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A Jaw-Dropping Stat

Andre Iguodala, Elton Brand - over/under 30 mins?

Both over.

Well, when you need to fix your offensive problems, Toronto is the perfect team to play against. I think they will go out and get a convincing win tonight. Actually i think they will win all 3 remaining games. Yeah.. I am probably too big of an optimist....

They're missing Calderon and Bargnani, so I expect their defense to be much better than usual. Still bad, just better because those two guys are out.

Alvin reply to Brian on Apr 8 at 6:21

but.. but.. how are they going to score?

deepsixersuede on Apr 8 at 9:01

Tornto is doing what we have wanted the sixers to do for years, blowing it up and playing the young guys; their young backcourt of Derozan and Bayless are playing real well, especially Bayless in the last couple of weeks.

But are they truly playing well? The team is losing a ton of games and badly... It looks to me like they are just putting meaningless stats on a horrible team. I mean someone has to put some stats on the scoreboard.

Is that a valid argument for Kevin Love too?

Joe reply to GoSixers on Apr 8 at 11:09

I think there is a difference between having a high PPG, not doing it effeciently, and killing your team in other major areas and being an overall amazing beast in every statistical way pretty much.

Yes. But his consistency suggests that he really is good and i think it's unlikely he will be a "career loser", even though his numbers make him seriously overrated right now. He is probably the best player from all of the teams that play below .400 basketball (not counting Deron Williams cause he played most of the season in Utah).

tk76 reply to Xsago on Apr 8 at 11:58

Leads to an interesting question:

If you could draft players off of lottery teams, what would be your top 5?

1. Griffin
2. Wall (I don't care about his struggles this year)
3. Love
4. Curry
5. Cousins ;)

I could draft them to add to this current team, or draft them to start a new team? If we're talking about adding to this team, this would be my top five:

1. Griffin
2. Love
3. Bogut
4. Curry
5. Favors
6. McGee
7. DeAndre Jordan

Err, top 7.

Actually, Eric Gordon would be in there somewhere, probably between Favors and Javale McGee.

tk76 reply to Brian on Apr 8 at 12:58

Yeah, Gordon is probably my #5. I was not serious about Cousins.

sfw reply to Brian on Apr 8 at 12:17

My top ten.
1. Griffin
2, Wall
3. Favors
4. Love
5. Bogut
6. E Gordon
7. Kaman
8. G. Monroe
9. Bargnani
10. DeAndre Jordan

heh. Kaman and Bargnani? Seriously?

sfw reply to Brian on Apr 8 at 13:59

I think Kaman(if healthy) would be a perfect compliment to this team as it is constituted today. Bargnani? He certainly would open up the perimeter offense to the coaches liking. Would have to surround with toughness(Iggy/Brand). I think Mcgee is a rock head and wouldn't fit in the coaches offense. Love Curry's shot but not strong enough on 'D'.

You just suggested Bargnani would be be a good fit and criticized someone else's defense in the same sentence.

sfw reply to Brian on Apr 8 at 14:44

Yes I did. I guess with our current starting Big, I'm willing to overlook the 'D', somewhat. If I had a choice I'd go big. Forgot about Gortat. I'd place him above Bargnani. I consider Wall an exception due to his upside.

tk76 reply to Brian on Apr 8 at 13:07

If you are talking about for the Sixers I would say:

1. Griffin
2. Gordon (perfect fit)
3. Love
4. Favors
5. McGee
6. Jordan
7. K Mart (perfect fit)

I think Wall likely will be better than Jrue, but I'm fine keeping Jrue over Wall. And I don't think you could run a Jrue/Wall/Iguodala backcourt, as talented as it would be.

I'll pass on the 10M centers. They are an upgrade, but not worth the cap trouble for this team.

I'd definitely take Curry over Gordon. I want a great shooter between Jrue and Iguodala and I don't think Gordon qualifies. Martin probably does, but he's too frail and a bit too old imo.

Bogut would probably have the biggest impact on the current team, to be honest.

tk76 reply to Brian on Apr 8 at 13:18

Sorry, left out Curry. I'd take Gordon over Curry for this team, but not by a wide margin.

For the Sixers:

1. Bogut
2. Love
3. Gordon
4. Griffin
5. Gortat
wild card: Curry

from scratch:

1. Deron Williams
2. Curry
3. Wall
4. Love
5. Gordon
6. Griffin
7. Bogut
8. Evans
9. Ellis
10. B.Lopez :)

Young is fine with his reserve role:


I just want to try and enjoy these last few weeks of basketball. I don't have much in the way of expectations for the team, so maybe they'll surprise me with a strong finish and reasonable showing in the playoffs.

Then I can get fired up for them to draft Bismack Biyombo.

no Bargnani or Jose Calderon for the raptors and amir johnson and barbosa are GTD
they better win this one

They also had not lost 3 in a row since Nov 26th...

Good point. This team is much more like the 3-13 team than the December through February team. I'd think tonight would be sure loss against any competent team. But Toronto with injuries is giving the Sixers the easiest chance to break their losing streak. Even with that, the way they're playing and with Doug's substitution patterns getting more questionable each game, a loss wouldn't shock me.

tk76 reply to stoned81 on Apr 8 at 13:02

I don't think they are back to where they started. But I'd say their .500 record is a fair indication of their current status.

Evans vs Hawes, even if only for some plays, will be fun...

Please close this game in the first half and give Turner (and Speights) some serious minutes

deepsixersuede reply to Ricky - Sixers4guidos on Apr 8 at 12:43

If Evans played for Collins next year on a cheap deal, [4 million over 2 years?] could he be more effective than the helter skelter version that was here before?

Reggie... no thanks. Unless you were talking a 10-15 min/game minimum type deal.

Don't Know if anyone has seen Philadelphia's basketball authority, Gary Cobb's, most recent article.

He says that he believes Thad can be a star in the NBA. He mentions that Thad "can go inside and score and his stroke from outside can be lethal"

"Sixers Must Realize They Have A Budding Star In Thaddeus Young":


tk76 reply to SacNasty on Apr 8 at 13:01

I wonder if G Cobb and Thad have the same agent?

jkay reply to SacNasty on Apr 8 at 14:52

haven't read the article yer, but off the top of my head, I believe we've had this discussion 2 years ago.

Totally random trivia questions:

(1) With Troy Murphy [waiting since 03-04], Emeka Okafor [04-05] and Jarrett Jack [04-05] set to end their career playoff droughts, who is going to be the active leader in games played without a playoff appearance?

Side fact #1: Elton Brand and Corey Maggette came into the league together from Duke in 99-00. They both have made the playoffs only once, in 05-06 with the Clippers. Brand ends his drought this year, Maggette doesn't.

Side fact #2: Danny Granger and Jeff Foster end their playoff droughts this year too, not having gone since 05-06 with the Pacers. Still waiting: Rudy Gay (in the league since 06-07, will unfortunately miss this year even as his team goes), Baron Davis and Monta Ellis (went in 06-07 with the Warriors), Earl Watson (waiting since 04-05).

(2) Who is the only player who played on the 00-01 Sixers who is still active in the NBA?

Theo was on the team that year, but not when they went to the finals, right? Was Raja Bell w/ them that year or later?

Longest drought, I'm going to say...hmnn. David Lee?

jkay reply to Statman on Apr 8 at 15:05

1) Chris Wilcox?
2) Nazr Mohammmed

tk76 reply to jkay on Apr 8 at 15:13

I think this is the right answer. Good job.

Chris Wilcox is correct. He's at 535 games right now and won't make the playoffs with the Pistons. He had the misfortune of being traded away from the Clippers in midseason the year they made the playoffs (05-06). David Lee is a good guess too, hasn't made the playoffs since he came into the league (05-06); I missed him in my list. He's got to be #2 or #3 now, at 438 games. (If you count Eddy Curry as active, he's at 511 and counting.)

I got to be curious about this because I was reading about Tom Van Arsdale, who hold the career record of 929 games without a playoff appearance, which is remarkable because he came into the league at a time when 6 out of 9 teams made the playoffs. In 75-76, he joined the Hawks and was excited about their prospects of making the playoffs, but they finished 8-34 (including a 16-game losing streak) after starting 21-19. In 76-77, the last year of his career, he played with his twin brother Dick on the Suns, a year after the Suns made the NBA finals and just before an 8-year run for the Suns in the playoffs. Unfortunately, they went 34-48 that year and missed the playoffs.

More recent was the saga of Shareef Abdur-Rahim, who made the playoffs just once in his career of 830 games. Juwan Howard is notable for playing just 29 playoff games in his long career (5 seasons of 17) despite 1170 regular season games.

I mis-phrased the 00-01 Sixers question. Raja Bell is the only player who ended the year on the 00-01 Sixers who is still active. Theo Ratliff (barely active) and Nazr Mohammed (still going strong) were part of the midseason trade for Mutombo that year.

I wish there was a mutombo out there right now we could trade for.

We could pick up Sean Williams from the D-League. He's been leading the D-League in blocks all season. His latest game (Wednesday) his line was 11 points, 17 rebounds, and 7 blocks.

Thorn even drafted him. I really don't understand how we didn't sign him. I get that he's had problems in the past, but it's a 10-day contract, if he causes a problem, then release him. What's the risk? We could sure use his shotblocking and rebounding in the playoffs.

My guess is that the the fact that Thorn drafted him isn't something that's working in his favor.

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