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Sixers in the Clutch: Final 2010-11 Stats

Wow. Outscored 2-to-1 in ultraclutch situations. That's unreal. As for the opponent's free throw percentage, do you think they do a bad job of forcing the ball away from the other team's best free throw shooters when they're intentionally fouling late in games?

I think the Sixers are no worse than average at forcing the ball away from the opponents' best FT shooters at the ends of games. They've just been incredibly unlucky in opponent FT shooting in the clutch. A 75% shooter has slightly better than a 50-50 chance of hitting two free throws, but the Sixers have seen players like Dalembert (73%), Al Thornton (75.7%), Blatche (77.7%), Marc Gasol (74.8%), Zach Randolph (75.8%, made 6 straight), and Wall (76.6%, made 5 straight) step up to the line in Ultra-Clutch situations and not miss. Prior to the last game of the season, opponents had hit on 93% of 57 free throws in Ultra-Clutch situations, which is better than sending Steve Nash (91%) to the line every time. This isn't to excuse the Sixers' late-game play, which has been decidedly poor all year, but they have been unlucky as well.

Maybe the odds will even out in this series. Wade and LeBron will brick a bunch of free throws and hand us a game or two at the line :)

Wouldn't be the first time for Lebron in the playoffs ;)

Thanks Statman for putting in the work to compile the data. I only wish it was more encouraging.

IMO the biggest flaw and biggest need for this team is a big who can run the P&R effectively late in games. That would put more stress on the defense, forcing them to start rotating. This should make everyone else's job easier.

I'm not sure the Sixers have that guy on the roster. Brand runs a pick and pop- which does not force the defense to rotate. Thad is more of a pick and isolate player. He gets the pass and faces up in isolation. Again, the defense does not need to rotate like on on a classical P&R.

Speights is their only real P&R guy. And he is not very good and does not see the light of day in clutch time.

I can think of one P&R the Sixers ran in this situation. It wound up w/ Thad rolling to the hoop wide open and Jrue firing a pass off the backboard :(

tk76 reply to Brian on Apr 15 at 11:51

I though that was a decent play. The problem was that Jrue let himself get pushed too far away, and tried to make the pass from nearly half court. Since the Sixers lack a "roll" threat it allows defenses to show hard on the ball handler.

Half court? Were we watching the same play? I don't think he was even at the three point line.

tk76 reply to Brian on Apr 15 at 11:56

I was exaggerating- but I see to remember Jrue as being right near the time line. I can't go back and watch it again because I don't have league pass.

I'm going to focus on the "wide open" part and hope that the coaching staff does too. I think it's more important than anything else the Sixers do to improve their late-game play: run plays with multiple options.

I think we didn't pay enough attention to it throughout the year, but as it turns out a P&R big should be at the top of "how to improve list". Instead we've talked a lot about spacing, rebounding, shot blocking and "clutchness" and some of them aren't that much of a problem.

As for a P&R big i do believe Thad Young has everything required for a great P%R partner to either Jrue or anyone else handling the ball (Turner should be pretty good at this too). What i don't understand is why they run that play very very rarely. In many ways Thad is a smaller, but faster version of Stoudemire and there is no reason why he shouldn't be able to produce in the same type of situations. I guess, shuffling Thad between both forward spots has played a part in him not being used to the P&R as much, but they should definitely work on the P&R with Thad in the summer (provided they actually resign him).

tk76 reply to Xsago on Apr 15 at 12:06

Yeah, the chemistry is not really their for Thad on the P&R. He seems to either get the pass really late (when he is all the way at the rim, like the TO against the Bucks) or he gets the pass when he is standing still at the top of the circle.

They need to work it so he is actually rolling like how Nash/Amare or Stockton/Malone did it.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Apr 15 at 12:07

sorry- their/there

The difference between running it w/ Thad and running it w/ a guy like Amare is that Amare is a big target on the roll. I think Thad kind of gets swallowed up by the defenders.

tk76 reply to Brian on Apr 15 at 12:33

So part of that is a size thing... but I'm sure there have been plenty of effective P&R players that are not physically imposing. I can't remember many his size off the top of my head. Didn't Worthy run a lot of P&R?

Can't really remember. The league wasn't as big back then, though.

tk76 reply to Brian on Apr 15 at 12:56

Yeah, when I think of the ideal P&R guys they all are a bunch more physical (both in size and style) compared to Thad. Whether we are talking Malone or Amare. Probably Griffin will develop into an ideal P&R guy.

Hmm do Statman or Brian have a link to a higher res versin of that picture? Pretty sure I am in it in the stands...

I don't, unfortunately.

Do we know what the league average is for EFG% in these situations?

I'd like to see the numbers for the most clutch team in the league this year also.

Great stuf - Thanks

Awesome work Statman. God this really paints an accurate picture. Another thing that cracks me up is that I remember clearly all of our super-clutch baskets.

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