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Game 86 Thread: PHI vs. MIA - Round 1, Game 4

I have lost faith in us winning an Overtime game. i don't think we can score that many points, maybe a 93-92 win?

eddies' heady's reply to Alvin on Apr 24 at 11:20

Yeah, we def ain't scoring that many points. I'd say we'll end up in the high 80's. I don't know though, if Thad or Andre are awake today then maybe we get to 100. It doesn't matter, I just want them to win so I can see them play another game before the year's out.

This is probably the most optimistic i've felt going into a game, really think sixers will win today.

What do you think about trying Thad on lebron and Iggy on wade? I know that Thad tends to get lost on defense, but he can physically match lebron better than anyone besides iggy on this team, and he won't ever have to help off of lebron where he gets into no mans land.

Against my better judgement, I read a Gonzo Sixers article in the Inquirer. Actually reward with this tidbit:

"last Tuesday, when all three local teams played, the Sixers got a 3.0 on TCN/TNT, while the Flyers did a 5.6 on CSN, and the Phils cleaned up with a 12.9 on PHL17"



"The Sixers remain convinced, at least outwardly, that they're closer to becoming a contender than Barkley or others believe. When I talked to general manager Ed Stefanski not long ago, he seemed pleased about the organization's direction but added that one thing was holding the Sixers back.

"If we had one guy in the middle, I'd play anyone," Stefanski said. "Our perimeter is damn good. And I'd argue we have the best bench in basketball. If we had that stud in the middle . . ." "

That last quote is wonderful, I say 5/45 to Thad, we'll probably end up with Nazr Mohammed being given 3 yr mle, then we can take on anyone!

eddies' heady's reply to tk76 on Apr 24 at 11:31

How this guy still has a job is beyond me. He wants a guy in the middle, but he's the one that got rid of one.

And does having the "best bench" only consist of two players comprising that "bench"?

You can't get that guy in the middle when you toss around contract money in the past like government cheese.

How much does 'he' have left on 'his' contract? Isn't this the last year of it?

Please, please get rid of this guy.

jkay reply to tk76 on Apr 24 at 11:31

can't believe it was that low. I can understand the Sixers but 5.6 for the Flyers against a Phils game?
It was against the Brewers; I guess a lot of poeple wanted to see Halladay pitch? For now, I'll blame it on the cable tv accessibility since the baseball game was locally broadcast.

About Stefanski's comments, I'll pretend I did not read that.

tk76 reply to jkay on Apr 24 at 11:40

Today has a chance of being the lowest rated ABC playoff game ever. Sixers/Heat closeout game up against Easter Brunch?

tk76 reply to tk76 on Apr 24 at 11:31

These quotes say something to:

1. The Sixers so-called regaining "relevancy" in Philly. The Sixers were in game 2 of the playoffs against the biggest draw in the game... and 6 out of 7 Philly sports fans were watching another sports team. That hardly qualifies as relevant. Until the stars are wearing Sixers jerseys the typical Philly sports fan will find other avenues for their sports entertainment. Sad but true.

2. If Stefanski thought they were a stud big away... why did he come out of last summer with Evan Turner? I'm not questioning his worthiness as a #2 overall pick... but even so, how can he look at his roster, come to the conclusion he could play with anyon with a stud big.... and end the summer with Hawes instead of Sam? They had the chips (#2 pick, some space under the tax and tradeable assets) and yet chose top take a step back at the C position? Stefanski is a complete failure as a GM.

get a big lead by the 4th, hang on to it for dear life.
don't stop scoring points.
We have had a lot of bad breaks. Hope for some lucky bounces today.
Go 76ers.

tk76 reply to jkay on Apr 24 at 11:34

I expect more like game #3. Show some fight but then when Miami is leading in the 2nd half the Sixers star feeling the pressure and make a poor fad.

If the Sixers lose what will be the fans reaction at the end of the game. I would not boo these guys, but...

I'd prefer to see Lou cutting to the rim over Iggy, at least he'll probably draw the foul and actually convert at the FT line.

Tom Moore on Apr 24 at 12:32

Video: Collins pregame on Sixers trying to avoid sweep, Iguodala's offensive struggles and the Heat:


Tom Moore on Apr 24 at 12:54

Collins pregame on Iguodala, who shot 7-for-25 from field, 1-for-8 on 3-pointers and averaged 6.3 points in first three games:

"I always encourage guys to shoot. A big part of being successful is being willing to miss shots. He’s done a lot of good things. Fortunately, right now, he’s really struggling to score. If ’Dre can score 15 and keep playing his floor game, I think we have a good chance.

"Where he’s at his best is in the open court. He’s so unselfish. There was a couple times in the game the other night he had a chance to get to the basket and he passes it. I would like to see him go in there and take that shot. That’s his personality. He’d rather pass it. That’s just sort of the way he’s wired."

Alright folks, just watched a half-hour preview show that spent about 25 minutes talking about the Knicks/Celtics. Maybe they'll actually talk about the Sixers game during the Sixers game.

Doug has his Easter blazer on.

is that Joey Crawford? ugh

Hawes wins the tip, and we're off.

Dick Bavetta, ugh.

Hawes opens w/ a missed sissy hook.

joey crawford and dick bavetta, not good

never know, maybe they T up Lbj and change the course of the series.



eddies' heady's on Apr 24 at 13:04

Jrue 4 3!

Bavetta and Joey Crawford? smh.....

gotta make sure Miami doesn't tire themselves out before the second round, I guess. Thanks, Stern.

big Z pushed Hawes in the bakc there.

eddies' heady's on Apr 24 at 13:05

aaannnnndddd another bad early shot by Dre...

Two ridiculous shots by LBJ.

eddies' heady's on Apr 24 at 13:06

wow, that didn't look like a foul after that replay...maybe a nudje but...

this jump pass shit is killing me iggy.

OK, let's go.

Atta boy EB.

Sit hawes please.

Fuck you, Hawes.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Apr 24 at 13:09

heh, Tirico said big Z pushed Hawes away from the basket. He's not aware that's just Hawes forte. lol

eddies' heady's on Apr 24 at 13:08

Sweet sweet pass behind the back from Jrue to EB!

Sick fucking play by Jrue in transition for the EB slam.

Bavetta with his first charity whistle for Miami. First of many.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Apr 24 at 13:10

And after he blows it he demonstratively acts out the "clear out" move. BS

Great heads up defense being played here.

AI9 for three!

an iggy 3 lol.

eddies' heady's on Apr 24 at 13:10

Dre 3! Man, LeBron is just inviting him to shoot these perimeter looks.

Check out the stat I just put up in the reading list.

Great start to the game. 0 offensive reboudns given up.

Can't blame LeBron for letting Iggy shoot that. He was shooting terribly in the first 3 games.

Play for Joy and Freedom? did i hear that right? hehe

Play with joy and freedom! Love it!



eddies' heady's on Apr 24 at 13:13

AH, beautiful take of the lane by Jrue. Thought he might settle for the three.

EB, money.

eddies' heady's on Apr 24 at 13:14

There you go Dre. Forgot you could do that...


Come on, run all over them. Don't let up.

Keep this up please, don't let up.

The 3 guys we expect to lead this team - Iggy, Brand, Jrue - are doing jsut that in Q1. Great going.

Iggy's Career>>>>>>>>>Bosh's ainec.

No foul there, huh?

Two on LeBron.

look at the baby!


Michael reply to Brian on Apr 24 at 13:19

Seeing James' face on the bench! Priceless!

eddies' heady's on Apr 24 at 13:18


I hope it was Regular Season Thad just checked in.

Jrue to MEEKS!

eddies' heady's on Apr 24 at 13:19

Well, trying to contain the enthusiasm as I've seen this twice in this series before. 1st quarter runout, 2nd quarter ........ flameout?? HOpe not.

Sixers, playing with joy and freedom


Bullshit call. This is the fucking playoffs.


Ugh, settling for jumpers now. Offense stalls when Lou comes in.

Would of liked to see Jrue play 40+ minutes today.


eddies' heady's on Apr 24 at 13:21

Battie with his second block.

Come on, keep going to the rim please.

Meeks didn't have his feet set on the jumper two possessions ago, but I guess the Lou three was open. Just hate to see them settling.

Charlie H on Apr 24 at 13:23

That's how it starts. Careless turnover, 3-pointer, big lead down to 10.....Big leads are the worst!

Nice work on the glass there, Turner tipping to Battie.

what the hell ET

Turner three!

Evan Almighty!


PHI 28, MIA 16 after one.

Corner three for Chalmers cut the lead to 12. Great quarter, now the hard work begins.

The corner 3 is saving the heat in these 1st quarters. So frustrating, Bibby destroyed us in game 1 with that shot.

Charlie H on Apr 24 at 13:30

2nd quarter has to be just as good

doug needs to stop playing Thad and lou.

Love it

Pretty inbound play to ET for the layup. Let's go.

eddies' heady's on Apr 24 at 13:34

Good out of bounds play and pass from Jrue.

eddies' heady's on Apr 24 at 13:34

Ugh, Jrue's 2nd foul.

That's another fucking bullshit call on Jrue, and Doug didn't need to take him out, that's only two.

agree, i'm hoping he brings Jrue back at the 8 min mark.

AI9 three over the zone!!!!

eddies' heady's on Apr 24 at 13:36

Dre 3! to bust that zone

God damn Iggy what was that

Shit, blown oop pass. Can't have that. Fight!!!

lol wtf

eddies' heady's on Apr 24 at 13:37

What? Tension btw ET and James Jones. Now Thad?? I like it!!

Thad showing some fight, love it.



eddies' heady's on Apr 24 at 13:38

Dammit, LeBron just fouled Thad on the reach-over. Jrue got whistled for less than that just a minute ago. No whistle for LBJ though. sheesh

Charlie H reply to eddies' heady's on Apr 24 at 13:39

hit him pretty hard too

God i want a game 6 back in philly.

ET!!! Channel that anger!

Spencer Flaws on Apr 24 at 13:40

where kapono in that team photo??? Also evan and andre are playing well.

eddies' heady's reply to Spencer Flaws on Apr 24 at 13:41

standing off to the side looking for someone to pass it to because he's not wide open.

Joel anthony, moving screen champ!

Man, ride EB. He's unconscious.

Did they say there was no shot on that foul? That's bullshit.

eddies' heady's on Apr 24 at 13:43

wtf Joey Crawford? How is that not continuation on Lou's 3 pt attempt? bet if it was their two stars they're shooting three. BS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Sweet dish from AI9 to Thad for the easy deuce.

let's get jrue back in there ok?

2 fouls

we're down 0-3 int he series, time to take some chances.

So? You can play with two fouls in the second quarter. You sit w/ three, usually. Iguodala and LeBron both have two fouls, they're both in the game.

what was that iggy?

5-point swing on that Lou three. Damnit.

And a three on the next possession after a bad shot by Iguodala. Terrible, terrible couple of possessions there. Joel Anthony grabbed Lou and pulled him under the hoop, that's why Chalmers was open for that three.

Spencer Flaws on Apr 24 at 13:46

Lou has been responsible for both of chalmers threes.

thad, you've been awful.

eddies' heady's on Apr 24 at 13:49

Come on Jrue....

God damnit. 7-0 run. Need to settle immediately.

go to the rim damnit.

eddies' heady's on Apr 24 at 13:50

EB should have taken that closer to the rim.

SHIT!!!! and SHIT again@!!!!! ugh ugh ugh

eddies' heady's on Apr 24 at 13:50

Yep, 2nd quarter flameout.

Come on, regroup and push this lead back up to double digits.

Shit turned bad in a hurry.

Great play out of the timeout gets AI9 a dunk.

hey thad, you've had jodie open for three multiple times now.

why did bavetta go to talk to wade right there? I don't get it?

eddies' heady's reply to Jason on Apr 24 at 13:54

I think to tell him to chill with his boiling frustration w/ EB for knocking him flat on his ass.

Another bullshit foul on Jrue.

Let ET run the point.

eddies' heady's on Apr 24 at 13:55

I'd give anything to be able to watch another Friday nighter. Love Fri games.

show some TOUGHNESS, bounce back from this. come on, let's GET THIS ONE boys

D-Wade is killing us. Damn.

Well that was quick.

After this series, i'd rather keep hawes than thad.

eddies' heady's reply to Jason on Apr 24 at 13:57

No you didn't just say that.....did you?

Take away the garbage time comeback in game 1 and thad has been atrocious.

eddies' heady's reply to Jason on Apr 24 at 14:00

Yeah that's cool, but what has Hawes been?

aye hawes has been worse, but will be cheaper.

aye, i'm not even sure what i'm saying here.

simply, I want them both gone, if i had to choose 1 i'd take hawes because he'd be much cheaper, I do not want Thad extended.

really though, i want them both gone lol.

eddies' heady's on Apr 24 at 13:56

Really, who's gonna beat the Heat in the East? I'd say no one. Don't know who can beat them out of the West either? Not LA

22-2 run.

God I hate Wade when he plays against us.

No idea what possessed Doug to put Hawes and Battie in there together.

Make a few stops. Please. Come on. Why are they making everything?

You are pitiful, Hawes.

eddies' heady's on Apr 24 at 14:03

Good finish by Turner.

Great play by Turner, come on. Lead at the half.

Fuck you, Lou.

WHYYYY lou, why

eddies' heady's on Apr 24 at 14:05

Same ol' shit. Miami decides to lock down on D and we're burnt toast.

PHI 46, MIA 47 at the half.

Let's just say that wasn't a spectacular second quarter.

Can somebody explain to me why there was no foul on that Hawes dunk attempt??

he wasn't fouled, it was a clean block. Hawes is a weak bitch.

Charlie H reply to Brian on Apr 24 at 14:09

A fake might have helped.

HW reply to Brian on Apr 24 at 14:13

Well F Me.

OK, decent job at the end. Would've been oh so nice to score on one of those last two posessions, but down one is ok. Come out and play good basketball, fight to the death for rebounds, WANT IT more than they do, and we can steal this second half.

Hope Doug has a magical halftime speech up his sleeve

Charlie H on Apr 24 at 14:07

Lou is killing us

Turner was really key in that half considering that Lou and Thad were dreadful

Thad...how does four years 20 million sound?

I'd like to slap Stu Scott in the face.

Jruth reply to Brian on Apr 24 at 14:14

His right eye will fall off.

1-point game at the half, halftime show is 99% about the Knicks/Celts.

wow, vegas 2nd half line only has heat a 3.5 favorite.

hawes, you are getting man handled by 6 footers

Hawes just changed his shot with Bibby on him in the lane. Fuck you.

Wow, 2/2 from the line. OK, don't give up the lead again...ever.

Jodie catch and shoot.

was that not a shot clock violation?

Close, but no.

Does Hawes have a muscle in his entire upper body?

Can't keep sending them to the line. Need stops to get the ball out in the open floor, free throws mean 20 seconds to get a bad shot on the offensive end against their set defense.

Iguodala was fouled on that.

good work Iggy.

the building is not sold out lol.

god damnit iggy, c'mon that's unacceptable

Bad shot by Iguodala.

clean block fuck you refs

bench iggy.

that's four on Iguodala. Hope Turner comes out as hot as he was in the first half if Collins goes to him here.

Is Iggy just throwing the ball at the rim?

Is an ugly game like this in the Sixers favor? I guess they're more used to playing ugly than Miami.

this current rotation out there played 15 minutes in the regular season #continuity

heh, this current one now never played together in the regular season.

Great work against the zone, ET for the slam.

Hawes has a tampon in his nose.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Apr 24 at 14:47


that's a foul on sixers if wade drove...


Lou is pretty indecisive right now, which shows that he's hurting. Even when he usually goes bad, he's getting shots up in rhythm.

Charlie H reply to Rich on Apr 24 at 14:58

Yeah, we have to cut Lou a little slack in this series - he is hurt.

if you cut lou slack, you have to blame Collins for playing a hurt lou this much.

Where's the fucking foul?

terrible foul there thad. 6 secs left on shot clock and you send him to the line.

lol at showing Iverson in a pistons uniform.

Hawes w/ the putback.



love ET, jesus when he's aggressive he's a net plus.

also anthony traveled 3 times on the other end and they didn't call shit.

Bleh. Jrue has not had a good game. Too many turnovers.

play a zone there imo.

They called that foul on Jrue? He was standing a foot away. Hawes committed the softest foul you'll ever see and they gave it to Jrue.

I hate Hawes but if Lebron is the dedender there, that's not a foul.

PHI 64, MIA 66 after three.

Pretty ugly third quarter.

OK, twelve minutes of basketball left. If they want to play more this year, they have to play like they're the last 12 minutes they'll ever play. Insane defense and run at every opportunity.

Charlie H reply to Brian on Apr 24 at 14:57


Charlie H on Apr 24 at 14:56

If Bosh would just miss an occasional jumper....

Nice to see ET>Noce!

How about some JTI here in the fourth, just for shits and giggles. Wouldn't it be something if they clicked and ran away with the game?

ridiculous foul there, he threw his shoulder/head into iggy.

5 on Iguodala. Have to leave him in, I think. nope.

goaltend for fucks sake

nvm, thought it was on way down.

I feel bad for Chalmers. They won't blow the whistle on James or Wade, so they whistle him for everything to keep the game "even."

Charlie H reply to Brian on Apr 24 at 15:07


on the other end, Iguodala plays tough defense on LeBron, who makes a great play to score and gets an and-1! Yeah it was a foul, but c'mon. No good defensive play gets rewarded against this team.

well, enjoy the last nine minutes of the season...fuck

Who thinks we still have a shot in this game?

Charlie H reply to Michael on Apr 24 at 15:08

Jrue/Meeks/Turner/Brand/Battie please.

Fuck Lou. Fuck Lou. Fuck Lou.
Fuck Lou. Fuck Lou. Fuck Lou.
Fuck Lou. Fuck Lou. Fuck Lou.
Fuck Lou. Fuck Lou. Fuck Lou.

lol, Lou will and thad young a cool -16 and -17....

thad young a -43 on the series.

Charlie H reply to Jason on Apr 24 at 15:16

But Hubie likes going to Thad & Lou in the 2-man game!?!?

Nice move, Jrue.

There you go, Lou. Come on, stops.


carry us lou carry us

absolutely no spin on that basket. Awesome!


all tied up, 6 and a half to play!

lou can all of a sudden just pour it in after killing us all game long

Charlie H on Apr 24 at 15:14

Good Lou sighting???

Damnit, had Lou for a corner three there, Turner.

Would love to see Turner post Wade.

Bring good Lou back!

Arrrrrgh. Come on, get a stop.

alright, time to sit lou and go back with starters.

How bout a fucking foul?

lol at wade complaining about that foul.

Come on, Lou. They're free.

That's a fucking blatant offensive foul on LeBron. Come on.

Charlie H reply to Brian on Apr 24 at 15:25

exactly - he just leans into you. Pierce has a made a living doing that, so I guess LeBron can do it.

on the flooor? lullull

Who's uglier? Sam Cassell or James Jones?

I think Miami has about 10 blocks this quarter. Fuck it, keep going to the hoop.

the big 3 has 8 blocks. fucking jesus.

god i hate positive commercials.

Charlie H on Apr 24 at 15:26

You have to like the way ET's going to the rim. It's their only chance.

Refs need to take off their Lebron goggles! I mean come on!

They'll give this to Miami. Hoop and we lose.

hit the line first tho.




LOU MOTHERFUCKING WILLIAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

eddies' heady's on Apr 24 at 15:32





Come on. One motherfucking stop. On. Mother. Fucking. Stop.


please don't lose James Jones, mario chalmers, or Mike Bibby on the perimiter pls.

There goes my Hero! LOUUUU!

Hit both of them. Please, for the love of God, hit both of them.



hope doug is telling them not to foul here.

Spencer Flaws on Apr 24 at 15:36

no fouls!!!

eddies' heady's on Apr 24 at 15:37

Please tell me how we "held" them to only 82 points? How?


I'm covered in sweat, I woke my kids up from their nap. What a fucking game. What a fucking win.


This is the most awesome thing ever!

FUCK YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spencer Flaws on Apr 24 at 15:38

hell yeah!!! you see how we are in the clutch w/o iggy taking isos every play


1-2-3-4-5 SIXERS!10-9-8-76ers!

Btw, huge shot by Lou and Jrue has the clutch gene. His three was a monster too. And how about ET putting the final nail in the coffin and getting the 10-0 run started. What a fucking game.

elton with the blcok on lebrons final shot

Charlie H reply to Brian on Apr 24 at 15:43

Yeah, that little fading jumper that ET hit was a major league play.

bebopdeluxe on Apr 24 at 15:40

So...how many people in Philly one week ago thought that the Sixers would be playing longer than the Flyers?

How do game 6 tickets work? Do you get full price refunded if no game 6? or do you lose fees+processing order fee+delivery charge?

Not sure, I think you get everything back but maybe shipping?

Charlie H on Apr 24 at 15:40

Brian - you're the man.

Best fucking thread of the year.

Miami is SPOOKED. Let's bring it back to Philly boys!

(yes I'm getting greedy already)

eddies' heady's on Apr 24 at 15:42

I still can't believe Lou was able to get that shot off over Wade. I just knew he was going to block it.

Hooray!! What a game!

Awesome. Just awesome.

Can't stop smiling! I am overjoyed!

I'm with ya.


bebopdeluxe on Apr 24 at 15:42

Even if they lose on Wednesday, getting to play that game is huge. H-U-G-E.

And how big is it for Turner to have these last two games as building blocks for the summer?

Wow, I'm just so shocked. Unbelievable. Celebrate here, I'm going for a bike ride. What a game.

Was forced to follow on gamecast on my phone.. (family Easter bs)..sucks I missed the best game of the year but I screamed out in joy in the restaurant when I saw the Lou and jrue 3s pop up. Wish I had dvr. Great thread by the way.

Spencer Flaws reply to T McL on Apr 24 at 15:59

nba.com usually has like 4 minutes of highlights. You will probably see the whole run on there.

I listened to the 4th on the radio of all things (but had the DVR and just watched) - f'n awesome.

Love that Turner made big plays - the leaner, the save on the rebound and then the free throws.

Spencer Flaws on Apr 24 at 16:12

Elton was a fire-breathing dragon tonight. He was big on both ends with 15 points on 11 shots, 11 rebounds(8 defensive), and 2 blocks. That block on lebron was timed perfectly enough to get of it. On another note, its good to see our young guys step up for the big win. Evan turner the burner was consisent throughout the whole game. Lou stepped up in the 4th and delivered the clutch 3. Jrue had a nice all around game with 10/4/5.

Tom Moore on Apr 24 at 16:48

Video: Brand on Sixers beating Heat, including his key block on James:


Wow, on the day Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, the Sixers resurrect their season for another three days at least. Let's make this like 99-00, when the Sixers went back to Indiana and won to force a Game 6.

My observations on this game:
- I've been defending Iguodala's play all series, but after the first quarter he had his worst game by far in the series. He didn't make any positive plays in the 4th, giving up 5 quick points to LeBron (and picking up his 5th) early in the 4th, giving up another jumper to LeBron late, throwing a pass away, and even bobbling a rebound. He also didn't have good position on LeBron on the final play before Brand bailed him out with the block.
- Good to see the return of Good Lou in the 4th. The 3-pointer was amazing, but without his 7-point spurt earlier in the 4th, I'm convinced the Sixers wouldn't have been close at the end.
- Turner was excellent all game and would get my POG runner-up (to Lou). His runner with 1:22 was important, but the unheralded play was his rescue of the rebound that Iguodala bobbled with 0:54 left. Lose that ball out of bounds and things get dicey.
- Jrue struggled on offense for most of the game before his clutch 3, but his reverse with 8:26 left was a major league move and badly needed at the time. But I was most impressed with Jrue's defense in the post vs. both LeBron and Wade (I think it was Jrue who forced Wade's missed jumper with 0:27 preceding Lou's 3).
- Hawes looked incredibly bad on offense but his +18 for the game was not an accident. He and Brand combined to lock up the paint and limit Miami's offensive rebounding.
- With all the above, the Sixers were extremely lucky that Bibby/James Jones/Chalmers went 4-16 from 3, almost all on wide-open shots. (The most obvious example of this was the first play of the 2nd half, where Jrue and Iguodala just let Bibby walk to 15 feet and miss a wide-open jumper.) Somehow, I don't think the strategy of "leave the scrubs wide open" will work in Miami.
- Interesting trend for the Heat so far: the Heat are +31 for the series, Ilgauskas is a -27, Bibby a -9, Joel Anthony a +55, and Chalmers a +37. As weird as it sounds, the Sixers absolutely need to make hay while the starters are in.

Great great great win, cool to see Dolph Schayes there, and nice to see Iggy scoring points again - but I tried to get an EVAN! TURNER! chant started right after he made those foul shots and there were not many takers...

Charlie H reply to das411 on Apr 24 at 19:11

Love Dolph.

so did that part of the crowd who knew who he was:



walked past him after the game that dude is HUGE too!

Charlie H reply to das411 on Apr 24 at 21:57

Yeah, he was a power forward. Retired as the all-time leading scorer.

He goes to the HoF ceremony every year.

Tom Moore on Apr 24 at 17:25

Video: Collins on the Sixers beating Heat, 86-82, in Game 4 Sunday:


Spencer Flaws on Apr 24 at 17:26

ugh. the celtics are just bullying the knicks right now. its nice to see them getting beat so bad. I hope people have finally figured out that they can't win anything without playing defense.

It's not defense, it's stars "gelling." Duh.

Spencer Flaws reply to Brian on Apr 24 at 18:07

lol. speaking of "gelling" what about our JEL tonight? Jrue, Evan and Lou.

Strong rebounding effort - strong win - interesting how that works

By the way, some of you might be surprised that the Sixers weren't on that list of teams with the lowest shooting percentage when tied or down 3 or fewer with less than 10 seconds left. Well, according to my data, the Sixers were 2-15 with 4 turnovers and 1-2 from the line in those situations prior to this game, so they should have been 4th on the list ("behind" the Raptors and Kings at 2-16 but "ahead" of the Celtics at 2-14). Lou has now made all three Sixer baskets in those situations this year, 3's vs. the Bobcats, Kings, and Heat.

Interesting that the Heat and the Celtics, two teams that would seem to have multiple options in those situations, are both on the list. (By the way, one of the Celtics' two successes came against the Sixers, of course.)

Or maybe the whole stat isn't one worth examining since it doesn't seem to be much of an indicator of anything?

well, at least we got big ups from stu scott.......

What a day for Philly sports!Starting, of course with the absolutely exhilirating Sixers victory, the most satisfying Sixer win for me at least since Allen Iverson was on the court.

Then, Roy Halladay comes up one out short of a complete game shutout(allowed a run with two outs in the ninth) but Bastardo comes in and closes it out with one pitch, Phils sweep San Diego, allowing three runs in the series. Halladay had 14 strikeouts-he leads the majors with 39.

Then, the Flyers, also facing elimination, win in overtime in Buffalo.


Brand was a beast in the second half on the boards. 9 of his 11 came after halftime. Gold star for EB. And JRUE, who struggled offensively today, came up HUGE when it counted. We may have a killer in the making on our hands. Just an incredibly exciting win. Ride this till Wednesday night. There's no reason we can't bring it back to Philly!

and one of the sweetest parts...the Knicks-"the most dangerous lower seed in the East"-have been resoundingly swept and we fight on

mgfields on Apr 24 at 18:46

Turner per game since Lou went out with the hammy (9 games):

23.6 min, 10.6 pts, 3.7 reb, 2.1 ast (21 assists to only 5 turnovers, no turnovers in the playoffs), 49% FG (including 7-9 from three).

mgfields reply to mgfields on Apr 24 at 18:57

Should be 19 total assists.

Barkley, Webber and Kenny Smith all think this win was big for the 76ers, great for young guys to play hard and take one game instead of being bitches and rolling over like the Knicks...and then Chuck calls Turkoglu "the Michael Jordan of ugly", classic!

I didn't DVR the game for some odd reason, but I did hit record as I was heading out for my bike ride so I could watch the Knicks game tonight. Turns out the Sixers game ran long, so I got the final 1:56 of the Sixers game on there. I've rewatched it about 10 times now. Just amazing. I'll break it down play by play for the recap later tonight. Gives me chills every time I watch it.

Yup - I did the same thing to make sure i didn't miss anything - perfect timing as it picks up right after that ugly turnover that they had to review.

Charlie H reply to Brian on Apr 24 at 21:59

If you hit record as you went for your bike ride, how did you get the last 1:56 of the Sixers game? I know you didn't leave early!

It automatically started when the Knicks game was supposed to start.

Rich reply to Brian on Apr 24 at 22:03

It usually records retroactively if you haven't changed the channel. In this case, I would bet the Sixers game took up the first few minutes of the Knicks game.

You got it. It retroactively starts at the beginning of the program as long as you weren't flipping channels inbetween.

Sixers hope to use Game 4 victory as springboard:


Great to see such heart. Sort of saves us from some agony this off-season. The Heat faded in a way that was reminiscent of a lot of late Sixer colapses. They were holding on with great defense/blocking- but could not score the late baskets to seal the series. Then the Sxiers got a bit lucky on a few 3's and refused to go down quietly.

Game turned twice on altercations. The first time they awoke the sleeping giant when Thad/ET got chippy and then the Heat when a huge run. Then the Heat had is in hand until Hawed refused to back down to Lebron.

Also interesting to see the guys who fought back were Jrue/Lou/Turner. Brand again missed a wide open 15 footer late in the game that he normally makes. But he seems to struggle hitting that open look when the team is in a rut. But to be fair, without Brand's earlier contributions they are not even in the game.

I for one am glad that your prediction of no more wins in 2011 (astutely made at the time, assuming a lockout) turned out to be wrong.

Trivia question: before today, when was the last time the Sixers won an elimination game (a playoff game in which their season could potentially end)?

Had to be vs. Toronto or vs. MIL in 01, right?

Statman reply to Brian on Apr 24 at 21:14

Close, 2002 vs. Boston (twice). They had lost 4 straight since then (2003, 2005, 2008, 2009).

tk76 reply to Statman on Apr 24 at 21:22

So I looked back at every Sixer playoff series. They have never been in a closeout game 6 and gone on to win the series. In fact I believe they have never trailed a playoff series at any stage and gone on to win. That is amazing considering how many series this team has played.

Statman reply to tk76 on Apr 24 at 21:28

First, a correction: it was 5 straight losses in elimination games before today (I forgot about the 3rd Boston game in 2002).

As for the trailing series observation, I know in 2001 they trailed Indiana 1-0 (the infamous 79-78 game) before winning 3-1 and they trailed the Bucks 2-1 before winning 4-3. I'm kind of surprised they never pulled it off in the Dr. J era, but I can't think of any examples offhand ...

Charlie H reply to tk76 on Apr 24 at 22:04

vs. Boston, '82. The Celtics won the first game, in a rout.

Charlie H reply to Statman on Apr 24 at 22:10

That was a 5-game series, right?

tk76 reply to Statman on Apr 24 at 21:14

Given my tendency for pessimism... I like being proven wrong.

I thought the Sixers played pretty well in games 1 and 3- certainly better than they had to close out the last 6 games of the season. But moral victories would not have been enough to wash out the bad taste that would have come with losing 9 of 10 games to close out the regular season + playoffs. So winning this game was important.

As for your trivia question, I can remember a certain season were they won 2 7 game series... but I can't remember them every winning a series were they were down 3-2 or 3-1. I'm sure they did at some point- but probably a long time ago.

Okay, the answer is 54-55, back when the franchise was in Syracuse. Team was down 3-2 and came back to win 4-3 to win the league title vs. the "Fort Wayne Pistons." Unlikely that anybody who has ever posted to this blog was alive then ...

Charlie H reply to Statman on Apr 24 at 22:06

I was. That was my 1st championship season, I just didn't know it.

Charlie H reply to Charlie H on Apr 24 at 22:09

And the only time my hometown team will ever win a major league team championship. (Except that I still consider the Sixers my hometown team - sorry. I'm glad they moved to such a cool city with such great fans.)

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