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The Cap Situation

Charles Shackelford on May 4 at 2:16

That $6.65M to Nocioni is really a killer. He will be an expiring contract next year (team option for $7.5M...yeah, right...), but it will still probably be tough to unload him in the offseason, especially with the CBA issues. Finding some package to ship him out would be huge if possible.
Have the Sixers thought about rescinding the qualifying offer to Hawes? It would be great to get that $4M off the books, and we could easily replace him with a 7 foot mop.

It’s hard to talk about the cap situation without knowing what the new CBA will look like, but using the current CBA and numbers, and assuming the team wants Thad to stay, then I don’t think there is much we could have gotten even if we didn't have Nocioni and Haws. Is there anyone who would sign with the sixers for 5mil (for one year) and can help? Also, I think that if there are trades to be made, then having Nocioni’s contract is better than not having it.

I almost swallowed my tongue with the Hawes offer. What the big rush to lock him up? His minutes and production are easily replaced for less money.

zami reply to KellyDad on May 4 at 5:06

Well, to be fair, since the offer can be withdrawn, it would have been silly to not make it. I don’t trust the Sixers to withdrawn the offer if that is the best option, but not offering it at all would have been worse.

Michael on May 4 at 8:00

Hypothetical question:

If there is some sort of "Allen Houston" exemption put in the new CBA to help teams comply with the new cap, who should the Sixers use it on?


Brand is the worst contract

Perhaps, though Snider would never pay Brand $35M to not play. And he shouldn't.

Plus I don't think Brand's contract is bad at this point. He only has 2 years left. We have no one to replace him. To get a PF with similar skills would require us to dish out a 5 year contract. I'd rather toss loss of money upfront and have the flexibility in 2 years.

I think the 76ers may have a trade exception from the Dalembert trade. I did a trade testing out who we could get for Nocioni/Speights and came up with Stephen Jackson from Charlotte due to trade exceptions the 76ers have according to Real GM. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong about having an exception. Also if we do/did have a trade exception is it still good or has it expired? That could really help get something done if the 76ers do have exceptions. I don't know how that applies to the salary cap/luxury tax. Also Reggie Evans is a free agent. He's on twitter so feel free to let him know you'd love him back in Philly. He might not be great scoring or free throw shooting but his toughness, defense and rebounding is sorely missed.

It expires a year after the trade, I doubt they use it due to the CBA uncertainty.

deepsixersuede on May 4 at 8:18

I am trying to find a way to use Nucioni's salary and the best way is on draft night. Does Cleveland go for a Nucioni/Brackins/#1 for Varajoi trade? And Tyrus Thomas also has a long term deal in his salary range.

This is the only type of move they can make without adding salary to the cap. I wish Lou could get us a big but I find that doubtful.

Varejao is a grossly overpaid cap-killer. Please for the love of god no. Tyrus Thomas has some skills but aren't we trying to avoid long-term contracts for not so great players? Better to just let Nocioni expire in my opinion.

I believe that much like in the NFL, there will be few if any moves of players leading up to the draft. I think the existing CBA expires the day after the draft and then the lockout will begin.

My belief regarding the CBA is:

A. Decrease in how the salary cap is determined - percentage or how BRI is determined.
B. Shorter maximum contract lengths (which shouldn't be necessary but Owners and GM's need protection from themselves and their own stupidity)
C. Elimination of the biannual exception
D. Something that just occurred to me, maybe they keep the MLE but it becomes bi-annual - you can only use it every other year.
E. An extra year on the 'stay in school rule' (hurting the dreams of a strong 2012 draft.
F. I bet Stern would love to increase the luxury tax penalty (1.25 or even 1.5 to the dollar) and decrease the threshold compared to the salary cap to try and get more salary control.
I think the lockout / strike (whatever you want to call it) will cost at least 10-15 games with a very short off season and pre-season.

I think whatever the outcome, Comcast will still be more focused on the P&L than the on the court product.

There won't be a hard cap so waiving players won't be necessary, players won't give up guaranteed years, so they'll agree to shorter maxes and probably smaller percentage raises.

I personally would love to see an expansion of the NBDL to a real minor league but that would require investment from each and every NBA team and many of them claim to be losing money (though from what I read yesterday, the majority of those losses league wide this year are two teams, one of them being New Jersey, and I forget the other one)

deepsixersuede reply to GoSixers on May 4 at 10:24

Don't you think rebuilding teams would like to shed long term deals? Or do you think teams like the sixers won't want to risk adding long term money?

And is Varajoa's affect on a teams defense comparable at all to K.Perkins?

I don't think the sixers will take on any long term money that would make them pay the luxury tax. It would be a little silly actually for teams to make significant moves (non superstar player division) without first knowing the landscape they're working with.

As for specifics, I'm sure varrejao helps the sixers, but Dalembert would have helped the sixers this year, and I don't think he helps any more than Sam would have.

But I think he's over valued in trade discussions so the sixers would have to give up a useful piece to get him which just creates a hole somehwere else.

The sixers have multiple holes, can't fill one by creating another

Varejo is not a "presence" on defense. He is an energy guy who flops a lot and is good on the offensive boards. He does not dominate the defensive glass (Rebounds about as well on defense as Hawes or Speights.) He does not intimidate, block or alter shots. He is NOT an overly physical presence who delivers hard fouls like a Mahorn. He moves his feet well, but lacks the strength to root out strong post players.

His strengths are "energy", charges drawn, irritating people and getting offensive rebounds. So in many ways he is like Reggie Evans, although not nearly as good as Evans is as a defensive rebounder. Like the current Sixers bigs he is not a threat to score in traffic, receive a pass on the move and score or catch alley-oops. He is better than the current Sixer bigs at slipping back-door for an easy look. But he won't finish inside if his shot is contested.

Varejo is the kind of guy you can completely ignore outside of 4 feet. His career shooting percentages from 3-9, 10-15 and 16-23 feet are all in the mid 30% range. This is key... because whomever is guarding him can simply camp out in the lane- effectively closing the lane to drivers like Jrue, Turner and Iguodala. This alone is reason enough to not spend 8M-9M a year for the next 4 years to a guy whose good energy and average defense do not make up for this huge hole in his game.

I'd much rather take a shot at Tyrus Thomas, and I'm not really that keen on taking a shot at Tyrus Thomas. I guess that's a roundabout way of saying I don't want sideshow bob.

tk76 reply to Brian on May 4 at 11:21

I'd be good with Side-show Bob, if he was paid like a side-show. Greta type of guy to bring off the bench. But causes you to much grief trying to cover for his limitations as a starter.

tk76 reply to tk76 on May 4 at 11:22

Greta should read "great." Although Greta would be a good nickname for Hawes.

So do the sixers have 6.5 million to spend on FAs without going over the luxury tax? Also what is the cap number if the Sixers decide to keep their 2nd round pick?

Until the new CBA is decided upon, nothing is fixed of really known
Second round picks aren't guaranteed anything when they are picked

Under the current CBA, they don't have anything to just openly bid on free agents. They'd have their exceptions to use, the mid-level and bi-annual. So they could pay one player a little over $5M using their MLE, and they could sign someone else for under $2M. But that's assuming Thad signs his qualifying offer, which is highly unlikely.

deepsixersuede reply to Brian on May 4 at 11:01

Does Thad want to sign quickly, before the new cba, or does it pay him, no pun intended, to wait.

He can't sign before the new CBA. Neither can Hawes.

If nothing changed, and we're being realistic, do you think the sixers could keep thad, sign one more player (not hawes) and stay under the luxury tax? I don't see it

If Hawes signs his QO, then no. They won't have money to do anything and remain under the luxury tax. If they cut Hawes loose, they can extend Thad and could probably use the MLE and remain under the luxury tax at last year's level. That $4M to Hawes is the killer here, more than Thad's extension.

deepsixersuede reply to Brian on May 4 at 11:09

Does anybody try to sign Hawes? Or do the sixers get him dirt cheap? What's your take?

My take is that the second he's able to sign that qualifying offer, his agent should be knocking on Thorn's door. No one will ever, EVER offer him more than that. If they withdraw the qualifying offer, he's making league minimum. Signing him for $4M is ludicrous.

He's tall

Some stupid GM will get desperate and over pay him and now he has that 4 million in his back pocket

tk76 reply to GoSixers on May 4 at 12:17

Someone gave Diop the MLE.

I think you underestimate his market value, and I don't just say this as the token Hawes fan. Even stiff Darko got a big contract. 7-footers with a body, some passing skills, and some shooting skills get fairly nice chunks of change.

How are you defining "body" in this statement?

He's big, he doesn't mind getting in the way, he can be physical (probably one of the few times GMs saw the Sixers play this year was against Miami, and I think Hawes mini-scuffle with LeBron raised some eyebrows). The Sixers defense always seemed stronger with Hawes on the floor (of course, that's partially because Brand is not a center even though Collins pretends he is, but Hawes was a useful body in the middle in my opinion).

All I can say is I hope you get a job in the front office of some other franchise because Hawes was pretty much none of the things you listed above. And the team was appreciably worse defensively with Hawes on the floor, they were also appreciably worse offensively.

Is that based on this "defense rating"? I can't tell what "defense rating" means but it looks like Hawes has a worse rating than Holiday and Meeks, even though the opponent points per minute rate is higher for Holiday and Meeks than for Hawes.

Tray reply to stoned81 on May 4 at 13:09

Well here, opposing teams scored 1.8 points more per 100 possessions when Hawes was on the floor. And we scored 3.6 points less per 100 possessions when he was on the floor.


Rich reply to Brian on May 4 at 15:04

I don't get why Schumann said it was a non-story or no-brainer or whatever. Is it just because he thinks that he's worth that? I'm literally terrified that Hawes is going to act upon that as soon as he can.

Yeah, he was saying it's a non-story because the Sixers can withdraw the offer until July 23rd, but he was also saying that it was a fair deal for him. I share your fears.

It's disappointing that the Sam trade last year (and having to pay Nocioni and extra year) effectively crushes the Sixers ability to replace Sam on the open market. Had they just kept Sam the extra year then they would have the financial flexibility to yake on a relatively big ticket center. While right now their hands are tied for another 1-2 years. And it will be even worse if Stefanski tries to justify his mistake by extending Hawes.

So trading Sam made it much harder to replace him. Is that irony, stupidity or some combination of both?

deepsixersuede reply to tk76 on May 4 at 11:07

Add to that the fact the knicks may sign him, a perfect compliment to Amare, and it gets worse.

Because the New York media says so?

The knicks don't have any 'more' money (or assets) to sign sam than the sixers do (under current rules)


Negotiations still going nowhere (which I believe is exactly how Stern wants it. He wants a lock out, he wants missed games, missed paychecks so players get anxious and cave - like they did before)

Well, the Knicks have no compunction about paying the luxury tax, which does give them an edge over the Sixers. The Knicks PR staff also didn't spend months running a smear campaign on Dalembert after he was traded to try to make the deal look like anything other than a cost-cutting move. That's another leg up.

Sorry, I meant in terms of salary offered.

The knicks offer the MLE the sixers offer the MLE

It's not like the knicks have a money leg up - other teams need big men and will have cap room to spend it.

Yep, money-wise, the max offers would be the same, I believe. I'm not sure if the Knicks get below the cap if they buy out Chauncey or not.

They already picked up his option, why would they then buy him out (can they buy him out)?

Did they pick it up? His contract was partially guaranteed, they could've cut him and saved about $10M.

tk76 reply to Brian on May 4 at 11:26

But now they can use him as a trade chip to acquire CP3.

I wonder what the NBA owners think of sending CP3 to NY. On one hand it destroys the N.O. franchise. But on the other hand it puts a super-team in the #1 market (NY.) I'm guessing they'd gladly kill off the Hornets to build up NY. Super-teams in NY, LA and throw in Miami. NBA smiles.

Wouldn't surprise me. The Knicks would have to win games 130-129 every night, then they'd get killed by the Heat in the playoffs.

Tray reply to tk76 on May 4 at 11:35

If I were them and were able to get Paul, I would try to get rid of Melo. Paul and Stoudemire is more than enough on the offensive end, as long as they're surrounded with a few decent shooters. If they get Paul, they should trade Melo for some size.

I disagree with you.

The NBA is stupidly committed to New Orleans. They've had offers, to buy the team, but every offer included MOVING them from New Orlleans and the NBA (stern) doesn't want it.

They already had owners complaining when the hornets took on a little bit of money - could you imagine the howling if the best point guard in the league was sent to the biggest tv market in the league for an unfair trade value?

And Chauncey isn't enough - the knicks lack the assets to trade for a CP3 compared to a lot of teams (hell the sixers could offer better in terms of young talent than the knicks could)



Do the knicks HAVE a better point guard option? I mean yes let's talk about how steve nash 'needs' to be on a winning team (which is utter bull in my opinion) and how it would work for him in new york (except for the fact that I don't think carmelo works in the D'antoni scheme so it has to be changed) and that billups salary helps in trades

But yeah, they picked it up about a week ago :)

Tray reply to GoSixers on May 4 at 13:12

Utter bull in what sense? I think Nash is a loyal guy, so no, he doesn't personally need to be on a winning team. But it's unfortunate for the league, and basketball fans, that someone who continues to be a top 2 or 3 point guard is buried on a bad team. People have practically forgotten about him, in spite of his, this year, playing about as well as he did in his MVP seasons.

God you're tiresome.

No one DESERVES to win in the NBA, people retire without titles all the time. It's tiresome to hear people say a player 'deserves' better. He's paid gobs of money to be one of 450 (approximately) people in the NBA.

HOW THE HELL does he deserve better than the hundres of millions he's made and the complete and total adulation (as nash gets) of an entire city.

Some great players don't even have the success nash has in their career because of where they play.

The whole 'deserve' to win thing is utter nonsense perpetrated by idiots and morons...no one deserves to win.

On the other hand, the yankees deserve to lose - that's entirely different

Ryan F reply to GoSixers on May 4 at 15:06

Nash deserves to win.

Tray reply to GoSixers on May 4 at 17:01

Did I use the word 'deserve'? I don't think I used the word 'deserve.' I said it would be nice for basketball if this great player were on a good team. Steve Nash is someone we should be seeing in the playoffs. Steve Nash is someone who should be passing to people who can finish his passes. Same's true for Chris Paul. I don't see the fun in watching him make brilliant kick-outs to Marco Belinelli, only to see Bells miss every time. You're really dense sometimes.

Well according to the salary chart there, we have no money to spend and not one guy on the roster who can play center remotely well. Great job Stefanski. Ok so free agency is out and we can't rely on the draft cause thats a crapshoot, so the only way to get a big man is through a trade. Thorn's job is simple, just convince another team why they don't need a center to win, that's all.

deepsixersuede reply to Chunky Soup on May 4 at 13:34

Or just throw Spieghts out there and see what happens. :)

Yeah, maybe. Although I continue to think about how good Speights would look in a Blazers jersey. And I'm not talking about trading for a high level two guard either.

Bob Cooney chat at 2pm. This should be fun. link

This stuff makes my brain hurt sometimes.

Chunky Soup gets Cooney to backpedal. Funny stuff.

It's mind-boggling how much Cooney blatantly dislikes Iguodala, even more than the other local writers who also dislike him. And Cooney still stands by his story that Iguodala's absence from the exit interview was unexcused, even though he's the only one who reported that. As you say, "makes my brain hurt."

Please share details :)

Someone asked point blank if the Sixers should trade Iguodala for Brandon Roy, Cooney said absolutely. Then Chunky asked him if he really thought trading for a guy due $68M w/ no knees would be a good return for Iguodala, then Cooney said, Well, I didn't mean Roy exactly, just that type of player. Or something like that.

James reply to Brian on May 4 at 16:02


[Comment From KreugKreug: ]
Is Stefanski staying or going? And how much of a role did he play last season?
Wednesday May 4, 2011 2:28 Kreug

Bob Cooney:
I think he is hands on more than anyone knows.


tk76 reply to James on May 4 at 16:14

Yeah, I here that when they meet at Chili's he is very hands on.

tk76 reply to tk76 on May 4 at 18:25


Blogs (without an edit feature) are almost as bad as texts when it comes to grammar, spelling, common decency and the decline of Western Civilization.

While this isn't a huge deal yet, it is interesting to see how much money the starting backcourt mad. Pretty darn good production for under 3 mil, even if Jodie is better suited to being a 7th/8th man.

Obviously, Jrue is due to make a good amount more in the near future, but it's pretty nice having him at his rookie contract.

tk76 reply to Rich on May 4 at 16:16

The problem is that they also paid Kapono 6M. If you look at the Sixers Wins/$ it was pretty poor.

William on May 4 at 17:47

Just read Cooney's chat and he was saying that Kate was told Iggy didn't skip the practice because they were trying to cover up for him. Coney said he was told by thorn that it wasn't excused but it wasn't a big deal. I know Kate texted iggy to confirm but I don't think Cooney has a reason to lie, but Kate doesn't either. I think it's validity with both reporters. It reminds me of when Miller and Ratliff skipped out of the end of season meetings 2 years ago, but they didn't try to cover it up. I remember miller giving some lame excuse saying it wasn't mandatory, he didn't know. I think that was part of the reason he only received a 1 year 5 million offer from the team. Based on what I read from that chat, I think this was iggy's last year. They don't want to hurt his value and plus there's a possibility he may still be there if they don't like the offers, but I think he's gone.

Cooney is a douche - but if he lied it's easy to check - he claims he was contacted by Thorn - someone ask Thorn

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on May 4 at 18:24

Just out of curiosity Go Sixers, lets say that this turns out to be true, and Dre did indeed skip out on the meeting...will this have any impact on your opinion of Iggy?

Thorn: Iguodala still hasn't had exit interview:


Had 15-minute phone interview with Thorn. Will post longer story for Friday and entire Q&A sometime Thursday.

Tom, good reporting. I think the question is whether the Sixer organization is beginning to be displeased that Iguodala hasn't checked in for his exit interview, regardless of the initial misunderstanding. Doesn't Collins have the ability to text Iguodala? Did you get any sense of displeasure or uneasiness from Thorn?

tk76 reply to Statman on May 4 at 20:04

I'd think if there was an issue, it would be one that they would like to try and keep in house if possible.

I think they were mad about the "initial misunderstanding" too. They won't let on, but it doesn't look good.

Tom Moore reply to Statman on May 4 at 20:49

Thorn played it down -- didn't indicate anything untoward. But he's not going to rip Iguodala and risk decreasing his trade value.

And yet he tells Gerry Cooney?

Tom Moore on May 4 at 20:51

Thorn: Holiday can 'become a bigger scorer':


How good of an idea is that?

William on May 4 at 21:16

They are trying to keep this issue in house. Just the way Thorn answered the question about Iggy gives you the hint that everything is not all good. One thing the organization has done well over the last decade or so is keep potential issues out of the media.

johnrosz reply to William on May 4 at 21:38

except for that time Snider flat out said he was trading Iverson. Proving himself to be the most incompetent owner in the city despite his perception as a deity amongst the hockey idiots.

You know

every time the flyers underachieve

it's the goalies fault

for like decades

I'm calling it - right now - curse of pele lindbergh

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on May 4 at 23:49

seems similar to the stubbornness the Eagles once had about the wide receiver position. I don't know all that much about hockey, but I'd venture to guess that having a quality player in charge of stopping the other team from scoring might be of great importance.

GQ has honored our Andre "Round One Winner of GQ's Press Conference Style Slideshow." His greatest accomplishment of the postseason.


johnrosz on May 4 at 23:23

Pretty disappointed that Dre just didn't bother to come in for an exit interview. Whether his excuse for missing the first one was valid or not, I'd assume the team attempted to contact him about a meeting before he up and left the country. Would hope to hear more of this in the coming days.

Hope it's not true, I don't want them trading Iggy for what amounts to garbage just for the sake of ridding themselves of a potential malcontent

A fair amount of surprising things have happened this postseason - Memphis, Atlanta winning (as weak as Orlando had become, the Hawks are the Hawks), Indiana giving the Bulls as much trouble as they did, Miami sailing through its first two games against Boston - but LA falling into an 0-2 hole against Dallas has to be by far the most shocking of them all. LA scored 32 second half points. We may well be headed for a Miami/OKC Finals. Who knows - if Chicago turns things around, we could get a Finals where the best players on both teams were born in 1988, in a postseason that's already seen the demise of Duncan's dynasty. The NBA is really changing.

Odd that you mention Indy's play against Chicago but don't mention the Sixers play against the Heat.

Rich reply to Brian on May 5 at 1:18

Was about to say the same thing. Chicago has been really underwhelming so far, though they played well tonight. They better not play Atlanta the same way they played Indy on the road.

Tray reply to Brian on May 5 at 1:25

We were expected to win one game. So no surprise there. Is it a surprise that a couple of our four losses were close? Perhaps. I guess we exceeded media expectations a little. You thought the series would go 6, so by your prediction, we disappointed. I had us losing in 5 and I certainly didn't expect the other 4 to be blowouts, so I wasn't surprised at all. No one, however, thought that a 37-45 team would play the winningest team in basketball to a draw for 47 minutes in 4 games.

So "a couple of our losses were close," but basically the exact same thing from Indy is remarkable. Got it.

Tray reply to Brian on May 5 at 1:55

No, Indy lost three games in the last sixty seconds, and Indy's a lot worse than us. Indy was expected to be swept; we were picked to win a game. You're being ridiculous. We lost games by 6, 6, 8 and 19 points. The last game was very close; they pulled away in the final seconds. In the other 6-point loss, we were never closer than 4 in the last 6 minutes. In Game 1 we came close, but never took a 4th quarter lead. In our win, we came from behind on miracle three-pointers. By contrast, Indiana lost by 4, 5, and 6. In Game 1, it led with 1:50 to go; Chicago didn't go ahead until 49 seconds were left in the game. In Game 2, Indiana was down 2 with 23 seconds left. In Game 3, the game was tied with 18 seconds left. In Game 4, Indiana blew Chicago out for about 44 minutes; Chicago made a run to cut the ultimate margin to 5. Indiana gave Chicago a substantially tougher time, and was expected to be blown away in the series. We, on the other hand, were predicted to win a game and play competitively throughout, but ultimately be overmatched. And that's what happened.

I just love how you vacillate between the Sixers sucking and Sixers being sort of good whenever it suits whatever bullshit putdown you're currently executing on the team.

What I find impressive about the first round is how the Sixers were right there for four games, including game five, on the road. I find it less impressive that Indy eventually looked like exactly what they were and got their asses handed to them in the deciding game.

Do you find it more or less impressive after the first two games against Boston in which the heat seem to have issued some beatdowns.

Do you think the level of play the Heat put forth against the sixers was the best effort they have after yo see them handling the celtics so easily?

I'm not saying I do or don't but I could see the argument being made that even though it was a 4-1 series the Heat maybe took the sixers 'lightly' a bit

Haven't watched a second of the BOS/MIA series, so can't really answer.

Damn, neither have i, but from reports it sounds like complete dismantlings by the heat in game 1 and game 2.

And the 'shine' seems to be coming off rajon rondo - so you'd like that :)

I think there's a very, very good chance no one in these playoffs defends LeBron/Wade as well as Iguodala/Jrue/Turner did.

I think there's a good chance on one in these playoffs defends the wing position as well as Iguodala


including tony freaking allen

Rich reply to Tray on May 5 at 1:34

Weren't you more impressed with Indy than the Sixers in the First Round though? Right now, it looks like the Sixers did pretty much the same thing against a much better playoff team. I guess that could change, because Chicago matches up OK with Miami.

Rich reply to Tray on May 5 at 1:16

Miami looks like a good bet to win it all right now.

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