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Do You Prefer Limping In, or Backing In?

Video: Brand after Sixers' loss (Young's thoughts, too):


One other thing I noticed tonight: The Sixers spacing was just terrible. It's something I really haven't noticed for most of the year, but a couple plays stood out to me. On one play, the ball was kicked out to Nocioni beyond the three-point line, he made some kind of fake, then passed the ball to Jodie who was standing at most 8 feet away from him. Jodie tried to get the shot off, but Nocioni was standing so close, one guy was able to guard both of them and the defender was able to contest the shot. If Nocioni gets that ball at the top of the key and then swings to Jodie closer to the corner, it's a wide-open look.

The second time, Brand was working in the post on David Anderson, I think. Jodie got the ball inside the three-point line on the wing and tried to make an entry pass to Brand from about three feet away. It was too crowded and the pass was picked off. If Jodie is in the corner, or out past the three point line, he's got room to make the pass and then those two defenders need to decide whether to stick w/ Meeks or double down on Brand, leaving Meeks wide open for the three. With the poor spacing, they didn't even have to choose, they were already pinching Brand.

That's just sloppy execution, and it's uncharacteristic of this team. Their spacing has been excellent for most of the season.

Agreed. Half-court offense was stagnant and out of sync.

Meeks shot is gone, Turner's lost in space, Iguodala is hobbled, Hawes is abysmal, and Brand has superglue on his shoes. That being said, I'm totally pumped and can't wait to go to game three. If we can reduce D-Wade's sidekick to tears at least once this series, it'll all be worth it.

Maybe Iguodala's just been playing possum this whole time, resting up to take down LBJ.

Heat trio will be difficult for Sixers to handle:


How about the -16 for Noc from the start of the 3rd quarter to 9:30 remaining in the 4th.

Loss is on Collins.

eddies' heady's reply to stoned81 on Apr 12 at 8:00

Does it matter to you any that Jrue and Jodie were -12 and Hawes was -14 in about the same timeframe of Noc's -16?

Don't get me started on Jodie, but at least Jrue, Jodie, and Hawes scored. Nocioni did a stellar job of bricking everything when it counted. Nice job Noc!

How about 30 and 9 for Cousins, who made 18 of 21 FTA. That's quite a lot. Since 1985, there have been only 169 games (not players, games) in which a player made 18 or more. Among non-retired players, the only seven big men to ever make 18 or more are Bosh, Dirk, Shaq, Amare, J. O'Neal (as a healthy Pacer), Love, and Yao.

Yep, and he kept his turnovers + fouls to single digits (8) which is quite an accomplishment for him. ROY!

There's no denying he's really good. What's his career arc? Zach Randolph? Or Karl Malone?

Good stats bad team like Andray Blatche, or is he a top 30 player? I'd say its a 50/50 bet.

Whether or not the Sixers should have taken him? We'll see...

tk76 reply to Shawn on Apr 12 at 10:20

For all of Cousins and Sam's faults- i sure would not mind entering this series with Sam and Cousins in place of Turner Nocioni and Hawes. As for the long term future- who knows.

It is a shame that Iguodala is banged up. Normally I would really be looking forward to seeing him matched up against Lebron in a playoff series.

Alvin reply to tk76 on Apr 12 at 8:54

yea but it still is a great chance for Iggy to show what he can do. The lack of a shotblocker doesn't help him though. But banged up and all, I feel Iggy is the best possible guy to put on LeBron. Will be really rooting extra for Iggy since I hate LeBron so much, even before he left Cleveland.

Please tell me..who is going to guard DWade?

That'll be the key to the series. Holiday will have to be the guy simply because Meeks has no prayer against Wade and Turner will mess up the floor spacing on offense even more.

A 4-2 loss once again is very likely.

After pushing strong and looking like they might even surpass my expectations, they will land exactly where i thought they will 41-42 wins was my preseason prediction and as it turns out that's exactly what will happen.

Meeks isn't giving any spacing anymore either. He's wide open seemingly all the time these days.

Every shooter goes through a slump once in a while. I think he will be ready for the playoffs. Besides spacing is more about the threat he poses, rather than the amount of shots he is making...

I disagree. He's only really providing spacing if defenders are staying close to him. They're not. In other words, he's posing any "threat" to opposing teams because they are ignoring him. He's wide open virtually every time down the floor.

He is very very rarely wide open in the half court. Providing spacing on fastbreaks is not as important. A lot of guys are wide open in transition if they go towards the three point line. The spacing he provides in half court situations, which of course are the majority of the possessions in a regular NBA game especially in the playoffs is crucial to the team's improved half court offense this season.

tk76 reply to Xsago on Apr 12 at 10:15

Kudos to you. I thought this tea was headed to about 35 wins, and that 35 wins would be overachieving. And that included a big impact from Turner.

I almost want Iggy to guard wade and then put nocioni on Lebron. We're totally getting swept.

tk76 reply to Jay on Apr 12 at 10:17

I'd put Iggy on Wade and Young on Lebron and start Speights at C. Basically go big. But that ain't happening, not even for 1 minute of this series.

johnrosz reply to tk76 on Apr 12 at 14:35

If Iggy is going to look as hobbled as he has lately, he has no chance stopping Wades penetration. Not many do, but Iggy on leg has no chance.

I particularly bummed that we have played an entire season and I expect absolutely zero production from our #2 overall pick in this playoff series. he will be needed, since Collins admitted Nocioni can't physically guard Wade or Lebron- but I don't expect Turner to make a positive impact. And that is depressing.

Court_visioN reply to tk76 on Apr 12 at 10:25

Nah, I do. I expect at least one big game from Turner in this series. If he breaks out during these playoffs that would make my season.

Sure, but I was hoping for that last week. he had some moments, but mostly when the team was trailing by more than 15 pts.

I can't see any rational reason to believe Turner is going to have a breakout game in the short Celtics series.

I don't see Turner playing much unless the game is already decided one way or another. He's done nothing since Collins made his 'Nocioni pronouncement' that would say Collins suddenly is going to play him.

Heat, not celtics, it's a bit early here

Court_visioN reply to GoSixers on Apr 12 at 14:49

I'm just saying, Turner is going to see court time because Collins has to realize that Nocioni cannot guard either Wade or LeBron and Turner's the only option out there. Eventually, out of seven games, I think Turner can come up with at least one good showing. He'll probably disappear in all the other games but I think we haven't heard the last from our rookie yet.

Probably in a game that is not very close. He either does not get the right touches or does not step up in most close games. There has been the rare exception- but that has been against really bad defensive teams.

Somewhere down the line I hope Turner steps into that role. Just not expecting it next week.

What makes you think Turner can guard Wade or James?

The sixers have one guy who can guard either of those guys. Most teams only have one guy. That's why they work :)

I think Turner can guard James/Wade better than anyone on the roster than Iguodala.

Is that a compliment to Turner or an indictment of the rest of the bench? (I"m not disputing the fact that he's probably 'better' but I think better is relative and collins has shown a preference for veterans throughout his career, I see no reason for him to change now - especially after the season Turner has had when given chances)

I think Turner's an above average wing defender. I do agree he's not getting regular minutes, though. I was just commenting on his defensive ability.

eddies' heady's reply to Derek Bodner on Apr 12 at 23:19

I just don't see it, the above average wing defender part. If he is that, then this series and matchups against either of the Heat's big two will bare that out one way or the other. He does give good effort, but it's a stretch to say he's in the above average category, to me.

On the other hand though, he's just a poor team defender in most every aspect. He drifts or sags too far away from his man when the ball is on the opposite (strong) side of the floor. He doesn't make the right choice when going over/under screens on the perimeter. He never gives a hard foul to prevent a basket, often providing the opponent with an and-one opportunity. He often isn't on balance in his stance when playing guys for drives, getting left at least a step behind. He has moments when he doesn't funnel drivers to help, whether that's baseline or where help defenders are supposed to be (though this is a problem moreso with our paint protectors, or lack of, than our perimeter defenders). He needs just as much work on this end as he probably does on the offensive end.

Turner is not breaking out this season. Next season is the key season for him. Actually i'd say this summer will define his career in the NBA. He needs to show something that will make him worthy of being a focal point on offense, a guy that Collins will have faith with giving the ball in his hands. That's the only way his skill set will translate into a useful player for the Sixers.

odds are no summer league, or pre-season.

Whether or not there is summer league, this is an important off season for him. (In fact no summer league may work to his advantage as he has a lot of mechanical / basic stuff I think he needs to focus on). He needs to work on his approach to the game, his shot, and try and work on his 'speed' if that's at all possible.

I don't agree it will make or break his career, but improvement MUST be seen next season (whenever it's played) or it calls into question not only his long term success but his dedication to basketball.

We are losing this series 4-1. Will be similar to the 2005 posteason vs. the Pistons, who overmatched us in every way. At least then we could rely on one blowout game from Iverson to get us a W. I predict we lose the first 3, then show some fight and win game 4. Then lose game 5 on the road.

I'm looking for the Sixers to get swept here, maybe if Miami falls asleep they will get one game. Sixers have never recovered from losing Lou and Iguodola is a shadow of himself. I think with those two healthy, it could have been a 6 or 7 game series. I still don't think the Sixers would have won but it would have been very competitive.
I wish the Sixers would have taken Cousins--lets be honest, if they drafted Cousins everyone here would be thrilled with him on potential alone(not to mention hes played pretty well) and viewing turner from a far we would have labeled him a complete bust. But because hes on "our" team, were willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Turner on the Kings would average 15p 6as and 6rb on solid percentages and defense... He wouldn't have been labeled a bust...

tk76 reply to Xsago on Apr 12 at 14:36

Not sure about the solid percentages part. But certainly he would get more chances with they ball with Tyreke missing so many games.

Liked Favors over Cousins, still do.

We're all gushing over Cousins because he's getting the most opportunity (and because he's more advanced). Favors was the one who in 5 years we'll be debating whether it was a good pick.

I agree completely. I liked Favors before the draft better than Turner and still do. And i still think Turner will probably end up as a top 3 player from this draft behind Wall and Favors (i'm still not sure what to make of Monroe,Davis and George).

Tom Moore on Apr 12 at 14:09

Iguodala officially listed as game-time decision Wednesday, but Collins said Tuesday that he would "like for him to play if he can."

Tom Moore on Apr 12 at 14:12

Post-practice video coming from Hawes and Collins. Also got Holiday, but he didn't want to talk about the Heat because the Sixers have "a big game" first against the Pistons, so there's not much relevant there.

Tom Moore on Apr 12 at 14:15

Video: Hawes on his struggles, facing the Heat and the Sixers missing Williams and Iguodala:


Tom Moore on Apr 12 at 14:26

Video: Collins Tuesday on Williams feeling better, Sixers trying to regain on-court edge and readying for LeBron James and Heat:


Hawes shooting to get back on track:


johnrosz on Apr 12 at 16:34

I'd love to hear what Jrue has to say about Dwight going on an international media tour after that monster dunk last night.

Gdog reply to johnrosz on Apr 12 at 17:03

I heard Dwight's comments. Pretty funny actually. I think Howard is a goofy, good natured guy and other players don't take his comments too seriously. Much like Charles Barkley when he was here. Its refreshing to hear anything other than the normal boring interview a pro athlete gives.

If he brought that 'refreshing' attitude to the floor, he'd probably have less technicals.

Dwights persona is as contrived as Shaqs. Wouldn't be surprised to see if he modeled his post game interview 'funny' mode after Shaq and doesn't strike me as refreshing. It strikes me as a marketing tool

Barkley just has no filter when he talks, so he says dumb crap all the time and people think it's just charles being charles, it's charles being an idiot

Doug on PTI right now...

Some pics and a highlight clip of the guy the Sixers won't be drafting (Bismack):


eddies' heady's on Apr 12 at 23:32

I've went from two different ends of the spectrum in just a two week span. I felt we were primed for an upset of the Celtics and a 2nd round matchup vs the Heat if we could have snared the 6th seed. When Lou left that Milwaukee game on the road in the third quarter and we ended up losing that game it all started going downhill from there. I'm now of the mindset that we're going to get our asses handed to us and get swept right off the floor in four not so enjoyable games.

Well, at least it won't give the front office any illusions that we've arrived and maybe spur Thorn to burn the phones up even more to make something happen. Or show management that Hawes coming back is highly debatable and Thad's extension should be handled with pause - let someone else set his price on the market and then decide if he's worth it or not.

It is painful just to think of how the Heat may just mop the floor with us. They're going to turn it up a notch I'm sure. Hope like hell I'm wrong though.

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