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Taking on ORL w/o AI9

I'd start Thad :)

at the three?

tk76 reply to Brian on Apr 11 at 14:24

Sure. Why not. You can shift him to PF and sub in ET after 4-6 minutes. It would be a nice curve-ball and give him some game time on the wing. You can still send him to the post.

I can't wait to see ET with extended time! Brian, where did you get this picture of Dre? Classic!!!

I just did a google search for Iguodala in a suit.

Steve reply to Brian on Apr 11 at 14:42

Thats not weird at all.

tk76 reply to Timx on Apr 11 at 14:47

Anybody see the recent SI article on Coach Collins?


I had no idea about his ability to remember games. Pretty crazy.

Thanks for posting this link. Nice article.

sfw reply to Scott on Apr 11 at 16:45

Thanks Scott! Great piece of writing.

Any chance we might see Craig Brackins?! or Darius Songalia?!!

i'd like to see battie get decent minutes tonight, even if just to foul howard.

i really really hope ET makes the most of this chance to start, and doesn't get into early foul trouble(ala his last start at Portland) or do anything else to cause Doug to give him the quick hook. I want as little Nocioni as possible. 15, 5 and 5 Evan!Yes you can!

Like Brian said, the key is absolutely Jrue & Jodie's shooting. I think my man comes through with a big game tonight. They can't count on close to 50 pts from the EB/Thad combo to keep them competitive.

I like their chances against an Orlando team that is locked into their seed and on the back end of a back to back. Howard is Howard, and he is rested, but if the Sixers come out hungry and play like they did against Chicago or Houston, I think they can win without fake AI. Sure would be encouraging.

Iguodala won't play against Magic:


johnrosz on Apr 11 at 15:32

Orlando doesn't really have anyone in the front court that can stay with Thad off the dribble. Really need to attack that matchup whenever Dwight isn't on the floor.

Interesting stat-in the Sixers' 41 wins, Jrue is shooting 49%. In their 39 losses, he is shooting 39%. Whether Jrue's shot is falling or not makes quite a difference...

tk76 reply to mymanjrue on Apr 11 at 16:28

They are also 10-4 when he scores 20.

But strangely, they are 5-9 in games where Jrue gets 10+ assists. Partly because Iguodala missed 6 of those games.

If Lou isn't going to be available any time soon, give Daniels the minutes. He needs them to get into the sixers flow more than Nocioni.

anonymous on Apr 11 at 17:18

Why is Orlando a 2-3 point underdog?

My guess: back-to-back and nothing to play for. May see them rest some guys. Reddick is out, which hurts them. Gilbert might be out too, which would help them.

Orlando has nothing to play for, right?

But the Sixers have historically struggled in such games. They went to OT against the Cavs' 2nd-stringers in the last game of 08-09, and I remember back in 99-00 they lost a crucial game to a Pacers team that was resting its regulars (and led by a by-that-time-ancient Chris Mullin).

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