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Using the current CBA - what's your 'dream' off season (realistic version)

What sort of haul would you require to be ok with trading Iguodala this off season (again, realistic version)

Which Heat player do you hate the most?

Charlie H reply to GoSixers on Apr 28 at 18:04

James Jones.

(put the answer in the wrong place earlier)

Looks to me like he's dreaming up possible trade scenerios for Bargnani. You can file this under Concerns.

Who, Thorn? Please no.

Is this a serious post? Is there something i missed?

I sure hope it's not serious or we're in a lot of trouble! I was just making a joke about my new offseason picture. :)

Video: Holiday on his first playoffs, his progress and his potential:


I believe that there is NO realistic trade out there involving Iguodala and/or Brand that:

1. Makes the Sixers better in the next 2 years.
2. Puts the Sixers in a better situation in 2-3 years when Brand and Iguodala would be expiring.

Do you agree or disagree with that statement?

Financially and talent wise this team is in a bind in terms being legit in the next 2 years. But identifying a problem is not the same as having realistic options. And I'm actually more concerned that they make the wrong move that further entrenches them in long term mediocrity than not making a move at all.

If they simply stand pat for 28-24 months then I believe there will be much better choices available. With 40M of contracts soon to come off the books.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Apr 28 at 16:15

And in the meantime they would be a competitive and enjoyable team... as long as you have reasonable expectations.

Do you think a team that in the beginning of the season you know pretty much only has a small chance of winning in the first round of the playoffs, at best, is enjoyable?

Do Kansas City Royals fans find the season enjoyable knowing from day one they'll probably be in last place?

Do NL East fans find the season enjoyable knowing that if you aren't a phillies fan the best you can hope for is a wild card?

Do Yankees fans enjoy the season knowing even though they spent much more than everyone else there's a better than even shot they miss the playoffs?

These are serious questions people - they need serious answers

I get the impression that iggy wants to stay, but knows there is a possibilty he may go. That's why you get comments from him like ' I just wanna compete for a championship.' he is what he is, which is a fist team all defense guy that can do multiple things on the offensive end, but isn't considered an elite scorer. He's a unique talent and if you are Thorn, you don't give him away. If you trade him, make sure it's a deal where you get short and long term value for the team. Easier said than done. I would prefer that he stays, but it may be time to let him go if the right deal presents itself. Gotta be hard on him to hear that the younger guys should be the centerpiece of the franchise when he was that guy just a year ago. I kind of agree with tk, they may need to stand pat for 24-28 months if nothing attractive presents itself. I think this the highest iggy's value will be for a while. Hope management makes the right choice.

Yeah, I don't get how dealing Iguodala for Aminu, or whatever else people have been talking about, would make us better.

Mario reply to Tray on Apr 28 at 18:03

Rod Thorn seems to have liked Aminu as a draft prospect...
Aminu turned pro following his sophomore season, and he's generally projected as a top-7 pick. It's his grace and wide skill set that get scouts' attention. As New Jersey Nets president Rod Thorn described, Aminu is the one guy in this draft who can grab the rebound, dribble the length of the floor and finish in the post.


Video Footage of Aminu going coast to coast for a dunk..


Tray reply to Mario on Apr 28 at 18:36

That's nice that he can go coast to coast for dunks.

No one is surprised that you don't get it, trust me

Tray reply to GoSixers on Apr 28 at 22:14

But it wouldn't make us better. We wouldn't make the lottery. If we did, we wouldn't be in the top 7 or 8. So we wouldn't get these great draft picks. Then, it's not like some star will come and sign with us just to play with Jrue and Turner. You might get a secondary star, but you wouldn't get Howard, Paul, Griffin. They all have better destinations. We would end up using the money to overpay for Kevin Martin, or something of that ilk, and being the same team we are now, better offensively but worse defensively. Currently, we have the league's best perimeter defender, more or less. One of the game's best passers and rebounders at the wing. I would think that's something to build on, not something to throw away for idle hopes of a free agency miracle, and a kid whose probable future is as a rotation player. I mean, Aminu could become Ariza, maybe an Ariza with less dumb shot selection. Then again, given that he's always been mentally questionable, he may well be less than that. So tell me how that helps us.

My original point stands, your follow comments just reinforce them.

DraftExpress has the Jazz taking Bismack at #6 (with the pick they got from the Nets). They could wind up w/ a front court of Biyombo and Favors. They might not score a ton of points, but man could they protect the paint. You can probably get away with Hayward guarding wings when you have two guys with that length protecting the paint.

Charlie H on Apr 28 at 18:01

James Jones.

I like Wade. I think the end of game dunk was just celebration and maybe a little relief being expressed. He's a class guy. Did you hear what he said about Collins?

I don't want to entertain Iguodala trade scenarios. Just not the right time. I've always liked the guy a lot and hope he's here next year. This team is going to be put together by adding to the core, not by blockbuster moves. Is Turner part of the core? Not sure, but I'd like to see him for another season, afteer a summer of working on his shooting stroke.

Sam ain't coming back. They'll add a shooter. They might get a good pg and move Turner to forward. Hawes & Speights will be gone. Thad will get an offer and they'll match. Kapono will get signed by somebody and slam the Sixers after. Iguodala will make the All-Star team next year.

That's a pretty big hole I left at center. I have no idea what's gonna happen there. Maybe somebody like Fesenko.

jkay reply to Charlie H on Apr 28 at 18:06

2 big holes, Center and back-up C/PF.
I think the defensive big might be easier and cheaper to find than the shooter.

smh1980 reply to mike on Apr 28 at 18:53

Why even leave yourself open to the type of attack that is going to happen? It just doesn't make any sense! Does he think that we have to send him to a contender? Do NBA players have No Trade Clauses?

Kobe has (had) a no trade clause. It's a very specific issue, but a player can control where they go by refusing to report. Harder with Iguodala because of his long term deal.

He's only open to attack by small minded petty individuals who have been bashing him for years anyway.

This is a non story that idiots will make something out of

smh1980 reply to GoSixers on Apr 28 at 19:11

Thanks for the info. He had a good season and these kinds of stories will linger for the rest of the off season. It all just seems magnified because of his comments from yesterday and today.

He was at the teams doctors. No story there.

He was at the team meeting - when will the team come out and say "oh yeah, his wasn't scheduled for today"?

i saw the headline and was alarmed...then i read the story. complete baloney

Tom Moore on Apr 28 at 18:57

Thorn: Sixers to qualify Hawes and Young, pick up option on Meeks:


He just emailed me back, so I blogged it.

If Spencer Hawes is the sixers starting center the next time they play a regular season game and his contract is for more than one year - i will kill someone - you know who youare

Hawes lack of skill aside since the team has a different view of him - basic strategy is to always extended a qualifying offer (unless you are Joe Alexander) - right?

That's what I'm hoping.

Honestly - Some D-league guy is a better back up plan than spencer hawes if they can't sign anyone else

Josh reply to GoSixers on Apr 28 at 20:42


deepsixersuede on Apr 28 at 19:02

Brian, is retaining Thad tied to moving Iggy, in your opinion? Do they have to free up salary to spend on Thad and keep whatever budget they are willing to spend up to?

I don't see them as being tied together. If the team thinks Thad is going to step in as the starting SF if they trade Iguodala, I think they're misguided.

If the sixers think Thaddeus Young is going to step in as a starting anything, they're misguided

deepsixersuede reply to Brian on Apr 28 at 19:47

I was thinking more salary wise if Thad gets 7 to 9 million per. It seems Collins has a mancrush on him and may overpay.

Are they concerned somebody offers Hawes a deal? Lesser of 2 evils? Hawes at 1 year and 4 million or 2 years at 5 million total?

Please don't say things like 2-year deal and Hawes in the same sentence. I'm right on the ledge here.

deepsixersuede reply to Brian on Apr 28 at 19:56

I have 3 words to make you jump, "Iggy for Bargnani".

No one on the planet is that stupid.

Isiah Thomas and David Kahn clear their throats in your direction.

Is Cam Newton the next Jamarcus Russell or the next donovan mcnabb - and will anyone care when he's in carolina?

Kate Fagan just tweeted that Iguodala did not skip his interview, he had an appointment with the team doctor. Thorn and Iguodala both confirmed it.

Really not sure why the Daily News would run with that without talking to anyone involved in the story first.

I'm not surprised in the least. Horrible reporting. Lot of fuel to burn on Iggy today - despite going 10 for 14 last night.

At the other end of the reporting spectrum you have Tom Moore getting a real scoop via hard work about the qualifying offers.

smh1980 reply to Brian on Apr 28 at 20:19

Bob Cooney reported in a story earlier this year that Iggy was the only player not to have a conversation with, non-interview related. Maybe he doesn't care for Iggy and would rather go public with that than do some legitimate reporting.

smh1980 reply to smh1980 on Apr 28 at 20:21

That Cooney did not talk with. Sorry that was probably confusing.

hmm, I know I might be flamed for saying this, but maybe collins feels like he can make something of spencer, kids got potential, he was chosen number 10 overall for a reason, -Shrugs-

We really need to move on from the "picked #10" stuff. Player evaluation is hardly a science after a small sample of college games. That means little when you've had years to show your skill. I mean, Michael Olowakandi went #1 (I killed that spelling i think).

"he was chosen number 10 overall for a reason, "

because the kings did a shitty job scouting.


So - Sean Bradley was drafted #2 for a reason and thus shouldn't have been given up on by everyone in the NBA?

deepsixersuede on Apr 28 at 20:22

Do you guys think Sam forgoes the money and goes ring shopping [Miami]. Look what 1/2 a Sam [Anthony] did in this series.

Miami is pretty close to haiti as well.

deepsixersuede reply to Jason on Apr 28 at 20:26

Haiti is one reason I thought he would take the money, and I mean that in a positive way.

There's a decent shot Miami won't have anything but minimum contracts to offer for the next five years. I'm actually kind of hoping all the exceptions are wiped out, just to see Miami and New York crying about being locked into their scrubs for the duration of their stars contracts.

deepsixersuede reply to Brian on Apr 28 at 20:32

The Miller deal is killing them. I hope your right about the exemptions but L.Coon, from what I read a while back, feels exemptions of some sort will remain.

Brian, would you like Bargnani in this lineup? Sam, Bargnani, Iggy, Turner and Jrue.

No. I didn't even read the lineup. I wouldn't like Bargnani on this side of the border, let alone playing for the Sixers. Under no circumstances would I like Bargnani. He's garbage.

Oh my goodness Toronto just got the steal of the year with that trade, and I don't even know who they got!

I agree with you that Bargnani is best next to a strong defensive big that can compensate for his softness and do the dirty work inside while he operates from the outside. I think it could work really well.

It's just not worth trading Iguodala to get that guy though.

Honestly, with spencer, as much as it pisses of sixers fans when he doesn't block out to get a rebound, or gets blocked going up for an easy slam by 6'3"-6'4" Dwade, hes had moments wheres hes shown promise, i think a lot with him has to do with confidence. Just IMO this isn't a FACT just an opinion, either way for me, as in for all sixer fans, we just want a team that's gonna compete and get wins.

Bismack Biyombo on Apr 28 at 20:41

I disagree.

Tom Moore on Apr 28 at 20:42

Thorn: Iguodala misses Sixers exit interview because of doctor's appointment:


Thinking about it, people put a lot of the Blame for w.e. issues on Iguodala, but Iguodala is a defensive stopper, fits in with the sixers style of play, can get rebounds, assist, do it all, good complimentary player, wasn't that what he was meant to do when the Sixers signed than All Star/Superstar franchise player Elton Brand??? 25-10 guy, than he was injured and been sidelined pretty much since than, first full season played being this season, and he averaged a bit over 15 ppg & 8 rpg . I think the blame & hate has been wrongfully pinned on Iguodala. Although it's not really his fought, EB has not produced as expected.

Don't get me wrong, I'm one of those people that use to blame iggy a lot, still did recently, & use to curse at my TV everytime Iggy tried to go Iso & would brick shot after shot, but a lot of pressure has been placed on him unfairly, EB was suppose to be the franchise, bring his 25-10 to the sixers, that hasn't turned out like it was meant too, So yeah Iggy if you ever check out this blog, looking for articles & post about you, from sixers fans, THANKS FOR EVERYTHING! We appreciate your effort! but try & sneak into some of Evans Jumpshot sessions this off season lol, but seriously hope you haven't played your last game in a sixers uniform!

Anyone got the Itunes link for the podcast?

Tom Moore on Apr 28 at 23:37

Video: Hawes on his first playoff series and looking forward to becoming a restricted free agent:


This was a mildly interesting piece on Collins and Spolestra:


RSWKnight reply to Tray on Apr 29 at 4:09

Ironically, LeBron James happens to love to take Heat Check shots that happen to be incredibly low-percentage looks...

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