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Game 1, the Day After

nba playbook dissects phila's struggles against miami zone defense:


they have shots to take agaisnt the zone but as the article points out, they dont make the right decision

They played it really well once, got Meeks a wide-open three that he hit. not sure if Miami came right out of the zone after that. I think the biggest issue against the zone was personnel, to be honest.

Agreed - we happened to have Nocioni, Turner (who looked scared shitless, especially after Anthony swatted him), and Hawes on the floor which just amplified the struggles.

Watching the last couple minutes of this OKC/DEN game, it sure must be nice having a big man who can just throw it down when you set him up instead of a clutzy, earthbound weakling.

I really don't care who wins this game, but that was just a pitiful missed call on the offensive goaltend. I mean, he went through the net AND the ball was still in the cylinder.

No doubt - that was a brutal miss.

I've found it interesting that Westbrook has taken the last five shots or so, including a real ugly one that resulted in the tip-in through the net. Most have been mid-range jumpers and nothing has gone through Durant at all.

Regarding 'they need to flash a big man to the foul line to suck in the defenders on the perimeter', one particular play sticks in my mind. Hawes received the ball in the high post and had Jrue WIDE open for three if he turned and looked to the opposite wing. Instead, he turned and put it on the floor resulting in a turnover. I remember they panned to Collins during the next whistle and he was motioning with Hawes to pass rather than use the dribble in that situation. One of many adjustments I'm sure Collins will make before tonight's game.

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