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Game 82 Thread: PHI vs. DET

not that it matters but charlie V,suspened 5 games for his on/off court actions with ryan hollins

So what are the odds that the Sixers don't win another game until 2012?

I'm all for going for bore for the win tonight.

I'm pretty confident they'll win a game between now and January first, so long as there isn't a lockout.

tk76 reply to Brian on Apr 13 at 18:46

A lock-out was part of what I was intimating.

Tom Moore on Apr 13 at 18:25

Collins said he wants Nocioni starting tonight and Turner coming off bench because that's what Turner will be doing in playoffs. But Nocioni probably won't play much because Miami players are too quick (remember March 25 game?).

I'm a bit relieved by that - whew.

I guess that's a good thing, though Turner should probably be pretty well acclimated to coming off the bench by now.

Yeah LOL he needs to get used to coming off the bench. Sure Doug!

This might give me the double double for the season - 72 games watched, 10 games missed- but that's just an estimate

DBodner just pointed out Joe Johnson as a guy who was a late blooming star guard:

Joe Johnson rookie:
25 min
eFG% 46%
TS%: 48%

23 min
eFG% 43%
TS%: 48%

Had to go to another team, in another role to blossom. Could be a parallel there too.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Apr 13 at 18:40

All the talk of Doug saying he's got 3 ball handlers he has to play in front of Turner...it really makes you wonder if one of Jrue/Iggy/Lou/ET will be gone next year. I think Doug would probably want ET gone from the bunch if he had his pick

Saltzie reply to johnrosz on Apr 13 at 18:52

Would we then want to try to trade Lou while his stock is high? He's played well this year, but takes too many bad shots.

"we" yes. "Doug" no. "Thorn" maybe.

Turner is the guy we should keep. It's ridiculous to draft a guy #2 overall and not give him a full season of regular 32+ minutes before dumping him. But my guess is Collins will seek his removal from the team as soon as the offseason starts.

Great trade, who'd we get?

You're right about that. I wouldn't mind if Turner was traded for a player that could really help this team, but I could see Collins wanting to trade him for someone like Brook Lopez, which would be an absolute disaster. As good as Collins is at preparation and motivation, I wouldn't trust him for one second with any personel decision. This is a guy who thinks Bargnani is a tremendous player for toronto. Remember that.

Stan reply to Brian on Apr 13 at 19:16

Evan Turner, Thaddeus Young, Lou Williams, Jordan Hamilton and 2 first round picks for Dwight Howard? :?

It's better than Bynum or anything that any other team can offer

Except he won't sign an extension to play with a decimated team...

Tom Moore on Apr 13 at 19:05

Collins said pregame that he thinks it'll be Saturday and Monday, then Game 3 either Thursday or next Saturday.

Also, there will be no contact at tomorrow's practice, so Lou won't scrimmage until Friday to determine if he can go in Game 1.

Tom Moore on Apr 13 at 19:39

Video: Collins pregame on Williams' hamstring, how he might play less in playoffs and the Sixers' lack of postseason experience:


was there any pregame word on how many minutes to expect out of brand, holliday etc tonight?

Andres Nocioni wins Eric Snow's "Mr. Hustle Award"... it must be a dream come true

they can't possibly bring e-snow back next year, can they?

what ever happened to steve mix?was he a drunk or something?why was he fired?

johnrosz reply to mymanjrue on Apr 13 at 20:10

my guess is he was feeling up some interns. the team is very mum on the situation to this day, whatever it was

Mix actually was molested by Hip Hop and has not been able to step foot on broad street since

thankfully we have mcginnis on the radio dial

Snow was an 11th hour hire I believe.. I have no idea how these contracts work, but I would imagine they want him gone. You can hear in Zumoff's voice how disappointed he is with almost everything he says. Hopefully Snow can get his job back with the NBA network and everyone goes there seperate ways. With the improvement of the team, it should be a little bit easier to find a good replacement, right?

one would certainly hope. snow is just offensively bad.

who knows though, they might keep him for 15 years and he could be a kind of poor man's mike quick

Alrighty. 48 minutes, then we can focus all of our attention on Miami.

Hawes wins the tip, looking bouncy.

Then he bricks a jumper. Noc on the o-glass w/ the putback.

An immediate "garbage into gold" call for Zumoff.

Sissy hook, misses.

Sissy oop, missed.

Yep, looks tonight is going to be about Nocioni and Hawes taking too many shots and missing most of them. Wonderful.

Quick hook for Hawes, Speights subbing in

Meanwhile, J-Roll can't buy an RBI...just had a single with two men on, would surely have been an RBI had the lead runner not been Roy Halladay

Well, the good news is that EB looks quick and sharp. And Jrue came out early so maybe light minutes for him. Nice penetration by Turner.

Man, this is kind of tough to watch. I fell asleep for a minute there, and that never happens.

Good to see the bench bring some energy.

Look at Speights running the floor w/ the one-handed oop!

PHI 24, DET 29 after one.

Bench played better once they got in there. This is clearly the Nocioni show tonight.

Jrue three ends 12-0 run for Detroit.

Turner three.

turner on a poster, nice

Maxiell is an impressive athlete... not many guys that round can jump like that.. would be much better as a d-tackle you would think though

Brian, you're a trooper

Why did he pull Turner there? He's playing well, it's not like you need to worry about his minutes.

Cuz he wants to trade him in the offseason and another 20-point game doesn't help the cause.

i think the substitution pattern has been odd all night. which is of course to be expected, but still...pulling Jrue before Brand in the first. wouldn't you want to get your aging big man with a hand injury more rest than your healthy 20 yr old PG?

Thunder lead, Mavs trail...George Karl may get his wish

Man, Thad is such a good finisher inside most of the time. It makes it so frustrating when he goes on one of those streaks where's blowing bunnies left and right.

Thad w/ the corner three!

his three attempts are WAY down this year, one of the reasons for his top ten FG % and more efficient scoring, but i guess tonight's the night to let it all hang out

PHI 56, DET 52 at the half.

Decent second quarter. Just get this win and be done w/ it.

Jodie came up limp there. Shake it off, please.

Turner and the Mullet had some words there after that huddle.

Please no more Elton tonight. Why are we risking this?

PHI 77, DET 83 after three.

Ugh. 12 more minutes of slop.

Kapono. If they win this game it will be an accident.

Tom Moore on Apr 13 at 21:56

Sixers-Heat series is Saturday, Monday (7), Thursday (TBA), Sunday (1 p.m.), Wednesday (Game 5, TBA), Friday (6), Sunday (7).

Wow, only one day off between game 1? That's rare for a NBA series.

I think a 1 day gap between game 1 and 2 is normal. only b/w 2 and 3 that there is a 2 day rest i think.

Kapono fouling the jump shooter. Wonder why he hasn't played all year.

Wow, losing to the Pistons. A new low. Can't blame Turner, he's playing above his averages. Speights should be getting more time. Noc is also playing well above his averages. Starters having a really sub-par game. Should have been used as backups just to keep their legs. This is where Collins out-coached himself. Brand should have been rested the past few games. From the looks of it the other starters need it too. Even if they had a comeback and won this game it isn't even a moral victory. They never should trail a team as bad as the Pistons. I think too many 76ers are just satisfied making the playoffs. What is it, one win since they clinched playoffs?

Jrue trying to do it by himself now.

Turner ties it up. Kinda fun to watch Jrue and Turner fuel the comeback. Now that you've played the guys that matter close to 30 minutes, just go ahead and win it, please.

Ugh. If you're trying to win this game, get Kapono the hell out of there.

Jrue fucking rocks.

Just tuned in, why is brand out there.

Looked like they were going to concede early in the fourth, then Collins took a timeout and brought Jrue/Brand back in. Sixers were down 9, they've been dominating since. Think Collins really wants the winning record. He's not going to get if he keeps Kapono in there, though.

And Nocioni in for Turner. That's a big fuck you.

turner in for kapano

looking at the stats it looks like ET had a good game, what gives?

lul, nocioni and kapono on the wing.

So Doug takes Turner out in crunch time???? For Kapono and Nocioni?? ARE YOU KIDDIJG ME??

That's just disrespectful.

did turner partially block that?

Ugh. Hawes w/ the brick for the tie after Turner threw the brick up for the tie on the previous possession. Please get a shot for Jrue.

Nevermind, doesn't matter. A turnover and three bricks on the last three possessions and that's all she wrote. Down 4 with 30 seconds left.

Quite a lineup there. Holiday, Meeks, Kapono, Nocioni, Brand.

shoulda gone to the rim there brand.

Sixers need 3 points to get big macs for the fans on fan appreciation night.

Do you think Hawes and Speights get free big macs too?

Kapono, you fucking blow you piece of shit.

tk76 reply to Brian on Apr 14 at 0:14

Kapono finishes the season with exactly one more 3pt made than you or me.

Kapono from the grave stealing a game... fuck you Jason

Only fitting for the regular season to end with a missed Kapono 3...

At least we're getting fucking rid of Kapono and Hawes...I hope...

PHI 100, DET 104 final.

Big finish falls short when Collins sort of uses the starters to make a run, then decides to saddle them with kapono and nocioni.

41-41, it is.

It's uncanny how similar this season feels to the 08 and 09 playoff seasons. Does that mean we steal game 1 yet again? I think not.

Sixerfan1806 on Apr 13 at 22:24

oh yeah! we give kap-oh-NO! the last shot of the game to tie after jrue just hit one.

Tom Moore on Apr 13 at 23:23

Video: Young on Sixers looking forward to challenge of facing Heat after losing regular-season finale to Pistons:


Hey guys, night class is killing me and the replay isn't up on League Pass. Can you give me a little clue into how Turner got his line tonight?

tk76 reply to Rich on Apr 14 at 0:10

A lot of pull up jumpers from about 14-16 feet and some shots in the lane. Solid game. Hitting 2 threes bumped his stats.

Thought he played really well overall. Not a lot of hesitation, very aggressive.

Remember how Lidge used to make you feel like the Phils were going to lose any close game? Well that's how I felt about this year's Sixers.

I seem to recall that the Sixers had low expectations heading into their last few playoff series... was it this low?

Rich reply to tk76 on Apr 14 at 0:35

I think it's just because of the opponent. People were pretty pissed about the way they played heading into the Orlando series.

tk76 reply to Rich on Apr 14 at 0:37

They are just pulling a rope-a-dope on Miami, and are about to shock the world. We should not doubt them now...

Blog: Young: Sixers eager for 'toughest challenge' against Heat:


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