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Hell of a game, for sure. Glad to see some toughness out there from this squad. Looking forward to Tuesday.

Awesome job down the stretch by my favorite player, Lou Williams. If I ever doubted you in the past, sorry, I didn't mean it. Also thanks to the entire Sixers team for out rebounding the Heat, that was a big time effort.

Wednesday. Not tues.b

Hmmn, don't know where I got Tuesday from. I think they said it on the broadcast. Thanks for the heads up. It's fixed now.

I still think the possession where lou hit the long 3 was an awfully executed and we should of taken a TO. Lou basically hit a prayer.

That's kind of what most end-of-game situations come down to, though. How many prayers have been hit against us this year?

Yes, it does indeed come down to hitting a prayer, but that was like a 27-30 footer if memory serves me right. Also we were only down 1, we didn't need a 3, basically we got the ball back with 27 seconds left and it took us 21 seconds that ended with a prayer being taken when we didn't need a 3.

Charlie H reply to Jason on Apr 24 at 22:24

The line is 23.75 feet - it was a 26-footer at most, and a good look. He shot it in rhythm.

That would have just barely been a 3 in the ABA.

Gdog reply to Jason on Apr 24 at 22:25

totally agree,. That was a prayer. But every team has their share of "prayer" shots per game.
Great win. Loved it. Be nice to take one in Miami and make the heat feel the heat :)

I'm still basking in a great Philly sports day. Today is a day to be celebrated, and we get at least three more days until we have to evaluate this team. I just want to say that these guys fucking deserve it. They just do.

I was at a family party where the room was going crazy over the Flyers' OT game. My cousin (a huge Sixers nut) and I were thinking the whole time, "We just freaking took that game by the you know whats and just flat-out beat Miami." Everyone else was living and dying on every shot (Boy, the Flyers' goaltending really sucks huh?), but there was two people there, whose loudest cheer of the day came on Lou's bomb.

A couple of thoughts:
As bad as EB has been beaten on the defensive boards in this series, the play he made to get a piece of LBJ's shot was extraordinary. Give credit to AI9 (who has problems with LeBron more than almost anyone else in the league) for cutting him off, but LeBron is so strong that he just bounced off of him. Brand, blessed with limited athleticism, rotated off Bosh at the last possible moment and got a piece. Awesome.

As good as that play was, we still got a little lucky. Turner beat Wade and Bosh for that board, that won't happen every time. It's about time a bounce goes our way.

Speaking of Turner, this type of performance is gratifying for the people who think that he will be a contributor in this league. I don't know if he'll ever be an 18 PPG scorer as I thought when we drafted him (He probably won't be), but that guy is someone that will contribute in this league someway, somehow. This game sure as hell "counts." Fans should be excited that he's on our team going forward.

Holy moly, the moxie/balls it took for Jrue to take that shot was great. Also, isn't it great that two not very high percentage shots won the game for us for once?

I guess a final note of caution: Enjoy this game, it was freaking awesome. These guys deserved it. Don't let it affect our perspectives on the long-term future of this team team though. I guess more importantly pray that the front office doesn't let it get to their head either. Just enjoy it for what it is. OK, that's about it.

Rich reply to Rich on Apr 24 at 21:58

Oh, and let's come out and just outwork those stuck-up primadonnas on Wednesday. They haven't exactly proved to be the most stable team in the world, have they? Nothing to lose.

Turner's not a bust! Sweet

Iguodala: great start in the 1st, nearly lost it in the 4th. I still can't believe he didn't make a single positive play while he was in: badly missed 3-pointer (for shot clock violation), turnover, 4 baskets and 9 points allowed, 1 offensive rebound allowed, 1 defensive rebound fumbled. I guess it was good that he got in foul trouble. On the positive side, credit Collins for creating plays to get Iguodala some dunks earlier in the game.

The developing story line in this series is that the Sixers find it much easier to score when Ilgauskas and Bibby are in (leading by 12, 12, and 8 points after one quarter in 3 of the 4 games). The +/- difference between Ilgauskas and Joel Anthony (-27 to +55) is staggering. I almost wonder if the Sixers should start Thad to get him some easy looks before Anthony checks in. On the other hand, Joel Anthony is one of the worst offensive players in the NBA, so if he plays major minutes, the Sixers *have* to devise a scheme to take advantage of that.

random thoughts:

- this is the first game in a long, long time that has earned "save until i delete" status on the DVR...

- ...does anybody besides AI9 have any idea how bad his injury is?

- did today's game move ET ahead of Meeks and Thad in the rotations for game five, and/or going into next season?

- couldn't tell because i was at the game, but did the TV or radio broadcasts ever say why Spencer had that whatever it was in his nose in the 4th Q?

Stat, the Joelle Anthony effect is the reason Thad's contract might not be such a guarantee anymore. How many times have a guy that Thad can't do anything against though? Playoffs are all about matchups and if Thad's game isn't suited for a 7 game series (i.e. teams can easily adjust), management better recognize that. I don't know the answer though.

Pretty off topic, but everyone check out this interview:

Some really interesting comments on the game, worth the read.

How many teams* in 2nd sentence

hehe exciting win. I believe all has been said already.
I actually considered Hawes for my player of the game. Guess the bar is pretty low. Awesome interior play today. One play, he was at the top of the key after a screen switch or so, bron passed the ball to wade down low on the left, the shot went up quickly. It bounces off the rim and presto, Hawes is grabbing the rebound. I could have sworn he teleported. Never seen him move that fast. Ever. Perhaps it is unrealistic to expect him to duplicate the effort next game.

game 5, anything can happen.
getting over the hump plus confidence is a good sign.

Brian, Statman: I am curious what your thoughts are on the adjustments DC made in guarding Wade-Lebron.

Statman reply to jkay on Apr 25 at 0:29

I'm going to re-watch the game, but one thing I noticed on first viewing is that the Sixers are less afraid now to switch Jrue or Turner onto LeBron (Jrue especially) when the Heat go to their bread-and-butter LeBron/Wade P/R. When Jrue guards LeBron, LeBron feels obligated to go into the post, and he simply does not have a good back-to-the-basket game (at least it's not as good as his face-up game), plus Jrue's post defense is better than he (or anyone else) expected.

Wade is a tougher cover in the halfcourt, but his jumper was off in this game. Meeks, Turner, and Jrue all did good jobs on him, I thought.

One other thing the Sixers did effectively in this game, which they probably can't rely on going forward, was to ignore Bibby almost completely. Double-teaming, rotating, and defensive rebounding are easier when someone on the opposition can't hit wide open shots.

I cover some of this in a post I wrote for tomorrow morning. Should be up around 9am.

deepsixersuede on Apr 25 at 8:07

I feel better about our coach after this game; H. Brown seemed impressed about adjustments Collins made early in this game and I was happy to see Turner kept out there when Thad struggled. Turner seems to improve our defensive rebounding and boxing out when he is on the floor. Jrue is stepping up and doing good things on the big stage, not bad for a 20 year old.

Tk, what other 20 year olds have played this well in a playoff series?

Hah, I was just about to look that up at B-R.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Apr 25 at 9:17

Will post on the new thread.

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