparently complaining about the lack of a call, didn't get back on defense and Collins ripped him a new one.

Iguodala made Hollinger's first team all-defense. Another step in the right direction...

Hollinger is the one who thinks Tony Allen is the best defender in the league though right?

Tony Allen IS among the best defenders in the league. He just fouls a lot. And no Hollinger thinks Howard is the best defender in the league according to the article and rightfully so...

Yeah, sorry about that, meant wing player. He thinks Allen is better than Iguodala and thinks that the coach just doesn't play Allen enough. He's that guy right?

Even with the bad loss, the Sixers still have a good shot. We predicted the 76ers falling to the Knicks tonight, but our analysis still predicts the Sixers to beat out NY for the #6 seed in the East. All is not lost. All 3 remaining games are at home. Check it out:


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