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Playoff Previews: The Cs

Sixers bench should be an advantage:


Brian, appreciate all of the previews. But it is hard to follow conversations across multiple threads.

As for Hawes, I hope they can get away with him covering Bosh for 10-15 minutes a game.

Iguodala and Williams officially listed as probable for tomorrow.

South Broad on Apr 15 at 21:37

With such in-depth analysis and positive scenarios needed, does the team really have a fightin' chance? Do they?

Writing for tomorrow on Sixers' bench advantage for tomorrow. Question is if they can overcome the starters' disadvantage.

Completely unrelatedly, here's an example of why NBA journalism is full of it. You'll recall the fuss over Cousins getting in a small fight with a teammate and getting kicked off the team plane. Today, Wojnarowski praises Tony Allen for beating O.J. Mayo senseless, on the team plane:

Allen has come with tenacity, toughness and grind. He’s scored the ball, slowed stars on offense and taught his teammates the lessons of dutiful defense.

And when prima donna teammate O.J. Mayo challenged Allen to a fight on a team charter flight, Allen beat him senseless.

Without speaking of Mayo in particular, insisting that the relationship was mended in short order, Allen said, “No one should have any reason to come to me in a disrespectful manner. I’m respected as a man. But before you cross that line, just know there’s a button to be pushed. And I wouldn’t advise you to push it.”


Wojnarowski goes on to say that "once," Allen had had a bad reputation for getting in fights, and having "close ties with bad characters." But then, "he grabbed hold of his life and made a career for himself," changing the way people see him "through the earning of respect and trust." Part of which respect-earning apparently includes beating Mayo senseless, which is okay because he's a "prima donna."

jkay reply to Tray on Apr 15 at 22:02

all the double standards applied have me feeling dizzy.

Well, in this story Allen is in th Donte Grrene role and Mayo is Cousins. I don't see a double standard at all. Had Greene kicked Cousins ass after his tantrum, no one would've blamed Greene, in fact he probably would've been praised.

This is more a case of you looking for people who are persecuting poor Cousins.

Sixers counting on their bench:


...but what if Spencer actually starts knocking down a three pointer or two?

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