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Game 84 Thread: PHI @ MIA - Game 2, Round 1

Tonight could be bad things. But maybe they surpise.

Yeah i have a bad feeling as well... But who knows, they've surprised me many times this season.

agreed on the bad feeling.

hey know what the atmosphere is going to be like.

Do you think they know how it seems to have little impact on anything but the officiating on either way calls?

Let's kick some Miami punk ass.

Well this is the place to dream, right?

johnrosz on Apr 18 at 17:51

The Miami fans seem pretty awful btw. It doesn't seem like much of a home court advantage for them judging from what comes through on tv.

With the free throw differential and crappy rebounding of the sixers in game 1 - how much more of an advantage would you like the fans influencing the refs to be?

deepsixer3 (Kate Fagan)
Look for ET to take over Nocioni's minutes tonight. Collins said he liked Turner's minutes on Sat, said he's good matchup v. Heat.

That's something i'll look forward to :).

At least the right guy gets the 'playoff experience' - that's something

johnrosz reply to Jason on Apr 18 at 18:36

After that first shot where he got swallowed, I thought ET played a steady game. He wasn't hurting them the way Nocioni was.

This Law & Order lead-in to the game is kind of depressing.

Could be worse - could be CHarmed

Do you think Collins does anything drastically different on the defensive end? I've been waiting for his chance to prepare after one playoff game.

Tough to tell. They did a good job w/ Wade and LeBron. I think they attack that Wade/Bosh pick and roll late in the game differently, if we get there. Funny how Collins basically said they were daring LeBron to take on Jrue in crunch time and Miami refused to.

When is tip off?

Probably like 7:07.

Apologies to anyone who suffers from migraines, but what a pussy reason to miss practice. Someone should seriously slap him in the back of the head a couple of times, see if he breaks out in tears.

You've obviously never had a migraine.

They can be debilitating in normal circumstances

It's all in your head.

Good to see Sager is there to grace us with his award winning presence.

They can beat them in one game, Chuck. I hate his hard line stances.

Agree, and the worst part is he will never admit that he can be wrong... and he is.. a lot

I really hate it when Charles says anything at all about the Sixers. He's still so fucking bitter.

Rich reply to Brian on Apr 18 at 19:06

Ever read "Seven Seconds or Less"? He gave the Nash Suns team literally no credit for anything. It was much more than "They can't win a championship."

I really hate it when Charles says anything at all. He's still so fucking bitter.

Fixed it for you

Heh, so if the crowd gets loud, does that actually help us?

Man, I want to beat this team so fucking bad. These lame fans don't deserve the luck they've gotten.

OK, here we go.

Miller wants 18/8/8 from AI9. reasonable request.

Hawes loses the tip. Bibby handling to start.

Wow, Jaime Maggio is now on TNT? She came a long way since her time with the Sixers.

Long two for Iguodala to start it, missed. Ugh.

terrible shot.

Jrue in Bibby's face. Nice.

A couple of disturbing things to start, poor pick and pop defense and an unnecesarry TO by AI9.

Early turnover by Dre :(

Took Hawes less than a minute to record a foul.

ugly ugly offense by the sixers.

Not even a hint of penetration yet.

eddies' heady's on Apr 18 at 19:15

They're showing hard like they want to trap our high pick and rolls.

Jodie's gonna have to seek out Wade on the glass. That's no good.

Jesus Christ, get Hawes the fuck out of there.

this is gonna get ugly real fast.

get hawes out.

eddies' heady's on Apr 18 at 19:16

Good pass from Jodie to EB. We need to attack, attack, attack. Be the aggressors.

Need to go way stronger than that, EB.

I wouldn't mind Thad for Hawes now.

for all of Hawes' pathetic play the icing on the cake has to be that he is terrible from the free throw line.

LeBron's really overplaying Iguodala off those baseline screens, that lob is going to be there on the backdoor, they should follow him up w/ a back screen.

1/4 from the line, fuck me.

Speights for Hawes!

Speights already?

eddies' heady's on Apr 18 at 19:19

Dre knocks down a J, but still too many jumpers.

Fuck Jrue, have to make it. Keep being aggressive.

Fuck me, that layup needs to drop for Jrue.

Speights has 2 d-boards already.

Fuck me, they're tight. Missing all these makable shots.

This is ugly right now

Speights is playing just as bad as Hawes did, he still has no idea how to go strong with two hands in traffic.

Thad for Speights, please.

Where can I listen to the game on the radio? Local.


Jrue needs to split that double and get into the lane some more. That was a pretty move, ball was halfway down. Don't get discouraged. Defense is really keeping them in this, oddly enough.

Tray reply to Brian on Apr 18 at 19:26

Miami's doing okay on offense - on pace to score 104 without a single three so far, and missing half of their foul shots.

They have 13 points on 17 possessions.

eddies' heady's on Apr 18 at 19:24

wtf was that Jrue!??

Yep, way the fuck off. That Jrue three wasn't even close.

Jodie for two, wish Iguodala had let him get out past the three point line before giving him the pass.

Great finish by Jrue in transition!

Wow - nice pass from Iggy there.

Grab the fucking ball, Speights.

Yep, that was horrible.

And for some reason Iggy drops the ball off to him so he can take a crappy long jumper.

how is that not a foul? Meeks gets fucking knocked to the ground.

eddies' heady's on Apr 18 at 19:26

Can't we get a call on Jodie there? Shit.........

eddies' heady's on Apr 18 at 19:27

Hate that shot by Speights.

Jodie was out of control there, I think that should have been no foul.

Don't get why Collins isn't taking Speights out.

You know, maybe getting Speights some burn in the regular season would've been a good idea if you were going to use him in the fucking playoffs. Just a thought.

Alvin reply to Brian on Apr 18 at 19:31


eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Apr 18 at 19:31

exactly what i said yesterday on here. puzzling

Thad causing problems on the offensive glass immediately. Love it.

Save us Thaddeus Young - you're our only hope

he should have been put in the game earlier, also he needs 30 minutes at least.

Would like to see ET too.

Speights has 4 defensive rebounds in 5 minutes. Is he the rebounding solution for the series?

Man, you fucking suck Hawes.

eddies' heady's on Apr 18 at 19:33

Our subs have got to produce and almost take over. Have to capitalize when thier bench comes in.

There you go Lou, get the contact.

Good job, Lou.

The silver lining here with Hawes is that there is no way they sign him after these last two games...right? (I know, I know - short playoff sample)

Atta boy, Thad. Jrue tipped that loose to set it up too.

Looking like one of Lou or Thad have to score at least 25 to give us even a prayer

God damnit, Hawes.

eddies' heady's on Apr 18 at 19:35

Box somebody the eff out Spencer!@!!!!!!

that was just pitiful. Our 7'1" center has inside position for the offensive board, LeBron gets the rebound from behind without even jumping.

Nice work here early Evan - the shot aside. Good boards.

yep, looks like he prevented Anthony from making that lay-in too

Turner.. fearless but naive

Rich reply to T McL on Apr 18 at 19:38

Yeah, poor decision to pull up there.

PHI 13, MIA 19 after one.

Defense is there. Just need to find a way to put the ball in the hoop.

heh, this team basically has 1 useable big.

Man, what an abominable offensive quarter. We are getting good looks on the offensive end. Have to can them. Let's get Lou going.

Is it bad that I'm a little encouraged that they are only down 6?

Nah, I'm feeling the same way. Down 6 after shooting 20% in the first is fine. They've missed at least five really good looks.

eddies' heady's on Apr 18 at 19:37

Well, we sustained their initial run and are still shooting like crap. Guess it could be worse or down by alot more.

Thad or someone has to inject some urgency or intensity. We look sort of lackadaisical.

I think the energy is there, but the shots just look flat and tight.

this is gonna be one scrap fest. we need lou or thad (or both) to score like mad.

Charlie H on Apr 18 at 19:39

Speights never gets to loose balls. No intensity.

these long twos early in shot clocks are killing me.

Come on, Thad. Follow through on the foul

eddies' heady's on Apr 18 at 19:41

Be confident Evan. and smart..

Good movement out of that loose ball to get Turner the open look.

yes Evan thank God you made one.

Another Hawes foul.

eh, can brand handle 44 minutes a game? only chance for sixers .

eddies' heady's on Apr 18 at 19:43

Dag, when does he rest LeBron? ever?

God damn even Thad is missing. This already feels like a long and painful night..

Collins got Iguodala back in early.

Thad w/ another missed close one. Ugh.

We can't buy a bucket.

That was some great post D by Iguodala on James. Lou lost his man.

Turner w/ a three. nice.

eddies' heady's on Apr 18 at 19:44

Come on get Jrue back in the game.

3 ET? I'll take it..

Some decent defense on Lebron here - even EVan.

Turner stepping up. At least...

Thank God for Turner. Thad needs to try and get contact. These fadeaway hooks aren't cutting it. He's gotta go towards the basket.

Well, we're up to 23% from the floor. Moving in the right direction, at least.

Charlie H on Apr 18 at 19:46

I think our only chance is points off turnovers. Teams never win when they miss 10 shots in the lane.

Go to the hole, please.

eddies' heady's on Apr 18 at 19:49

Lou really looks hesitant to go to the rim. That hammy is tender it looks.

Good pump fake Lou.

Let's get back in this while the Beav gives LBJ a four minute rest.

Evan getting some real burn here minutes-wise.

Moving screen on Anthony, no whistle.

I really don't understand why meeks isn't in there.

eddies' heady's on Apr 18 at 19:51

Missed layups again, Thad. sheesh....too damn many to come back from..

eddies' heady's on Apr 18 at 19:52

Evan been in too long, get Meeks back in.

Are you insane??


I think Iguodala's offense keeps regressing as years go by

God what a disappointing showing by EB so far. Absolutely no excuse to let Anthony abuse you on the O boards.

Another three for turner.

eddies' heady's on Apr 18 at 19:53

ET 3!!! come on, get stop

This is the collective sum of all our nightmares

i'm gonna be sick. only EVAN TURNER can make a shot!Thad can't buy a bucket from TWO FEET!

Anthony has rendered Thad absolutely useless offensively. I'm actually speechless.

well, this is fun.

Charlie H on Apr 18 at 19:55

Thad is really awful tonight.

Wonder if we'll score 60.

back down to 21%

Unfortunately, I feel we may see that Lebron highlight roughly 400x the rest of the playoffs.

Thad gets the hoop after he doesn't get the call.

Bullshit foul. Again.

Why is Turner on LeBron? Why not put Iguodala on LeBron and Turner on Wade? LeBron can just overpower ET.

wow, ET staying on the court.

Young FINALLY on the putback, after costing Jrue an assist by NOT FINISHING AT THE RIM

this is off the charts bad offense

why only two shots of EB?they have covered him well but still

eddies' heady's on Apr 18 at 19:59

Let's go, get it to 6-7 before end of quarter.

ET, my god!

nice stop on wade

Man, Turner was feeling it there - great drive, JUST missed that layup.

Fuck, Turner is not doing a good job on LeBron.

horrible shots left and right

we are going to lose by 20 if this continues, and that's being optimistic

eddies' heady's on Apr 18 at 20:02

Wow, Doug's really going small here. Lou on Wade. With thad at the 5.

I wouldn't mind trying Thad on Lebron at some point.

instead of ET

Our big problem is being attacked right now, they are just going at the guy who Iguodala isn't guarding, Turner has struggled with both of them. Maybe do the Jrue on LBJ thing?

Collins is just grasping at straws at this point, and you can't really blame him.

Charlie H reply to Brian on Apr 18 at 20:05

Right. Glad he hasn't grasped the Nocioni straw.

Well, there is that. Another silver lining.

nice new offensive wrinkle-shot clock violation!

eddies' heady's on Apr 18 at 20:06

Shot clock violation out of a timeout? bad execution by the guys

Get Meeks in for ET and let him guard Wade.

I'm assuming that's why meeks isn't in there.

although, i don't understand why he's playing lou over meeks.

eddies' heady's reply to Jason on Apr 18 at 20:12

I thought Meeks did a credible job on Wade in game one and the 1st quarter of the last regular season game we played vs them.

The problem with that is that it's hard to take out the only guy who has played a semblance of good offensive basketball.

Only you would want to take ET out when he is the only player on the team playing with any semblance of confidence and fearlessness.

Rich reply to Steve V on Apr 18 at 20:15

On the offensive end he has, but his D has been subpar against the two great wing players.

Still, you let him guard the PG, can't take him out when he's the only one making shots.

eddies' heady's reply to Steve V on Apr 18 at 20:23

heh, he's given up more than he's given you on that end.

save the bickering for the regular season..

I'm sorry, but I don't think Jodie will provide that D we are looking for...

Anyone else feeling slightly sick right now?


Michael reply to Brian on Apr 18 at 20:13

Fine I am actually in pain right now watching this...

Charlie H reply to Michael on Apr 18 at 20:10

I got that game over feeling.

OK, back to back makes by Thad. Maybe someone finds some fucking rhythm.

Lou, with a bad hamstring, isolation one on one, against Wade. Not liking our chances there...

Defense went to shit in the 2nd quarter.

eddies' heady's on Apr 18 at 20:10

Dare I say, this is over? Feels like it...

oh shut up wade.

PHI 31, MIA 49 at the half.

Not much to say. It took a couple of hoops by Thad late to get their field goal percentage up to 25%.

Someone tell me when halftime is over, I can't watch Barkley gloat.

Charlie H reply to Brian on Apr 18 at 20:15

I had the same thought. Gonna walk my dog.

Charlie H on Apr 18 at 20:12

Nice long 2 by Lou, leaving 7 fat seconds on the clock. Jesus.

Schmidt hit his 500th on a 3-0 pitch, huh? Should've beaned him his next time up :)

At least the FT differential isn't crazy MIA 14, PHI 10.

Like I've said, we have no chance if Miami plays good defense. Though Barkely is crazy to say we don't have an advantage at any position.

i knew game one was our big chance.

can't think like that. hopefully miami is, and we can catch them off guard in the third, start hitting some shots and continue protecting the ball and playing strong d and maybe it can be somewhat interesting heading into the 4th

Wonder if Collins trots Hawes back out there to start the third.

ET/Meeks/Iggy/Thad/Brand lineup?

eddies' heady's reply to Jason on Apr 18 at 20:25

what about Jrue?

you can only pick 3 out of Jrue/Meeks/ET/Iggy.

Charles = Jerk

what was he saying about Jrue?I only caught the very end

He said Jrue had an advantage and he really liked Jrue.

oh good. even though bibby just ran by him on consecutive trips down the floor

eddies' heady's on Apr 18 at 20:28

We had 31 pts in 1st quarter in game 1. We've got 31 at halftime? ugh, ugh ugh

Alright, long, slow climb back into it, or more of the same?

Hawes is back on the floor.

Jrue got rid of the ball quick out of that double, wound up in a dunk.

Fuck, Jrue misses two runners. He has to hit those. Brand w/ 2 o-boards early. Sign of life?

Good work, hawes.

Still missing. :(

Dre and Jrue just have to be better offensively. Where's the mental toughness to not be out of control like that? He's almost giving up with that drive. Jrue has a favorable matchup but he can't score.

eddies' heady's on Apr 18 at 20:32

At least Hawes will provide laughs....we're done, can't make free throws, can't make shots, starter had 9 pts that whole half..

for the love of.. get Hawes out of there please.

Good D. Shot clock violation.

Hawes actually boxed someone out that time.

Meeks three.

eddies' heady's on Apr 18 at 20:35

Hawes, you're funny...

wtf was that shot by Hawes?

Iguodala with a sick block on LBJ. show that on sportscenter.

i would feel sorry for hawes if i didn't passionately hate him

Seriously Hawes

Good to see Speights brought his A game to the playoffs.

woah, Lebron is balding.

I take more solace in knowing that Delonte West fucked his mom.

This Speights thing just baffles me.

eddies' heady's on Apr 18 at 20:36

Still don't understand why he's not using Battie. Must be aching or something.

At last Meeks makes one. Come on, let's at least get to 70 points.

Jrue three.

alright, Jrue three!nice posession

Good sub, if Battie shows anything he should get the start for Game 3.

Hawes was terrible, Speights no better. Seriously even Thad is bad tonight, but it's gotta be him on the floor. And get ET back in there.

great job by jodie, driving hard and taking the contact

LOL @ Speights. In less than a minute he missed two shots and gave up an and-1, and got subbed by Battie.

nice play there by battie. he just showed more than hawes or speights has in either game

Odds Battie splits the pair?

95%, the other 5% was two misses.

If Battie is in there to give hard fouls, I'd prefer he give them on Wade and/or LeBron.

moving screen on bosh no?

get ET in there please. If anything he has a good second half and we have one positive to take out of this game.

Good lord Battie. I don't know why our big guys are getting me so mad, this is who they are.

eddies' heady's on Apr 18 at 20:47

Bullshit foul call on Jrue.

what the fuck?

Fucking bullshit call on Jrue. No contact at all.

They call that a foul?

where the F is ET

Doug would rather see Lou go 0 for 5 again and leave James Jones wide open every play.

Jrue's pissed.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Apr 18 at 20:50

Did somebody hit him in the mouth or something? I noticed the same thing.

It was that call. He was fuming. I'd actually like to see him go nuts and get a tech. They need to give him the ball here, see how he responds. That was an eff you three he just hit a minute ago.

Really poor defense here.

Anyone got a silver lining?

Probably won't have to play in MIA again and listen to their douche bag PA guy over the silent crowd full of douche bags who don't realize Florida is the white trash version of southern california. No offense to any floridians.

eddies' heady's reply to Jason on Apr 18 at 20:51

we've got the 16th pick in the draft?

Michael reply to Jason on Apr 18 at 20:54

The TV has an off switch if it gets too much.

sixers are down 23 and have only 4 turnovers

Would love to hear Collins' explanation for Turner remaining on the bench for what looks to be the entire 3rd quarter. Collins stinks.

HATE the thad jumper

This is one heck of an ass-kicking

eddies' heady's reply to Alvin on Apr 18 at 20:55

2 more coming...

Battie put LeBron on his ass. Was that so hard?

like the two hard fouls by battie. they're gonna get called anyway(even if you DON'T TOUCH THEM, like that call on Jrue)...might as well do it with authority

Well, I think they're definitely going to get to 60.

PHI 52, MIA 75 after three.

They actually only lost that quarter by 7. not bad.

some days (like today) Depressed is an understatement.

Michael reply to Alvin on Apr 18 at 21:01

At least there's no false hope today!

i leave jrue in for the 4th, along with thad, et, jodie, battie. let the young guys try to establish a rhythm and build some confidence going home.

game three has to be very, very different. can't get abused like this in our gym. don't think we will, either. think it's our best remaining chance to win a game and it will at least be competitive. hope the crowd brings it. if i were in philly i'd be there...of course, i go home may 12. three weeks late

eddies' heady's on Apr 18 at 21:00

They've figured out how simple we are to stop on offense. No post threat, no guy to create his own shot, no shooters. Just pack it in and play the passing lanes and we can't score if we aren't getting out in transition.

Andre can't drive on LBJ, Lou is hobbled, they're shading Thad to his left and EB has no lift, Jrue isn't taking advantage when he has it, he's content to shoot jumpers. Pretty simple when you think about it.

Tom Moore on Apr 18 at 21:00

Through three quarters, Sixers have 52 points and Wade/James/Bosh 52.

Is anyone expecting the sixers to have a home court advantage in game 3? I can't expect the WFC to be wild with enthusiasm after the first two games.

I think they sold a lot of tickets. We'll see how into it the crowd is. Going to depend on how they play early. If they don't play well, Iguodala will get booed by the time the second half starts.

The 3s are nice, but i am very pleased with how quickly Turner is pushing the ball up the court.

heh, oops, was bound for 1 mistake in a game thread.

Lou's hurt bad, he's a shell of himself.

Another hard foul by Battie after another bad miss by Lou.


anonymous on Apr 18 at 21:03

If we had the same shooting percentage as them, we'd be winning by about 15 points

Just do something positive in the fourth. anything.

Just so dispiriting. I've watched all of the playoffs and we look like the clearcut worst team

Aye, who knew you needed a proficient center?

or even just a breathing center.

eddies' heady's reply to mymanjrue on Apr 18 at 21:07

Hope the front office realizes that. Cause we sort of are.

If it were a boxing match it woulda been stopped in the first quarter.

Even if it were a UFC match it'd be stopped by now.

This is just terrible.

Lou's grimacing out there.

Turner three. Battie had a nice box out on the other end. Battie needs to start in game three.

MichaelT reply to Brian on Apr 18 at 21:14

I agree, at least he fights for rebounds and can put a guy on his ass.

Charlie H on Apr 18 at 21:11

Hate to say this, but the Dalembert trade looks really, really bad right now. What were they thinking? Our centers have about 4 rebounds in this game.

No reason you should hate to say it. The trade looked idiotic from the second it happened and never stopped looking idiotic at any point since.

Charlie H reply to Brian on Apr 18 at 21:15

Yeah, you said so at the time.

Where has Evan Turner's three point stroke come from??

I'm not expecting that to continue.

he was 4/4 in april as well

Still a pretty small sample size, hope i'm wrong though.

Tray reply to Jason on Apr 18 at 21:51

I feel like the fact that the ball is finding its way into the basket is such a shocking and dramatic improvement that it almost has to mean something. Because the way he shot before, there was no way he could make anything. His shot was just way too flat.

He shot 31.8% from 3 for the season. That's way better than Joe Johnson or Russell Westbrook shot from 3 as rookies. The "Turner can't shoot" meme is just another one of the ridiculous myths spread by the "Turner is a bust" crowd that somehow caught mainstream acceptance.

Tray reply to stoned81 on Apr 19 at 0:12

Nobody's a bust after just one season (maybe Morrison?) but he definitely had a really disappointing year for a player of his seasoning, draft position, etc.

Stefanski talked to the papers in Philly last week. I get the impression they are going to be active in free agency this year. May make a few trades as well.

I wonder if Thorn even talks to Stefanski, or just lets him eat at Chili's on the company dime and tells him to stay out of the way.

They can't be players in free agency, thanks to the trade Stefanski made last summer.

William reply to Brian on Apr 18 at 21:28

They could use the mid level on someone (if it's still around) and be creative. Call me crazy, but I believe in thorn lol.

Given Thorn's free agents signings last year (Outlaw, Petro, Farmar), this may not be such a bad thing :/

Thad is playing bosh pretty well.

Battie w/ his fourth foul, I think.

No idea why Brand and Iggy are out there.

Get Iguodala out of there. He's all over the place.

Iggy is horrible tonight.

Okay I'm out. Surprised I lasted this long to be honest.

Thaddeus "Garbage Time" Young

Charlie H on Apr 18 at 21:27

totally embarrassing - wonder what Thorn is thinking. I don't think it's "We'll come back strong at home."

Get it under 20.

I think ET should start Game 3

for who?

AJ reply to Jason on Apr 18 at 21:31

Meeks, I would say. If Meeks isn't spreading the floor - he can't create or defend. Switch it up some

I really think the opposite should happen and meeks should have 38-42 minutes per game going on.

When jodie isn't on the floor i feel the half court offense is non existant and it's basically hope that Thad or Lou gets hot.

AJ reply to Jason on Apr 18 at 21:56

The offense is stagnant no matter what, because we have no post game and no one who can consistently create for others.
Igoudala has been horrible - I hope it's an injury. But he can't buy a basket, and is forcing a lot of stuff.
I'm not saying not to play Meeks, but bring him off the bench, switch things up with another ball handler. Have Holiday catch and shoot a little bit more also.

And, for God's sake, don't even play Hawes.

Wow we sure are on different wavelengths. I'd start Turner and reduce Meeks' minutes to zero. Meeks provides nothing but 3-point shooting, and he stinks at that now. He's an NBA role player, a 10-minute a game guy. 40 minutes for Meeks, all I can say is wow, what?

He's 3/5 from three in this series. Not sure how you you read that as him not being able to make threes.

That's a fair point. I'm looking more at his last 2-3 weeks. And the fact that he seems to do pretty much nothing on the court, at least to me.

Charlie H reply to Jason on Apr 18 at 21:35


Charlie H reply to AJ on Apr 18 at 21:31

Yes. He'll be our leading rebounder for sure. And he won't miss 5 layups in a row.

Charlie H on Apr 18 at 21:29

I just can't see the Sixers playing well at home. They seem to have no confidence at all.

Turner is your player of the game.

his 2nd POTG vs the heat.

I remember during the run-up to the draft when eddie's headys said Turner was going to be another Calbert Cheaney. And everyone said, no no, Turner's way better than Cheaney, where in the world would you get that crazy idea, etc. And then the season started and Turner stunk and eddie's headys revised his prediction to complete bust. Nowadays, Turner's starting to look like an NBA player, but honestly, even on his best days, he only looks about as good as Calbert Cheaney.

Josh reply to Tray on Apr 18 at 21:38

I am surprise you give Evan this much credit. I figured you would throw Ed O'Bannons name out there.

Tray reply to Josh on Apr 18 at 21:48

Well O'Bannon was a total bust. I'm actually of the view that Turner can be a decent rotational player in the long-term. Maybe even a marginal starter. Maybe he'll become a poor man's Iguodala with a little more offensive game, who knows. But the reality is our expectations have gotten so lowered that on the fairly rare occasions where he looks okay, a la Cheaney, we're impressed, which is sad.

O'Bannon would never get drafted that high if you fast-forwarded and put him in college in 2009. The Nets KNEW he had horrible knees and still took him.

PHI 73, MIA 94 final.

Heat lead the series 2-0 heading back to Philly.

Reggie Miller just called out the Philly fan to be there to support the team on Thursday. Fan up!

heh, i'm going to be there. Sixers really need to start out well. If not crowd will be gone quickly.

johnrosz on Apr 18 at 21:43

The Philly Max is the gift that keeps on giving. Spoelstra recognized the weakness early on, Elton is absolutely glued to the floor. Bosh abused him. If there's an amnesty clause in the new CBA, do they use it on EB or just ride out the worst contract in Philadelphia sports history?

Tray reply to johnrosz on Apr 18 at 21:49

Brand's an awfully nice guy and all but I would hope we'd use the amnesty clause. He had a good season but he's still quite overpaid.

And replace him with whom? He only has two years left on his contract. You're not gonna get a quality PF for less than a 5-year deal.

johnrosz reply to stoned81 on Apr 18 at 23:07

I think they'd hold onto him as well. At this point I guess they're better off keeping him. Does anyone know whether or not his expiring will be more/less valuable with the new CBA? Is that even something we can predict at this point?

They would definitely get rid of brand, would open up a full max contract offer.

(1) Not if we re-sign Thad, and (2) A max contract on whom? No max players available this year that I see. Why clog your cap for 5 years when Brand only has 2 years left? Brand's contract gives us way more flexibility than blowing it on a weak free agent class.

Dwight is 2012, Thad would be 7-8 million, which would be counteracted by Nocioni coming off the books.

Even though i doubt dwight would come here, i'd be more leaning towards a rebuild after seeing how incomplete this current team is.

I'd rather have 2 years of Brand than 2 years of no one. Howard coming here is about as likely as Howard joining the space program.

You could buy Brand out, probably re-sign him for MLE and have 11 million in cap space.

There is no MLE if you have cap space.

oops, Just sign him for $$$ comparable to the MLE for 2 years and have 11 mill in cap space.

Tom Moore on Apr 18 at 22:44

Sixers can't cool down Heat:


DPOY voting results:

(Iggy worse than Tony Allen AND Grant Hill? Ridiculous.)

Player Team First Second Third Ttl Dwight Howard Magic 114 5 - 585
Kevin Garnett Celtics 1 20 12 77
Tyson Chandler Mavericks -- 20 10 70
Tony Allen Grizzlies -- 12 17 53
Rajon Rondo Celtics -- 14 3 45
Andrew Bogut Bucks -- 6 14 32
Grant Hill Suns 1 7 4 30
Andre Iguodala Sixers -- 5 14 29
LeBron James Heat -- 7 4 25
Luol Deng Bulls -- 5 9 24
Kobe Bryant Lakers -- 5 3 18
Chuck Hayes Rockets 2 -- 3 13
Chris Paul Hornets -- 3 4 13
Serge Ibaka Thunder -- 2 6 12
Joakim Noah Bulls 1 2 -- 11
Dwyane Wade Heat -- 2 2 8
Tim Duncan Spurs -- 2 1 7
Ron Artest Lakers -- 1 3 6
JaVale McGee Wizards -- 1 2 5

HW reply to HW on Apr 18 at 23:24

ugh. I lined them up nicely before submission, and now it's all messed up.

Anyway, just look at the last number of each player's line. That's the total.

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