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Sixers Around the Web: April 10, 2011

Huge day in the NBA today with three matchups that will very likely directly determine the seeding in both conferences:

Miami - Boston (the one that interests the Sixers most)
Lakers - Thunder
Memphis - New Orleans

Tom Moore on Apr 10 at 9:50

Sunday column: Sixers aren't inspiring confidence with finish:


Love the trivia answer:

The No. 6 Sixers beat the No. 3 Magic in the 1999 lockout season. They are 0-3 as a seventh seed and 1-2 at sixth since 1983-84.

The clinching game in that series was the first playoff game I had ever been to. Suffered for years as a diehard during the lean 90s years; this one was really memorable because of that.

O man who was on that Magic team? were Horace Grant and Penny still there? I know Darrell Armstrong had to be

Penny was there (booed him out of the building - he was shell-shcoked). Nick Anderson was probably their best player in the series.

Tom Moore reply to Rodney Buford on Apr 10 at 14:34

Thanks. The late Chuck Daly was coach of the Magic. Matt Harpring was an Orlando rookie. Series was a lot of fun.

Appreciate the post as always.

Tom Moore on Apr 10 at 14:35

Video: Williams Sunday on being "really confident" he'll be back for playoffs:


Tom Moore on Apr 10 at 14:46

Video: Collins on Sunday's workout, prepping for playoffs and Williams' progress:


Yeah, there are some serious flaws in his logic.

Blog: Williams believes he's on track to return for playoffs:


that series against orlando in '99 was my 1st playoff series too. never had experienced emotion in an arena like that before. pretty sure iverson's move where he cupped his hand to his ear to draw the crowd into a frenzy started then.

eddies' heady's on Apr 10 at 16:57

I'd say that Miami wins today to vault them into the #2 seed and they stay there. I'd also surmise that the Knicks will lose one or two of their remaining three games vs IND, CHI, and BOS, while we sweep our remaining two games and end up in the much talked about coveted 6th seed vs the Hated. Not sure with the way we've looked lately we're ready for 'em but we sure as heck aren't ready for the Heat.

I feel you (the Boston is game is an automatic loss for NY, IND will play tough, and CHA is actually trying to win games).
but what are our chances of beating orlando tomorrow night after D12 comes back from his suspension, ready to unleash all that pent up energy?

We need a big assist from Indiana tonight (who has been playing better) as Miami is blowing out Boston.

Even with last week's result (first game without Lou - working out the kinks), I still think we could push Boston to 6 or 7 and even win.

The Knicks have the tie-braker against the Sixers. So their magic number in 2. They have 3 remaining games and the Sixers have 2.

So even if the Sixers win out, the Knicks would have to lose 2 games for the Sixers to pass them.

Miami is ripping Boston, looks like we'll likely meet the Heat in the 1st round.

I am ok with that, I don't think we would ever had a REAL chance against either of them

I say 4-1 Miami but with 4 close ones.

Maybe vs Boston we could have won 2, but we would have seen a WFC packed with fans in green, which is what I really hate...

Spencer Flaws on Apr 10 at 21:03

Pacers up by 9 at the start of the 4th.

I'll be sort of bummed if the Sixers do not draft Bismack: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2011/writers/ian_thomsen/04/10/nike.hoop.summit/

Of course, with his recent press he might shoot up the draft board. I could care less if he is 18 or 21. He has a similar build to EB, but more athletic. Everything I have read suggests good defensive and rebounding instincts, good motor and a hard worker. Maybe not the athlete Ibaka is, but a bigger frame and longer arms.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Apr 10 at 21:22

"He is forecasted as a first-round pick with a chance to sneak into the lottery."

Yeah, from everything I've read, I'd love to have him. I have a feeling he'll move up draft boards after the combine (if he goes), though. It'll be hard to pass on a guy w/ that kind of defensive ability for a lot of teams. If he's there, I don't see why the Sixers wouldn't take him, unless they think Jimmer would put butts in the seats.

tk76 reply to Brian on Apr 10 at 21:30

In a dream world they draft Bismack... he works with Brand for 1-2 years and then replaces him.


Fucking Hansbrough with an idiotic foul. At least Billups bricks the first freebie.

2 minutes to go in Indy, Pacers up by 4. If there's any chance at getting up to #6, the Pacers have to hold on here. Just turned it on.

and Collison with an idiotic turnover.

Is this what it's like when fans of other teams tune in for the end of Sixers' games?

Rich reply to Brian on Apr 10 at 21:34

Collison is killing them down the stretch. Now the Knicks can win it with a score.

aaaand, now Melo will have a shot to win it. Knicks ball, down 1, 13 seconds left.

Indy completely choked this game away.

Damn, that's great D by Granger, better shot by Melo.

Knicks by 1. 4.9 seconds left. I guess Indy goes to Granger for a similar poor isolation play that will probably end up in a missed 20-footer.

Rich reply to Brian on Apr 10 at 21:36

I'd prefer that over Collison.

Fuck you, Pacers.

Granger's shirt was held when he was trying to get open, no whistle. Granger then walked prior to getting his shot blocked.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Apr 11 at 7:42

I second that, screw the Pacers. They had 109 with 3 and a half minutes left. I think they had 7 possessions from there on out with 4 being just careless turnovers and 2 really terrible shots and then the Granger lack-of-ender.

I thought we were offensively inept at the end of games until I watched that debacle last night.

God, Melo crapped on Granger on those last two possessions.

Spencer Flaws on Apr 10 at 21:41

this is unreal! nice choke job indiana.

Eh, whatever. The Sixers are not in great shape at either 6th or 7th seed. Might as well get the higher profile match-up against the Heat. At least we will be able to see how the guys all respond. There will be some favorable match-ups on the floor, and it would be great to see someone step up.

If there likely to lose I'd rather it be because they are outclassed by elite talent as opposed to painful losses due to relative inexperience. And if they win, let it be against the Heat- since the whole world will be watching.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Apr 10 at 21:43

there should read they're

So now NYK would have to go 0-2 & PHI would have to go 2-0 for Philly to finish 6th. We're closer to MIA-PHI & BOS-NYK.

tweet from John Schuhmann

It's ashame. Sixers really had no business choking away the 6 seed, but you can't really do anything about Lou's injury (or Iggy's tendinitis). I for one am extremely bummed that we don't get the Celts in teh 1st round. I am an optimist when it comes to the sixers, and I really felt like we had a "shock the world" potential series vs. the celtics. They are prime for an upset. It won't happen with the Heat though. Ugh.

johnrosz on Apr 10 at 22:45

Yeah, the stuff about how he's been pretty good when he plays 30+ minutes is kind of obvious, and really more of a sign of how bad he's been than how good he's been.

The guy is a starter and whenever he's been effective, he's been allowed to play more minutes. The fact that he's only played more the 30 eight times all year, well, I think that's more damning than anything.

He also didn't talk at all about his atrocious offensive numbers. A .487 true shooting percentage for a center is beyond pitiful. His turnovers are too high, his personal OFR is 98, which is horrible for anyone, let alone a big, and his -0.1 offensive win shares kind of speak for themselves.

He's been a better rebounder than I thought he would, but overall he's been just as bad as anyone should've expected, maybe a bit worse.

The sad thing is on the rare occasion when he does play like a legit NBA center, the team really looks great. It's a shame it happens so rarely. Who knows maybe they get lucky and he catches fire in the playoffs.

tk76 reply to Brian on Apr 11 at 0:17

Plus, with Brand and Haws you have two frontcourt players who can't finish strong in traffic. It wastes Jrue/Iguodala/Turner's ability to set up a big through penetration. Thad is the only one who can catch a pass on yhe move and finish in traffic. While Brand can catch and shoot... while with Hawes you're lucky if he catches the ball.

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