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Game 81 Thread: PHI vs. ORL

Playoff predictions:

Miami: 5 or 6 game series. 3 10+ pt losses. 1 easy win. 1 or 2 close games.

Boston: 5 or 6 game series. 4 or 5 close games.

mgfields reply to tk76 on Apr 11 at 18:27

With the sixers winning either way? :)

mgfields on Apr 11 at 18:34

If you buy league pass broadband and the game is on NBATV, is the game blacked out online?

I have league pass mobile and can't watch tonight's game on my phone. Thinking about getting broadband next time.

NBATV games are blacked out on LPBroadband.

one of the heat's beat writers(this one for espn) just tweeted this, "Word is Doc Rivers putting Celtics into shutdown mode, resting front line for last 2 games. Will (attempt) to concede No. 2 to Heat"

id rather face the celts, so this isnt good from my standpoint(if its true)

Even if they rest everyone, there's still a chance they win the next two vs. WAS and NYK. I think pretty much every scenario is still on the table no matter what Boston tries to do, though the odds of us facing the Heat probably improved.

Tom Moore on Apr 11 at 18:51

Video: Collins pregame on his role in Sixers' success, wanting a winning record and Turner starting for Iguodala:


Tom Moore on Apr 11 at 18:53

Howard was terrific beforehand -- talked about everything from all his technicals to free agency and MVP chances. Kidding checked press credentials of Philly writers as we entered Orlando locker room and followed me and emulated my walk.

I hope someone asked him if he started looking for an apartment in Philly for when he signs here in two years.

NBA TV flip-flopped the Sixers record to 39-41. No respect.

Here we go...

They should let Jameer take the tip vs. Hawes, to make it fair.

Dwight wins it easily.

They sent Jrue on an immediate double, Jameer drained a three. Not good.

Oop to Howard next time down after Hawes was beaten by Jameer for a board.

Sissy 20-footer, no good after Jrue penetrated.

Hawes did have a poke-away on Howard on the other end.

EB turnaround.

Looked like a clean block by Jrue after some solid post defense.

Ugh, lost Richardson in transition.

Anyone got a link?

Alright, Jrue has it going on from the field to open

Nice find by Jrue. Jodie w/ the finish inside.

And Jrue drops the dime!Jodie for TWO

2/2 from the line for Howard. Ugh.

Howard hits both free throws. Not a good trend

Didn't like that three by Jrue. He wasn't open. And Jameer cans one on the other end. Collins didn't like that trade, timeout Sixers.


wow, turnovers everywhere!Jodie misses the 3 in transition but we get it right back. EB with the elbow j

christ, 3 threes for Nelson. They rotated well that time and he still hit it.

Jodie three on the other end.

jodie with the three to answer jameer's THIRD of the quarter

EB's on.

Howard dominant to this point. We're getting killed on the glass, too

Two on Howard! Two bad ones, too. Illegal screen and a reach on the other end earlier.

2 on dwight, need to make a push now

Fuck you, Hawes. Howard stayed in with two fouls.

Thad takes off like a rocket. fouled on the play.

EIGHT TO's for Orlando!but only 3 pts off them for the 7-6, I believe

Thad lost Anderson. Noc, corner three.


Jesus Christ, 6/7 from three.

Keep attacking the rim, Howard isn't even looking at drivers. Doesn't want to pick up his third.

Well, on the bright side, they can't sustain 67% shooting...right?

Celts are hammering the Wizards w/ their second team early.

Heat lead ATL too though...

I think we need that one to go the other way.

Yeah...the 'though' meant that the Heat score was the bad news. I definitely want Boston

gotcha, missed the though.

17-2 on the boards. Jesus

9 ORL turnovers and we're down nine...ugh

PHI 25, ORL 34 after one.

I guess (hope) Orlando can't keep hitting every shot. Hopefully the Sixers will mix in a rebound or two as the game goes on.

7/8 from three. 4/4 for Nelson. Don't think Collins was happy Turner went under that screen.

Don't like this lineup to start the second...and Jameer hit ANOTHER three. TIMEOUT

that was an interesting shot by Hawes. He basically threw it at Malik Allen's chest. Quality offense.

Really nice show and recover on that P&R by Thad. Then no one grabs the board on the miss.

why THEE fuck is it everytime a SIXERS game is scheduled for NBATV they black it out???????


Where do you live?

Got to watch NBA TV games on NBA TV, if you don't have the channel on TV you can't see the games. Blacked out on Broadband and nba mobile.

I'm in PA (Allentown) GoSixers, I use to have RCN & was able to watch it on Comcast, but now I got direct TV , for some reason they don't seem to have comcast, IT SUCKS

the turnovers continue, gotta capitalize..and as i write that jrue gives it right back

Tom Moore on Apr 11 at 19:44

Magic holding 19-2 rebounding edge.


Tom Moore on Apr 11 at 19:45

Making it 21-2 on boards. Yikes.

yup, Nocioni still useless.

Get Hawes out of there for Battie, please.

Tom Moore on Apr 11 at 19:47

Howard pregame on all his technicals: "Why should I change who I am? I think I just have to play. That’s all. Whatever happens happens. I can’t let it affect my game. The refs are going to call the game however they feel. I just can’t allow that to mess with my head."

Treading water while Howard is out. Not a good sign.

How's turner been?

Pretty invisible. got to the line once, missed a couple jumpers. Hasn't rebounded, but neither has anyone else. I think he got yanked for going under a screen and giving Jameer another three.

Two more offensive boards for ORL.

Thad is off so far. This is looking very ugly

Nocioni on a poster. Sweet.

Well, I guess you always hope you'll see something you've never seen before when you turn on a game. i've never seen a team rebound this poorly.

Washington leading Boston now

Our team defensive rebounding percentage is 18% right now. And we're only down 9.

brand slaps duhon in face on the block, noc for the 3
somehow only down 9

Looks like we're playing Miami, folks. Heat up by 10 on ATL, Boston now losing to the Wiz. Only chance is to catch New York, but Boston is apparently tanking so I doubt they beat the Knicks, even if we somehow manage to come back and win this game.

as horrible as we are right now, the Magic don't look very good either. Lucky Hawks.

holy jesus, Sixers have been outrebounded 25 to 3.

wow nocioni keeping us in.

10-0 run, heh.

Damnit, Hawes back in.

12-0 run prior to Hawes' return (Dwight came back in too).

Hard foul on Howard, that's pretty much all I want from hawes.

how come Hawes is back so soon?

Why is Daniels running the point? Well, I guess they want to get him some experience. Jrue got the assist anyway.

Hawes rejected, badly.

Not sure why Elton needed to get cute there.

jkay reply to Brian on Apr 11 at 20:01

on a 5 on 4 , Howard still recovered in time to block that. unbelievable, Hawes

Celts back on top. Miami still up 10. This could be interesting.

We're inching closer to a 50% DRB. 9/21 right now.

Argh. Turk dos, think it was a three, though.

it was. 50-47

Nocioni bails on the P&R, wide-open layup for Duhon.

Brand again. Nice.

much better halftime score than i expected!they are in a decent position with a conceivably tiring orlando team. Jrue with 9 first half assists, aiming for a career high?

PHI 47, ORL 50 at the half. That Turk shot was a three.

14-0 run brings the Sixers all the way back. Need to come out in the third quarter w/ that kind of energy.

I'd really like to see them pull this game out if for no other reason than if seeding is decided by Wednesday, they don't feel compelled to play everyone against Detroit just to get the winning record.

nocioni starts the second half. can't argue with that, really.

Nocioni gets the start at the beginning of the third. Welcome back to the doghouse, Turner.

Josh reply to Brian on Apr 11 at 20:30

It's great to see Noce playing well, but I would like to see Turner get some type of burn these next two games.

MichaelT reply to Brian on Apr 11 at 20:38

I guess we know who will be playing in the playoffs now.

Hawes w/ the putback off the bad Jrue miss.

Jesus, Hawes.

Jrue has 8/3/9 so far. Should have about 13 assists if not for Hawes.

Wow, Jrue with an in-your-eye three from about 26.

Payton w/ a nice find of EB, but he missed it.

Jrue got in the way a little bit of that oop to Howard. I assume that'll be a highlight.

Meeks rushed that three. Bad spacing on the play.

Back up to 9. 11-0 run for Orlando.

Terrible spacing again.

Noc is shooting them right out of this game.

Fucking Hawes.

Andres "Green Light" Nocioni

flashbacks of game 5 playoffs 2009

Noc is 0/4 with a turnover this quarter.

Josh reply to Brian on Apr 11 at 20:49

Yet he still manages to be on the floor the whole quarter.

Yep. 2nd on the team in minutes for the mullet.

Josh reply to Brian on Apr 11 at 20:52

Still in the game too

Ugh, I'd rather give Duhon the three than that dunk to anderson.

PHI 62, ORL 76 after three.

Not what I'd call a good quarter.

Meanwhile, Miami is running away from the Hawks and the Celts are in a nail-biter.

had Brand's jersey on that one. no call.

Nice brick, noc.

Snow making some sense talking about Turner.

what'd he say?

Put Turner in. What if you need him in the playoffs?

Jesus Christ. Can't you grab one friggin' d-board?

Hawes offering no resistance against Brandon Bass in the post.

Jrue has twice as many defensive boards as Brand + Hawes.

Get Jrue and Brand out of there at this point. No use running up their minutes for this garbage.

it's depressing how this team decides to play its worst basketball at the end of the season when we're supposed to be celebrating a playoff berth and our first plus-500 record in how many years.

Miami might piss away this game. Same thing for Boston, though. Miami up by 7, BOS down by 4.

I'm not sure these Sixers of the last few weeks are playing all that differently than the 3-13 team. They only get in games when other teams get lazy and let up.

Last few weeks being since the NJ game? You could probably make the argument the 3-13 played better.

tk76 reply to Brian on Apr 11 at 21:24

I think the 3-13 team was in it almost every night. They just could not win close ones.

While these last 18 games they have had entire games where they look sluggish and outclassed. Some games became close when the oponent let up- but the team lacks an edge that even that 3-13 team had for 44min a night.

18 games is too far back.

tk76 reply to Brian on Apr 11 at 21:28

You are right... 16 games. because they played well against OKC and Bos 17 and 18 games ago :)

But the Bucks 28 pt loss started their slide. They got destroyed... and have been manhandled a number of thimes since- which had been uncharacteristic for this team.

Nope, don't buy it. They were 6-5 in their next 11 after the Boston win with 3 bad games in there (@MIL, @UTA, vs. Sacto), one blah game w/out Iguodala (@ Portland) and 7 strong games (@LAC, @SAC, @MIA, @CHI, HOU, NJN, ATL). That's not a bad stretch. We're really only talking about the last five games.

tk76 reply to Brian on Apr 11 at 22:55

My point is that they were not in every game like had been typical for this team. Way too many nights where they have been no shows- and that began with the Bucks game. But maybe you were right. I did not look closely at the games- more at when their 46 game hot streak ended.

Well, of those 11 games, the only one they weren't in was the Milwaukee game.

Tray reply to tk76 on Apr 11 at 21:20

I'm just glad that I don't really care that much about the Sixers.

PHI 85, ORL 95 Final.

Piss poor effort, if you ask me.

Jamal Crawford is guarding "mvp" LeBron and LBJ is content to stay on the perimeter and pass to Z for 20-footers. Miami making a furious comeback w/ their second unit.

Tray reply to Brian on Apr 11 at 22:22

If he were a real MVP, he'd do better than 34, 10 and 7 on 21 shots, I guess.

Z loses his shit, throws the ball at Zaza.

Z was tossed.

4-point play for Miami. Ugh.

johnrosz on Apr 11 at 21:32

Spencer Hawes isn't as bad as you might think...

he's fucking 10 times worse.

eddies' heady's reply to johnrosz on Apr 11 at 23:02

That was a joke of an article. I thought it was April fools again...that site is....ah nevermind..

This year: 3-13.....30-17.....7-6....1-4

3 yrs ago: 5-13.....32-20.....3-3....0-4

At this point I would be pleasantly surprised if we made it to a game five vs Miami...

Jrue gets his third double double of the month, but 15 pts on 16 shots doesn't cut it. He needs to learn how to get to the line consistently. His development is going to be really exciting over the next few years, I believe. If they can somehow get the right pieces around him-like a pure scorer sg(sorry Jodie) and a center who can consistently finish around the rim, he could easily average 8+ assists. Shooting more consistently and, as mentioned, getting to the line more and he could average 17, 18 ppg. Plus he has the potential to be an elite defender with more consistent effort & adjustments to his handling of picks. I think he is a star in the making. Really hope a protracted lockout doesn't stunt his growth.

boston was up 4 with less than a minute to go in regulation. now they're down 2 in OT...

miami it is

...just got back, and only three Qs:

- was that dunk on Jrue as nasty looking on TV as it was in person?

- was that Brian at the scorer's table, or just some dude who looks like Brian and has the same warmup jacket?

- can this game go into the "possible win if we still had Dalembert" column?

maybe so

tk76 reply to das411 on Apr 11 at 22:50

No on the Sam part. In these games where they are getting destroyed and then make a brief comeback I think it is mostly because the other team let up and let them back into the game. So hitting another shot here or there or having a better center would not have been a game-changer. The Sixers were bad as a team effort, it was way beyond just Hawes.

I said maybe because I've never seen a team rebound that poorly, and Sam always rebounded well. He also played well against Howard usually.

johnrosz on Apr 11 at 22:52

I guess if you're an optimist, Herb Magee fixed Jameer's shot...he was drilling absurd jumpers all night. Not a spectacular shooter but his shot has definitely improved.

Maybe Herb can actually help Turner?

More than his actual level of play, I'm disappointed with how passive he is when it's glaringly obvious he's got a chance to carve out a big role for himself on this team. I believe in the kid still but it's getting hard to argue with anyone who's leaning towards writing him off.

Tom Moore on Apr 11 at 23:02

Howard held a moment of silence for Jrue on his third-quarter dunk afterward. Must say it was pretty funny.

Tom Moore on Apr 11 at 23:16

Sixers get playoff date with Heat:


Blog also has post-game videos with Brand and Young.

Tom Moore on Apr 11 at 23:21

Hearing Game 1 of Sixers-Heat might be Sunday at 3:30.

That would be perfect for me. Family obligation on Saturday. That would probably make game 3 (first home game) on Thursday. Definitely no earlier.

Tom Moore reply to Brian on Apr 11 at 23:33

Right. Flyers are home Friday for Game 5, so could be Sunday and Tuesday in Mia, Thurs and Sunday (TV) here.

That would be an ABC game?

eddies' heady's on Apr 11 at 23:33

We were missing arguably two of our top four players so I guess that factors in. But I thought Jrue had a not so good game. He took some really bad forced shots and had some of the same old silly careless turnovers. He still doesn't understand how to draw contact when getting into the lane and specifically when getting a guy off his feet. He had Howard in the air tonight once and just sort of let up and tried to change his shot awkwardly only to lose the ball instead of putting the onus on the refs to give him the whistle by going harder straight ahead or flailing his arms as if his shot was affected by the contact.

Evan once again midgetized his performance. He's gifted with another opportunity just laid in his lap and he comes up so minimal, looking at times as if he doesn't even belong on the court on this level.

A big problem I have with him, among many, is he is just atrocious at running a break or semi-break. He's so passive and seems to possess no certainty with decision making. I remember saying earlier in the year that it's either him or no one/nothing if he's running a break. He doesn't possess awareness of spacing, setting teammates up, attacking hard - with the worst being getting to the line, or what teammates he's out there with and where they are. He will normally and casually just pull up around the key or free throw area and just find the closest person to pass it to who is not in scoring position at that point. Just no sense of what to do if he isn't bulling and dribbling his own way to the hoop to attempt a layup, but mostly he relinquishes doing even that with his passivity.

There can't possibly be a GM out there stupid enough to take him off our hands is it? I just don't want to go through these 3 or 4 years of that overpriced contract waiting for this guy to become whatever they think he's going to become, particularly not with this whole re-worked shot idea.

I've obviously stated I don't think the guy can cut it in this league, but he definitely doesn't cut it with our current personnel. Getting outplayed by Nocioni again? Ain't no one year adjustment period helping that...what's he really going to change?

He is what he is, to me. Watching him, it's too easy to say you miss Willie Green.

eddies' heady's on Apr 12 at 0:19

Oh yeah, I don't know who Spencer was jawing to over on the bench when he pitifully grabbed Howard and allowed him to get a shot up lefthanded for an and-one but, Doug immediately pulled him from the game and he should have immediately ripped him a good one personally right after the game - for that instance and his piss poor play and lack of rebounding all game.

Thorn can't be that clueless to do anything more than bring this guy back as a stopgap on his qualifying offer. At least I hope..

I wonder if they even need to do that. Is anyone else going to give him $3M+ in free agency? I mean, don't give him a qualifying and if you need to get him back, you sign him for less than that. Hopefully, you don't have to stoop that low.

Well, its time to shock the world! Sixers beat Heat in 7!Im not sure if we can take the Heat but I do know we def need iggy and lou to be close to their normal selves if we have any chance but the young sixers will get some great experience and the sixers will get some exposure nationally which is good because they have come a long way and had a nice season.

at least the entire country will be Sixers fans for a couple weeks

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