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Hold Your Head High

Really great season. Can't wait until next season!

well said.

collins with another classy press conference, ends by thanking the phila media and commending the heat.

he probably was gonna thank depressed fan but ran out of time.

eddies' heady's on Apr 27 at 21:57

Wish Chalmers didn't make that last second three before end of 1st quarter. Wish Thad or Andre had made just one more free throw in addition to that....

Proud as hell too, but that doesn't stop the anguish. Shucks! I never liked for seasons to end when I was a kid growing up and it seems to still be the same now. Love some damn Sixers!!!!!

Oh, and Doug Collins is the absolute best man for this job. Just a genius and taskmaster to the nth degree. So glad to have him as our coach. It's so refreshing and harkens me back to the Billy Cunningham days. All we need now is for Andrew Toney, Maurice Cheeks, and Julius Erving to show up ;) (Meeks, Jrue, and Andre? :))

Draft is tomorrow. Shift on our attention to the Byrds...

Just kiddding.

Better team won. How do we get better. Off-season will be be interesting.

Spencer Hawes should be ashamed he is that damn tall, and can't rebound worth a lick - stealing money.

One good game on the defensive glass, one win.

Maybe they'll see the corollary and remember that rebounding on the defensive glass is rather important?

bebopdeluxe on Apr 27 at 22:06

Glad we finally got the coach right with Collins. He was the absolute perfect guy for this team. He developed our assets and gave the team focus and direction.

Time for Thorn to earn his keep.

I really liked that Collins delegated the defensive and offensive game planning to not burn himself out and burn the players out on him.

Most national media just assume the players will turn on him after or during year 2, but they miss that really big point imo.

Time for Thorn to earn his keep.

How? Limited trade assets, 'cap room' (as it currently stands), ownership with a tight hold on the wallets and an unimpressive free agent destination.

Under the current CBA (and it's going to get much worse folks) - there's not much Thorn can do this off season except AVOID over paying Thaddeus Young and Spencer Hawes.

People need to have low off season expectations because a miracle is necessary to improve the flaws in this team with the current salary/ownership situation

I think it means what will Thorne give up to better this team?Basically will he conceder trading Iguodala or not.

bebopdeluxe reply to GoSixers on Apr 28 at 8:33

While I agree with much of this, I wonder if those sellouts last week convinced Snider and the Roberts boys that spending another buck or two to get a decent defensive big in here could lead to a few more games in late April/early May (not ready to talk about late May yet).

Depending on the outcome of the CBA, I think that Iguodala is very much in play - the last miss aside, he did not hurt his trade value last night.

Answering two at once.

1. Giving up Iguodala does not make the sixers better, don't care what you get back, you'll be worse or at best equal, filling one hole and creating another (Evan Turner is in no way shown that he is ready to step up to fill Iguodalas complete game role for 82 games)

2. The playoffs are 5 games, the season is 82, the sixers attendance save for a few 'marquee' games was pretty suck ass during the regular season. It was the two years before the last one when they made the playoffs as well without an attendance boost the next year. If they think this year is any different and the 4 sport city where the other 3 teams are SERIOUS title contenders is going to change its mind about the sixers BEFORE they win a round in the playoffs, without, you know, getting like the 2 seed, I think they're crazy.

im very interested in getting Sammy back and i hope the sixers are too. this effort to me was only tainted by iggy's last shot when we were down 3. absolutely he must know you can't take a fade away 2 pointer at that point of the game. drive and finish, drive and kick, or pull up for 3. he chose the unthinkable. ugh.

Sammys smiling watching this game. He knows he's the missing piece.

The sixers have more than one missing piece, Dalembert is an upgrade, but maybe that means they win one more game against the heat.

Of course, if they had Dalembert, they most likely wouldn't have been playing the Heat.

How many games in the 3-13 start do you think Hawes vs Dalembert makes a difference. Like I said a couple days a go - 7-9 instead of 3-13 and the sixers are the five seed, but keep in mind Sam was hurt the beginning of the season right? No reason to think he wouldn't have had the same injury here?

Besides, how about all those games the sixers won because of the Nocioni Grit

it is promising that Evan Turner had 3 good games vs one of the best teams in the east this year, and most likely for the next 5 years.

I think you add to the current roster and maybe replace Hawes. I just hope they don't break the bank on a mid level free agent. I feel better about the roster than I did 2 years ago. I hope Thorn can make some trades to help the team. From what read, great effort from the team tonight. No power because of storms and tornadoes here in Alabama. Best sixers site on the net. I thank you guys for keeping me updated.

Good game Sixers

good work all year from brian and others
find a god damn shot blocker
hope there isnt a lockout
this team is fun to watch and cant wait til next year

MichaelT on Apr 27 at 23:04

Brian - great job with the blog this year. I've been a die hard Sixers fan my whole life but just found this site this year. Enjoyed it very much though.

Great job by the Sixers and great season at Depressed Fan.

A few game observations, for the final time this season:
* Glad that Iguodala got to show flashes of his offensive game from the 07-08 and 08-09 seasons. Somehow I don't think he was healthy enough to do that earlier in the series. One wonders whether a fully healthy Iguodala might have made a difference in one of the close games.
* Also glad that Thad had a good shooting game, and his defense was really quite good. The Sixers finally made the Heat pay for having Joel Anthony in the game by having Thad double-team hard, Reggie Evans style, at the beginning of every possession.
* I mentioned the 3-point disparity before this game in the Sixers' favor. I guess the law of averages kicked in.
* Sixers remained unlucky with opponent clutch free throws until the end, with 64% free throw shooter Anthony making two big ones (and 4 for the game).
* I saw on Twitter that Iguodala, when asked if he expects to remain with the Sixers, responded, "I expect to be in the NBA." If the writing is on the wall, I wish him well wherever he goes.

Thanks to everyone here (and especially Brian) for sharing your thoughts throughout the season!

I wonder why Iguodala would say it that way? I hope it was just frustration over losing the series, because it seemed he was getting pretty comfortable with this team, settling into his role and playing excellent all around basketball before the injury really got to him.

This is a strong indication he wants out, in my opinion.

He wanted out during the 3-13 start. When asked "Do you want to be in Philly?" he answered "I just want to win." Obviously they weren't winning, so easy conclusion there is he wanted out. A simple "yes" would've come forth if he wanted to be in Philly.

Saying it after a playoff series is more of a surprise though. I didn't think it was likely at all he'd be traded, but after this comment, I think there's now a much better chance he's gone.

johnrosz reply to stoned81 on Apr 27 at 23:33

I've decided he's just not terribly savvy with the media despite being such a bright guy. He doesn't know what he wants, and he's probably sick of the question.

Interestingly enough, Speights is all over twitter right now ripping Collins for not giving him playing time this year.

bebopdeluxe reply to johnrosz on Apr 27 at 23:50

Just went to Speights' Twitter site...don't see ANYTHING like that there...

For some reason tweets appear a lot slower for non-members. I guess it's their way of trying to get you to sign up.

Fair point. Hilarious from Speights. #freespeezy

johnrosz reply to stoned81 on Apr 27 at 23:55

he basically retweeted some guy saying that the Sixers would've won way more games if Doug had let Speights play this year, and the guy was blaming DC for messing Speights up.

hahahahaha that's awesome. I'm sort of amazed LouWill and Turner didn't end up in the doghouse after publicly joining the #freespeezy movement. I guess Collins either doesn't know about twitter or just doesn't care what his players say (which would be cool).

johnrosz reply to stoned81 on Apr 28 at 0:01

just another instance of Speights being a child. They'd be wise to ship him off to any team that wants a moron with a nice jumper and nothing else.

Yeah I'm pretty sure Collins doesn't understand twitter yet. It took him till last year to figure out how to send a text.

Yeah, I thought it was pretty strange. I didn't really expect that from Iggy after such a turn around season for the team.

why would iguodala want to stay here when the "fans" are so critical of him?

emtmess reply to Statman on Apr 27 at 23:55

Could be thinking about a poss. lockout also.

If Iggy is gone next year, we can put Ball-Friendly Spencer Hawes as our new Point Forward/Center.

Tom Moore on Apr 27 at 23:48

Does Iguodala want to return?:


jkay reply to Tom Moore on Apr 28 at 0:02

Iguodala's answers to questions asked have always been remarkably and (IMO awesomely) blunt.
I think he's cognizant of the high possibility that he will get traded and is resigned and/or welcome to it.

Sort of bitter sweet seeing the Sixers 9and especially Iguodala) play their best game in the game where they are closed out. On one hand its good to end on an upbeat note. But It's going to be along time without another Sixer game. I hope it is only six months and not longer.

In terms of the game, I wish the ball was more in Jrues hands in the 4th, but I guess it is fitting that the 4th qtr had many halmarks of Sixers games this year.

Anyhow, props to the loyal Sixers fans out their, and pros to the Sixers team for staring the bully in the eye and refusing to blink or give an inch. They certainly represented the city and its fans as well as they could given the inherent mismatch. Now we just need the front office to step up and give Jrue and company some scoring punch and interior D.

My worthless prediction: Iggy will go to the Clippers to play with Eric Gordon, Blake Griffin, and Deandre Jordan.

I think the Clips are holding out for Dwight Howard. Don't think they'll take on salary before it's determined where he goes.

Iguodala would be a perfect fit with the Knicks because he could defend and run the floor. Problem is what Sixers would get in return -- would have to involve a third team.

He'd be a good fit but I think Dolan is more into Hollywood. So I don't see the Knicks taking on any salary, it's all about CP3 or Dwight Howard and no one else is under consideration, my guess.

Plus, CP3 or Dwight makes the Knicks instant title contenders, in my opinion. So they get the Hollywood aspect and the contention in one package.

Raja reply to Tom Moore on Apr 28 at 1:00

Iggy would be such a great fit on the Clippers.

Potential starting Clipper five:

Jordan/Griffin/Iggy/Gordon/Mo. Williams

Perimeter Shooters in Williams and Gordon

Defensive Shotblocker in Jordan

Low post player in Griffin

Iggy thriving as a defender/playmaker who wouldn't have to shoulder the scoring load...

jkay reply to Tom Moore on Apr 28 at 1:42

I think he makes the Knicks a little too good, they're in our division, we may really regret that down the lane.

Charlie H reply to Lance on Apr 28 at 6:54

So we're gonna get Chris Kaman for him? Who are the Clippers giving up? Thorn would not trade Iguodala for Kaman.

smh1980 on Apr 28 at 0:06

If Iggy and Speights want out then do you think this trade makes us better?


Washington is in a prime spot to get a top big this year so they might be interested in dealing McGee. We would have much better size. Brand and Lewis would come off the books in the same year. We could continue to grow our team and be set to make a leap to an elite contender in 2013-14 season. We would also be in a prime situation to resign Jrue that year and possibly get Dwight Howard that same offseason.


tk76 reply to smh1980 on Apr 28 at 0:13

You'd have to find anoth 4M from the Sixers, since Dongalia can't be traded. But I would not want McGee as the big you get in return for Iguodala. He has a ton of defensive ability, but I question his mental ability to become a dominant big. But maybe I'm selling him short becasue he plays on a dysfunctional team.

I like this deal, but it doesn't work because Songaila is a free agent.

I think lewis still has game, and I think McGee is very good. I think the Wiz say no. They don't want to add a year's salary past Lewis, and Iggy is grumbling when he's on a playoff team. He's not going to be happy in DC.

Also, this is a deal that won't ever happen. The sixers wouldn't make this trade unless iggy demanded a trade, and even if Iggy demanded a trade, he'd much rather stay in philly than go to washington imo.

Charlie H reply to smh1980 on Apr 28 at 7:00

I wish you guys would take the time to type out the trades and not force me to go to espn.com and put up with all that noise. Hate that site. But it's fun to try to guess the trades from the comments. Iguodala & Speights for McGee and Young? Not enough salary - must be - ugh - Rashard Lewis? Too much salary.

johnrosz on Apr 28 at 0:24

I could see the Sixers going after Kenyon Martin this off season.

Spencer Flaws on Apr 28 at 0:26

Why don't we just take a chance on greg oden for the MLE? I always forget that he's still only 23 years old. He looks like a grumpy old man.

Troy Murphy?
shoddy defense but I think DC like the outside shooting big man with the kind of players we have on our roster.

For vet min sure.

johnrosz on Apr 28 at 0:41

Really hope the Speights antics find their way to the media and eventually in the form of a question for Doug.

I want Speights gone yesterday

Had to get out of the house after the game, went to the movies. I'm not going to read a whole lot into the Iguodala quote. The guy can't exactly be confident that he's going to be here next season when he's got everyone with a sports talk show screaming that he needs to be traded whenever they can be bothered to talk about the Sixers. And do you really expect him to come out and say he wants to stay here when the fans basically despise him and swear at him around town? Just today there were people on here intimating that he wasn't tough. How you come to that conclusion when the guy is playing through an injury and playing heavy minutes guarding the two best players in the world is beyond me, but whatever.

I hope if he does get traded the Sixers get some value in return, and I hope wherever he goes he's actually appreciated for the great basketball he plays, on both ends of the floor. Sadly, that's never going to happen in Philadelphia which is a failing of the fans, not Andre.

RSWKnight reply to Brian on Apr 28 at 2:01

His full quote, per CSNPhilly:

“I always wanted to be in one place, be comfortable in one spot. I still feel the same way, being able to put a stamp on not only my career, but the Philadelphia 76ers record book,” Iguodala said. “I want to keep climbing the charts with some of the greatest basketball players ever. Just for my name to be brought up as having some of the most steals in team history is something I always thought about. I want to continue to climb the charts and take this team to the next level.”

So, I believe he wants to be here, he's just not sure if his feelings are reciprocated

Jeff reply to Brian on Apr 28 at 2:03

I wouldn't read too deeply into comments from someone who trolls blogs while waiting to collect his disability check.

I went to eleven home games this year and I never once heard any of the general public question Iguodala's toughness. I even had trouble finding his jersey/t-shirt in stock at the store once the sixers started winning more often. There are Iguodala fans out there, although I think for the wrong reasons - philly desperately wants another star after the Iverson era and the sixers tried to market Iguodala as that person.
Most of the comments from the general public are complaints about his shooting, how he tries to be "the man", he shouldn't be taking the last shot, and that he's overpaid, etc. etc..
Surely enough after his great shooting game tonight, the only comments I heard were from people complaining about his missed jumper at the end.
I agree in that I hope he ends up on a team where the fans actually appreciate him.

Hey, did Iguodala shut down his twitter account?

Months ago.

Hey Evan, I'd like you to meet my friend Herb Magee...

Tyler reply to Rich on Apr 28 at 2:08

By all means, yes!

Great game. Proud of the effort they showed and hopefully they learned a lot from this series.

I'm especially happy that Jrue and Turner had very good series because they are the future of the franchise and playing that well against Lebron and Wade no less at their age is amazing.

As for all the other questions looming out there we'll have a whole offseason to talk about.

We had a great season here at Depressed Fan hopefully we will have an even better one next year.

Charlie H on Apr 28 at 7:17

One thing you can't say about Iguodala is that he lacks toughness. That's just outrageous. From his first game, he's been nothing but tough. That quote above, the long one, says a lot about his character. I think he'll be here.

A lot of good things from this season. Thaddeus learned to play defense. Brand fully reestablished himself and was a great leader. Lou, for all his mistakes and bad judgment, played through it and kept improving. Jrue is the most mature 20-year-old since LeBron, maybe since Magic. ET erased most doubts and put to rest the "bust" talk for good. We have a lot of good defenders and will probably add one. Collins became an even better coach than he was because he recognized his faults and addressed them, and because he used his strengths to the maximum. He's a passionate and brilliant coach who would quit rather than fully commit himself. And he's not gonna quit.

Great job Brian and everybody. You worked incredibly hard on this site and I for one appreciate it. I hope your marriage survives.

I'll always remember this season. It'll go down with '82 and '01 for all-time great non-title years.

Statman reply to Charlie H on Apr 28 at 8:19

Charlie H: nice post, good perspective. I think you meant Collins "would quit rather than not fully commit himself," right?

I wouldn't put this season on the same level as '82 and '01 (those were seasons when the Sixers could make a strong argument that they were the 2nd-best team in the league), but you make a good point that it ended better than '08 and '09 (blowout losses at home).

Charlie H reply to Statman on Apr 28 at 17:45

Yes, I did. I hate leaving out words.

I just meant that I enjoyed it almost as much. The team came so far. In '82, they got ahead of the Celtics 3-1 and lost that series lead for the 2nd year in a row, then won the 7th game in Boston Garden, so it was more of a relief than anything else. It was one of the best played games in their history (so was the 4th game - it was like a perfect game). And they lost the Finals pretty decisively.

I enjoyed this season because Collins makes it so much fun to follow the team - he's always got something positive to say (Remember "I love Mo." in the pre-season - funny to think of it now.) and is one of my heroes anyway. I enjoyed it because the team is young and athletic. It was just an inspiring team, even though they fell on their faces a few times. Too bad nobody but Sixers fans (and Steve Kerr) really noticed. But 41-41 teams that lose in the first round don't attract a lot of attention. If they won yesterday, they would have had the whole country on their side in Game 6 though.

Igoudala played a heroic game last night. Doing his thing on offense, getting to the rack and finishing with authority, and then every jumper was falling in the fourth quarter until he went to the well one time too many...he also played his usual great d and grabbed 10 boards.

The real killer was that good look Turner missed for the lead...that would have really put Miami on its heels. I was thinking the whole time, if we can just get the lead we will win this game...and if Turner has even a semi decent night from the field we do win it. Can't kill him though. He really showed he can play this series, and also had 10 boards last night.

Someone who I don't think has been mentioned enough is Elton Brand.....he played with such fire last night.

So many moments that if flipped...the Chalmers three...the string of missed free throws...

But as everyone has said, a truly valiant effort. Thought it was their best of the series. Unfortunately, Chalmers and James Jones starting knocking down their threes

Proud to be a Sixer fan and loved following this team this season. I hope we will always remember it as a turning point for the franchise

Charlie H reply to mymanjrue on Apr 28 at 17:49

Yeah, it was the Turner shot that made me think it wasn't our night. Rookies usually miss those.

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