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Playoff Previews: The SGs

with Wade, our defensive rotations need to be excellent. when he gets the ball at the top of the key and blows by a helpless Meeks, the big needs to be ready to slide in place and the remaining dominoes should recover quickly. Team defense is key to stopping Wade from getting to the hoop.

Miami relies on Wade and LeBron to clean the defensive glass because their bigs are unbelievably soft - This is key. Last meeting we were scrambling while they were swooping in for seconds. If we can keep them off the boards and limit their fastbreak opportunities by not turning the ball over, our chances will be much improved.

doubling Wade has the aide effect of touch fouls.
I think the key to this whole series might be the refs and how they allow us to play. I say come out ultra aggressive and set the tone. Put Wade on is back every time he goes to the hoop. Make the refs accommodate a very physical game like Boston does.

I have always felt that the way to take a great scorer out of his game is to make him play defense. It would be to our advantage to see Meeks running off screens all game with Wade chasing him or Turner using his size to post him up. Thing is that's not how either if these players have been used during the regular season.

Yeah, I think the best chance we have of making Wade exert energy on the defensive end is to have Jrue and Lou abuse Bibby and Chalmers. Make Miami use Wade on the point defensively and that could take something away from his offensive game, or at least maybe limit his minutes/energy level late in the game.

Wade to me is the key to the series. If the Sixers can find a way to stop him without using Iguodala on him their chances would be much improved. I'd change the SG constantly Meeks/Turner/Lou/Iguodala so that he will be guarding a different player often during the course of the game. That can produce mental fatigue, which is just as important as physical fatigue.

My best guess of a game plan for the Heat is simple:
- Make the games physical. The Heat are soft and can easily be frustrated with physical play
- Defensively focus your attention on Lebron and Wade. Make Bosh and the supporting cast beat you
- Defend the three
- Attack them inside at any cost

deepsixersuede on Apr 15 at 7:55

Could this be a series that starts to shift our coaches' confidence level in Meeks and Turner? I think Turner's defense, rebounding and overall physicalness may help in a matchup Miami needs to win in a big way. Brian, your comment about different lineups is interesting, I wonder if Spieghts can be used to abuse their weak bigs offensively mainly because their bigs can't score much on the other end. And after Hawes is torched early on their [Wade and Lebron] forays to the hoop, Spieghts athletism may be a welcome addition.

The issue with Wade is the more than the guy guarding him. Guys like Wade (and lots of players) can get past the first line of defense. And right now the Sixers have no deterrent in the lane. He needs to fear either embarrassment or pain/injury. So either a legit shot blocking presence or a rugged Mahorn type who will deliver hard fouls. In either case it would lead Wade to be more willing to settle for jumpers instead of risking his body or ego. And that does not even go into the Sixers bigs weakness on the pick and roll.

I do not think you can play too far off of him. That gives him a running start- which is like trying to stop an elite RB who gets past the line of scrimmager with a full head of steam. You have to stay up on him and show extremely hard of every pick and roll.

Basically the Sixers need to go Jeff Van Gundy on them. The Heat are going to get the calls... so fine make the refs be in the spotlight. Go into game one super aggressive. Have every guard get right up and into Wade and hand-guard, slap and push. Same thing in the lane. Don't be afraid of an and-1. Go for a block or strong foul every time. And on offense drive every time. You won't get the call, but it will make it clear that Miami uis not simply getting calls by being the aggressor.

Then Collins needs to leave his starters in their regular minutes. I'd plan to see 5 or 6 guys foul out. Have there be 4 fouls on every starter by halftime. Don't whine or show frustration. Just let it be incredibly one sided at the foul line. Then later in the game the Sixers will be left with only 4 players because the whole team fouled out- while none of the Heat will be in foul trouble. Make it a national story.

After the game Collins should say something like:

"The Heat have some great players who have earned the respect of the referees. We don't have a problem with that, and are going to continue to try and play our game. We have strong, physical defenders in Jrue, Turner, Iguodala and Brand. I am not about to tell them to change their game simply out of fear of foul trouble. That would be a disservice to my players, the team and the game... All I ask is that when our players are on the the attack that they get awarded the same level of respect."

Then game two the refs would have to make a change, and Miami will be off their game. You still are unlikely to change the outcome, but you made a statement that the Sixers are a physical defense and do not back down to prima donna stars. And if the Heat wants to get past them they will do it at the foul line and with the refs aid- and they will have to endure a physical series- even if it is a short one.

This would actually be fun to see. Just completely hammer them in game one, dare the refs to foul everybody out.

tk76 reply to Brian on Apr 15 at 13:28

Yeah, sort of a "if you can't beat them then just beat them" strategy. Old time Broadstreet Bullies style.

I wish this team had a Mahorn.

You don't see Hawes as a Mahorn? Don't let his limp-wristed jog back on defense fool you, he's a killer.

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Lot of good ideas in here to throw the Heat off their game.

I think it would be awesome if the Sixers broke out a trap or press whenever one of James/Wade would sit.

i like it

but i like your name even better. the sherrif!i think rodney buford led the league in ozs of weed per season

Great ideas by you guys thrown out there. Ultimately it really isn't going to matter. The 6ers are getting slaughtered. The teams youth and lack of a go to guy will be exposed ten fold.

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