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Good to see Rivera return to his dominance.

Hopefully this will shut up the naysayers for a while who were calling for Torre's head.

Off topic, but did you see on Letterman's Top Ten the reference to the Yankee's fired trainer?

No, I missed it. I'll check YouTube for it later.

Really nice to see Mo out there in both games yesterday. He looked pumped after the first game. I hope he's out there again today. He needs work, and a lot of it, to build up his arm strength and keep his command sharp.

Mix Master Mu on May 4 at 11:00

This has nothing to do with the stinky Yankees but good news for the local Vermonter. Looks like ole crater face Greg Popovich will be moving to within 15 minutes of where I live and 10 minutes of where I work. Maybe this will be the start of other nba coaches/players moving to VT. Williamstown has some really amazing houses. A lot of money in the area you think these jabronies would start giving me some of it. I smell Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobli, Me, Horry, and Brent Barry as the new mens league Bennington Vermont basketball champs.

GO Phils

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