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Game 80 Thread: PHI vs. TOR

amir johnson and barbosa are both OUT

That either helps or is going to make this a very embarrassing loss. Man, I hope they just blow the Raptors' doors off. I could use a good night.

Are you heartbroken by Mannys retirement?

Yeah. I'm actually just wondering when people are going to put an asterisk next to the Sox banners in '04 and '07.

Sixers are 11-point favorites. I wouldn't touch that w/ a ten-foot pole.

Right after the asterisks next to any games won by Roger Clemens

Luckily, there weren't many in the postseason.

Any WS the yankees won in which Roger Clemens pitched should have asterisks

And let's not forget Mr Petite ;)

And yes - I know that probably the majority of the 93 phillies were juiced - but who didn't?

Starting Center - Reggie Evans

Dear Lord

Is DeRozan's 10% the worst shooting percentage from three for any shooting guard in the league?

Hawes wins the re-tip!

We're off.

Bleh, Iguodala jumper on the first possession.

Sweet bank for Jrue off a nice pick by Hawes.

Love that shot.

Payton to EB!

And Reggie's first o-board.

Off his own miss?

Nope, and he actually put in the layup off the o-board.

Jrue to the line. Let's see more of this, at least for the 25 minutes he plays until this game becomes a laugher.

Reggie Evans fallaway jumper, unreal.

while kapono sits on the bench and watches
i miss reggie

Yeah, Kapono could be in a coma and getting paid, I wouldn't miss Reggie,

He basically is.

Iguodala's second foul in 3:36. Ugh.

Jrue w/ the missed lefty dunk, Hawes follows it up w/ a sissy putback.

SICK putback :)

Can Meeks take his righteous place on the bench please.

Not sure who Jrue was throwing that to.

meeks, derozan can't shoot, don't close out on him like that.

Bayless' premature balding cracks me up.

Jesus how many times are we going to fucking foul them?

Nice suit Doug

Sweet drive by Turner, uses the rim to shield the ball and finishes on the other side w/ the left.

yeah that was a nasty drive

Jesus Christ. Talk about a bailout whistle.

Sure didn't look like a friendly discussion between Collins and Turner. Did you see their facial expressions? God they hate each other.

Thad remains hot.

Man, Thad tried to dunk that on two guys heads. I love that aggression, that would've been some kind of funky scoop shot last year.

Jrue w/ a block on the other end and Thad to the line on the break. Nice.


Jrue w/ another bad turnover, then a bullshit foul call on what should've been another block.

Wow. Sick behind-the-back by Turner then finds Thad for the slam.

It feels like that could be one of the first ET-Thad young breaks this year.

I don't think anyone else on our team could grab a loose ball and behind-the-back it in one motion. That was just awesome.

Not many guys in the league make that move w/ the ball there. CP3, maybe.

Good point.

The Sixers are shooting 60% from the floor. TOR is shooting 33% and it's only a 5-point game. Enough w/ these bullshit foul calls.

Jrue needs new sneakers or something. He's slipped twice in the past 2 minutes. That time for a turnover.

Jrue w/ the steal and football pass to Jodie...foul but no finish.

i thought it could of bounced in before ET interfered.

What's Ajinca doing shooting a three?

PHI 28, TOR 18 after one.

It would be like 28-10 if not for all the fouling. Clean that up and this should be a laugher by the half.

Thad w/ a ho-hum throwdown on the 2-0 break. Timeout TO, or TO timeout. Works either way.

Or TO Toronto. That works too.

You guys noticing an ET emergence? seems like hes coming into his own

He's getting blocked a lot though, i think he's been blocked 5+times since lou went out.

He's looking pretty comfortable out there. He needs to work on not getting blocked, I agree. But several of those have been uncalled fouls.

Come on Iguodala, run some offense. Just held the ball for 8 seconds and then launched a 20-footer.

Not sure why Thad hasn't gotten the ball in a while. Forgot he was on the floor.

God damnit. Another one was halfway down for Jodie.

Jrue to Thad for the jam. Nice find, nice finish by Thad.

MichaelT on Apr 8 at 19:52

I think Turner has more and1 fouls than any other player in the league. Foul hard, take a charge, or get out of the way dude.

That was funny, Iggy swatted it out, Jrue sits there and watches it go out of bounds, somehow the refs missed it, and Iggy says to Jrue "what was that man?" and shows with his swatting motion an admission that he knocked it out. ha.

Fuck another sloppy turnover by Jrue, then he gets blocked in transition. Iguodala picks up his third on the other end.

Finally, Jodie for three!

I was ready to rip him hard for shooting that. But it went in.

Wow, Thad w/ a sick catch and a righty slam in traffic!

Jrue to the line, which is good.

His offensive game has just looked bad to me, though. He's rushing things and making bad decisions.

Defensively, he's been awesome tonight.

I'm not sure how long it will take for me to get annoyed with ET's defense, he didn't need to come in on that last play, he's got the do it all complex on defense. cost a fast break opportunity last play imo.

I'm already annoyed.

doesn't bother me. Refreshing to see a young guy who plays really hard on D.

He needs to play smart D.

Gunning for fast breaks isn't "smart D," it's "not helping on the off-chance we'll get a fast break opportunity"

he's not helping though...... He's not needed, and when he's going backwards and the team is looking to push it ends up slowing this team down, case in point on that play he was the furthest from the rim on defense, Raptor goes to the rim for layup and he comes running back late, the sixers start pushing and guess whose the last one up the floor by 3 seconds? That's not ok.

Collins tells him his focus should be on defense and rebounding, not offense. I think he's instructed to always crash the boards.


Tipped the ball away once, they got it back, the second time he stole, then got the +1 on the other end. Awesome.

Sissy hook falls.


Man, having no shooters allows the Sixers to apply unbelievable pressure on the outside. There's no penalty for trapping.


Off Jrue penetration.

PHI 54, TOR 42 at the half.

Had a lull there earlier in the quarter, but they finished it strong. Good to see a couple fall for Jodie.

Best stat of the first half is Jrue 5/5 from the line.

any live feed guys? my site ain't working.

Atta boy, Jrue. O-board, settles and finds AI9 for a dunk.

Nice drive. Jrue's offensive game is looking much better here early in the third.

Iguodala wanted the lob there. I think it was open.

Wait, they called that foul on Iguodala? That can't be right. There was no foul at all, but there's no way they could've possibly given it to Iguodala. Zumoff has to be wrong.

Ugh, this is bad.

76ers arent doing anything that they are good at. it's like they're trying to be some other team.

PHI 73, TOR 71 after three.

Just a pitiful quarter. They went 4 minutes without a hoop before Thad got the lead back with the +1.

Wake the fuck up.

PHI 73, TOR 72 they gave Bayless a three on a shot they previously called a two.


Nice drive by ET

Hawes, you are awful.

Nice save by Iggy.

Pretty play by Turner with that little reverse spin to get the layup off.

Evan has incredible ball handling, for all that he isn't yet, that is NBA ready.

Way to go strong, Thad. He doesn't get to the line there if he pussyfoots it.

Jrue with a sick steal. Blocked on the other end, Sixers ball.

4 straight missed FTs, that's how you lose games to teams like this.

AI9 three. Needed that.

That has to be a tech on the coach and on Evans.

wowow sick block iggy.

Very happy to see Meeks pass up on that shot and give up the ball to Iggy for the assist to Brand. I don't think Meeks should be out there period, but if he'll pass like that instead of launching threes every time he touches the ball, it's more tolerable.

Do you hate Meeks as much as you love Hawes?

I gotta admit, I'm becoming a Meeks-hater. I blame Collins more than Meeks though for my hatred. Meeks can't help the fact that he's a 3-point specialist and nothing more. Collins playing him 35 min a night is driving me crazy.

I like meeks, but i wouldn't be against them going after a bigger 3 pt shooter like shannon brown or Nick Young in Free-Agency.

Court_visioN reply to Jason on Apr 8 at 21:23

shannon brown or nick young? i have trouble believing either of those are upgrades. i haven't checked stats to back that up though.

Hmmm how good a replay can they show of Reggie spazzing out?? someone HAS to be able to make a GIF out of that somehow...

It's a good thing they didn't give him the tech right away, would've taken away the transition opportunity on the other end.

You've got to be shitting me. Fucking 30-footer for Bayless as the shot clock runs out.


Elton is so good. In reality I love Elton more than Hawes, but I gotta give Hawes extra props due to the Hawes negativity that permeates haha.

What do you like about Hawes?

Throws his body around. Team is better defensively when he's on the floor. He can shoot. He can score around the basket, has some good moves. He passes well.

I also like his attitude and rah-rah mentality.


He's been Hawes' biggest fan all year. Makes game threads hilarioius.

Nice job, Thad. Made the right play going right to the hoop on that break and got the finish.

Court_visioN on Apr 8 at 21:26

bayless just too quick for any of the Sixers guards.

Court_visioN on Apr 8 at 21:28

c'mon iguodala, gotta finish that one.

most disheartening win of the season? this seriously feels like a loss to me.

Game. Finally. Mercifully.

Not sure what the point of having Elton b rand in the backcourt was. Was quickly sealed off.

A win and a Nocioni DNP.

PHI 98, TOR 93 Final.

Ugly, ugly win, but I'll take an ugly win over a pretty loss.

POTG is Brand. My wrap will be up tomorrow some time. Enjoy the rest of your Friday night.

Wow, a win. A 7-man rotation and Iguodala only played 30 minutes.

mgfields on Apr 8 at 21:56

I think the last two games have shown how much the Sixers depend on Meeks hitting 40 percent of his threes.

Brook Lopez with an hilarious 27 and 2. That's with Shelden Williams as his opposing starting center. And Williams only played 12 minutes; other than that, it was Turiaf.

And then in other box score news, Rose with an MVPish 11 on 15 possessions, 8 assists, 4 turnovers. LeBron, 23/7/9, 9-15 shooting. Milwaukee's entire starting frontcourt was scoreless tonight. To be fair, they only got a combined 38 minutes. Willie Green has 31, 12-17 shooting, 5-6 from three.

tk76 reply to Tray on Apr 8 at 22:23

Nice to see WG in the MVP watch...

How come no MVP update when the Wade-less Heat lost to the Bucks?

Tray reply to Brian on Apr 9 at 0:20

Probably because I was busy thinking about Chevron deference. But LeBron had an okay game that day, 29, 2 and 8, couple steals, couple blocks. You know, non-LeBron players score 56 points, it's tough to win. He scores 33, they still lose. As stacked as his team supposedly is, LeBron's problem is sort of the problem of the low ERA pitcher on a lousy team. Without Wade, he has one teammate who belongs in an NBA starting rotation, maybe 3 who really belong in the NBA at all.

Is there an opposite to a "moral victory?" Maybe an immoral loss or would it be an immoral victory?

You should be happy they won a close game.

Tray reply to tk76 on Apr 9 at 0:22

I don't get the morality in the moral victory; what's moral, one way or another, about a toughly contested loss? Or even a toughly contested win, where does morality enter into that? I bet you could look up moral in the dictionary and not one of its definitions would make sense of the phrase.

Moral (N) psychological rather than physical or tangible in effect

I think that one fits, no?

Tray reply to Brian on Apr 9 at 0:48

Yeah, I guess that works - well, sort of. A win that's psychological in effect but not tangible. I mean, the definition itself isn't phrased very well, perhaps, a real win isn't physical or tangible either. But I see what they mean. It makes more sense with "moral support."

Tom Moore on Apr 8 at 23:08

Blog: Sixers survive Raptors scare, with Brand and Iguodala video interviews:


A win is a win, even as underwhelming a win as today's was...but surprised I haven't seen a mention of Simmons on the 76ers today (Brian, if this is too long please trim):


12. Philadelphia 76ers
We're immersed in a memorable battle between Scott Skiles and Doug Collins for the career lead in, "Most Times A New Coach Has Gotten a Team To Overachieve, Been Anointed as Their Savior, Then Eventually Burned Them Out Because He's Too Intense." (Note: It's a "Best of 7" series and they're tied at three apiece -- Vegas has Skiles as a heavy favorite because he'll probably get fired a year before Collins does.) Hiring either of these guys is like submitting your beaten-down car to "Pimp My Ride" -- they're going to restore it and it will look fantastic, and you'll get to know what it's like to drive a car that has a 40-inch plasma, a fishtank and wheels with 45-inch rims, but within a year, you're going to be putting that thing on eBay and taking any price you can get.

Here's my suggestion: Collins and Skiles should just embrace their inner Winston Wolf and switch teams every year. Why not? How many teams need a temporary coaching savior every summer? Five? Six? You're telling me Pistons fans, Kings fans or Clippers fans couldn't use a year of the Collins/Skiles Pimp My Ride experience? It won't play out that way, but it should. Two more Sixers thoughts ...

• Andre Iguodala finally tapped into his inner Pippen and became a destructive perimeter defender; add him to the list of Team USA players whose careers were transformed by the experience. He won't win Defensive Player of the Year because of Dwight Howard, but in 2011, Iguodala had a tougher job: night after night after night, he had to shut down the other team's best perimeter player during a year when we were overloaded with terrific perimeter scorers. He'd get my vote if I had one. He's a classic "Stay Your Lane" example: in 2008, he averaged 15.6 field goals per game and had a usage rate of 23.8 percent. That's a little too much Andre Iguodala for anyone's liking. This year? He dropped to 11.3 field goals and a 19.1 percent usage rate (sixth on the team). Perfect. That's exactly how you want to use him.

• Poor Evan Turner might be the latest to get nailed by the Curse of Sam Bowie. Since Portland stupidly passed on MJ for Bowie with the second pick in 1984, we've seen the following calamities at No. 2: Steve Stipanovich, Len Bias (RIP), Armen Gilliam, Danny Ferry, Shawn Bradley, Stromile Swift, Jason "Not White Chocolate Or The Guy Accused of Killing His Chaffeur, But The One From Duke" Williams, Darko Milicic, Marvin Williams, Michael Beasley (even if he's rejuvenated, we have to call him a "bust" because Miami gave him away), Hasheem Thabeet, and now, potentially, Turner (who can't be officially called a bust yet, and actually, I kind of like him, but it can't be a good sign that Collins pushed out of his nine-man rotation). That's 12 of the last 26 picks ... nearly 50 percent!

Even weirder, 12 other No. 2 picks that either worked out or kind of worked out (Kenny Anderson, Alonzo Mourning, Jason Kidd, Keith Van Horn, Antonio McDyess, Marcus Camby, Mike Bibby, Steve Francis, Tyson Chandler, Okafor, LaMarcus Aldridge) were traded by the teams that picked them either during the draft, right after the draft or sometime within the next four years. Only Kevin Durant and Gary Payton ended up becoming franchise players for the teams that drafted them ... and yes, they were both drafted by a franchise that no longer exists.

So if you're counting Seattle's murdered franchise, we somehow went 0 for 26 in the "pick him second, pencil him as your franchise guy for the next 12-15 years, retire his jersey" department. How is that possible??? It's the second pick in the whole draft!!!!! Maybe Philly was doomed no matter who they picked -- had it been DeMarcus Cousins (who would make them so much more imposing on paper), he might be serving a 20-game suspension right now. There's a reason they call that pick "Number Two."


Tray reply to das411 on Apr 9 at 0:51

Did Van Horn and Okafor work out? Or Chandler? He's had a couple good seasons, ever. Pretty late in his career, too.

i saw this, was disappointed he didn't give his take on jrue/thad/eb's resurgence. He certainly does love Iggy's season, and that's understandable but I think also indicative of someone who does not follow the Sixers closely or watch many games. Without following the Sixers closely, you miss some of his deficiencies...his ineptitude at the end of games coupled with his monopolization of the ball at those times, the frustratingly bad shots he still does take and les tangibly, his body language/facial expressions on the floor which at times this year have fairly screamed "I don't want to be here." I love Igoudala's defense, his playmaking/passing ability, and his ability tto finish in transition, but I would think long and hard about trading him if the right deal came along. Since my MAIN man AI left, it has been Igoudala's team, fairly or not. The AI9 era has not been a good one for the Sixers.

Game story: Sixers hold off Raptors:


Collins: "We're a little bit out of kilter right now. We're struggling at the offensive end. We were not as connected as we have been."

Video: Iguodala on Sixers moving to 41-39 by edging Raptors:


..finally watching the Knicks game (thanks DVR) and possibly the only good thing to come out of it is Zumoff calling Thad "Emphat-ius Young" after a dunk in the 4th...and ESnow having no idea what he meant...

Video: Brand after scoring 22 points as Sixers down Raptors:


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