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Game 86 Differential Production Stats

thumbs up.

Would love to see Turner on the court for as many minutes in game 5. He gives an edge defensively and offensively. He was aggressive in game 4 going to the hoop, and of course his defensive rebounding is needed.

Is it too much to hope Thad can finally get his offense going again?

Spencer Flaws on Apr 26 at 0:33

whoa im starting to like the gallinari kid.

IF they somehow manage to pull out another win in game five...then the whole damn country (including maybe even the referees) will be rooting for them in #6....

...found this randomly but here is a pretty quality video about Harvey Pollack, linked from Chris Webber of all people tonight:


Oh man, does not seem like he will ever get a chance to drink that bottle of saki. Hope he does though.

Story: Turner making a difference for the Sixers:


great write up. I am hoping to not see a suspciously large influx of fouls in miami's favor for this next game.

I stumbled upon this Turner projection from before the season even began from Hollinger


He really nailed it with this one:
"The biggest worry about Turner is that he isn't a great shooter. He rarely shot 3s at Ohio State and shot in the mid-70s from the line. That won't be a problem if he's good enough to have the ball in his hands most of the time, but it's an issue if he's spotting up on the wings while others run the show."

It pretty much sums up Turner's season...

Tom Moore on Apr 26 at 10:17

Collins: Celtics 'hoping we take them to triple overtime in Game 7':


This is good to see:

Asked if Evan Turner thanked him for stepping in to help out during a brief fracas with Miami's James Jones, Thaddeus Young said: "He actually did, he said, 'I appreciate that, my dude.' It's cool. We're all teammates, so we have to be there for one another. We're brothers."


speeke reply to Scott on Apr 27 at 3:13


Interesting team stats for the Sixers so far: Sixers are #2 in the playoffs in 3-point pct. (41.7%), #4 in 3-pointers made per game (7.5), #2 in lowest opponent 3-point pct. (23.9%), and #2 in fewest turnovers (11.3/G). On the flip side, they are dead last in PPG (85.5), dead last in free throws made and taken per game, 2nd-worst in point differential (-7.8), 2nd-worst in opponent FT pct. (bad luck there hasn't changed from the regular season!), 3rd-worst in overall FG pct. (40.0%), tied for 3rd-worst in overall rebound pct. (46.2%), and 4th-worst in turnovers forced (11.8/G).

The 3-point differential is something to keep an eye on. Miami's defense is all about packing the lane, so the Sixers need to keep shooting and making open 3's.

tk76 reply to Statman on Apr 26 at 11:12

"#2 in lowest opponent 3-point pct. (23.9%)"

A bit of good luck there that has helped keep them in games.

statman, that game 5 win against Indinia in 99-00 was partly due to the fact that Reggie Miller was suspended and missed the game.(For fighting with Matt Geiger, who was suspended for 2 games).

Tom Moore reply to ojr107 on Apr 26 at 15:39

I would agree. Sixers don't win Game 5 in Indy if Miller plays. Pacers closed out series with Miller in Philly.

tk76 reply to Tom Moore on Apr 26 at 15:42

Of course the Sixers got destroyed in game 6 by Orlando without Dwight Howard. So IMO any playoff win cannot be dismissed.

Tom Moore on Apr 26 at 15:51

Video: Iguodala Tuesday on the need to be aggressive and rebound against the Heat, as well as Holiday being one of his 'favorite players':


Tom Moore on Apr 26 at 15:55

Video: Holiday Tuesday on taking and making a big shot in Game 4, as well as looking forward to facing Heat again Wednesday:


Tom Moore on Apr 26 at 16:00

Video: Brand Tuesday on 'deserving this trip' to Miami and the Sixers having to keep starting games well:


Tom Moore on Apr 26 at 17:57

Rebounding, free throws could determine Sixers' fate:


Would it make sense to start Turner over Meeks at this point?

Nope. Our starters have had great success in games 1-4, absolutely no reason to mix it up.

I agree. You need the threat of an outside shooter with the first group. Though he's been up and down, Meeks gets plenty of perimeter attention from other teams.

mchezo reply to Jason on Apr 26 at 22:41

In think the better question is do you bring turner in before thad. Anthony has been killing us and we have really forced the issue of getting thad involved. if we go up by double digits in the first we have to do something different to protect the lead. maybe we just continue to try to dribble penetrate with jrue, lou and turner to keep the pressure on.

Do you move iggy to the 4 in this scenario?

Spencer Flaws on Apr 26 at 19:03

I would keep the roles the same as they have been. It probably would only make evan uncomfortable to start with iguodala anyways. It's not a big deal to start on this team as long as you get more minutes than the starter.

Ron Artest just won the league's good citizen award. So heck, maybe anything can happen...

" 2010-11 J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award. It is voted on by the Pro Basketball Writers Association and is given to the NBA player or coach who has displayed "outstanding service and dedication to the community."



I'm a longtime member of the PBWA and voted for Kyle Korver.

tk76 reply to Tom Moore on Apr 26 at 21:50

Yeah, it sounds like he's done great work in every city he's played.

Iguodala Tuesday on the foul line (answering my question): "We've got to keep free throws close. I don't think we're going to shoot more free throws than them - I mean, I hope we do. That's just something we can't let get out of hand."

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