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Collins Has Work To Do

Mr. Von on Apr 21 at 5:53

Collins said it best himself there jus not as good as Miami thats really all it is!!!

Tom Moore on Apr 21 at 8:07

Story: Sixers searching for more offense:


Tom Moore on Apr 21 at 8:22

Video: Collins on what the Sixers must do to have a shot against the Heat and the importance of two reliable scorers:


eddies' heady's on Apr 21 at 8:52

ugh, beatdown day is here again....already?

Shawn Robinson on Apr 21 at 9:13

The game is sold out for tonight! Thanks for your support, Sixers fans?

Good to see so many fans turning out. Hope you guys are treated to a great game... without too many Lebron/Wade fans.

Was looking back at Sixer records. It's amazing how consistent they have been since AI left- aside from the EJ debacle.

Dec 19th 2006 AI traded to Nuggets. Sixers record stood at 5-18.

2006/7: 30W, 29L (after AI trade)
2007/8: 40W, 42L
2008/9: 41W, 41L
2009/10: EFJ happened
2010/11: 41W. 41L

Non EFJ record post AI:
152W, 153L

Not saying the same record means the same team or future. But odd none the less. But of course you can't completely throw out the EFJ year- but it feels like you should. That team was so out of character as compared to the recent young, gutsy (over-matched) teams of the post-Iverson era.

I'll be at the game too. What do u say to staring some derogatory chants? Like "lebron's mom's a whore" or "delonte west". That should piss off princess James pretty good.

I'm definitely in favor of the Delonte West chant.

Either of them really demonstrate the amount of class you have

Ryan F reply to GoSixers on Apr 21 at 13:17

Does your pinky finger poke you in the eye when you sip your holy water?

coming from the guy who calls people douches all day anonymously on the internet.

jsmoove reply to Derek Bodner on Apr 21 at 16:02


I think we could go with "D-Wade's Sidekick". That would be good.

heh, first time using an electronic ticket, Can I cut out the ticket part or do I need to have the entire page with me to get in?

You need to have the blank area bordering the ticket or else you won't get a full seat. Also, it'll serve to remind you that Spencer "Blankety-Blank" Hawes is your starting center tonight.

Had a bad gut feeling before game two. Good feeling today. I think the extra day off was helpful. I think this team, which impressed us all with its resiliency throughout this season, digs deep once more and pulls out a win on it's home floor, salvaging some pride in what will be a five game series loss.

TONIGHT"S THE NIGHT!Show up, Philly!Get loud!So pleased that the game has sold out(of course, LeBron is a major attraction), Wish I was in Philly, I'd be there. But I am all decked out in Sixers gear up here in Boston and I would be so psyched to see a win tonight

This is their best shot. Familiarity gained; awe factor lessened. Home crowd turbo-boosting adrenaline level. 2 days without game pressure. 2 days of Father Divine Collins accentuating the positive & eliminating the negative. 1 practice to walk-through adaptations to plan. Beloved underdog role. If they're gonna get 1, former Faces PG Rod Stewart says, tonight's the night.

Oh right the 'home crowd boost' mythology.

Home teams win about 55% of the time in the NBA (regardless of crowd size)

6ERS this year: WFC 26-15 .634% / Away 15-28 .349%

"mythology" redemption expired 4/21/11

Good to see consistency in your trolling.

I'd explain the concept to you of averages, sample size, population and everything but it would be a waste of time.

You think all the yelling and screaming and insulting players has impact - whereas research into YEARS of games played by EVERY team indicate that fan impact usually only affects officials via a psychological concept called 'conformity' on judgment calls.

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Apr 21 at 15:20

The Sixers play better at home this year. whethr that is the crowd, the familiarity with the arena/rims/lighting, the more normal routine of being at home or just a mental thing... who can know.

Since the sixers were close to dead last in home attendance for most of the year - it's doubtful the crowd had much to do with it wouldn't you think?

Up to 25th by the end of season - in terms of raw numbers - but still dead last in percentage fill.

Though none of the numbers really make sense - anyone ever watch a clipper home game (not against the lakers) and think man that place is close to 93% filled?

FractionMan reply to GoSixers on Apr 21 at 15:23

Actually, GoSixers, a 55% home win rate is an EXTREMELY statistically significant difference, given the large sample size (thousands and thousands of NBA games) and meaningful deviation from our null hypothesis (in this case, that teams are not affected by the location of the game).

It is also significant in basketball terms! Assuming a team wins 55% of the time at home versus 45% on the road, that team gains a tenth of a win per game for playing at home versus on the road. If we use player win shares per 48 minutes (WS/48) as our guide, this impact is worth 0.1 WS/48, which is approximately the difference between J.J. Reddick and LeBron James this season.

This year, according to my calculations, teams won about 60% of their home games. This 60-40 split is a difference of 0.2 win shares per 48 minutes, or the equivalent to the productivity gap between Dwight Howard and Nikola Pekovic.

So, this year, playing at home as opposed to on the road was about as valuable on average as being able to replace 48 minutes of Nikola Pekovic with 48 minutes of Dwight Howard.

FractionMan: Saving the internet from poorly (and condescendingly) applied statistics since 2007.

johnrosz reply to FractionMan on Apr 21 at 16:38

Prepare for extremely long GoSixers response where he tells you that "you've missed the point (as usual)", if you're lucky you might get a few insults thrown your way as well

Nice to hear from the brainless gallery. It'd be nice though if he used his actual screen name instead of a different one

I didn't say that 55% wasn't significant - I said that 'home court advantage' has very little to do with how loud the crowd is (or how many people show up it turns out)

I'll say it again for those not listening. The enthusiasm of the crowd seems to have very little impact on the out come of a game except in one instance in the game (calls that can go either way)

As far as the 'sixers are 63% win record at home' - that's a great number i guess - I wonder what the sixers home record is against teams that are in the playoffs - or had an over 500 record - i wonder if it's still 63%. It's hella more relevant to a game against the heat than using a number that includes hom games against teams like the cavs, the nets, the clippers, the warriors, etc...

Ty game has been spewing his trolling garbage for a while now - the fact that he has supporters from the 'we call people out and then accuse them of calling each other names while doing the same thing' crowd is not surprising.

Nowhere did I say that home court wasn't significant, I said crowd volume (or juvenile name calling) didn't seem to have any impact on how a team plays. If people misunderstood that, I'm sorry. Name calling won't make lebron james play worse, making him a 'villian' won't hurt his feelings - it's asinine meme talk like that that makes guys like Eskin keep his job while it has no actual supportable factual evidence

Now - if someone said - The crowd should be loud cause then the refs are more likely to call fouls on the heat or give the 50:50 balls to the sixers - I would have agreed - as the evidence indicates that that is what is responsible for home field/court advantage in almost all sports

FractionMan reply to GoSixers on Apr 21 at 20:26

"the evidence indicates that that is what is responsible for home field/court advantage in almost all sports"

I would love to see the evidence you speak of. Could you link to the paper in which this analysis appears?

Wow, that's some brilliant stuff but, no thanks, I just scooped up my dogs'.

6ERS this year: WFC 26-15 .634% / Away 15-28 .349%

Heat This Year Away 28-13 .683

Using your logic, the heat are more likely to win right?

Read closely, move your lips if you have to: "This is their best shot," "If they're gonna get one."

It's not classy to misrepresent others' communication.

Tray reply to mymanjrue on Apr 21 at 13:24

Redman recorded a great song called 'Tonight's the Night' back in 1993 or so, but other than that, I don't really think tonight is such a propitious night, as Clyde Frazier would say.

I'm seriously fired up!!! I love the Delonte West chant, but would love a good pro-Sixers chant even more. We should definitely get on LBJ though, he does not like the villain role! Lets Go Sixers!!!

We should definitely get on LBJ though, he does not like the villain role

I wish I knew him well enough like you do

So we are reduced to talking about someone's mother to try to gain an edge? that's pathetic. when you chant delonte west, what exactly are you saying? if you want to say something about his mom have the balls to say it directly. hopefully they throw you out of the center and you can watch they game from the parking lot.

Jrue gets 9th place in Most Improved voting ...

tk76 reply to Statman on Apr 21 at 17:24

The great thing is I can see him top 10 in the voting again next year... but I really hope ET is on next year's list.

I really hope ET is on next year's list.

Based on the way it works if he's not in the top 5 or so of voting next year, it would kind of indicate a disappointing season since he set the bar so low.

I'm really hoping for as short a lock out as possible for his sake. He really needs to work with the team and the players in a structured setting

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Apr 21 at 17:41

Yeah, agree. But really, a lock-out is bad for everyone. And probably hurts the Sixers less than some because they are sort of treading water for 2 years anyway given their cap situation.

It helps financially it hurts developmentally depending on what the sixers off season plan was ;)

Summer league has already been canceled

I think of all the silly awards given out in sports this might be one of the silliest. Did Kevin Love really get 'better' or did someone just have to get the rebounds that al jefferson wasn't going to get any more and Darko kind of stinks at it?

I think players on rookie deals should be exempt from this award (not that awards mean squat anyway but still)

If the sixers don't rebound the sixers won't win no matter how loud or insulting the fans at the game are.

Best chance for a win in the series still wouldn't change my belief that it'll a Heat win of the series.

Spencer Hawes - this is your waterloo

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Apr 21 at 18:14

So do we get to exile Hawes to Elba after this game?

He'd hurt the team less there?

Tray reply to GoSixers on Apr 21 at 18:30

That's really nothing to even apologize for. Anyone could understand why he feels the way he feels, even if he is pretty gimpy now. Players who have slowed down can never admit that they have, their being great athletes is the foundation of who they are.

Good god - you can't be this dim - it's an act right?

Was just in the car with my dad and Missanelli had a contest for tickets on Sunday. His trivia question for tickets to Sunday's game was, "What was the Sixers starting lineup in Game 1 of the 2001 Finals?"

It's hard, but I've rewatched that game five times. It's Iverson, McKie, Jumaine Jones, Tyrone Hill, and Mutumbo.

I tried 30 times because I'd say 40 idiots swung and miss, often saying Snow (Hobbled), often saying George Lynch (Wasn't back til later in the series) and one guy threw out Geiger's name (That one got my dad to laugh). Ratings must be good though, as I couldn't get through. Missanelli ended up having to give away that Snow wasn't in it, and he all but gave away Jumaine Jones to the last guy, who sounded like he had no clue.

That would have been nice to get tickets on Sunday.

How many times did Iguodala Hater #1 talk about how he's over paid?

tk76 reply to Rich on Apr 21 at 18:17

I knew Jones. Just forgot that McKie was filling in for Snow in that game.

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