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Wrapping Up '10-11: The First Step

Trivia question:

Who were the three best and three worst +/- players for the Sixers in the payoffs against the Heat?

If you want to cheat the answer is here:

And regular season:

As for your awards, I agree with all of them except 6th man. I give it to Young. He was the guy other teams were making changes to try and account for. Although Lou deserves credit for the sppark he provided. If only his FG percentage was a bit closer to the 47% in 2009/10.

Most Improved: Jrue
Comeback: Brand
6th man: Thad
MVP: Brand

Biggest Disappointment: Lou. Worst field goal percentage on the team (among the regulars, thus not counting Kapono), yet biggest gunner on the team. That's a deadly combo, and not in a good way. Not sure if playoffs count, but he shot 32.7% in the playoffs, and I'm not of the opinion that one shot erases 74 minutes of otherwise terrible play. I won't even get into his all-league (worst) defense.

Biggest Waste of Money: Nocioni (mainly because he wasn't even brought in as an expiring).

tk76 reply to stoned81 on May 3 at 12:44

Yeah, another season of Noce is disappointing. I'd much rather be paying Sam that money (and he was an expiring.)

That Sam for Noce/Hawes deal was so bad on so many levels. Probably the worst move Stefanski has made- as all of his other moves at least made some sense at the time.

Wasn't the Sam trade all about the 2010/11 tax level and getting under it?

Yep, and it was a premature move, before they even knew how what the tax level would be.

So while a terrible move and premature it did sucessfully (it seems) accomplish the goal - which was not basketball related. I mean was it a bad move? Sure it was. But it achieved Comcasts (it seems) off court goal.

It was stupid to make a move before the level was set - the prediction of course was that it was going down - but maybe the kings said now or never (cause they're run by more attentive business folks and KNEW the cap wasn't going down as much as predicted?)

tk76 reply to GoSixers on May 3 at 14:36

But I'd argue it was not the only way to shave a few mill off of their roster. Heck, they could have saved more money simply by trading back 2 picks in the draft...

It's the way they wanted to save money - and don't forget - Sam was a 'locker room problem'.

So they saved money and get rid of a 'troublemaker'

tk76 reply to GoSixers on May 3 at 14:50

Yeah, but I never had a problem with moving Sam. he was unlikely going to be a long term Sixer.

It was sort of like the Miller situation. Losing the player was not nearly as much of an issue as lacking a viable replacement. But they lucked out with Jrue. No one in sight to replace Sam.

I had a problem with the move they made with sam for the reasons you stated there. It was a bad basketball move - and they got the worse talent - hands down. They got stuck with Nocioni for an extra year and forced to decide on a still unproven Hawes.

CM reply to GoSixers on May 3 at 19:22

It wasn't a good trade, but Dalembert is a loser - I have no problem with them dumping his ass.

Stefanski has been disenfranchised, they weren't going to re-sign him and anyone who thinks they'll make a play for him this summer needs to remove their head from their ass. It's time to move on.

I don't have a problem with the idea of rolling the dice on Hawes, but it wasn't worth the extra year of Nocioni.

Hmmm...so if Dalembert is a loser (and at least you spelled it right, which is rare on the internet) what the hell does that make hawes, who is much worse than Sam at basketball and a lot more was expected of him.

tk76 reply to CM on May 3 at 20:58

So you dump a guy with a loser attitude and replace him with a worse game and a similar reputation as having a loser attitude. The only reason people did not know about's Hawes reputation for not caring about improving his game and being unbelievably soft is that people had not followed his career.

Every bad thing we said about Sam was said by King's fans about Hawes. So to replace one problem with a bigger one is not exactly progress. You don't solve problems by creating bigger ones. That is basically making moves for the sake of making moves.

CM reply to tk76 on May 4 at 8:42

I had/have no problem with moving Dalembert just to move him. He puts up numbers that tease you, but he's so inconsistent that he doesn't help you win. Combine that with the fact that he's dillusional about his offensive abilities and his time here had run its course.

Despite the sarcasm, he was a problem off the court. His work ethic was questionable, he's never happy with his role, etc, etc.

Hawes sucked, I wouldn't re-sign him.

Well - Dalembert did help you win. He did something very well that the sixers did very poorly (especially against the heat) in this tricky little thing called rebounding.

If work ethic is questionable does that mean you hate Thad too? What has thad improved in since his rookie year? Not a whole helluva lot, he can't rebound either.

As for the locker room bs, I'm still calling it BS, because it sounds more like an excuse the team can use and not really have to prove.

The sam trade was STUPID, except for the fact that it saved the sixers luxury tax (at the time)

CM reply to GoSixers on May 4 at 10:48

What did the Sixers win with Dalembert? What did all of his "help" result in?

No, I'm not a big Thad fan - definitely afraid that they will overpay him this summer.

The trade sucked b/c of what they got back, not b/c of what they gave up.

MVP: Brand (Old reliable)
Most improved: Meeks
6th man: Thad

MVF (most valuable fan): Colonel Sanders
Most annoying: Hawes

tk76 reply to timx on May 3 at 14:44

Toughest: Nocioni
Best hair in a supporting role: Hawes
Best hair in a supporting role by a coach: Quin Snyder
BOSSiest: Lou
Most likely to "eat cake": Lou
Most likely to raise the roof: Jrue
Best dressed: Brackins in his inactive suit
Biggest doghouse and shortest leash: Speights
Best nap (top 10): Speights
Best nap by a non-player: Eric Snow
Best Twitter: #freeSpeezy
Lamest catch phrase: #showyaluv
Most broken jumper: tie
Best late game/OT performer: the opposition?

Readi reply to tk76 on May 3 at 15:32


Haha these are great. Totally agree that "#showyaluv" needs to be abandoned immediately.

The worst was when Zumoff started yelling "Show Ya Luv!" after a big run by the Sixers late in the season. Vomit-inducing.

Tray reply to stoned81 on May 3 at 21:46

The Mayor would have put a stop to that.

Brian, can we have a like button for posts like this?? Just about perfect, although I would argue the best shot was LouWill's hungover game tying three vs the Kings..and that one of these two guys from the Easter game should be fan of the year: http://twitpic.com/4t3p78

Best defensive play: Jrue Holiday's block on Josh McRoberts
Best offensive play: Lou's game winner vs. Miami

you guys don't seem to get the point of "#showyaluv. The players themselves knew it was cheesy. It was a joke, it was always supposed to be a joke. What it did was bond the team, and bonded the fans to the team (well at least more than we would've expected). To make fun of #showyaluv is just to say "I don't get it."

I don't care so much that the players did it. What was annoying and lame was the fans copying it and then Zumoff yelling it own in the middle of a game. Terribly embarrassing.

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