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Putting a Bow On It

According to deepsixer, Nocioni will be starting over Turner tonight. It said Collin's reason is that in the playoffs Turner will be coming off the bench and he wants him acclimated to this role. Does this mean he will be playing over Nocioni in the playoffs? One can only hope so.

Nocioni played 36 minutes the other night against the Magic, and that was about 36 minutes too many for a guy who was literally killing the team in the third quarter.

Jeff reply to Jeff on Apr 13 at 14:32

And by literally I mean figuratively.

jkay reply to Jeff on Apr 13 at 15:14

he wants him acclimated in that role? - so has Turner not been coming off the bench all season?; ha! That's an excellent excuse, if I heard one, believe Turner's ass will be glued to the bench. Plus Nocioni I believe has good stats against the Heat (a pre-playoff article even dared to call him the "Heat Killer"). No way DC will resist that opportunity to unleash that toughness against the big 3.

Got a preview of the upcoming playoff series already: http://bit.ly/gkO07j

FYI, tip off's at 8.

NBA wants all games to end around same time. Doesn't matter this year because all eight Eastern Conference spots were determined by Monday night.

Sixers-Heat is only Eastern ABC game Saturday or Sunday.

With Game 1 Saturday at 3:30 in Miami, Game 2 would likely be Monday or Tuesday. Since Flyers are playing a week from Friday, Sixers would likely play Games 3 and 4 on Thursday and Saturday (or Sunday).

The sixers 'benefit' from their first round opponent. NBA/ESPN/TNT is going to want the Heat in prime coverage as much as possible I bet.

i hope game 2 is on tuesday, im going to the phils game on monday

Hope The Sixers will win to celebrate a very positive, all considering, year.

For those who care, mysynergysports.com which has not been allowing new sign ups all year (at least not when I went to the site) even though previous year subscribers could use it is finally up and alive for new registrants at mysynergysports.com

lol, just in time for the end of the season!

tk76 reply to Jason on Apr 13 at 17:47

They want to get subscribers before the lock-out :)

Or they might not allow new subscribers until the end of the season - this is around the time they launched it last year too.

For those who don't know, Synergy is the greatest thing since sliced bread, although the fan version the second greatest thing since sliced bread (with the full version being the first).

Still only NBA ?

I'm presuming so. I didn't actually sign up - just did my weekly check. If I signed up I'll get all absorbed and I have a pressing contract job I'm supposed to be working on after work for the next few days to get launched ;)

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