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I'm not exactly pleased, but I'm still not quite sure it's time to give up on him yet. I cringe when I know he's starting, but I don't know. Maybe he still needs some time. Then again, maybe he doesn't. But, correct me if I'm wrong, the Yankees bid on him, too (less than the Sox did, but they were still in the race). They just happened to lose. There were a few teams willing to gamble on him.

I'm giving him a few more starts before I give up on him, and then I don't know what we can expect the Sox to do. Can't really send him to the minors, and I don't see him being traded. We might just have to live with it.

By the way, how about Bruney beaning Sosa in the head and then promptly blowing a few snot rockets on the mound (presumably to show his concern)? That's class.

I was wondering if anyone else noticed that. I'm pretty sure he was trying to hit Sosa. Three yanks were beaned today, Giambi being one of them, and Giambi was lifted from the game.

I'm glad a Yankee pitcher finally hit someone on the opposing team, but you never want to hit a guy in the head. I hope the pitch just got away from him. Torre yanked him immediately, and I don't think it was because of the lefty/righty matchup, I think he was pissed that he hit Sosa in the head.

And as far as Dice-K is concerned, I was thrilled that the Yanks lost the bidding war, and there's really nothing the Sox can do but trot him out there to get lit up every fifth day.

But he dominated the Royals, yo!

Look, I'm sure Dice-K will do fine. For a while. I think he would be worth the investment, if the investment is 1-2 years. But I don't think Japanese pitchers (particularly starters) have shown that they can succeed in MLB for longer than the initial year or two. That's why I hesitated to claim Dice-K is worth the money (he might be, but I would bet against it, if I had to bet)... that's been my position since day one, and I stand by it until he either proves me wrong or right.

That hit looked pretty scary in the super slow mo HD thing that YES has going on (I love Extra Innings). Sosa was probably pretty shaken up. These sorts of things have a tendency to affect players for a long time, but Sosa is a veteran, so maybe he'll be okay.

I was hoping they would lose the bidding war for Dice-K, and now I wish they had. But maybe he'll just be a big hole in the lineup. We tend to score in his starts (unlike in Wakefield's), so I guess that's a positive.

He's given up 17 earned runs in his last 3 starts, but Boston is 3-0 in those games. That's going to buy him some time w/ the Boston press and fans. When they start losing these games, it's gonna get ugly fast up there.

I haven't seen the guy pitch, so I must ask...
Has anyone actually seen this mythical 'Gyro pitch' in action?

It sounds like the guy is hurting himself with walks and lack of control more than opposing batters are hurting him. But as Brian said, Boston is putting up runs behind him, and that will buy him time to work it out.

Yeah, he throws it. It's just a straight change, nothing spectacular.

So this Gyro pitch is nothing new or spectacular?

Some baseball analysts were going as far as bringing in the science geeks to explain why this pitch was so special. All that hype, and it's nothing more than a change?

The Yankees are looking very smart for not overdoing the bidding war for this guy...

I read a story about the gyro ball in the NY Times right before the season started. Basically, they said it was a BP fastball. About 80-85 miles per hour, and it didn't move at all. Apparently the lack of movement made hitters swing below it and pop it up.

If you ask me, Dice-K is afraid of his fastball. He throws nothing but junk and falls behind just about every batter. I think once he got knocked around a little he shrunk from the challenge.

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