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Tossing darts blindfolded but yeah, I'd take Jonas Valanciunas, listed at 6'11 with a 7'6 wingspan. Just turned 19 and already playing decent in the highest euroleague level. Draftexpress says he can rebound well and score in the pick and roll, also shoots over 80 percent from the free throw line. He's supposed to go top 10 but has some contract buyout issues and might not be able to come to the nba next year, hope he slips. I'd be fine with anyone with some size who can rebound though, and if the Sixers do keep their pick and DON'T take a big man, everyone should be fired immediately.

There seem to be a lot of interesting big-men prospects. I don't know a thing about any of them, but I'd be happy with any until I learn more.

Can we remove Jodie Meeks from that starting lineup please??? :)

deepsixersuede on May 6 at 7:01

One thing worries me about Bismack playing the center spot, he measured 6'7 3/4" without shoes and even though his wingspan is Shaq-like he may be better at the p.f. spot. He reminds me of S.Kemp.

I would go for Veasley, who is 6'11" and probably is a 3/4 when he matures. I will give him the greatest compliment a sixer fan can, he reminds me of Bobby Jones.

He would allow Iggy to be moved for other needs and cap room and give the team more options when Elton's contract is up.

Dwight Howard measured out 1.25" taller than Bismack. But Bismack has a longer wingspan, so their reach is the same. They also are the same weight (when drafted) and you'd expect Bismack will similarly bulk up in the next few years.

So I agree that he projects as an ideal PF. But he certainly has the length, bulk and athleticism to play center next to Brand.

deepsixersuede on May 6 at 8:02

The Sixers a couple of years ago had interest in B.J.Mullens, and now that Okl. City locked up Perkins you would think Mullens or Aldrich may be available.

Are they better options than what may be available if the sixers stay at #16 ?

Tom Moore on May 6 at 8:36

Story: Thorn: Sixers 'have to continue to get better':


sooner on May 6 at 9:25

I'm in complete agreement with brian, Biyombo is the guy I want. The obvious comparison is Ibaka, and how amazing would it be to have that guy on this sixers team. Shot blocking, rebounding, great length, great athlete, great motor and from everything I've read seems like a really great teammate and person. He meets a need for the sixers and doug and the fans would probably love the guy.

To get him I also agree with brain in that I'd start with lou and this years first. I wouldn't give up next years first because I love how the 2012 draft is shaping up. I'd also consider trading andre if the sixers do plan to move him but I wouldn't give up any of our picks and would want more back than just biyombo. Biyombo's upside looks great but andre has proven how good he is, the team we're trading with should be sending more pieces our way not the other way around.

His name is just awesome by the way.

tk76 reply to sooner on May 6 at 9:35

Yeah, the name initially catches your attention. Then the freak measurements. Then the highlights. And the interviews seal the deal. The guy is the perfect mystery prospect. Almost like that fake pitcher for the Mets in that old April Fools joke in SI (http://www.museumofhoaxes.com/hoax/Hoaxipedia/Sidd_Finch/).

But its hard not to be willing to give up major assets for a guy who seems to perfectly fit their needs as a future big to pair with Jrue (Payton/Kemp.) The guys apparent maturity and attitude are exactly what you want. he is the ant-Sam in that he does not think he is an emerging jump shooter/skill player. He knows his current strengths and wants to dominate in those areas. And then will round out the rest of his game with time and work. he is also unafraid on the court and comfortable in the media spotlight off of it.

Unfortunately, he's the only compelling prospect in the entire draft. So although teams are going to look to trade out of this draft... they won't if Bismack is on the board.

Ford's early comments have us taking this Euro - who can't defend or rebound. Way to know the team's needs, Chad.


Donatas Motiejunas
Position: PF
Height: 7-0
Weight: 220
Age: 19
Country: Lithuania

Analysis: The Sixers have a ton of talent in the backcourt. But their frontcourt is a mess right now. Thaddeus Young is a free agent and a bit of a tweener. Elton Brand rebounded a bit this season, but his best days are behind him. Motiejunas might not be the answer, but at this point in the draft, he's worth a look. He's an aggressive scorer who can get to the rim. However, his lack of rebounding and defense is an issue.

If Faired is slated to go 20+, we should strongly consider him at 16, considering he was a 1st round guy last year before he went back to school.

You're not going to get the perfect fit to win now at 16 in this draft. Donatas is a boom or bust player, but I'd much rather have him than Faried.

eddies' heady's reply to Derek Bodner on May 6 at 10:54

I agree with you here, I'd rather have Donatas. I kind of liked him, what was it, two years ago when he was rumored to be coming out. I also agree that there's good value to be had in this draft after the lottery picks.

Given the weakness of this draft, I'd be fine with Faried. But that means you are basically acknowledging you are likely getting a quality bench role player with your pick. And at #16 that is not the worst thing in the world.

Assuming Bismack does not miraculously end up a Sixer, this is a draft of Rodney Carney proportions.

Charlie H reply to tk76 on May 10 at 10:07

Does that mean there's a Rondo lurking in the middle of the 1st round?

I just reviewed that mock.

Man does this draft stink. The guys outside the top 6 do not warrant lottery picks. the guys outside the lottery don't warrant 1st round picks.

I'm admittedly relying on other peoples observations, but these guys are just not that good.

Derek, if guys like Faried and Markief Morris were in the 2008 draft (from pick 15 on: Speights, Ibaka, Hickson, Arthur, MacGee, Jordan, Lopez, Hibbert)?

Granted, we knew going in that year was good for bigs. But am I right in saying guys like Faried and Morris are typically second round picks?

Faried's a second round pick in most drafts, no question. I think Morris is probably a 20-something pick in most drafts.

10-20 I actually like this draft somewhat. It's the top 10 of this draft I'm not in love with.

It seems like there are some Internationals and young players worth taking a flier on. I guess that's what you mean by 10-20 being good. But a bunch of those guys are going to creep into the lottery.

7 of top 10 on draftexpress 18 or 19 yrs old

Which draft site is more accurate, draftexpress or nbadraft.net? One has him going 6 overall and the other one has him going to number 22.

eddies' heady's reply to Steven on May 6 at 10:57

Neither is more accurate, that's why it's called a mock.

Draftexpress has way more detailed news and info.

In terms of their mock's, both are listing prospects by rank instead of specific team needs/projections. Historically Draftexpress is somewhat more accurate 9and up to date) but Draftexpress also has tended to over-project how high international players will be taken.

Most sources put Bismack in the top 10.

NBA Draft.net has a history of changing their mock often - especially this far from the draft - some believe it has nothing to do with belief of where players will be drafted but to spur web traffic. I've always found nbadraft.net the least informed and accurate of the '3 majors' people look it.

Though it's still at least a month until the draft right? So it's all a crap shoot at the moment.

Let Tony Dileo pick the best player available. Most likely getting a back up where they're picking, and the sixers have multiple needs. It's likely the BPA at wherever they pick will be a position of need.

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on May 6 at 11:23

The same guy that picked Thad (who you're not impressed with), Speights (who everyone has appeared to sour on), and Turner (who was so bad he's polarized the fanbase)?

Uh, one guy constantly screaming about what a bust Turner is doesn't qualify as polarizing the fanbase in my book.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on May 6 at 11:29

Um, when others ridicule, mock, and use ad hominem attacks towards a poster just because they don't agree with their opinion/outlook, yeah, I'd say that's polarizing. Or maybe it's just flat out internet toughy immature.

And there's more than one that's screamed that; as there will be others in due time

Oh, so now you're a martyr?

And yes, I trust Tony Dileo more than I trust you and most people on this board. No one here (not even Derek) has access to what the sixers draft people have access to.

Thank god you can selectively point out the bad drafts picks huh? You can ignore Jrue Holiday and you can ignore that they always wanted Jodiie Meeks (who you love) and selectively point at disappointing draft picks.

I'm not 'down' on Thaddeus Young. I just don't think he's going to be more than a bench playing scorer like others do, that's different.

It's obvious though that you know better and the sixers should hire you to replace DiLeo (I expect you were pro Jrue Holiday when the fan base was 'polarized' (you shoudl figure out what that word really means) because of Ty Lawson, right?)

Lucas Nogueira

Stand pat. Take him. Leave him overseas for 2-3 years developing that skinny frame. Hope he adjusts faster than Splitter.

I think either of the Morris's would be ideal replacements for Speights and I believe Marcus could evolve into a combo forward, particularly offensively. Either one of these guys could immediately spell and maybe eventually replace EB down the road. Just not sure about their measurements. HOWEVER, I don't believe that is our biggest need. I'd prefer a shotblocker.

jkay reply to sfw on May 6 at 12:20

Marcus Morris' game projects him to be like Beasley, which I guess is not that bad at all.

sfw reply to jkay on May 6 at 13:07

I love both brothers intensity and aggressiveness. Very confident/cocky. Beasley plays too cool for me.

wow..just read this on philly.com

"Any chance Brand will redo his contract in order to create cap space? My fantasy is to free up cap space by unloading Iggy' $12M, Kapono's $6M, Nociono's $7M, Songala's $5M and get Elton to throw in a few dollars off of his obscene $17M. That would allow the Sixers to pay Thad & Hawes plus allow them to get a big time free agent.
I'm sure we can find guys for $1M - $2M who can contribute as much as Kapono, Nocioni & Songala did."

I'm assuming that was in a comment on Philly.com. Ask whoever wrote it when was the last time an NBA contract was renegotiated.

Only teams under the cap can renegotiate anyway. You also can't decrease salary or change the years.

He lost me at "paying Hawes"

eddies' heady's on May 6 at 11:26

Why is so much credence given to thatcity.com comments around here? As if that's the barometer or something? I remember coming here to stop reading that garbage about 3 years ago.

I think they were making fun of the comment.

eddies' heady's reply to Derek Bodner on May 6 at 12:05

Yeah I know, I'm just talking about how so much attention is given to comments from there regarding Iguodala and other various issues.

It's a good indicator of what the 'average' sixer fan thinks (and why he's being driven out of town). If you don't pay attention to all available sources of 'opinion' you don't get a true picture of how the fanbase thinks.

This blog, libertyballers, they are a much smaller portion of the fanbase than the commenters at a place likely philly.com, of pp.com (which is worse than philly.com)

It's a pathetic victim complex. "Oh my god, the media/philly.com readers underrate our team/Iguodala. Oh my god, Iguodala deserved more 3rd place DPOY votes. Oh my god, this matters so much because... well I don't know why, I just love talking about it."

Maybe you should journey over to philly.com then - it seems more your speed

Granted, it's probably more pathetic than drooling over how exciting the Warriors are, how great Monta Ellis is and how the Clippers are a lock to be a contender for decades to come.

I agree. A) Philly.com writers and commentors are expressing the opinions of people who typically don't even follow the NBA. B)They obviously don't know much about the Sixers in particular, which is evident by their insane ideas.

What I don't like is that this site is very similar in it's undying love for AI9. God forbid you say something remotely negative about him and all of a sudden you have people jumping down your throat like catty little school girls.

There is definitely a middle ground on him and it needs to be voiced. First of all, nobody is running him out of town (that's just ridiculous). Second, do you really think he deals with fan "hatred" when he's out on the town? Third, I've been to well over half of the Sixers home games over the past 4 years and I've got to say the fans generally like him. Most of the jerseys you see walking around are #9.

If anyone is blowing this out of proportion it is indeed the media (you included Brian). Dre is a grown man and can take care of himself. He's a hell of a basketball player that I hope someday finds his batman to challenge for a title.

I think a lot of people take a middle ground regarding Iguodala. Most have advocated trading him for value for quite some time.

It's the inane criticisms that set people on edge. Stuff like his personality or lack of clutch scoring is what holds this team back. Or the implication that team is bad because Iguodala causes them to be so.

What holds this team back is a lack of talent. And in that regard Iguodala is not the problem... and is only part of the solution if a trade brings back value.

Timx reply to tk76 on May 6 at 13:14

Well said!

Jones, Johnson or Williams.

Stanley on May 6 at 14:49

Jimmer Fredette - we need someone with his leadership and his ability to hit the open shot.

Counter point:
we need somebody with the ability to defend at least 1 position on the basketball court.

Well they can always draft Jimmer with the hope of deflecting criticism away from Turner :)

I'd rather the sixers draft a guy who needs 3 years in Europe than Jimmer.

I think the direction the sixers go in the draft might be a solid 'future indicator' in where they think the teams going. A lot of people advocate a 'stash away' pick that needs 2 or 3 years, but I think maybe they should pick a guy (all other things being equal) who can contribute right away. If they dont, I think it means more likely that Iguodala is gone

Agree - does Thorn have any track record on utilizing Europe and stashing guys?

Nenad? Did they stash him?

Who was that other russian dude, he actually went back to Russia. Pretty athletic shooter, from what I remember. At least he was against the Sixers. Can't remember his name.

He's so winnerish and starry, though. Look at his PPG in college!!!

He's gritty and just knows how to win, plus, you know, he's the next larry bird

tough as nails and heady, too.

Until today I have never heard the word 'Jimmered', so that national attention must have missed California

Stanley reply to Stanley on May 6 at 15:14

I was being sarcastic btw

Hard to tell when you use exact points others use to justify drafting the future next john paxson

btw, meant to mention this yesterday, but I think stoned81 gets the commenter of the year award. It's rare that someone takes a completely indefensible position (Hawes rocks!), brings it up all the time, and still doesn't get on my nerves. Kudos to him.

Rich reply to Brian on May 6 at 17:47

Totally agree.

Thanks, I'm grateful for all these votes!


Speech speech speech speech speech speech....

OK I relent. I would like to first thank Brian for bestowing upon me this wonderful honor. Second, I would like to thank the great Spencer Hawes, with whom I share this award. Without his occasionally sick offensive moves that allowed me to post "HAWES!!!" at least once per game, none of this would have been possible.

I close by offering you Spence's play of the year:


Steve V on May 6 at 16:15

Bismack Biyombo is my number three player in this draft. He definitely won't be there wen we pick especially once he starts working out for teams and they fall in love with him. That said I'd trade a pick this year and next along with anyone not named Jrue or Evan to get him. Lucas Noguiera is very intriguing but needs to add strength. He'll certainly be available at 16. Kenneth Faried would also be a great fit and a guy Doug would absolutely love. I'd be thrilled to have him fall in our laps. My sleeper for this draft is Charles Jenkins from Hofstra I watched alot o their games and this guy just flat out knows how to play. His strength and ability to finish through contact are his biggest strength and he also can run the team for extended periods of time. His mid range game is also really good and when he gets hot he has deep three point range. Im assuming there will be picks for sale in the late first round especially this year so I'd love to see us buy one and take this kid. But Biyombo would be my number one target he's Ben Wallace with good hands and decent touch.

Steve V reply to Steve V on May 6 at 16:22

Another thing on Jenkins is his incredible shot selection, he averaged 24 a game on 14.5 shots.

I remember the last Hoftra guy the Sixers picked back in 2000.

sfw reply to Steve V on May 6 at 16:54

Don't think coach likes anyone who doesn't present a threat on offense. I don't think he'd want Faried because of that. I believe that's why he is hoping our center develops some strength/toughness because he loves his ball skills.

I just discovered Jenkins recently as well. When I saw that he was a multiple time conference player of the year I youtubed him. Seems like a legit NBA player who can stick around for a while. So hard to tell against that competition, but whoever gets him has a guy who I think can be a great third guard. Would like to hear Derek's opinion of him.

johnrosz on May 6 at 16:31

I still really like Favors, I wonder if Utah would think about moving him to land another guy they can try to build around now (Iggy) You won't get anything of better value for Iguodala in terms of prospects/young players...

deepsixersuede reply to johnrosz on May 6 at 19:51

Utah has two high picks and can probably get Kirelenkos' replacement with one of them. They also have the rights to A.Tomic, who may be a poor man's P.Gasol.

I wonder if the sixers inquire about players who's rights are owned overseas. Tomic is one, and Minn. has a few players over there that play the 4 and 5 and Orlando still has Vazquez's rights. He is supposedly a shot blocker and 6'10'.

Does Thorn change this teams' montra of not going the european route at draft time?

Stoned isn't a prick. Tough to do on the internet.

meant to be a reply to Brian

Haha thank you sir.

Kevin Ollie on May 6 at 19:48

What about Enes Kanter? He looks more legit than Bismack Biyombo

The Mavs now up 3-0 on the Lakers. The mavs are just so hard to defend. Normally you want to force teams to settle for long 2 pt jumpers. But the key Mavs scorers can kill you with 18 foot contested jumpers as well as 3's. And they don't really need to get in the paint tos core, so it negates some of LA's normal size advantage.

OK so the guys i like regardless of where the Sixers pick are Biyombo and Vesely. I think both have a lot of upside paired with all the intangibles you would want in an uside pick. Biyombo is the best fit and Vesely i think will end up being the best player in the draft (unfortunately he is in the Iguodala mold so the fans will hate him).

As for guys that might be available at 16 i would strongly consider Nikola Mirotic (despite his buyout issues and perceived unwillingness to come to the NBA immediately). Mirotic might actually be better than everybody else in the draft. If Valanciunas falls he would be a great pick as well. Nogueira is a wild card...

All in all this is a draft for international players and to me they are the only ones that make any kind of sense for the Sixers. The biggest reason for that obviously is the lockout and the simple fact that they can stay in Europe for another season if the NBA season is delayed greatly. I really hope the Sixers will finally realize that drafting someone who will be stashed overseas for a season or two is a great way to get a great talent at a very reasonable draft position.

deepsixersuede reply to Xsago on May 7 at 7:15

Good point about the lockout. A project that is 2 years away from contributing may look more inviting with this season in question already.

Nogeuira does fit what this team needs but if he is picked they may have to find a mentor for him. Doug, if Theo retires bring him here to work with him.

He is the one guy, who should be there at #16, that fits our biggest need. And if you take Collins at his word," they want to add to what they have, not takeaway".

Good post Xsago.

interesting article on the Clips.


Arthur reply to sfw on May 7 at 11:40

So what would the Clippers have to offer to get that high-level small forward?

"We've got $5.3 million in cap room right now to do an uneven deal," said Olshey. "We've got the Minnesota pick unprotected in 2012. We've got two second-round picks. We've got our first-protected to 10 next year. So we've got a lot of deal-making assets."

So they would really consider moving that pick?

"Draft picks, whether you use them to acquire a player or whether you use them to make a deal better, everything is just an asset to make your team better," said Olshey. "You can't get married to the concept of a draft pick and what it possibly could bring.

The Clippers can technically send out just the Minnesota pick for a player making up to $5.3 million.

If a suitor were willing to take back role players like Randy Foye, going into his final year ($4.25 million next season) or Ryan Gomes ($4 million each for two seasons), that number jumps to over $9 million back. Take both and the Clippers can absorb up to $13.5 million.

Another young, veteran three could be Andre Iguodala who the Philadelphia 76ers owe $44.2 million to over the next three years. LA would need to send out enough to bring back $12.3 million to acquire Iguodala.

The difficulty there is that Coach Doug Collins is very fond of Andre and the Sixers overcame a dreadful start to make the postseason before losing in five to the Miami HEAT.

There's no guarantee that either team will let go of what might be their best players although the Minnesota pick would certainly have its appeal.

AaronMcKie4MVP on May 7 at 9:10

as much as i like these pie-in-the-sky discussions about who the Sixers can get with no constraints, i was wondering if anyone knows anything about the Draft Express predicted 16 pick, Tobias Harris from Tennessee? i liked what i was reading until i got to the part about slow lateral defense adn inconsistent shooting. really ? another guy with 'intangibles'?

and i was going to let this die, but i just cant resist, im the guy who was in here last year calling Evan Turner the next Calbert Cheaney, and getting reemed for it . Not that we had a better option at the time, but im here to stake my claim

No reward 'til the end of next Spring, though I can see why you're pantin' at the door. Your quarry's squirmin' in the hot, dusty road of the run, but he ain't flat yet. Take your boots off and set awhile. I reckon you could use a sarsaparilla. Early claims don't do a feller much good, ya know.

AaronMcKie4MVP reply to Ty Game on May 7 at 11:17

not sure what this nonsensical rant means, but i think you are saying give him some more time. .. i certainly will, so he can achieve his destiny of serviceable mediocrity.

You kicked aside the tumbleweeds and found the stream, pardner ... nice goin'. Wringle wrangle jingy jong jangle.

"Servicable mediocrity" ... you sure that greenhorn's not got more in his suitcase? Show's an awful lot o' sap sometimes. Don't know what ta make of it. Doc Collins is keepin' things under 'is hat, which, as we all know, isn't his custom.

eddies' heady's reply to AaronMcKie4MVP on May 7 at 11:00

Oh, we had a better option, the pick of any big you wanted from the draft. But as was said at a famous draft party from one sibling to the other, "Another wing?!".

And all those bigs just took the nba by storm didn't they?

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on May 7 at 15:14

Aren't you the king of constantly blabbering that you don't judge these guys after only one season because of the much bandied about small sample size?

But you with your basketball brilliance can judge a guys long term NBA success without them having played one game. So tell us, which of those big men that actually were projected in the top 5 or 6 (sorry Tray you would have screamed bloody murder if they took Monroe #2 - your hindsight is the only thing you judge anything on) had such great seasons in your expert mind that they were a better pick than Turner.

Which 'big men' do you already know will have better careers that were legitimate projections in the top 5?

Tray reply to GoSixers on May 7 at 20:46

That's true, I would have been shocked if we took Monroe at 2. He looked pretty soft and finesse-y in college. Indeed, at the time of the draft Brian said Udoh was a better prospect, and though I'm not sure that I agreed, it didn't seem crazy. I wouldn't have screamed about Favors (or Cousins) though, and I think there's a good chance that over the long run both will be better players.

Tray reply to GoSixers on May 7 at 16:57

Well Davis and Monroe were pretty good, for rookies, Favors... looks like he'll be good, at least, and Cousins had an inconsistent year but there were a lot of games where he showed enormous potential.

eddies' heady's on May 7 at 10:52

Obviously don't know if this can happen cap wise but, would you (can you) trade Andre for Omer Asik, Taj Gibson, and CJ Watson.

We get a developing big, a heck of a glue guy in Gibson, and a backup PG.

As much as i would love to se Asik and Gibson in a Sixers uniform there are two huge problems in this trade:

a) Asik and Gibson shouldn't be enough for Iguodala.

b) The Bulls won't make the deal. They have zero interest or need for Iguodala and they really like Asik and Gibson.

Now if it were a three team trade and only one of Asik and Gibson was involved (preferably Asik) maybe something could be done, but i wouldn't put my money on it. Besides what third team can offer something to both the Bulls and the Sixers for Iguodala...

eddies' heady's reply to Xsago on May 7 at 11:33

While I'm sure they really like Asik and Gibson, you really think they don't have a need for Iguodala considering they will probably be facing Miami's two wings year after year in the playoffs? Who does CHI have to play major minutes and guard them now? Deng and? Brewer can't play that many minutes can he?

deepsixersuede reply to eddies' heady's on May 7 at 11:46

They seem to want shooting over anything else; does Meeks and a pick get Asik? I doubt it and we need Meeks till we get a shooter, in my opinion. They have Bogans, Brewer and Deng, which is pretty good defense wise. Deng's height [6'9"] may bother Lebron a bit.

deepsixersuede reply to deepsixersuede on May 7 at 11:54

Chicago got Asik in a trade that basically moved a bunch of 2nd rounders around so if Thorn is good at his job he better prove it this summer.

Unfortunately, Asik's stock has risen quite a bit this season. I don't think Meeks and a pick would to it... I think Chicago pulled out of talks they had with Memphis about Mayo because they didn't want to lose Asik and/or Gibson. I'm not saying it's impossible to get them and Iguodala is certainly better than both of them combined, but the Bulls need shooting not an Iguodala type of player. Deng, Bogans and Brewer are all very good wing defenders.

eddies' heady's reply to Xsago on May 7 at 12:26

Oh well, guess we'll see how good of wing defenders they all are in a week or so.

I thought Korver was enough shooting for them. I know you mean starter-wise but Rose and Deng and to a lesser extent Boozer are going to command the load of the shots anyway.

The Clippers want to trade for a veteran 3 - in the words of the GM, "a guy with leadership skills that has won at a high level that can show Eric and Blake how not just to get in the playoffs but how to be a factor in the playoffs.” That definitely doesn't describe Iguodala, but you never know. They have a bunch of picks to offer.


Good trade for Philly reply to Tray on May 7 at 13:27

If the deal is Iggy to the Clippers for a 2012 unprotected t-wolves pick, cap relief, Randy Foye (expiring contract), and Ryan Gomes (resonable deal), we have to do it...

That unprotected T-Wolves pick is hugely valuable. A likely top 6 pick in what couold be a great draft.

That would be a risky but gutsy move, but if I were the Clippers I'd keep that pick with the hopes of building a long term winner.

It's highly valuable as long as the CBA doesn't go from one year to two years, if it goes to two years then it's much less valuable

Rod Thorn needs to make this trade reply to tk76 on May 7 at 13:52

This a nice deal for both the Clippers and Sixers.

That is a long term winner. The Clippers would have a young replacement for each of their three veterans players of Kaman, Williams, and Iggy in Jordan, Bledsoe, and Aminu. The Clippers would still have enough youth for long term sucess.
We get cap space in both the short and long term and the chance to draft a potential franchise player in a rich draft.

How rich of a draft is it if freshman can't come out?

Tray reply to GoSixers on May 7 at 14:09

You still have people like Barnes and all the other players who sat out this draft.

If freshmen can't come out, the draft will be hit very hard. You are basically being left with the leftovers from this year and this years class was pretty bad anyway.

I would do that trade as well. Actually i think that's the kind of trade that works well for both parties. The Clippers are going to be really good for the next 5-6 seasons at the very least if they make that deal... And the Sixers will end up with best situation possible, getting a high pick without blowing up your promising young core.

All these great clipper trades require that the clippers are going to sign aminu and commit to keeping all the good young players they have.

I'm curios as to when everyone decided the Clippers had suddenly decided to care about more than the P/L and were going to hand out big long term free agent contracts to keep guys.

Tray reply to GoSixers on May 7 at 14:09

I assume you mean Jordan, not Aminu?

eddies' heady's reply to Xsago on May 7 at 15:11

But our "young core" isn't really that "promising" is it? I mean, you've got Jrue and pretty much nothing else, right? Not too much promising about only one player

Your opinion isn't shared by all, so some people think the 'younger' core is more than just Jrue. You hate Evan and think he's a dud, others have more rational approaches to it

The most impressive thing about GoSixers is his ability to remember which players each poster hates the most.

Oh come on, dude makes every thread and 75% of his comments about what a bust Turner is. How could anyone not know that.

It's like not knowing I hate lou - or the spencer hawes 3 point shot :)

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on May 8 at 14:24

So with many of the regulars not having a problem with "not knowing", why do you feel the need to constantly remind everyone?

Mainly because I'm here to have fun, and contrary to your belief, I'm always having fun here, and hardly ever care about what anyone says about me. It's all fun, but you take it seriously, like your opinion matters, and your inability to take into account ANY evidence that contradicts your proclamation that Evan Turner is already a bust is sad and pathetic, and I enjoy mocking the sad and pathetic internet braggarts. They tend to be braggarts online because in real life they have nothing to be proud of.

For me, and you still don't get this, it's all ever fun, and I don't care what you think about me personally because you've never EVER been right about any of your analysis.

And all sinking to 'analysis' of me indicates is that you can't actually support your actual assertions with anything more than blow hard opinion which makes you the blogging equivalent of Bill O'Reilly. You haven't ever presented a shred of comparative evidence that indicates your Turner is already a bust theory while there is a lot of contrary evidence out there that indicates Turner ALWAYS struggles his first year at a new level - it's evidence that exists that you dismiss out of hand because it doesn't suit your hypothesis.

You come here to brag about how right you are - which amuses me - it all amuses me eddy - don't think it does anything else BUT amuse me.

Like in goodfellas, you make me laugh

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on May 8 at 17:05

So how much does one have to be proud of in real life when you spend your time and gain enjoyment from mocking anonymous internet posters? Really...

lol!!....i'd be a bragging SOB if I could ever get you on the court too. That's how we settle quarrels on the block I'm from. On your block, I guess you'd just look up more stats or scour numbers for hard evidence. lul

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on May 8 at 14:00

Heh, so tell me Mr. Rational, is Evan really that "young", and also is he really that "promising"?

Who does the "promising" "young core" consist of to you then?

Since when does a player have to be 20 to be "young." Aside from OKC, the majority of top NBA teams are led by players ages 27-34. Players under 26 are "young." The Sixers are rediculously young, and will be even moreso with Iguodala headed out the door.

It's up for debate how much upside these guys have and whether they will reach it. But no one here should pretend like they know with certainty what these guys under 25 will or won't develop into.

And I say this as someone who is openly critical about Turner's game and Thad's upside.

But its one thing to bring a topic for debate. It's another thing to discuss the future like irt is a fait aclompi and to be already rushing in to say "I told you so."

That may not be you intention, but that is definitely the impression your posts project.

What's your prediction on thad's contract this off season

Another team
Just right with the sixers
or holy crap it's a sam contract with the sixers


I don't know. The CBA throws everything in the air.

But my best guess is that he makes 1-2M more a year than people think he is worth. But not so much where he has negative trade value.

eddies' heady's reply to tk76 on May 8 at 16:45

Come on tk, you've caught GoSixers John Magee-itis. So focused and caught up on someone being "right" - whatever the hell that accomplishes.

How the hell does asking the question "who's in the 'promising' young core" lend itself to saying "I told you so"? Like, really? How the hell do you get that "impression" from a poster inquiring of other poster's opinions?

It's absolutely not my intention but some of you guys just can't get over this ludicrous right/wrong thing. Just like johnrosz saying the other week "you better hope Turner doesn't bring it next year b/c if he does then be prepared to get a ton of shit". Well phooey, I've got nothing but a ton of shit this year when he stunk it up just like I predicted. It was well received, and humorous to boot.

but wtf is that? a "ton of shit" if he lights it up? Like if the guy approaches star status I'm going to be mad/upset that my favorite team is ascending because of his play and my opinion/prediction/projection was "wrong"? That's just plain silly.

Others seem to be sooooo affected if another poster's contrarian opinion shows signs of coming true as if they're belittled because someone else's thoughts/outlook trended more towards being correct than theirs.

Guess you'd just call it a result of testosterone-driven ego, huh? There's nothing else it can be, I mean we're all grown men, right?

I tell you what - when cats start calling you douchebag, schizophrenic, and an idiot, and you're nothing but a fan of the same team and want the same results, yet have a differing opinion of players making up that team and are called such grade-school immature derogatory names because of it, what impression do you derive from that?

I think the issue is more that you seem to turn topics that have nothing to do with Turner into Turner-bashing threads. And not that I was very active in the game threads, but whenever I was following them you seemed to blame nearly all of the team's problems on Turner. Just seems a bit over the top. Dude was a rookie, no one in the entire draft had much of a year (and that includes Wall), let's be happy that he progressed as the season went on (shot 48% from the field and 70% from three the final couple months), and look for more improvement.

Yeah, I'm not hear to defend people calling you names. I'm simply pointing out how many of you Turner bashing comes across. The rest is not my concern. I only am one poster here.

If it were up to me then everyone would just state their opinions and ask their questions and leave all of the personal crap out of it. But all you can do is ignore that part. And generally, if you don't get caught up in it then it won't involve you.

eddies' heady's reply to tk76 on May 8 at 17:29

+1 But it's a little different from getting caught up in it than when it's being directed right at you in a vituperative way. I'd like for the sideshow crap to cease also.

eddies' heady's reply to tk76 on May 8 at 17:21

Well tell me this, why don't you or anyone else point out how much others Lou or Hawes "bashing" comes across? Is it OK to talk about the 'bad' of select players but not others? Sure seems like it....

I get sick of Lou bashing, and have called people out for it (including Brian.) As for Hawes, I bash him, and feel free to criticize me for it (stoned81 :)

I don't think people are defending Turner as much as they are responding to how your posts come across as a "I was right and you all were wrong." Again, I'm not saying that is your intent. But I think most people would say that is how it comes across.

That does not defend other people's responses, it's just an observation.

eddies' heady's reply to tk76 on May 8 at 17:59

perception and reputation can be a bitch, huh? however misconstrued...

"however misconstrued..."

"he stunk it up just like I predicted."

What exactly is being misconstrued? This is a "I was right and you were all wrong" comment. No misconstruing at all.

He didn't stink it up like you predicted, by the way. He shot 42.5% from the field, 31.8% from three, rebounded well, showed innate floor vision and passing skills, defended adequately (even against LeBron James in the last couple games of the Miami series), and greatly improved the last two months of the season (48% shooting, 70% from three).

He didn't score a ton, because he didn't shoot much. That has nothing to do with your prediction that he stinks.

eddies' heady's reply to stoned81 on May 9 at 7:45

Numbers are hollow. The guy was nearly useless the whole friggin' year, no matter who predicted what. He was beaten out by a 2nd round pick and for a portion of the season by Andres Nocioni of all people. You can't just ignore that by spitting out numbers.

Hawes rocks!


eddies' heady's reply to stoned81 on May 8 at 17:14

"...you seemed to blame nearly all of the team's problems on Turner."

Hyperbole if I ever saw it. And pure conjecture.

The guy disappointed the hell out of me this year, yes, and I expressed it in this forum. Liked or disliked, so be it. I reserve the right to be a depressed fan too. Cause it sure as heck isn't a privilege.

PLEASE LORD LET EM DO SOMETHING ANDRE IS GREAT I LOVE HIM HATE 2 LET EM GO, but right now this team is mediocre, nothing more nothing less, the pieces don't match, when Holiday & Turner are in there prime, andre is gonna be 30 something.Let's trade him and try & get into the top 6 of that 2012 Draft , there seems like theres gonna be a lot of talent in that 2012 draft, lets build the OKC way Via DRAFT picks , we already have 2 Players to build on, Jrue & Turner! What are the chances we can land number 1 overall pick in that draft??? Anthony Davis looks like he could def be a franchise player, Comparison to Garnett? his defense is said to be monsterous , great rebounder & gots offense ,

Stan reply to Los5782 on May 7 at 16:58


Nevermind man, I was HIGHly emotional

Hey quick question, what email do you guys use to ask thorn questions, seems like you guys contact him often, if so can ya hook me up! I wanna send him a msg

Tray reply to Los5782 on May 7 at 14:42

I wasn't aware that "we guys," except for maybe Tom Moore and Derek (who are journalists), contact Rod Thorn often.

I wasn't aware that you were not aware that I wasn't aware that you guys didn't , sorry think I mis read some past post, thought ya did .

Zach Randolph on May 7 at 20:56

So, any chance that the Grizzlies win the WFC this year?

Court_visioN reply to Zach Randolph on May 7 at 21:28

if the grizzlies' prize for pushing the thunder to a 7 game series is the wells fargo center, then probably.

Court_visioN reply to Zach Randolph on May 7 at 21:46

in all seriousness, i don't think get past the mavs if they can beat the thunder.

Column: Oden not worth it for Sixers:


I want to trade the pick and Iguodala for Andrew Bynum.

The Lakers wouldn't

If they hang onto it, I'd just roll the dice on the big from Brazil.

Fagan article this morning.. just postseason rumor BS but interesting. Rudy Gay would be an interesting Iguodala trade... that contract and last name would make some great philly.com comments.

She also says this:" Here's the breakdown of how NBA general managers feel about the remaining $56 million on Iguodala's contract. Approximately half of the GMs believe he's paid appropriately, perhaps slightly overpaid but nothing that would prevent them from making a deal. And half believe he's overpaid and wouldn't trade value for him."

Don't know how she calculated those numbers but it's probably right. One of the biggest problems with NBA team management is "experience vs. talent"... the old head will always trump the young stat geek

Memphis is such a weird team. Did anyone watch them in the first half of this season? What was Gay's role? Was he jacking up threes, not feeding the ball to Gasol and Randolph? Basically, were their early struggles a reflection of Rudy?

If the Grizzlies did add Iguodala it would give them Conley Mayo AI Tony Allen Vasquez Battier.. plus their effective big guys.. Lots of defense there

Memphis struggled a little bit early on because of locker room/chemistry issues with Mayo which have all but evaporated and more importantly not playing Tony Allen for some odd reason. They also added the ultimate glue guy in Battier. They will be far better with Gay instead of Young starting at SF next season. They are legit IMO. Gay improved his defense this season, which makes him an interesting player, one who has actually exceeded my expectations, but i don't want his contract anywhere near the Sixers. That contract is far worse than Iguodalas and they are on a similar talent level. One could make the case that Iguodala is actually better.

Interesting point in there. I wonder how much money Battier is making himself by the ascension of the Grizzlies coinciding with his trade (as opposed to possibly being because the sixers took out rudy gay)

Assuming both are healthy next season I think that this team is much better with Rudy gay than Andre Iguodala, it will also help with the development of Jrue holiday and Evan Turner, if the sixers traded for Rudy Gay ET could start at the 2 with Gay at the 3, and this would be Jrue's team. If you watched Rudy Gay on Memphis he wasn't the one running the offense, this would be Jrue/ET's offense to run.

Why are the sixers better off with Rudy Gay than Andre Iguodala - what does he do better (and worse) than Iguodala that makes him a better option?

Jrue/Turner/Gay works better in terms of on and off the ball players as opposed to J/T/I. I'm not saying Gay is a better player than Iguodala. But given the talents that Jrue and Turner have, putting Gay next to them is a better fit at least on paper.

Tray reply to T McL on May 8 at 12:54

Well, I see that as good news, that half of the league thinks he's paid correctly. They're probably right, but I could imagine fewer teams thinking that. It means that if we do trade him the market may not be that lousy.

I am so smart ^_^

One thing about the original post, the sixers (at this time under the current CBA) can not trade this year and next years pick until after this years pick is made, which would make Brians original trade concept a bit difficult to pull off.

Yes they could. They'd be trading for a pick in thie first round this year. The rule is that a team can't go without a first round pick in consecutive years, the first rounder they use doesn't have to be their own.

My bad

Fagan's article asserts that the sixers WILL be looking to trade Iguodala this off season. I'm wondering where her certainty source came from.

Almost all basketball writers ignore the pending new CBA and lock out in their writing, it seems a little silly

Iggy is Clipper bound on May 8 at 12:57

Iggy has been linked to the Clippers for years. Personnel wise, it's a great fit, but it also seems like Iguodala's agent Rob Pelinka has been trying to get his client closer his Los Angeles based Sports Agency for years. Pelinka has always had a great relationship with the Clippers, and thus I think Iggy is going to be a Clipper...

Iggy is Clipperbound reply to Iggy is Clipper bound on May 8 at 13:00

EricPincusEric Pincus


fyi - because of their cap room - numbers for LAC can work Foye/Gomes + Minny Pick for Iguodala or just Kaman/'dala

29 minutes ago

Pincus has no official, connection to the clippers, he's a hoopsworld regional writer (LA area) and it's probably baseless speculation and the use of the ESPN trade machine

One lesson from these playoffs is that size really still matters in today's NBA, and that we're 2-3 bigs away. Dallas is where they are today because of Chandler, Dirk and Haywood, OKC has Perkins and Ibaka and Nazr, Memphis has Randolph, Gasol, Arthur and a 7'2 guy they barely play, Miami has the much-maligned, but still pretty good Bosh, along with Anthony, who as we saw is a solid player, and Boston has Garnett, who can do the work of a whole frontcourt. The Lakers have tons of size and they're still losing because only one of their bigs is playing well.

Interestingly enough the only "smallish" team remaining is Atlanta and they got really lucky getting out of the first round.

The Lakers have 3 '7 footers' - doesn't seem to be working out well for them

I assume you being sarcastic? I think they've done OK these past few years.

Mostly, also goading, and Tray came through with flying colors.

Instead of pointing out that the Mavs actually match up well with the Lakers big men (hell even Haywood is useful) he resorts to TMZ Yellow journalism comments.

I think the lakers are just tire, sure they're working on a '3 peat' - but they're working on a fourth straight titles appearance and that's tough to do even when you're young, and the lakers key player, to me, is in that transitional phase of his career yet but hasn't made the transition to what he was and what he is now fully in how he plays the game.

I think the Lakers 'fall' is about the back court more than the front court - because Fisher is a grandfather in basketball years and kobe hasn't realized what he has lost yet and isn't dependent on where the lakers offensive strength really is (bynum and gasol)

Getting Artest to 'behave' for one full season was a miracle, did anyone really think he'd make it through 2 full playoff runs without incident?

It's much easier to have crazies on a winner. Look at Rodamn on the Bulls.

Its when things are going poorly that crazies tear apart your team.

Tray reply to GoSixers on May 8 at 14:50

Because Odom's gone back to being a space cadet and Gasol's going through a bad break-up, apparently. But yeah, 3 Finals appearances, 2 rings, 4 years in the semifinals. It worked pretty well. Consider what happened to the Hornets, who have a player twice as good as any Sixer. Anyway, my point is that, while I lean in favor of keeping Iguodala, our having no frontcourt at all, once Brand goes, is the best argument for trading him, because I don't know how else we're going to trade, sign, or draft a whole frontcourt when we keep drafting in the middle of the first round, we're committed to keeping Jrue, and have few - arguably no - other valuable assets to sell. Basically there's waiting for Brand to expire and hoping the right people sign with us, and that's it.

Dear god, what are you TMZ?

Tray reply to GoSixers on May 8 at 17:58

No, but I do believe that Pau's going through some issues. He as much as said so himself in postgame interviews.

And IMO Orlando would be so much better if they used a traditional style game/line-up with Howard. Instead of Howard and a bunch of 3pt shooters, I'd put Howard's next to a quality PF with some range (say someone like Brand.) Thatway the defense can't completely collapse on Hoard and orlando's defense would be so much better.

Tray reply to Xsago on May 8 at 14:41

And Atlanta has a ton of backup bigs, including Collins who did a great job on Howard.

eddies' heady's reply to Tray on May 8 at 14:15

But hey, Magee says we got the best "projected" pick in sir Evan Turner. Damn some big men - they're never going to be any good, they'll never pan out - granted, big men are known to take longer to develop anyway.

Who gives a crap about projections anyway??? When you pick that high and there's no surefire superstar available you never pass on size.

deepsixersuede on May 8 at 13:41

Is Kamen a top 5 center in today's league? If he came here with either Aminu or a future one doesn't it give this team 2 options?

First, if he and the team play well and win 45 to 50 games, maybe he resigns for a cheaper price.

Second, if we want to cut ties, we clear cap space and start over completely the year Elton is off the books.

It seems to me Iggy for Kamen plus another asset is worth it. I do not believe we get the Minn. pick but Kamen may look like Sikma with the lack of bigs in our conference.

Kaman is probably not even a top 15 center in this league at this point.

deepsixersuede reply to Xsago on May 8 at 13:51

After Howard, Bynum, Bogut and Noa it seems there is a major dropoff. Are guys like Chandler, Nene and B.Lopez any better?

Maybe not, and probably not, Lopez, but Chandler's much better defensively, and Nene is an extremely efficient offensive player.

How could Kaman be a top 5 center in this league? Just going through the remaining playoff teams, you have Gasol, Bynum, Chandler, Perkins, Noah, Horford, probably all better players with the possible exception of Perkins. Then there's Howard and Bogut. After that, you could argue about where Kaman stacks up with Brook Lopez, Okafor, Camby, Nene, Monroe... and I think some of those are better.

deepsixersuede reply to Tray on May 8 at 15:00

I consider Horford a p.f. and Gasol seems similar to Kamen. To me he is in the top 10 easy. And the fact that his contract is up and he may be signable for less money he seems like a good option.

How is Gasol similar to Kaman? Gasol is a near HOF guy. Kaman is a solid center. Maybe Mark?

Even this year Gasol: 18.8/10.2/3.3 on 53% shooting on a winning team. When has Kaman approached that even on a losing team? he's a career 12/8 and 48% guy who has a good season 2 years ago.

deepsixersuede reply to tk76 on May 8 at 15:15

Marc Gasol is who he meant, I believe. Pau is a p.f. and head and shoulders better than Kamen.

OK, gotcha. I agree on both points.

I'm concerned more that:

1. Kaman is not a long term answer. More of a rental. This team can't afford to wait 2-3 more years to find frontcourt players to be cornestones w/ Jrue and Turenr.

2. The Sixers need an athletic Cneter who catches and finishes well in traffic. Brand and Hawes both struggle at that. And Kaman similarly lacks those qualities. I keep saying Payton/Kemp, and that is what the Sixers need to shoot for. No Payton/Ric Smits.

deepsixersuede reply to tk76 on May 8 at 15:06

Why a stopgap? Hypothetical situation; Before the draft the sixers move Iggy for Kamen and Aminu. They than take the qualifying offer away from Hawes and draft Nereiga at #16. You now have added a 6'9" finisher in Aminu and a 7' finisher that may be a perfect compliment to Kamen in about a year.

I see no downside there and Kamen would thrive with Turner and Jrue feeding him. I think Turner and Jrue will be ready to win next year, they aren't that far away.

Kaman is not a finisher. he struggles to finish contested shots in the lane. His game is actually similar to Brand's in that way. He can't catch the ball on the move on a P&R.

As for Nogueira, I'll let someone else try and develop a guy who is called "Bebe" becasue he is known to be immature for his age and not a guy who is dedicated to the game.

deepsixersuede reply to tk76 on May 8 at 15:22

Tk, if you feel the sixers can move up into the top 5 to get one of the bigs in this draft, that is certainly a better option.

But I like my option better than staying pat and drafting at #16 and waiting, as you said, to find a big.

I don't know what option is available. Maybe a lottery team wants to trade out of this years draft, or they get a lottery pick in the Iguodala trade and deal it along with their own to move up in the draft?

I do think finding the right longterm Payton/Kemp combo to work with Jrue and Turner is this team's #1 need. And I'd rather wait another year to find it than move assets for older centers who might not be the right fit and/or age.

I do think finding the right longterm Payton/Kemp combo to work with Jrue and Turner is this team's #1 need

Is there any evidence that that player is in this years draft and worth sacraficing Iguodala to get it?

Lottery picks are usually over valued, regardless of draft strength, and this is a piss poor draft )

No. As much as I am a Bismack fan, he is incredibly risky to give up major assets for. And no one else in the draft is that type of athlete who combines power and athleticism.

But, if the team is comitted to uinloading Iguodala... and they can't get anything of great value for him... I'd be happy for them to take a shot at Bismack if getting a high pick was the only return. Especially since a rookie deal is not much of a risk for a high upside player.

Much less of a risk than say getting someone like Nene and extending him for 10M+ per year for 5 years.

deepsixersuede reply to tk76 on May 8 at 15:50

What is your opinion of Aminu? He rebounded well in college and is long as hell. He and Thad at the 4 and 3 could really allow Collins to trap the ball and run.

I haven't seen him play all that much. I do like his potential. But I'm not a fan of playing two tweeners together (Thad and Aminu.) I'd rather have one or the other.

deepsixersuede reply to tk76 on May 8 at 16:08

I remember reading the year he came out that he blossomed and took off when they put him at the face up p.f. position. And his wingspan is 7'3". I just wonder if he compares well to somebody we may move up to get in this draft.

He also is a quality guy from everything I read that year.

I don't think the Clippers will offer both Al Farouq Aminu and Chris Kaman for Iggy...

Eric Pincus of Hoopsworld interviewed Clippers GM Neal Olshey and he said that he would prefer to keep Chris Kaman and trade:

A. Randy Foye + Ryan Gomes + Minny pick + $5.3 million trade exception for a small forward

Our lovely Kate Fagan wrote today that the Clippers could offer:

B. Chris Kaman for Iggy straight up.

If i had my choice I'm taking proposal A...

And A GM has never lied to a reporter to spin things before?

Common Sense says that if it comes down to Jordan or Kaman - the Clippers would want to keep Kaman.

Kaman is not much of a player any more in general, he's not healthy, he's really not useful on an athletic roster like the Clippers have.

I don't believe a word of 'wanting to keep kaman' - it's spin to me. If the clippers REALLY want to be taken seriously and be competetive then they want to move Kaman, keep jordan, and still have room for other assets. Keeping Kaman is a silly luxury

It's not a silly luxury considering his contract expires next year. I know it's questionable whether the Clips really want to invest in a winner...

But if they do, the move that makes the most sense is to let Kaman expire next year to have a huge amount of cap space to add an impact player. That can be a FA or in a trade for Howard or CP3.

You're right, sorry, he's an expiring piece (and really all he is) to the clippers so comments that indicate they want to keep kaman as a player i find laughable.

If they want Iguodala, it starts with Kaman and that 2012 Wolves pick and at least one of their young pieces that aren't the 'super stars' they think they have, I guess I could stomach that - it's not great - but meh - it's another center stop gap.

deepsixersuede reply to Adam on May 8 at 15:29

If I was a betting man I think Kamen goes before the 2012 pick. And if I ran the clipps I would keep both, giving Jordan one more year to develop, letting Kamen expire and drafting H.Barnes next year. But as Gosixers says repeatedly, who knows what the clipps will do.

johnrosz on May 8 at 15:31

Seems like Doug did everything he possibly could to get Andre to buy in, and judging by his unprofessional departure for the summer, it's just never going to happen here.

I'm not crazy about Kate Fagan attempting to analyze Iguodala's post game comments, but agree that it's pointless to try and placate the needs of a borderline star player.

Taking on more money for a worse overall player seems silly to me, but certainly seems like something the Sixers front office would do.

Hah, you are right on that one.

I don't dislike Gay's game as much as some... but there is no denying that he is on the books for way to much money. He is not a 18M/19M player.

I'm not crazy about you trying to analyze Andre Iguodala's behavior, and yet there you are doing it, right before you questions someone elses ability to judge a guys actions, someone with a lot more access to the situation than you have.

Johnrosz reply to GoSixers on May 8 at 16:21

Well, I don't see what's wrong with assuming his exit was unprofessional, because it was. It's disappointing, and your "leader" can't do things like that, sets an absolutely awful example. He's been a model citizen and player for his tenure here, but it's hard to defend Iggy this time. Whether you think DC is a good coach or not, he's by all accounts a good guy that respects all of his players, Dre should at least return that respect, whether he wants to be here or not.

The organization - as a whole - hasn't treated Iguodala with respect - Collins is a small piece who has only been here for a year - Iguodala has been part of the organization for a while - and allowed to suffer the slings and arrows of morons ON A NETWORK OWNED BY THE TEAM for years - the franchise has never shown appreciation or respect for him - so if he ONCE wants to show it back - fine - he's taken abuse for years and he does one thing once and everyone is all over his back - a man can only take so much abuse. I don't see it as an insult to consults - I see it as a statement to the FRANCHISE (which is bigger than collins) saying you want me to treat you wish respect, then maybe do a better job presenting me in a good light to a horribly insulting fanbase

What would you have the team do, fire the media that work for CSN when they are critical of Iguodala- the front-man for a mediocre team?

I think the Sixers organization have treated him quite fairly. They rewarded him with a big contract. They never criticize him publicly. And they keep any trade rumors relatively in-house.

You can criticize fans or the media for his perception- but IMO the team has suck buy him and tried to build around him as their centerpiece.

You mean - like how a broadcaster for a franchise sometimes gets fired if he's too critical of the team during broadcasts?

That never happens right?

Rich reply to GoSixers on May 8 at 17:36

"I'm not crazy about you trying to analyze Andre Iguodala's behavior, and yet there you are doing it, right before you questions someone elses ability to judge a guys actions, someone with a lot more access to the situation than you have."

Says the guy who thinks he could fix Cousins in two days. That's what we do as fans, we look at everything our players do and try to make sense of it. I don't completely agree with what he said, but it's fair to say Iguodala was lukewarm when answering questions about saying here, even if it doesn't mean anything.

I don't think it's unreasonable for Johnrosz to think something on a blog, but it's another for a beat writer to put something like that out in the paper. It was just a stupid article, and she better be right because then what she writes has no meaning. There is a difference between the two platforms and the biases (Johnrosz is a fan, Fagan should be neutral) though.

deepsixersuede reply to johnrosz on May 8 at 15:36

It seemed all opinion on Fagen's part. I wish she mentioned a source.

Well see, the fact that she didn't would mean she doesn't have one, which would indicate her entire article is the speculative kind of shite worthy of the NY Post (at best) and isn't journalism.

deepsixersuede reply to GoSixers on May 8 at 15:45

When she mentioned how the g.m.'s throughout the league thought of Iggy, I assumed she actually talked to them all but do you think that was also just a guess?

Well I was primary referring to the 'shopping iguodala' thing being a certainty - but her assertion about the GM's lacks any quote (even anonymous) and Kate works for the Inquirer, not a big national, she's not a national basketball writer, she's a beat writer. How does she talk to all 30 gms?

The lack of even anonymous quotes from anywhere makes it questionable. I've found Fagans right deplorable and 'mouth piecey' for over a year now

I think she is at least well connected enough that when she says the Sixers will shop Iguodala... they will shop him. Even if no one wants to go on or off the record.

The media were pretty well connected last winter when Iguodala was first being shopped and then taken off the market.

As for what they would get in return or his value- that I give less credence. Even if GM's were forthcoming, they are likely to give a self serving answer that may not be accurate.

emtmess on May 8 at 16:25

Short of trade (I would trade for the player you want not a draft pick example if you want Kanter trade with the team that picks him)I will go with the scenerio of drafting at 16. I would be fine with Tobias Harris. I think it would be better if we had one less wing player on the roster. For a freshman on a team that had some issues off the court he seemed to hold up well and score at a regular rate. The one draft site says it looks like he could end up putting more size on his frame. I would also be fine with Chris Singleton if avaiable. Once again I think it would be better if we had one less wing player for him to grow. I only saw him play a couple of times but he did stand out against the players he was matched up against. I just think that unless we trade up we are not getting a 4/5 that would really improve this team. I dislike waiting on certian free agents so I feel the draft is your best route. I have no problem taking a wing player again in this draft at 16.

deepsixersuede reply to emtmess on May 8 at 16:47

A couple things about Singleton that I like are he supposedly can guard the 2/3/4 spots well and as the year went on became a solid catch-n-shoot guy.

If Iggy is moved his most missed attribute will be his lockdown defense. Jrue and Evan should be able to pick up the faccilitating role he had.

So if Singleton can defend and hit the open jumper and doesn't need the ball he may be a perfect fit.

eddies' heady's reply to emtmess on May 8 at 17:50

I feel like I'd go crazy if we drafted another wing but if we did trade Iguodala, Singleton would be the ideal replacement just for his defense alone. He has decent range, not sure if it will translate to the NBA arc though and he's a guy that definitely doesn't need the ball.

emtmess reply to eddies' heady's on May 8 at 22:24

Thats the one thing about /harris is I think he would need the ball in his hands a decent amount of time. Atleast compared to Singleton.

Court_visioN on May 8 at 17:18

Off topic: does anybody see the Sixers lying down and letting the Mavs run them over like the Lakers are doing right now???

Dallas' offense is literally perfect. I do think the Sixers would do a better job defending the three, but give them credit. The crazy thing is I wouldn't be surprised if they are dominated by OKC or Memphis next round. They just seem like better matchups than the Lakers, and I can never get myself to trust the Mavericks after '05 (correct year?).

Love what Shawn Marion and Tyson Chandler do for them compared to years past though. They are deep and good. And Barea is an inspiration to short white guys at the YMCA everywhere. What a unique player.

Yeah, like I said befoer, how you defend a team that can hit both 3's and long 2's efficiently? If your defense is designed to encourage teams to take long 2's... and Dirk and Terry can kill you with them, then you make adjustments that open up the lane and 3pt shots.

Add to that Dallas's size and depth and it's hard to beat them unless you have individual stars that go off- which has not happened for LA.

On the road, with Dallas shooting deadly from the 3 like they are today - sure cause the sixers 3 defense can be questionable.

Dallas is playing obscene today, even at the top of their game I'm not sure the Lakers could win this game. (down 26 with 10:57 to play)

I give Fagan credit for raising the subject again, even if the piece contained conjecture. She's close to the opera and has her backstage sources; I don't doubt the basic direction of her pointing. It was 'sunny goodbye day' last week until the Iguodala truancy news surfaced. Haven't heard a peep from Collins since; might be in Stefanski's fallout shelter mulling alternatives over saltines and spring water.

No way Stefanski lives by Saltine's and water alone. He's got some freeze dried Chili's wings and summer sausage in toe in order to winter out the summer of our fan discontent. Hope he brought some handi-wipes.

The Chili's joke will never stop being funny

Depends on the usage :)

I, for one, will refuse to let it die. It just fits Stefanski and his role in this organization.

Jeff reply to Ty Game on May 8 at 17:40

makes you feel oppressed, doesn't it?

eddies' heady's on May 8 at 17:36

Dag, Bynum's pulling a Rodman ain't he?

Turtle Bay reply to eddies' heady's on May 8 at 17:39

Lakers, the model of class

Can't believe that. I've read articles about Bynum- he's typically portrayed as a geek on the inside.

Tray reply to T McL on May 8 at 17:43

Geeks can be punks too.

He shows up on TMZ a lot - enjoying the LA night life - never struck me so much as a geek as a 'star struck kid' enjoying being one of the stars way too much - without focusing on the work

Tray reply to GoSixers on May 8 at 17:46

He's been one of the best players for them in this series.

And where exactly did I say i was referring to this series

Your new nickname is small sample size

Tray reply to GoSixers on May 8 at 17:54

I mean, generally speaking I think Bynum's done alright, aside from injuries. Recall that this is a 23 year-old kid, who never got any college coaching and whose injuries aren't his fault. Every season he's been extremely efficient and a strong rebounder. On a different team, he'd produce a whole lot more.

Should the next Laker coach be part of the franchise / running the triangle?

Should Kobe Bryant still be the center of the franchise or should the focus move to the big men?

Tray reply to GoSixers on May 8 at 17:51

Which big men? I think I'm of the view, crazy as it will sound, that Kobe's the guy they should cut their ties with. He will continue to get more inefficient and dependent on his longish mid-range jumper game, will, no doubt, refuse to realize that he's not what he was, and will degrade defensively. He'll continue to get paid, however, like a top 5 player in the league. Pau still has great years ahead of him and I see this series as an aberration on a pretty respectable postseason career. Like LeBron last season, he's obviously distracted by something. If you can get Howard, then you would trade Bynum. You might be able to work a sign-and-trade with Orlando itself. So I would move on from Kobe, just as they wisely moved on from Shaq, and build around the front line/try to get Howard. If they can move Artest, that would be great too.

Yeah, if they can get Howard to force his way to LA then it is a no brainer- regardless of what it takes. I also agree that Kobe is too jump shot reliant- 85% of his shots this year where jumpers. But he is a guy who could still really help you win on the right team. he hasn't slipped that much to where he no longer a top 10-15 player.

Tray reply to tk76 on May 8 at 18:38

But he will slip that much.

I think it depends what his team is asking him to be. Not saying that justifies 25M, baut I don't think he will hurt them on the floor.

Tray reply to tk76 on May 8 at 21:29

Used properly he wouldn't, but I think Kobe's too full of himself to take on a diminished role until he's really broken down. Then again, his game is so reliant on the jumper already that, you know, maybe it takes a while for him to get much worse. He's still reasonably efficient in spite of never going to the basket.

Fatteus on May 8 at 18:26

How about a trade with the Pacers. Iguodala would be a good compliment to Granger. Granger can jack up threes while Iguodala plays defense. If the Sixers could get Hibbert and Paul George (with other pieces added to make it work), would you do it?

No way Indiana gives up hibbert for iggy.

You may be right, but Hibbert really isn't very good. He's not the answer at the five unless you're into really soft seven footers who don't score efficiently.

Spencer Flaws on May 8 at 20:09

speaking of dallas, where's rodrique?

Final grades for Sixers:


I loved these columns growing up. Treated them like gospel.

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