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I'm happy Jodie is missing now, get all of them out of his system.

Iguodala is my biggest concern. I think your summer team USA fears are coming to fruition. He has played a lot of basketball over the past 2 years. The playoffs are a whole new mindset though.. maybe he looks rejuvenated come Game 1.

"Andre Iguodala has played like Spencer Hawes"... that's a good one

All good points Brian, may I add few ones
1) too many f'n 3 pt plays allowed, I think all of Turner's 3 fouls were sissy touches on different Raptors driving and scoring, even our veterans had some really stupid fouls (Ig, Brand)
2) 5 missed FTs in the 4th, not good either
3) is it me or Bayless beat the shot clock like 3 times, two of them scoring a three?
4) good 4th by our vets, Ig and Brand had some nice plays down the stretch. Ig missed the potential game winning shot on that drive, which was the easiest one he took all year I think
5) interesting lineup to start the 4th, with Ig, Turner, Meeks, TY and Hawes, no PG but two good ball handlers
6) LW is clearly missing, just as (I) expected. Especially in scrappy games like this
7) Jrue had 4th TOs at half I think, that's not good, but I am ok with his shots, he took good ones. Same for Meex, again.

Yesterday Zumoff said that NY clinched the 6th seed. How is this possible?

It's only when you grade a game on the hope it gives you... well no, not really. I mean, you could just say that everything's about wins and losses and sleep easily at night. But really, what matters is how good a team is, and over time that's a function of point differential. So winning by 20 is a bigger improvement on winning by 5 at home to one of the worst teams in the league than winning by 2 is an improvement on losing by 1. Utah had this period early in the season where they had these close comeback wins over everybody, games when they were down 20 in the fourth quarter. And it kept happening game after game, and their record soared. But it was completely fake. Close wins don't mean that much, and eventually what they came to look like was the team that was down 15 after having played 3/4 of the game, not the team that pulled out some narrow win. Really, beating Toronto by 5 at home is completely consistent with losing to New York by 6 the game before, it doesn't signal that we played better basketball in this game than the previous 2 or 3.

What do you guys think the deal is with Evan Turner ? One game(the celtics game) he looks fantastic--the next few, very mediocre. Is he contributing on some level that isnt really appreciated unless you watch every play of the game ?

Court_visioN reply to Gdog on Apr 9 at 14:04

Turner played well last night. Bayless burned him several times but he did that to everyone, the Sixers don't have anyone who can guard small speedy guys like that.

Lou does an OK job- at least this season.

Jrue and Jodie have to pick it up before the playoffs. They both came close to their averages, but on a normal shooting night Jrue should finish with close to 20 if he gets and makes seven free throws. Jrue has to tighten up the passing too; 5 turnovers aren't fatal against Toronto, but Boston or Miami is a different story. He has put up big assist numbers in the last two games and been solid on the boards but he simply must rediscover his shooting touch.

The most encouraging signs recently have been from ET. Next year could be a lot of fun if he really comes into his own and Jrue continues to improve.

tk76 reply to mymanjrue on Apr 9 at 16:36

Yeah, those bad TO's are pretty dangerous. You cut down bad TO's and suddenly the other team can't mount a comeback. So the near miss wins and bad losses turn into comfortable wins.

Tom Moore on Apr 9 at 14:36

Get votes for MVP, All-NBA, Most Improved.

Here's what I'm leaning toward. Would like to get your feedback.


Mike reply to Tom Moore on Apr 9 at 15:35

i don't get having westbrook in your top 3 for most improved over a guy like aldridge. westbrook's bigger leap came last year imo.

Seriously considered Aldridge, but went with Westbrook because he increased his FG% (41.8 to 43.8 percent), 3-point% (22.1 to 32.6), FT% (78 to 83.8) and increased his scoring 5.6 points (16.1 to 21.7) after a 0.8-point increase from rookie to second year. And he became an all-star this year.

Aldridge's FG% stayed about the same and points went from 17.9 to 21.8, thought FT% went up. He's legit.

How does that system work? Will you automatically not be getting the same privilege next year or what?

Also, I like Wade over Kobe for first team.. interesting you have him ahead of Lebron for MVP too, but hard to argue against it.

Like the way you think ...

Teams used to decide who gets what (among announcers and writers), but NBA handed them out this year. Had Coach of the Year, All-NBA and Rookie of the Year in 2009-10. Could be different (for instance, only two and not the same ones) next year. Get them emailed to me on or about April 1.

Statman reply to Tom Moore on Apr 9 at 17:37

Great picks, can't disagree with any of them. Another name on the Most Improved list, probably the leader for in-season improvement, is Tony Allen. Amazing that Rudy Gay could go down and he would just step in and produce 14 PPG on 58% shooting (with 2.4 steals per game) in March. And tragic for my DF fantasy team that I dropped him just before he went on that run ...

Tom Moore reply to Statman on Apr 9 at 17:49

You're right about Allen -- he's really responded.

Its funny if you told me in the beginning of the season Lou Williams is out for the year and the #2 pick in the draft is going to be taking his minutes I would have been psyched.
Goes to show you how far Lou has come and how little of an impact the #2 pick in the draft has been. I would have loved to see what Collins would have done with Cousins or Favors. Still early on turner though. Next year hopefully will be a good one for him.

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