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Playoff Previews: The PFs

I was looking at EB's playoff numbers a few days ago and they sure are encouraging. Granted, they game after perhaps the best regular season of his career and won't be replicated, but I think the Sixers can expect the same consistent production and effort they got from EB all year long, with a big game or two mixed in. Great preview of one of the most important matchups of the series for the Sixers.

I am calling a big game from Thad tomorrow...game one, South Beach, national television...

Off-topic trivia question (I don't know the answer): when was the last time the Sixers had one of their games televised by a broadcast network (e.g., ABC or NBC)? I'm thinking it might have been 2005 or 2006.

Hmmn. I bet it's been longer than that. Maybe 2002.

Nah, they were on ABC when they played the Pistons in AI's last year, the team with Iverson and CWebb

Rich reply to Brian on Apr 15 at 17:47

Nah, not that far back. This game for one was on ABC:


Brand did not play well in any of the three games against Miami this season, scoring 8, 12 and 12 points en route to being outscored by Bosh, 53-32. Rebounding was almost identical (Bosh 26, Brand 25).

That's going to have to change in a big way.

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