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Game 85 Differential Production Stats

Great stuff. Quick question, how did you score that breakout where Jrue nearly stole the ball from LeBron and he got the pass to Wade for the dunk? Was that made hoop against Holiday?

On that play, I gave a -0.75 to Meeks (the closest to Wade) and a -0.25 to Iguodala for the turnover that started the play. On the previous play (the Jrue turnover that led to a LeBron fastbreak basket), I gave a -0.75 to Iguodala (even though he put a good challenge on the shot) and a -0.25 to Jrue. Not easy to assign defensive blame on fastbreaks.

Yeah, really tough to assign on those. That was sooooo close to being a huge play for the Sixers, Jrue jumped that perfectly. Still can't believe LeBron got the pass off.

Here's a thinking-man's question for your Easter morning (preview and game thread will be up around 11 am).

Assuming there's no miracle comeback in the NY/BOS series, Carmelo Anthony has now been to the playoffs 8 times in his career, he's been knocked out in the first round 7 times. Is that the resume of a "superstar?"

jkay reply to Brian on Apr 24 at 2:21

Career: 24.5ppg in the playoffs.
Say what you want about him, he can score points. I think this Miami series has shown us enough just how much self-delusion is invested in the all-around player accolades.
Star player. Yes. Superstar. No. (the word is thrown around carelessly these days)
All in all, Anthony remains a match-up nightmare, a talented yet inefficient gunner. A black hole for possessions if you will, that spits out points generously though not always justifying the input.

Get him a good coach that can get his ear, Anthony will fulfill his potential.
I would not mind having him on my team.
Not at all.

I'm not sure how seeing Wade and LeBron play huge all around games tells us about the relative value of the all around game vs. a guy who just scores.

jkay reply to Brian on Apr 24 at 3:17

true both are all around players, but it sure aint their rebounding, dishing and defense that's killing us.
if you wanted to sum up this series in one sentence;
we can't stop them.
I think everything else is a result of the former stated point.

Tray reply to Brian on Apr 24 at 9:55

That depends. McGrady really was a superstar and he never won a first round. But Melo's not a superstar.

Story: Sixers 'don't want to be embarrassed' with sweep:


Column: Lockout could hinder Sixers' progress:


The Greek on Apr 24 at 10:02

So James Jones is the guy who has taken Iggy out of the series, since when did he become better then less then an average defender

Charlie H on Apr 24 at 10:37

To make everybody happy, maybe the NBA should make teams without superstars ineligible for the playoffs. The Sixers, Blazers, Nuggets & Grizzlies would be out; the Clippers, Timberwolves, Warriors, Suns would be in.

Does anybody talk about teams anymore?

eddies' heady's reply to Charlie H on Apr 24 at 11:00

+1 on the "teams" thing.

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