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Playoff Previews: The PGs

From a defensive standpoint, Jrue's greatest strength is his on-ball defense. On the other hand, "not losing track of Bibby" exposes his greatest weakness, losing track of his man. He'd be better off trying to guard Wade (losing track of Wade on the perimeter isn't as harmful, and maybe Jrue stops some Wade penetrations that Meeks can't). But having Jrue guard Wade is risky, because Jrue might pick up early fouls. In the end, Jrue is too important to the offense to risk putting him on Wade, at least at the beginning of the game.

It wouldn't surprise me on the other end if Miami switches Wade onto Jrue at some point.

tk76 reply to Statman on Apr 14 at 17:27

One of Jrue's biggest problems is dealing with picks. He often draws ticky-tack fouls when he tries to re-connect with his man. For this to improve it will require better co-ordination between the guard and the big- and possibly better bigs.

Mike Preston with a confidence building tweet (for the future at least):

"Players w/ 1000 pts, 500 ast, 120 stl in their age-20 season: LeBron, Magic, Chris Paul, Isiah, Wall, Jrue Holiday"

Agree Stat, if Jrue has a great game 1 we will surely see Wade on him right from the start in game 2.

tk76 reply to T McL on Apr 14 at 16:59

Guards who played 2900 min in their 20 year old season:


So guards have rarely if ever played as many minutes at age 20 as Jrue has. It helps in terms of racking up stats to get lots of minutes.

emtmess reply to tk76 on Apr 14 at 18:07

I might be reading your comment wrong but. Rose and Marbury were not on the list for players with 1000 pts, 500 ast, 120 stl in their age-20 season. So that reasons. So even if he had more min. than the players on that list he still had better stats than Marbury and Rose. Are trying to say his high/low is some where in between.

Tray reply to emtmess on Apr 14 at 18:15

I don't think anyone thinks Jrue has as much physical talent as Marbury or Rose. And you know, Jrue's in a unique situation, having basically no real backup.

tk76 reply to emtmess on Apr 14 at 18:19

I am saying that since Jrue has played more minutes at age 20 than just about any guard in NBA history, I would expect his raw numbers to have very few comparable. That alone does not mean he will or won't develop into a great player. It simply means he got more of an opportunity to rack up numbers at age 20 than 99% of guards in the NBA.


both Rose and Marbury didn't get the 120 steals,which is the least important stat out of the 3 imo. Both passed the 1000/500 marker that i think is a better measurement than steals in terms of development.

Heh, this is so weak.

reminds me of the whole "Sixers are 6-0 when lou williams scores 22 ppg" that was being talked about early on in the season.

Simply put 1000 pts, and 500 assits equates to an average of 12.5 ppg and 6.25 assists, which isn't all that impressive.

LBJ at age 20 averaged 27 ppg and 7 assists
Isiah 22.9 and 7.8 assists
Magic 18 ppg and 7.3 assists
CP3 16.1 ppg and 7.8 assists
Wall 16 ppg and 8.3 assists
Jrue 14 ppg and 6.5 assists.

All 4 of the other players fit into "players that averaged 16 ppg and 7 assists" that jrue doesn't qualify. Also, JRue holiday and LBJ were the only 2 players that were on that list that weren't Rookies.

P.S i like Jrue, but this is very misleading comparison and a weak use of stats.


Heh thought i had text in there, both are links to all 20 year old guards that played at least 2400 minutes, this link is bit better than the one i'm replying too.

Tom Moore on Apr 14 at 17:21

Collins expects Williams, Iguodala to play against Heat:


Tom Moore on Apr 14 at 17:42

Video: Williams on his value to the Sixers and his improving strained hamstring:


Why can't Meeks gaurd Bibby?

Sixerfan1806 on Apr 14 at 22:13

Doug probably doesn't want jrue on wade because he will probably get in foul trouble if he's guarding him. Besides i think he's to weak to guard wade in the post. But he has the best chance of anyone on the team.

Court_visioN reply to Sixerfan1806 on Apr 14 at 22:38

evan turner?

Sixerfan1806 on Apr 14 at 22:43

Well i didn't even think about him. i would give him a chance since jodie is sucking it up and does nothing on the floor right now.

Plan is for Meeks to start on Wade (30.7-point average in three games against Sixers this season). Turner will also get a chance on him.

Iguodala did a good job on LeBron in first two games (10-for-27, 18-point average), but LeBron had 32 on 11-for-17 shooting March 25 with Iguodala bothered by right knee tendinitis.

Story for tomorrow's paper is on difference in experience. Heat starters have appeared in 299 playoff games to 29 for Sixers' starters.

Fun stat for Jrue: he's 22/22 from the line over his last 8 games. Also shooting 91.3% from the line since March 4th (42/46). He should probably be taking the techs when he's on the floor. Jodie has cooled recently from the line (as well as from everywhere else).

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