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.500 It Is.

I go Turner for the POTG. 18 points, 7 assists, 6 boards, 2 steals, 2 TOs, and a +12 (whereas Jrue was a -10). Turner led the team in minutes (35) and pulled a +12 in a 4-point loss. That means a -16 in the 13 minutes he was on the bench. Pretty amazing.

If I were the coach, Turner would be replacing Meeks in the starting lineup. Meeks lost his shot, and that was all he offered.

I disagree about Meeks. He needs to keep shooting it and he'll be back at hitting threes in no time. I think he'll be ready for the Heat.

Charlie H reply to stoned81 on Apr 14 at 11:01

I agree. He's strictly a streak shooter. 37.5% ain't all that great, especially when that's all you do offensively.

Turner plays much better when he is in a pick-and-role situation. He doesnt look half as comfortable when asked to go one on one against a defender.

Both Holiday and Turner look great in the pick and roll. Too bad the Sixers don't use that more often.

Probably because after the "pick" there's no one who will finish the "role"
Brand isn't mobile enough, Hawes can't finish and Speights is allergic to the lane.

I agree about Brand, Hawes and Speights. I do however think that Young can be a good pick and roll partner for Holiday and Turner. But in order to do so, he needs to learn how to set better picks.

ROLLL, but yeah you're 100% right. There's no threat from the big man. The pick and pop is only OK if Brand is a threat to drive.

Xsago is correct. Why not use THADDEUS in that situation? He seems like a mini amare sometimes out there. Maybe he doesnt have enough body to set a strong pick?

Agreed in principle (and would agree going forward, he should be used regularly in that role), but for whatever reason he just hasn't had the results this year. Shooting 36% from the field this season in pick and roll situations, worse than 73% of the league.

Story: Sixers must have productive Iguodala and Williams vs. Heat:


Speak for yourself, I won my fantasy league by 2 assists and one freaking turn over (Blake Griffins triple double last night made assists closer than it should have been), Jrue playing last night helped me win :)

something else to take away last night. if we are down three and are subbing in three point shooters for one last play, kapono ain't one of them. does that man even have a pulse? i dont think anyone thought he would make that last shot last night. id rather see turner taking a three in the corner then kapono at this point.

Kapono: one made 3 all year. And in the one game he made a 3, he followed it up with a string of horrible plays. Hard to believe he began the year as a starter, trying to guard Wade ...

April was ET's best scoring month of the season, 10.7 ppg with 4 boards and a hair under 3 assist. Absolutely agree that he has earned some playoff burn, and we might desperately need him in order to put up any kind of credible defense on D Wade. He made 3/4 from three in April, too.

Brian, you are spot on-if last night carries over at all for Jrue, it was well worth it. All four of his misses from the field came from beyond the arc. 21 pts on 11 shots, so refreshing!

His big night last night coupled with his several double digit assist games down the stretch pushed his final averages to 14.0 ppg, 6.5 apg(17th in the league), 4 rpg, 1.5 stlpg(16th in the league), and 2.7 topg.

Final shooting number, FG/3PT/FT: .446%, .365%, .823%. Made his final twenty two foul shots, going back to late march

pretty nice sophmore campaign for my favorite Sixer. Sorry for the typos in the above post, I'm always in a hurry

I also just want to say...this season really rekindled my passion for the Sixers...They've always been my second favorite sports team, behind the Fightin' Phils, but they had been killing my interest for several years. Now it is back in full force. I've been in Boston since February(returning home tk Center City apt in May), so I bought League Pass broadband. I've lived and died with every game. Really wish they could have managed one more W for the winning record, but I see good things coming. I jus pray there isn't a protracted lockout, I think it would hurt this team.

I love Jrue and am excited to see what his potential turn into, love Thad's seemingly renewed effort and hope they bring him back, love Igoudala's defense, and love EB's grit and intensity. I hope they don't get swept

Obviously not much to be learned from a game like last night. But I took away a few things:

1. Jrue seemed to get his shot and confidence back- even if his defense is still suspect.

2. Meeks' 3 pt shot is off to where his form is starting to struggle. He was drifting/leaning on a number of attempts. maybe a few days in the gym will help.

3. The Sixers late game play continues to be abysmal- the only consistent thing we saw all season... They brought their starters in for the last few minutes and were clearly outplayed. I've seen zero improvement in late game situations all year, so it makes you wonder if they can pull out any close ones against the Heat (who also struggle in close games.) Needs to be fixed next year.

In fact the Sixers best shot generated in the last few minutes was the missed three by Kapono. And probably no coincidence that was off of free play since the Sixers did not have a time out. No douobt in my mind that a time out would have resulted in a much worse shot than that Jrue kick out to a wide open Kapono.

Wasn't the corner three Jrue hit the play before that off a set play?

tk76 reply to Brian on Apr 14 at 12:31

Fair point. But the Sixers overall really struggled down the stretch. The Jrue shot was with the team down 5 points with 11 seconds left- they simply don't wanty to foul. Teams concede shots when they are up 5 with less than 24 sec. While the Kapono miss was when down 3- a look defenses would be stacked to stop. So not exactly the same situation.

I more referring to the final 5 minutes of the game. The "clutch time" as 82games defines it. With 5 minutes left the game was tied 95-95. With 2 minutes left still tied 97-97 after a ton of misses. Then in that crucial stretch the Pistons pulled ahead to where they were up 102-97 with 19 seconds remaining. IMO that is typical of this teams late game struggles all year. And Collins was using what he saw as his best players available for that stretch- it was mostly starters on the floor.

Uh, Kapono and Hawes were his best players available for the stretch? I don't think so.

Thad would've been in that game if Collins was really trying to win. Not that it definitely would've made a difference, but they were playing 3.5 on 5. And I'm being generous counting Hawes as .5.

tk76 reply to Brian on Apr 14 at 12:44

He had Jrue/Meeks/Nocioni/Brand/Hawes in for the majority of the final 3 minutes- when the game was decided. You don't think he saw this as a strong line-up?

tk76 reply to tk76 on Apr 14 at 12:46


He stretched Kapono into crunch time becasue he had been iffective, Then subbed in Nocioni for Kapono with 2:47 left to try and win. Kapono was only re-inserted with 31 sec left with the team down 5 in a desperation attempt to add more shooters.

The rotations are at the top of this post, and if he did think Hawes/Brand/Nocioni/Meeks/Jrue was a strong lineup, he obviously wasn't paying attention earlier in the game. They were -13 as a unit up to that point.

Most of that time it was Hawes, Brand, Nocioni, Turner, Holiday, though.

tk76 reply to Brian on Apr 14 at 13:55

My sense was that he started the 4th with a garbage line-up. He then gradually shifted to what he saw as a "winning" line-up by inserting Jrue and Brand. Then in the closing 2:47 he put in his "best line-up" to try and win a tied game. After that he sent in some shooters for the last 31 sec after they were in desperation mode, down 5.

The only guy he did not go back to was Thad. I'm not sure if that was to give him rest versus thinking he would do better going big. Based on the fact that he put Jrue and Brand back in, I think it was the latter.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Apr 14 at 12:40

And I'm not putting all on Collins. It a collective problem that the coach, players and front office need to address. They will get better at closing as they mature (and hopefully upgrade their talent) but its probably their biggest issue all year. Even simply looking at their league worse OT record (2-8) it jumps out.

For example if the Sixers and OKC simply swapped their OT records then their overall records would nearly be identical. OKC would have dropped to 6th seed and the Sixers would be 5th seed.

Yeah. One thing they're very bad at is riding the hot hand. Jrue was unstoppable in the fourth last night, then he just didn't get any shots.

He hit a jumper at 3:42 to put them up 97-95, then didn't get another shot until the corner three he hit with 11 seconds left. In between, these are the plays:

- Brand missed 18-footer
- Hawes loose-ball foul
- Hawes turnover
- Turner missed 16-footer (this was a bad shot)
- Hawes missed 20-footer (another bad shot)
- Kapono missed three

Jrue probably needs to be more assertive in those situations. Collins also needs to call his number. This has happened a bunch of times this year.


tk76 reply to Brian on Apr 14 at 13:58

Its been pretty typical for Jrue to have one or two hot streaks i a game, but then to have him sort of disappear offensively for long stretches. Yes, this happens more late in games... but previously people tended to blame Lou or Iguodala for getting touches and relegating Jrue to standing in the corner.

Last night that certainly was not the case. I think Jrue played well down the stretch- but they did not play well enough as a team to win those last 3 minutes. And part of that was defense.

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