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Sixers Around the Web: April 17, 2011

Grizzlies extended Zach Randolf. Does that mean they might not be able to resign Marc Gasol? Could we get him? Should we want to get him? I really just haven't watched him play, anybody watch him a good amount?

Steven reply to Scott on Apr 18 at 9:50

If the Sixers resign Young, I don't think they can afford Gasol or are willing to go over the luxory tax for him. He is also a restricted FA, which means we're going to have to give up something for him. I can see a team like Boston or New York signing him to a good deal.

Marc Gasol is a very solid young center but the Sixers will not have enough money to sign him in the summer unless they make some sort of a sign and trade. I would love to see him in a Sixers uniform though, even if his style of play may be a bit "too slow" for the Sixers. He is a half court guy.

The thing that I always found odd about Gasol was his extremely low usage rate. I'm not sure if it's a team thing, that they're just really bad at getting him the ball, or if it's an aggression thing with him.

It doesn't really matter, the Sixers won't have the money to get him unless Nocioni retires, which he probably won't. But I'd be a little hesitant to pay him $10M+/year, at least I'd be hesitant to pay him that kind of money with the expectation that he's going to play a bigger part in your offense than he does in MEM, I'm not sure he's capable/willing.

But does he really need to be a bigger part of the Sixers compared to what he is for the Grizzlies? I think he is definitely worth around 9-10 million per year on average. He is certainly a much better player than DeAndre Jordan, a guy that everybody seems to love these days.

Oh yeah and Marc Gasol just went for 24p, 9rb, 3ass and 2b against the Spurs on the road in the playoffs, leading his team to a huge upset.

In the current climate where zach randolph gets a 4 year 71 million dollar extension you think Marc Gasol is only going to net 9-10 million dollars per year?

He's an RFA and will get more money than that, and is worth more money than that.

ANd yes he would be required to do more, the sixers need a big man who can rebound and haven't had a low post offensive presence in close to a decade

To me, there are a bunch of factors that tip in Jordan's favor where the Sixers are concerned:

1) Jordan's 4 years younger
2) Jordan's an athletic freak. He's a guy who's going to be able to finish off plays created by Jrue, Iguodala and turner. Gasol is a gifted offensive player, but he's not a guy who's going to go up and finish a lob. He's more of a methodical big man.
3) If you get Gasol, for the most part you're getting him for his offensive game in the half court. He'd certainly help in that area, but w/ such a low usage rate, I'm not sure how much he'd help.

To me, Gasol is what everyone foolishly thought Spencer Hawes would grow into. He'd absolutely make the Sixers a better team, but I don't think he'd make them as good of a team, or as dangerous of a team as Jordan would. Plus, if you sign Jordan, you could really be setting the team up for the next 5-8 years w/ a young, athletic core than grow together.

It's probably a personal preference thing, but I really want this team built to be one of the best defenses in the league with elite athletes all over the floor. Gasol doesn't fit that mold.

And while it's nice to think about, barring some sort of CBA miracle that causes decertification the sixers roster isn't going to be adding impact players like that in the off season.

I'm surprised there were no comments on the 'sign thad at all costs even if you have to get rid of Iguodala' chat comment

This is of course a hypothetical discussion. Realistically they don't have the money to sign either of them.

As for the comparison between Gasol and Jordan i always felt like you need complete basketball players (on both ends of the floor) to win in the NBA. I was never (nor will i ever be) a fan of athletic freaks with no basketball ability whatsoever and i feel like Jordan is just that. He is young and atheltic yes but those aren't exactly basketball qualities. And i don't think he is a better defender than Gasol, he is just more flashy.

Jordan is a better fit with the current roster, but i would still prefer Gasol over him, not only because i think he is a better player, but because i think the Sixers need to be able to play more traditional half court basketball if they want to contend. But i guess you can pencil it as a personal preference.

Or maybe Zach Randolph gets in his way?

Had a good game against San Antonio but San Antonio kind of ignored him (Duncan admitted it in the press conference) which reminded me of how Sam was 'great' against Detroit right before his big deal from BK mostly cause Detroit ignored him.

Devin reply to Brian on Apr 18 at 10:52

How good is he defensively? The Sixers need a big man who play interior defense, block shots, rebound and be able to defend/play the pick and roll. If he can do all of those things he is worth the 10 million annual salary. I haven't watched many games Memphis games this year. So I don't know how well he plays in transition. I would honestly rather sign DeAndre Jordan to 6-7 million annual contract.

Jordan will get more or less the same money Gasol will or at least very close to it. And yes Gasol is a pretty good defender, not great but above average.

Spencer Hawes and Marc Gasol both had the same defensive rating this year, all season before that Gasol was a 108 while hawes went 109, 113, 109

Sure Marc Gasol is much better than Hawes defensively?

If that's the defensive rating from basketball reference, i'm sorry but that's one of the most misleading stats out there IMO.

Oh yeah and Gasol is a much better defender than Hawes, which of course doesn't mean he is great but he is above average. The only weakness he has on defense is pick and roll defense which is important for the Sixers from a fit standpoint and is of course a pretty big weakness, but most of those young centers that can jump out of the gym have far greater fundamental weaknesses in terms of understanding team defense.

So Basketball Reference is misleading but you know with certainty that Gasol is that much better - how?

I said that's my opinion you can either agree or disagree. And you know very well that defense is very difficult to quantify at the moment and that there are no reliable stats out there. And Drtg (and Ortg) from basketball reference is the worst of them. Basketball reference is a great site btw, it's just that stat that i don't like due to the way it is being measured. Again this is just my opinion..

Tray reply to Xsago on Apr 18 at 12:20

I'm with you, Gasol's a hell of a player. Jordan's not there yet - maybe he'll get there but his production is really kind of underwhelming for a guy with his talent. Anyway, we don't have the money.

Other than that, everybody should watch Denver-OKC. A hugely entertaining match-up.

Why watch Denver? They don't have any superstars. Or does that argument only apply to the Sixers for you.

But they have Ty Lawson

Doesn't matter anyway. Applying Tray's logic to the Denver/OKC series, OKC was just toying with them anyway and it's going to be a sweep. No chance for DEN.

Well see, that just makes perfect sense.

The Lakers and Spurs are just falling behind so they can have a more dramatic victory I suppose.


Rich reply to Brian on Apr 18 at 15:59

Whoever wins the game has a superstar.

No one can say for sure until the new CBA is signed, but the Grizzlies have Gasols rights and if heisley is serious about keeping a winner together he has the money to keep Gasol, not sure he WILL but he has the money and the only thing preventing him from doing so is his own frugalness.

And to the question below. Paying Yao Ming any sort of money above minimum salary is ridiculous because he's going to miss half the season.

Would you be willing to sign Yao Ming at the right price?

Daniel Xengo on Apr 18 at 10:05

I know a lot of people here don't like them, but Amare and Randolph played really well yesterday. I would take either one of them and their contracts over Brand/Hawes.

Have you seen Randolph's new contract? Ugh... the Grizzlies are screwed big time financially.

Sixers get another shot at the Heat:


love it. that is all.

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