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Playoff Previews: The SFs

The Chosen One vs the injured one.

Absolutely. This is the first time Iguodala's had the chance to cover an elite wing in the playoffs, w/ the national media watching. It's kind of just his luck to be playing on a gimpy knee when he gets the stage to show his defense off.

Ain't that the truth?Still, I expect a valiant effort from Igoudala on the big stage. Don't think he's been going all out for awhile now, but he will now with so much to prove and nothing to lose. I think it makes the difference in a game or two and the 7-6 avoid the sweep. I think Iggy summoning up some shut down d + Jrue abusing Bibby will happen in at least one game.

Most likely they lose in 5 but I think it will be a very competitive series...think the Sixers will be in it in the fourth quarter in 4/5 games

tk76 reply to mymanjrue on Apr 15 at 14:45

I think the Sixers best chance to win a game is if Meeks gets super hot.

Or Lou. As much as we hate him, when he is on, he can inflict major damage on the opposition. And he can't be that much of an issue on defense when he is guarding Bibby, right?

it might take Meeks getting super hot AND Jrue abusing Bibby AND Igoudala playing lockdown d...

Fun question-who gets more assists in the series, Jrue or Igoudala?btw, I think without Igoudala on the team, Jrue averages 8 apg this season...not a knock on Igoudala AT ALL, but as a PG, when your SF is such an excellent ball handler, is given such a big chunk of the ballhandling duties, and finishes in the top 20 in assists, your numbers in that category are artificially limited. Something I think people should take into account when comparing Jrue to other PGs statistically. Like Mike Conley, who averaged 6.5apg, same as Jrue-no one else on the Griz averaged more than 2.7. Same thing with Westbrook, who averaged 8.2 with no one else on the Thunder over 2.9...etc etc. Sorry, that was a total tangent

It's a fair point. You can look at Jrue's averages in the games Iguodala didn't play as some anecdotal evidence.

tk76 reply to Brian on Apr 15 at 15:09

I think the team offense has a high proportion of FG's assisted and low T.O.'s. This is sort of surprising considering their lack of shooters, inside finishers and experienced players. I'm not sure how much has to do with Collin's design versus the personnel. To some degree it is because they lack a true star where a guy gets the ball and everyone else gets out of the way... but Lou and Thad sometimes act in that role.

Yes, exactly. By my calculations, Jrue averaged 8.7apg in the 15 games Igoudala missed

tk76 reply to mymanjrue on Apr 15 at 15:30

Yes. http://nba.phillyarena.com/teamstats/savedquery/941/

Without Iguodala:
Jrue: 17.3/8.6/3.8 on 50% shooting and 3.4 TO's
ET is the only other player who's stats improve w/o Iguodala.

With Iggy:
Jrue 13.3/6/4.2 43.7% shooting and 2.5 TO's

tk76 reply to tk76 on Apr 15 at 15:32

Is it fair to say that if the team had traded Iguodala early in the year we would be talking a top 10 pick and huge numbers for Jrue? I'd be even more on the Bismack bandwagon and probably be more upbeat than I am heading into this series :)

Huge numbers? I don't know. Pretty sure Collins would've have a coronary by now, though.

If the Sixers win one game, expect two quick ticky tack fouls to be called on Iguodala in the opening minutes of the next game. End of series.

t you mean like the 2001 Finals where 3 fouls were called on the 76ers in the first 30 seconds of the game?

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