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So it looks like the Sixers are running a poll. If you had to choose between Thad and Lou for sixth man of the year, who would you pick?

tk76 reply to Brian on Apr 8 at 15:49

Thad. Lou would get my vote if he had a FG% more like last years 47% (even 44% would be fine.)

Both have gotten hot and sparked the team. Thad has had less negatives.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Apr 8 at 15:54

And I don't vote for Jason Terry for 6th man of the year, because he is a bogus non-starter. He is 2nd on his team in minutes played and the "starter" ahead of him averages less than 20 minutes a game.

Thad and Lou are 5th and 6th in minutes/game.

My vote would be for Odom. Thad or Harden would be #2, probably Thad.

tk76 reply to Brian on Apr 8 at 16:00

Odom averages 32 min/g. Third on the team. Again, that's just too high to be considered a 6th man.

Every team has 3 or 4 players who get 32-36 min/g. None of them should be consider "6th man." Or mamybe this really is an award for the best player who is willing to come off the bench, even if they are a de-facto starter?

Odom's a different case than Terry, imo. He had to start a bunch of games because of Bynum's injury, but he's clearly a bench guy for them behind Gasol and Odom up front.

Sorry, Gasol and Bynum. Terry is Dallas' starting 2 guard, they just choose to bring him off the bench.

Steve reply to Brian on Apr 8 at 17:20

Who is Harden backing up? I thought he was a starter.



Thabo. Smart phone, my ass.

Odd ti face a Raptor team that can't shoot.

And I'd like to see Iguodala get some quality rest tonight. They don't need his elite wing defense and he rarely takes advantage of weaker players on the other end. I know he won't "heal" before the playoffs, but no reason why they can't at least keep him fresh.

Agreed on Iguodala. 25-30 minutes would be ideal, though I doubt it happens.

Toronto = yawner.
not one player on their roster I'd even like to see. maybe Bayless 2 years ago.
Should be a win. And Yes we will play sloppy tonight.
I'll watch the Phils game and check the highlights later.

I'm intrigued by Demar Derozan, since the All star break he's been averaging 20 ppg shooting 48%, and in April (4gms) is havering 26 ppg.

He's helping my fantasy team out all the way to the finals (though amare and dwight are really screwing my weekend over)

I haven't seen it first hand, but I keep reading that Ed Davis is becoming pretty impressive.. looking forward to seeing what he can do.

Tray reply to T McL on Apr 8 at 16:47

Sort of like a young Camby.

Case in point.

I think Tray has some kind of super-duper google alert set up for Ed Davis currently.

He's Tray's latest "rookie from another team that I'm going to constantly update you about as my passive aggressive way to say we shouldn't have taken Evan Turner."

tk76 reply to Brian on Apr 8 at 16:49

My take on the 2010 draft id "pass."

tk76 reply to tk76 on Apr 8 at 16:49

Meant "is", not my inner psyche.

Tray reply to Brian on Apr 8 at 18:29

Wait, I'd be insane to argue that we should have drafted Davis over Turner. He looked lost in his sophomore season. I always liked his athleticism, but no way that I'd argue that. I think I even was for Turner over Favors. Maybe not for Turner over Cousins, and frankly I don't think that this season has settled that debate either way. Cousins has definitely had more games where he's looked like an impact player. I guess they're both good rebounders for their position, that's really all that they're currently good at on a consistent basis. Cousins gets to the line a lot, there's that.

Wow, the Sixers are -11 in this game. That's a sketchy bet considering their last three games.

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