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Philadelphia 76ers vs. Miami Heat - Round 1

eddies' heady's on Apr 16 at 12:19

Wow man!...tied up 2-2 after 4 games? Wish I felt as confident as you. I just don't see it mainly because the ever so important on-court chemistry just isn't going to be there with Lou having been out and Andre being out the last few and not being himself for a few weeks.

I can't find the confidence with Jrue either. He's still too careless with the ball and just not getting to the line with any regularity. I'm not that worried about Meeks because all shooters go through occasional slumps, I'd say he snaps out of it. Brand doesn't offer much hope with his paltry rebounding numbers of late. And Spencer could be key but why expect that?

Lou's jumper just has to be rusty and his propensity to drive and attack will probably be stunted by his reluctance to push that hammy. Andre could be a jekyl or hyde, depending. Thad will be minimized just simply because of gameplanning to take away his lefty favored drives.

I'd be shocked if they're not swept in 4, and that pessimistic look goes without even mentioning the sometimes suspect refs.

"I just don't see it mainly because the ever so important on-court chemistry just isn't going to be there with Lou having been out and Andre being out the last few and not being himself for a few weeks. "

These guys have played and practiced together for 7 months +. I don't buy that losing those guys for a handful of games would reset their chemistry and everything they worked at all year.

I like the Sixers this afternoon as well, but I think it may be the only game they win. If it DOES turn out to be a 5 game series, I see a close, hard fought 5 game series that we will be able to look back on with at least a modicum of pride.

I hope Brian is right though, with all my heart. 2-2 after 4 would be glorious.

I am a Jrue Holiday fanboy so really hope he reacts well to the spotlight

btw, Igoudala totally hates Philly: link

good column by Smalls

Here is the link

It is some of Smallwood's best work on the Sixers for sure, but I'm not sure I'd call it good.

And Iguodala doesn't hate Philly... he seems to handle stupid people pretty well to me.

He doesn't seem happy here to me

Yeah, I don't understand why he isn't happy about the topic of people walking up to him and cursing.

Seems crazy to me as well. I mean I expect him to at least be somewhat happy, if not smiling ear to ear in happiness.

Owens and Lindros got a free pass ? Is he on crack ?

Brian- I don't know how I remember this, but I remember about 2 minutes after we drafted Turner, you Tweeted something like "The good news is the Sixers now have the only team capable of guarding the big 3." How ironic this matchup is. I'd like to see Jrue on Wade now, however.

Alright.. my stomach is turning... weird watching them on ABC. Let's do this!

Pro Tip, putting white T-shirts over empty seat help makes the crowd look fuller.

17-8 Lead! Sixers minus hawes look great.

Heat running offense through LBJ now?

not the best shot there Jrue.

lol, hawes would never go to the basket. #Dontgot to worryaboutcharges.



Awful play by iggy. EB needs to step up for this team, I dont' trust anyone else to be calm and collected.

Not even close to being set.

I wish you weren't playing Lou.

wow Jrue, wow.

ET and noc were both in there for the Jrue Iso.

Oh, so this isn't the game thread.

Thought it was awfully quiet lol.

Wow. If Thad hits those 2 freebies and Jrue FUCKING FINISHES on the subsequent breakout, it's a whole different sequence of events

The Heat got of course every cal. The FT differential was absurd

Great d on Lebron and Wade

Really take issue with Doug...those funky lineups he left out there for extended periods may have made the difference

Our horrific FG% in the 2nd and 3rd put this one just out of reach

Hope we can replicate the defense on LBJ and Wade...have this awful feeling that this was our best shot but I'm also feeling awfully disappointed right now

brutal loss...we let Chris Bosh beat us

The sixers are one of the worst teams in the NBA at getting to the line and the heat are one of the best. That's just a fact. The FT differential was a problem going into the series.

PISS POOR rebounding however...that's a different issue

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